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Best Antivirus with VPN in May 2024

Best antivirus with VPN

The benefits of VPNs are so recognizable that most antivirus these days include them in their suite. These two essential security systems cloak your device in robust protection against all manner of cyber threats. Where antivirus focuses on security, a VPN allows you to enjoy private online sessions. What’s more, the service unblocks exclusive content in other regions.

The top advantage of the antivirus with VPN bundle is the pricing. You get two first-class cybersecurity softwares for practically the same cost. However, only some joint services are enough to protect you online despite the added muscle. Perks aside, picking the best antivirus and VPN batch is the trickiest part, requiring extensive research.

We did this heavy lifting for you, testing dozens of antivirus providers that include a VPN. We paid attention to their ability to identify and erase malware first and foremost. Then, we focused on the strength of the VPNs they have. The rest are all the relevant criteria: additional security features, ease of use, device compatibility, and pocket-friendly price tags.

In this article, you’ll find all the necessary details on the best antivirus with VPN to make that final and informed decision. Hop on, and let’s roll!

NordVPN combines the best of VPN and malware protection

NordVPN, along with Threat Protection, cloaks your online adventures in impenetrable encryption and high-grade protection. The fastest VPN in the industry lets you stream, torrent, and game with buttery smoothness. Meanwhile, anti-malware features ensure you don’t catch a virus or fall prey to scams.

9.7 /10
Fastest VPN overall
Malware file scanning
Real-time web protection

Best antivirus with a VPN included: shortlist

  1. Best malware protection & the fastest VPN
  2. Best antivirus with VPN for a cheap price
  3. Feature-rich antivirus and VPN bundle
  4. Lightweight antivirus with capable VPN
  5. Good antivirus with VPN for extra privacy

Why do you need an antivirus with VPN?

You need the antivirus and VPN bundle to enjoy comprehensive protection against security and privacy dangers. Both services complement one another. Let’s start with an antivirus. In short, modern providers cover more than just traditional security needs: filtering and exterminating malware. They need to offer rich feature suites to keep the competitive edge, which is why VPNs are available as part of antivirus.

Online security is the forte of a first-class antivirus. Apart from handling malware, a good service will present you with these benefits:

  • Protection from phishing and other scams. Online scams and other nefarious trickery are growing crazy fast. The worst part is they’re becoming clever and hard to detect. But you don’t need to detect them if you have an antivirus, which vigilantly scouts your emails and websites in search of scam attempts.
  • Safe downloads. A capable software scans each download to identify malware right away. This helps catch browser hijackers and other viruses and prevents malvertising or other suspicious code from infiltrating your device.
  • Device optimization. Most good antivirus packages include device-boosting tools. They handle old or copy files, fragmentation, and other nuances that slow down your gadget.
  • Secure online browsing. Forget accidentally landing on a malicious website with an antivirus. The software filters search results and shows you them before clicking on the links or prevents you from accessing them as you already try to enter.
  • Parental controls. This feature allows parents to set up a safe online environment for their little ones. It’s especially nifty if your kids use the devices in your absence.

How does a VPN complement antivirus?

Meanwhile, a quality VPN steps in to cover the cracks left by the antivirus and then some. Here’s what the service brings to the table:

  • Private online activities. You enjoy well-rounded confidentiality thanks to an encrypted tunnel through which your web traffic travels. Not even your ISP (Internet Service Provider) can see what you’re up to online.
  • Geo-block circumvention. If you want to change the Netflix region or get cheaper flight tickets, a VPN has you covered. This tool changes our location and IP address with just a few clicks. Hence, you can enjoy access to whatever content you want, regardless of your whereabouts.
  • Data protection. Online anonymity is just one side of the coin. Encryption makes it extra difficult for cybercrooks to steal your information. At least while the VPN is enabled.

Best antivirus with a VPN included: overview

  1. NordVPN Threat Protection – best VPN with malware scans and ad blocking
  2. Surfshark Antivirus – well-rounded antivirus with VPN and hefty perks
  3. TotalAV – lightweight and reliable antivirus with included VPN
  4. Bitdefender – best antivirus with VPN for all things protection
  5. Norton 360 – good anti-malware solution with a moderate VPN

Not every antivirus and VPN bundle stands firm, even with joint forces. Thus, choosing one can feel like a shot in the dark if you’re not well acquainted with cybersecurity tools. Our analysis focused on the antivirus and the included VPN separately. That’s why we recommend the Top 5 best antivirus with VPN solutions.

Strict criteria guided our investigation. We checked how the antivirus deals with malware (zero-day and 4-week), downloads, real-time threats, checked the feature suites, and how well they contribute to the overall security. Aspects like impact, ease of use, and pricing didn’t slip our experts’ eyes either. As for VPNs, we tested their performance, security and server fleets.

