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Last updated: February 25, 2021

KeePassX is a free open-source solution that has just enough features and is also easy-to-use. Sadly, its limited device support lowers KeePassX rating considerably.

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KeePassX is an application designed for people who have very high expectations of their secure data management. They provide an open-source cross-platform password management solution with support for a wide range of features, and entirely free of charge.

Pros and cons

The pros:

  • Light and easy-to-use interface
  • Good security features
  • Many features are easy to use

The cons:

  • The actual installation and many advanced features are more difficult to use
  • No mobile support
  • Rather limited device support
  • Many features require additional plugins

Technical specifications

KeePassX allows for extensive password management, including titles for entries, expiration dates, attachments, user-defined groups and more. Since this is an open-source solution that is constantly improving, there are a wide range of password management features, some of which may be difficult to use for less tech-savvy users.

They also include a search function, experimental auto-fill features, and a wide range of encryption options.

Is KeePassX safe?

KeePassX is a free open-source tool, which has good parts and bad parts. The good news is that they support a wide range of strong encryption and other security features, but some of these features may be difficult to use if you are not tech savvy. The project has a definitive focus on security and software development ethics, which is always a good sign when it comes to open-source password managers.

The one drawback is that they do not have the big-name resources to deliver a streamlined GUI or comprehensive customer support system. Although the software itself is centered on a very straightforward and easy-to-use GUI system, a lot of the more advanced features can be difficult to access for users who do not have pre-existing technical knowledge.

Although the software is very safe and versatile, it is unlikely that it would be useful for large-scale professional applications or similar usage vectors.

How to use KeePassX

Since KeePassX is an open-source solution, it can be a bit more difficult to get set up than some other password managers. They have downloads available on their website for the source code, so that aspiring developers may access it in order to contribute. They also offer binaries for macOS and a ZIP bundle for Windows, along with some GPG signatures to verify the downloads. Avast password activation code options are also included.

Unpacking the files and installing the software shouldn’t be too difficult for most users. The folder contains an executable for the software, which opens to a quaint GUI with easily labeled buttons for accessing the various password management features.

Since this is an open-source software solution, there are a number of advanced features which require knowledge of how plugins and other software solutions work in order to make use of them. This can be a bit difficult for beginners, but advanced users can make use of a wide range of extra features if they look into the broad community of contributors who work on the KeePassX project.

KeePassX for Windows

The Windows installation is exceptionally straightforward, and the GUI is very easy to use once you get used to it. You can open databases, save databases, edit entries and so forth using easily labeled buttons on the toolbar. Overall, the GUI is very easy to use.

KeePassX for Mac

The process for Mac is very similar to the Windows installation, and the GUI is very similar as well. Users who are used to open source software should have no trouble navigating the various features. Users who are not used to installing and using open-source software should refer to some guides online, or refer to the KeePassX website.

KeePassX for Chrome

KeePassX does not have a dedicated browser extension for Chrome, although it is usable with the Chromebook OS using software solutions such as rollApp. Although the software does not have a specific browser extension for Chrome, their auto-fill features and other things will work with the Chrome browser software.

KeePassX for FireFox

Firefox is largely the same story as Chrome as far as this password manager is concerned. They do not have a specific Firefox extension, but their software and its various open-source plugins allow users to apply a variety of password management solutions to their Firefox experience.

KeePassX not working

Since the GUI is so straightforward and easy-to-use, it is unlikely that users who are simply using the password management features are going to run into much trouble. That being said, there are a number of issues that users may run into when attempting to use some of the many extra features available through experimental plug-ins and such.

Some of the most common reports are about error messages while trying to run the .exe on Windows. Problems such as this can be solved by re-downloading the software, or referring to the information available on the KeePassX website.

KeePassX pricing

KeePassX is a free, open-source password management solution which offers all of its software free of charge. They also offer the source codes to their software for development purposes, so that people with programming skills can contribute to the project.

Although there are no paid plans available, there is a wide range of free, user-developed content which makes the software exceptionally versatile for users who have the technical knowledge to apply these features. Given the fact that this is an entirely free and transparent open-source solution, the range of available features and relative ease-of-use are very competent.

KeePassX vs KeePass

Two-factor authenticationNoNo
Auto-fill of web formsYes (experimental)Yes
Password strength reportNoNo
Secure sharingNoNo
Synchronization between devicesNoNo

It is important to note that since the software is open-source, some of these features may be available through the usage of special plug-ins or other third-party contributions to the KeePassX project.

Overall, this is a very good open-source solution that has many practical applications even for users who are not tech-savvy enough to make good use of their more advanced features. Although it wouldn’t be good for business applications, it remains a very reliable option.


  • Light and easy-to-use interface
  • Good security features
  • Many features are easy to use


  • The actual installation and many advanced features are more difficult to use
  • No mobile support
  • Rather limited device support
  • Many features require additional plugins
 8.2 / 10
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