Trying to remember the unique and strong passwords for all the websites where you have an account seems like an insurmountable task. Users are fighting a losing battle against the password requirements set by sites and various programmes, as the rules become increasingly convoluted. While this is done to prevent hackers from getting their hands on your valuable information, the real challenge for many people is to be able to recall all these passwords. Luckily, there is help available thanks to the development of numerous great password managers that can help you keep track of your passwords.

So, what exactly does a password manager do? A password manager is designed to provide storage and organization for your valuable login information, such as your username and password. These applications are also able to log you into your preferred websites automatically. In this article, we present the top 10 password managers, to help you choose the one which will best suit your needs.

RememBear - best password manager?

RememBear is an impressive password manager; like a bear in the wild defending its territory and cubs, this service works hard to defend the security of your passwords. It allows you to use your passwords across multiple platforms quite well, which you can access from any of your preferred devices.

What makes this service easy to use is that it provides automatic form completion with one simple click. In fact, RememBear can even automatically fill out your credit card information on your behalf, a feature which many clients are impressed by and pleased with. Furthermore, it uses military-grade AES-256 encryption to guarantee the security of your passwords at all times, giving you real peace of mind. This is particularly beneficial if you have children who use online passwords often, as it helps protect them from predators. RememBear additionally provides publicly audited codes, the security of which researchers can verify.

When you opt to subscribe to a premium package, you are granted access to synchronization via the cloud. Moreover, you are able to back up all the passwords that you have applied encryption to, which means that your passwords are doubly secure.

Even if you forget your master password, you can still recover your account using the backup kit that all clients are asked to create.

You can also export your passwords to another service if you decide you would like to change to a different password manager. But it is unlikely that you will do so once you have experienced the strength of this password manager provider, which does an exceptional job of keeping its clients’ passwords secure. The customer service staff are highly knowledgeable and are always ready and willing to assist you. For all this great password security, you only have to pay $3.00 per month.

Enpass - one of the best password managers

Enpass is another wonderful password manager that is worth considering. It has numerous features that clients are truly impressed with; many find that some other password managers do not have as many features as they can enjoy with Enpass.

Highly impressive and convenient feature is its password generator, which suggests a strong, secure password with just one click.

Clients furthermore report that they are pleased with the automatic form completion that Enpass offers. Note that the encryption is also powerful, as the service uses the AES-256 standard to ensure the protection of passwords at all times. Furthermore, it offers added security for your children. It has a section dedicated to family support, which enables you to help your children better understand and practice online security. At only $9.99 for lifetime access, this service is a great deal.

RoboForm - one of the top password managers

RoboForm is acclaimed as an excellent password manager that works well across multiple platforms, making it a top contender for many clients. To make this service even better, the developers recently added support that allows for the storage of unlimited login credentials, even if you have the free version of this software. This service also allows for application login credentials and lets users store notes securely.

Clients have the option to grant loved ones emergency access to their passwords in the case of a crisis.

Another good feature is that RoboForm permits clients to sync across their various devices. It also provides secure backup in the cloud. With the longer-term subscription, you can benefit from a generous discount. To add to all this, there is the convenient option of family packages that are good for up to five users. The personal package is a mere $1.99 per month, and the family package is only $3.98 per month.

LogMeOnce - password manager

LogMeOnce, which is used by many clients around the world, offers supreme convenience as a top-rated and trustworthy password manager. Many users like the fact that it works well on iOS, Linux, Windows, Mac and even Android, as some customers found that other services perform less well when used on the Linux and Android platforms. This service will keep your passwords ready for you at hand, with the guarantee that they are safe from prying hackers that have bad intentions.

Customers enjoy the convenience of a digital wallet that is easy to access when shopping online.

To protect yourself even more, LogMeOnce has the provision of a password strength report that allows you to change passwords that are reported to be weak. You will then be guaranteed to always have the best possible strength for your passwords to ensure better online security. You can sign up now for only $1 per month.

LastPass - pw manager

LastPass qualifies as a top contender when it comes to password managers on the market today. Many consumers love the fact that it gives them access to limitless login credentials. Users also like the automatic password generator

Customers can decide to use the free version of this service, or they can opt to get the paid premium version.

Both versions are superior in being able to provide a terrific automatic password generator. Note that both versions also generate and provide the storage of unlimited login credentials within the framework of a security vault. This online security vault is overseen with the protection of a master password that you provide. Furthermore, there is the provision of added security via the application of multi-factor authentication. For example, there is even the authentication of hardware for Android, iOS, Mac and Windows.

The impressive free version lets clients store their text notes securely. It also allows for the syncing of all your credentials among various platforms. To add to this, the website allows you to access your passwords that are stored in the cloud by using any of your preferred devices. It is equipped to provide the refusal of form completion for websites that it detects are engaging in phishing plots against unsuspecting people. This truly adds to your security and peace of mind when you are online.

If you decide you want to export your passwords to a new location or to another service, you are able to do so without any penalty.