1. NordVPN Threat Protection – the best VPN with exhaustive malware protection

24/7 live chat, email, knowledge base
Minimal price
Minimal price:
  • Instantaneous downloads scanning
  • The fastest VPN in the market
  • Blocks ads and trackers
  • No manual malware scanning

NordVPN Threat Protection combines malware protection and the best of what a VPN can possibly offer. The anti-tracking technology, paired with fierce ad blocking and automated malware scanning, prevents severe cyber threats from knocking on your door. It’s a mid-range solution wrapped in a beginner-friendly interface with minimal impact on your system.

Unlike other antivirus and VPN packages, the protection is straightforward. While the VPN is enabled, all your downloads and online ventures face scans. You’re alerted of any suspicious code immediately. Besides, you get regular reports of the threats handled in the last 7 days.

NordVPN Threat Protection

NordVPN boasts a colossal fleet of 6300+ servers in 111 countries. The NordLynx protocol optimizes the speed and stability of each RAM-only connection point. Apart from the fastest VPN, you get privacy boons with features like Double VPN, Onion over VPN, or obfuscated servers.

Enjoy exclusive content despite the geofences. The service works perfectly with platforms like Netflix, Max, YouTube TV, Disney+, etc. Besides, the VPN assists in P2P file-sharing with split tunneling and protection from ISP’s snoopy eyes.

The whole bundle costs a meager $3.09/month. NordVPN offers flexible deals should you want something else on your plate. The best part is the 7-day free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee for testing the service without financial commitment.


2. Surfshark Antivirus – superb antivirus with included VPN and versatile benefits

24/7 live chat
Minimal price
Minimal price:
  • Advanced security features
  • Exceptional malware detection rate
  • Robust and well-rounded VPN
  • No firewall

Surfshark AV is hands down the best antivirus with VPN included. From the sleek interface to an extensive library of protective features, the bundle makes online security a breeze. While the antivirus showcases an excellent malware detection rate, the VPN propels outstanding speeds.

The real-time protection fiercely shields your device from malware. Our tests show a splendid result, detecting 9/10 infected files slipped into different gadgets. Plus, desktop apps allow for scheduled scans of varying scales to stay atop your computer’s digital hygiene.

Surfshark AV Windows app

Surfshark VPN is a beast in the VPN space, handling everything with flying colors: streaming, privacy bolstering, gaming, and torrenting. The 3200+ RAM-only servers across 100 countries network, packed with WireGuard, facilitates high speeds. What’s more, tools like MultiHop, Camouflage and NoBorders modes, and data leak alerts bolster privacy tenfold.

Streaming on geo-blocked hubs like Netflix or Disney+ is a walk in the park with this VPN. Furthermore, high speeds in conjunction with the Bypasser upgrades torrenting on top of keeping your P2P sharing confidential.

Surfshark One package is available with the pocket-friendly price tag of $36.32/year as one of many deals available. Additionally, you get to test the waters first during the 30-day money-back guarantee period.

3. TotalAV – best antivirus with VPN combo for comprehensive protection

24/7 live chat
Minimal price
Minimal price:
  • High precision in detecting malware
  • Extensive list of extra features
  • Security-oriented VPN
  • No firewall

TotalAV is one the best antivirus and VPN packs thanks to its multifaceted approach to online security. Users can enjoy a secure and streaming-friendly service after refreshing their VPN and regularly improving it. Meanwhile, the antivirus is nothing short of exemplary software for all-encompassing protection with minimal impact on your device.

Independent tests show the malware detection rate is 99%, which aligns well with our testing. The antivirus identified and terminated 9 of 10 malware files we set up. We were just as pleased with anti-phishing technology that deals with scams very well. Apart from that, the real-time protection is on-point, so you can rest assured safety-wise.

TotalAV Windows interface

The service already entered the competition among big players, even with a smaller fleet of 50+ servers in 35 countries. OpenVPN protocol maintains substantial speed and a very stable connection. As for online privacy, you can fully rely on the kill switch and the IP & DNS leaks protection.

Though TotalVPN lacks the advanced features, for now, our team could still unblock a plethora of streaming platforms. Those include Max and Disney+, but had slight issues with Netflix.

The starting price for this bundle is $29.00/year, but TotalAV deals are full of surprises. Plus, curious cats can test the service without a hassle during the 7-day free trial and the 30-day money-back guarantee.

4. Bitdefender – universal antivirus with VPN of substantial server fleet

24/7 live chat
Minimal price
Minimal price:
  • Shields from many kinds of malware
  • VPN with impressive server network
  • Vigilant real-time protection
  • Full VPN access costs extra

Bitdefender is a solid antivirus with VPN that has grown exponentially after the overhaul. Today, this suite packs elite anti-malware software with a VPN breathing into the necks of the top providers. Furthermore, the apps are easy to navigate whether you’re a seasoned cybernaut or new to this whole online safety business.

