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IPVanish not connecting in 2024: 8 Quick Fixes

IPVanish not connecting

IPVanish not connecting? As with any other VPN, it isn’t perfect, and every now and then, users run into connectivity issues.

If your IPVanish can’t connect, don’t worry. This article will run through why you might be struggling to connect and how to work around the problem in 2024.

Besides, don’t forget that the annual IPVanish plan has a 30-day money-back guarantee. After it, you can choose another VPN service that doesn’t have connection problems.

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8 reasons why you can’t connect to IPVanish

Here are the most common reasons why IPVanish might not be connecting. Clicking on them will get you to a section with a step-by-step guide and detailed explanation.

  1. Internet connection problems
  2. Expired IPVanish subscription
  3. Incorrect login credentials
  4. IPVanish first-byte timeout
  5. IPVanish protocol problems
  6. TAP driver conflict
  7. User Account Control settings
  8. DNS issues

1. Internet connection problems

The most common reason why IPVanish can’t connect is internet connection problems. Much of the time, the VPN itself isn’t at fault. Instead, the user’s web connection is to blame. Now here’s what you can do:

  1. Restart your router and disconnect your device a couple of times.
  2. Test the connection with IPVanish turned off.

If it works, the problem is probably not on your side. Still, it’s good to check if your device can reach IPVanish servers. Here’s how to do so:

  1. Connect to your account on the IPVanish website.
  2. Select Server List from the top menu.
  3. Choose a server and copy its Address.
  4. Head to the Windows Start Menu.
  5. Type Command Prompt and open it.
  6. At the prompt, type “ping” followed by the address of the IPVanish server you’d like to connect to, i.e., “ping” and hit Enter.
  7. If you see Request timed out, that means you can’t connect to this server.

Here you can try some of the other methods listed below but contacting IPVanish customer support might be the best bet.

2. Expired IPVanish subscription

As funny as it might seem, this problem is not unheard of. If you have set up an automatic payment, you can skip this point. If you don’t know whether your IPVanish has expired, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the IPVanish website and log in to your account.
  2. Check if your subscription is still active.
  3. If not, renew it for the desired term.

Alternatively, you may want to try another VPN provider. Currently, NordVPN is offering a free 7-day trial. The registration requires an Android device, but you can test all the features on any device.

3. Incorrect login credentials

If you try logging in with the wrong username or password too many times, you’ll get the “Too many failed attempts” or “Authentication failed” error. In this case, either wait for 12 hours or contact IPVanish customer support.

To avoid this issue in the future, choose to reset your password after a few unsuccessful attempts. This way, it will be much faster and easier. Also, changing your passwords regularly is a good rule of thumb for staying safe online.

Don’t fall into the ill-advised practice of re-using passwords if you have more login credentials than you can remember. Instead, try a password manager – a secure option for storing your data.

4. IPVanish first byte timeout

IPVanish first byte timeout is a pretty rare issue, usually caused by problems on the provider’s side. Also known as Error 503, it means that the server is unable to send the information requested by the user. If nothing is sent after a set period, i.e., 15 seconds, the server drops your request.

There’s not much you can do here to fix the IPVanish first byte error. If you continue getting it, do not hesitate to contact customer support. They will probably already know about the problem, but it won’t hurt to remind them about it. Also, they might be able to tell how long it would take to fix it.

Alternatively, you can try NordVPN – the best overall provider. It rarely has any connection issues and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

5. IPVanish protocol problems

Sometimes, protocols are the prime reason for IPVanish not connecting. Thankfully, it’s relatively easy to switch between protocols via the IPVanish client. Here’s how it’s done for Windows users (it’s pretty similar for other platforms):

  1. Open the IPVanish client and enter your login details.
  2. Click Settings under the cogwheel icon on the left.
  3. Choose the tab Connection.
  4. This menu will show a drop-down list of protocols, including WireGuard, OpenVPN, IKEv2, and others. The protocol selection depends on your device and OS.
  5. Click on the toggle and scroll down the list to change your current selection.

6. TAP drivers

It’s pretty common to experience IPVanish TAP driver issues that arise because of software conflicts or driver signing issues. One of the more popular cases is when you install multiple VPN tools, making multiple TAP driver installations. The quickest solution is this:

  1. Open the IPVanish client and enter your login details.
  2. Click Settings under the cogwheel icon on the left.
  3. Choose the tab Connection.
  4. At the bottom, you’ll find the Install/Repair OpenVPN Driver button. Click it.
  5. After the message about successful installation, restart the IPVanish client and try again.

If this didn’t help or IPVanish is unable to reinstall the TAP drivers on its own, follow our advice on manually reinstalling the TAP device.

7. User Account Control (UAC) settings

User Account Control (UAC) is a Windows feature that regularly interrupts VPN connectivity and is easy to turn off. Here’s how to do that on Windows 10:

  1. Click Start and type Control Panel to access this app.
  2. In the Control Panel search field at the top right corner, type UAC and click the result.
  3. On the User Account Control Settings screen, choose the option to Never notify and press OK.
  4. Restart Windows and try to log onto IPVanish.

8. DNS problems

If nothing has helped until now, the problem might be in your DNS configuration. DNS issues can make websites totally inaccessible. In this case, you may need to set up 3rd party DNS for IPVanish.