Many users like the fact that the premium version of this service provides secure storage for your cloud-based files. It adds more steps for verifying identification, such as also requiring a pin number. You can subscribe for just $2 per month.

ticky Password

With Sticky Password, you are getting an expert password manager made by the masters who created AVG Anti-Virus. This service adds to the security of passwords by implementing two-factor authentication. Many customers are pleased with how well it functions across a large spectrum of platforms. Furthermore, subscribers to this password manager service also enjoy the benefit of unlimited customizations. There is the free version of the service, and a premium paid version is also available.

With a subscription to the premium version, clients are provided with cloud syncing.

Each version of this service (free and paid) provides the usage of a password generator that is able to formulate login credentials that are secure to use for a diversified group of accounts online. While it is fairly uncomplicated to use, it does not provide as many options when it comes to customisation compared to some other password managers. You can access a lifetime membership for only $24.99.

True Key

True Key continues to prove that it is out to claim its share of the market when it comes to password manager service providers. This is due to the fact that an increasing number of clients are joining via subscriptions to this top-rated service for the peace of mind that their passwords will always remain secure. The service does this by using strong AES-256, which is the grade that the military uses.

This password manager implements the use of facial recognition, along with fingerprinting, for the sake of authentication when you are logging on to sites with your passwords.

In addition, the first authentication identifier is your master password. The service is free with the provision of up to fifteen passwords. However, note that if you exceed that limit, then you must pay for a subscription.

True Key is highly appealing because of its easy-to-use interface. Furthermore, customers like the fact that it can be customised to suit their needs and preferences, whereas some interfaces of other password managers are not as user friendly and cannot be customised. Customers seem to prefer a more engaging interface than one that is primarily static.

In addition, this service provides top-of-the-line IP address masking to ensure more added security to your identity when you are online, along with providing high-quality encryption for all your passwords. Your security is thus always in place when you use this reputable password manager. The customer service staff are helpful and know how to answer all your questions. They respond in a prompt and timely manner to keep customers satisfied and happy with the service, which is a real plus for this company. Subscribe by paying only $1.67 per month.

Dash Lane password platform

Dash Lane provides exceptional security for your passwords regarding your devices and web browsers. Many users like the fact that this service provides password generation with the ease of one simple click. It is highly convenient because of its automatic form completion, which makes things fast and convenient for clients.

There is also the provision of a digital wallet feature, which can secure your passwords for online shopping.

This service is indeed a high contender with regard to choosing a quality password manager, and it has truly proven itself to be worthy of consideration. It is not limited to only Windows desktop users, as it comes equipped with several great browser plugins. Moreover, it provides a version that can be used on mobile devices for additional convenience. Dash Lane provides both a free option and a premium version of the service. Note that the premium paid version allows unlimited sharing and syncing. Password security can be yours for only $3.33 per month.

KeePass - place to keep your passwords

KeePass is formulated to be an open-source password manager. It is therefore designed for users who tend to be more experienced. Many customers like that this service is customizable. There are several plugins that can be used with it, and the built-in generator is top quality. Furthermore, the service indicates which plugins may pose a threat that could potentially weaken the security of your passwords. Users are pleased that this password manager offers a portable installation.

It can operate via a USB and does not necessarily require installation on a computer.

It allows for the input and output of an extensive assortment of file formats. In addition, there are many options for customization that are interesting for customers to experiment with. As it is an open-source platform, it allows anyone who deals with security issues to fix them as quickly as possible. This service can be yours for $4.17 per month.

Keeper - top 10 password managers

Keeper is an expert password manager, storing all your passwords in one secure place. This service is relatively easy to use, even for those who have not previously used a password manager. The password manager is like your memory, except you do not have to remember the passwords yourself. When you visit a website, the password manager will already have your passwords and other login information, such as your username or pin number, on hand. This makes online transactions much easier and quicker, which is ideal for busy users who want to get things done as quickly as possible.

Keeper also works very quickly compared to some other password managers that seem to lag and even slow down the internet. The good news is that many users claim that they have not experienced any malware or viruses on their devices when they have used this excellent password manager.

Another amazing thing about this service is that it is not only ideal for securing your passwords, but it is also a great place to keep your digital files safe.

In addition, for those who are big fans of using smartwatches, Keeper allows you to integrate two forms of authentication for your smartwatch.

Also, this service allows you to choose a family subscription for up to five members, providing security for the whole family. This proves to be highly valuable, particularly when you have children and teens who are always online.

Moreover, this service allows you to store photos, documents and even videos in one truly secure place. It is compatible with both desktop and mobile applications, which means that it is highly functional for all users; some other services do not work across as many platforms. Keeper also provides you with exceptional cloud backup for added security. You are getting a real bargain at a price of just $2.50 per month.

Verdict on the best password managers

If you have numerous passwords and find that it is hard to remember them all—or if you have actually forgotten some, which has caused you to be blocked from using certain sites—the good news is that there are several reputable password managers that can keep all your passwords in one secure location. These are the best ones in the industry. They are not usually hacked, which means that your information will remain private and out of the hands of intruders.

These services also provide added security by applying the strength of AES 256 encryption. The interfaces are easy to use, and these password managers work wonderfully well with Linux, iOS, Mac, Windows and even Android. Several also offer family subscriptions that permit up to five members, helping you keep your children safe when they are online. The customer service staff are knowledgeable, and the interfaces are customisable and simple to use.