One of the options is called DNS flushing. It forces your device to lookup IP addresses for each website, removing bad entries. Learn how to flush DNS cache on various devices in our dedicated article.

The other option is changing your DNS server. If you haven’t done this before, it will be better to contact IPVanish support and ask for help.

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Other options

If you try a few servers and can’t log on, or none of the protocols work, double-check your time and date settings. Set them according to your time zone and try again. Finally, you can try turning your router on and off.

If none of that works, don’t give up hope. This provider has an excellent reputation for customer support (more in our IPVanish review), and you can get in touch via their 24/7 live chat.

Above all, don’t panic if IPVanish won’t connect. In 99% of cases, there’s a simple technical fix that requires a few mouse clicks to execute – allowing everyone to enjoy privacy and security without stressing about how to get online.

Alternative VPN services

If your patience ran out and you’d rather try your luck with a different service, here are a few well-established VPN recommendations:

1. NordVPN

NordVPN starts at $3.39/month and has a 30-day money-back guarantee. It works perfectly with streaming services like Netflix, has a huge 6000 server infrastructure, and is ridiculously fast due to its in-house NordLynx tunneling protocol.

Plus, it has dedicated servers for torrenting or getting around online censorship. Furthermore, privacy is guaranteed with its independently-audited no-logs policy. You can protect up to six devices with one account or connect a router to lift off any limitations.

Try NordVPN

2. Surfshark

If you want to secure as many devices as possible, Surfshark is the way to go. You can connect an unlimited number of devices and gain access to 3200 servers in 100 countries.

Plus, it has the WireGuard tunneling protocol, a kill switch, and a malware blocker. Additionally, it has a 30-day money-back guarantee and a strong no-logs policy. All for only $2.29/month.

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3. PrivateVPN

For a budget-friendly solution, check out PrivateVPN. For merely $2.00/month, you can secure yourself with military-grade encryption and a kill switch, not to mention the no-logs policy and anonymous payments.

With 200+ self-owned servers in 64+ countries, you’ll be safe from online censorship and geo-restrictions. Additionally, PrivateVPN has a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 7-day free trial.

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Why is IPVanish not connecting on Amazon Fire TV Stick?

First, make sure that you are using at least a Second Generation Fire TV Stick. IPVanish or any other VPN does not support first Generation Amazon Fire Sticks.

Secondly, check your network connection. It’s recommended to have the connected device in the same room as your router.

Finally, if your network is working fine, clear the IPVanish cache and restart your Fire TV Stick device.

Why can't IPVanish connect to a server?

First off, ensure that your internet is working properly with the VPN disconnected. Then, try connecting to a few different server locations. If that doesn’t work, try switching to a different tunneling protocol. If the issue persists, change your DNS server configuration. As a last resort, send your IPVanish diagnostics file to their support team.

How do I reset my IPVanish password?

Visit the official IPVanish website, click Forgot password at the bottom of the account page. You’ll be taken to the password reset page. Enter the email address associated with your account and click the Submit button. You’ll receive an email with further instructions.

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  1. Christian Lucas January 7, 2022 at 6:00 am

    I cannot get my IPVanish to connect on an Nvidia Sheild for some reason. I’ve tried signing out and in, delete app and reinstall, changing VPN protocols, nothing.
    Please help.

    1. avatar
      Ethan Payne January 7, 2022 at 10:50 am

      Greetings, Christian. Sadly, I don’t have much experience with Nvidia Shield. Have you tried contacting IPVanish customer support?

  2. conn norman June 25, 2019 at 3:35 pm

    Hi, is this VPN working in Windows 10 and Office 365 -65 bit?

    1. avatar
      Mikaela Bray Author July 15, 2019 at 9:26 am

      Yes, it works on 64-bit Windows 10. There’s no standalone app for Office 365, but the VPN connection covers all apps on the OS, including Office.

  3. Fisher T May 25, 2019 at 3:25 pm

    When servers are placed at different locations without proper monitoring, it is possible to experience connections issues, that’s why it’s always fine to have different locations in mind when working with a VPN.

  4. BT May 9, 2019 at 9:56 am

    Been using IPVanish for a few months and I didn’t encounter any problem until yesterday when it just wouldn’t connect. Turns out it was a glitchy server so I’m not very upset since this can happen with other VPNs as well.

  5. Aurora.Doyle679 February 21, 2019 at 10:21 am

    Connectivity issues was my main challenge while using ipvanish. At some point I felt my device had weak reception to network. It got so worse that I couldn’t place what was exactly wrong. At last a friend suggested I try another VPN… Boom! That was the end

  6. themonkwhodidntselltheferrari February 17, 2019 at 3:41 pm

    Landed here while looking for solutions connection problem with IPVanish. Thank you fora step-by-step guidance on how to tackle the issue. I’ll update here if I am able to get it sorted out

  7. JohnDy February 2, 2019 at 7:26 pm

    Planning to get IP Vanish and this will come in handy in the event of a failure but hoping that it doesn’t happen. However being a big believer of Murphy’s law, whatever that may be go wrong will go wrong. So here’s to being prepared instead.

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