Our tests and independent labs show that the real-time protection succeeds 99% of the time. As for the hidden infected files, Bitdefender discovered 8 out of 10. A strong feature suite is part of your safety forte – anti-fraud, anti-phishing, and other technologies for browsing online without any fear of threat vectors.

Bitdefender antivirus interface

Bitdefender VPN nets 4000+ servers in 50 countries. The latest WireGuard drives these pieces of hardware to perform fast. Security-wise, kill switch, and IP & DNS leak protection prevent data spills. Double-hop and App Traffic Optimizer let you tweak the connection. However, the VPN has a 200 MB/day limit unless you pay for unlimited bandwidth.

This VPN is the treacherous enemy of geo-blocks as we have opened many previously unavailable platforms like BBC iPlayer. However, it’s not foolproof. Otherwise, the split tunneling creates a perfect opportunity to torrent hassle-free.

We recommend snatching this Bitdefender deal if you’re comfortable paying the optimal $29.99/year price. This antivirus with VPN bundle is a good solution, which you can tinker with during the 7-day free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee time frame.

5. Norton 360 – sturdy multi-device antivirus and VPN bundle

24/7 live chat
Minimal price
Minimal price:
  • Intuitive app navigation
  • Good VPN for bolstering privacy
  • Data-protective extra features
  • Works against torrenting

Norton 360 is one of the best antivirus with VPN combos you could possibly fetch for an affordable price. Imagine an app you’d enjoy using with a near-perfect malware detection rate. Throw a privacy-focused VPN into the mix, and you have a full picture of the provider’s benefits.

Performance-wise, the antivirus blocks nearly 100% of all threats. You’ll find the same result on independent testing labs. The system discovered 8/10 infected files hidden and scattered across the devices. Moreover, the malware scans and real-time protection don’t load your device.

Norton antivirus interface

Norton Secure VPN is not one to keep up with harsh geo-blocking technologies on sites like Netflix, but it’s great for added security. You get a 2000+ servers in 30 countries coverage. On the other hand, the protection package is simple – kill switch and IP & DNS leak protection. But don’t underestimate them as they work robustly, not failing us.

However, you don’t get additional benefits. The service doesn’t have WireGuard, and the speeds are nothing to write home about. It struggles with Netflix and Hulu but can unlock Disney+ and Max. As for torrenting, Norton VPN allows it on specific servers, but that’s about it.

Norton’s headstrong advantage is the pocket-friendly price – $19.99/year, one of many deals. Don’t hesitate to try the service during the 30-day free trial and 60-day money-back guarantee periods.

Comparison of best antivirus with VPN

If you’re not into reading a bunch of text, that’s fine. We put together a nifty the best antivirus with VPN comparison table to run your eyes through the options quickly:

ProviderNordVPN Threat ProtectionSurfshark AntivirusTotalAVBitdefender AntivirusNorton 360
Bundle price$3.09/month$36.32/year$29.00/year$29.99/year$19.99/year
Free version❌No❌No✅Yes✅Yes❌No
FeaturesThreat Protection, Link Checker, Double VPN, Onion over VPN, obfuscation, split tunneling, kill switch, IP & DNS leak protection, Dark Web Monitor, Invisibility on LAN, MeshnetCleanWeb,
Data breach monitoring,
VPN, Private search engine, Real-time protection, Personal detail generator, Malware scans, Webcam protection
Secure Password Vault, Disk cleaner,
Ad blocker, VPN,
System tune up
Dark Web monitoring, Privacy Protection, WebShield extension
Advanced Threat Defense, Ransomware remediation, AntiSpam, Profiles, Anti-tracker, File shredder, Privacy protection, Anti-webcam hijack, Password manager, Parental control, VPNReal-time threat protection, Smart Firewall, Dark Web monitoring, Password manager, PC cloud backup, Privacy protection, SafeCam, VPN, Parental control, AntiTrack, System optimization
VPN works with streaming services✅Yes✅Yes✅Yes (with majority)✅Yes (with majority)✅Yes (with majority)
VPN network6300+ servers in 111 countries3200+ servers in 100 countries50+ servers in 35 countries4000+ servers in 50 countries2000+ servers in 30 countries
Device supportup to 10up to 5up to 6up to 510
Money-back guarantee30 days30 days30 days30 days60 days
CouponsGet 74% offGet 80% offGet 80% offGet 50% offGet 58% off

How we selected and tested these VPN and antivirus combos

We tested each antivirus and VPN bundle first-hand. We also took independent lab results and compared them to our analysis. Overall, we thoroughly tried out the providers to select only the very best. Here are the criteria:

  • Robust virus protection. Security is the primary concern if you’re after the best antivirus with VPN combo. Our research experts placed 10 infected files on various devices and then launched scans to see how the services handle that. We also purposely traversed dangerous or unauthorized websites, risked our data, and clicked on suspicious URLs.
  • VPN capabilities. You want a VPN for both online safety and entertainment. We tested how each bundled VPN handles torrenting and streaming and whether the ping reduces during gaming. This entailed unblocking popular hubs, watching out for buffers, and checking out the necessary features for success.
  • Data privacy features. While an antivirus protects you from malware, identity theft, and similar threats, a VPN protects confidentiality. We tested each VPN’s ability to encrypt your web traffic and the extras, like obfuscation, that boost the whole thing.
  • Extra benefits. No modern antivirus or VPN can hold their own without bringing something extra or spicy. We tested their additional perks, like ad blockers, parental controls, dark web monitoring, and so on.
  • Affordable subscription cost. Pricing often plays a key role in the final decision-making. Thus, we ensured our top picks don’t break the bank.

Though NordVPN Threat Protection isn’t a full-blown antivirus, it’s up to par with top names in the online protection space. You undoubtedly leave your digital hygiene and safety in the hands of this provider. That malware won’t even know what got it. Besides, the VPN is the fastest geofence exterminator designed for all things fun: streaming, torrenting, and more.

Get NordVPN protection 74% cheaper

Best Antivirus with VPN in India

Given the mass surveillance holding Indian residents in a chokehold, the need for an India VPN in the antivirus bundle is dire. The service will keep your online ventures private, which antivirus alone doesn’t really do. Consequently, you’re covered on all fronts with a solid antivirus with VPN in India suite.

India VPN and antivirus

Here are the best tried-and-tested options:

  1. NordVPN Threat Protection. Fierce protection against viruses and other kinds of malware. Protects from suspicious websites, scans downloads, and monitors vulnerabilities. Actively blocks ads, even those on YouTube. The VPN has Double VPN and obfuscation for extra privacy and avoiding government interference. Besides, the VPN has servers in India.
  2. Surfshark Antivirus. Versatile protection in real-time, along with malware scans and additional features like dark web monitoring. Includes ad blocker, webcam protection, and other perks. As for a VPN, you get a streaming-friendly mid-range solution with India servers to boost confidentiality tenfold.

Get top India VPN with protection

My VPN with antivirus is not working

Your VPN may experience some difficulties along the way. It doesn’t render the service useless. This only means some factors are standing in the way. The most commonplace causes require minor fixes that anyone can do without IT knowledge. Here’s the lowdown of what to do with a VPN with antivirus not working:

  • Try different servers. Sometimes, you’ll come across a hogged or already blacklisted server. Switch to different points of connections (changing the initial location may help, too) before it’s clear the issue may lie elsewhere.
  • Clear up browser cookies. They collect user data, which websites and platforms can intercept. This includes your actual location, causing friction between VPN attempts to conceal it and the open display of it in the browser cookies. Clear the cache before connecting to a server.
  • Check for IP or DNS leaks. Run tests on websites like ipleak.net and dnsleaktest.com to see if the VPN isn’t leaking data. If it does, restart your internet connection or perform a DNS flush for a fresh start.
  • Check for blocking software. Your device may be running software that clashes with the VPN, ruining its hard work. Disable the apps or extensions as potential suspects to figure out the culprit.

If all fails, don’t hesitate to contact the provider’s customer support. Nothing beats professional help through direct communication, after all. Throughout our tests, though, NordVPN Threat Protection was the one that caused no problems or bugs whatsoever.

Can I use a free antivirus with VPN included?

There is no free antivirus that includes a VPN. Typically, such antivirus versions only provide baseline security with minimal functionality. No VPN, sadly. At the end of the day, their primary interest is to compel you to opt for the premium counterpart.

But even free VPNs are not worth it. They can’t keep up with more demanding tasks like streaming, torrenting, and especially not gaming. Even casual browsing is so-so. Some providers even harvest and sell user data through free software. Of course, there are several good free VPNs, but still, they have too small server fleets or data caps.

Buy a cheap antivirus with VPN


Choosing the best antivirus with VPN bundle is a harrowing ordeal, even for the well-versed netizens. Too many factors can make or break the deal, not to mention figuring out your needs. But, there are universal benefits to look for, all of which we cover in our in-depth analysis of the best antivirus and VPN combinations.

NordVPN Threat Protection is the #1 security tool with the best of both worlds. The service packs vigilant malware protection, from downloads to vulnerability points. It’s toppled further with over 90% effective ad blocking and the best VPN in the industry. It swiftly bypasses geo-blocks, unlocking entertainment globally no matter where you are. Who says security can’t be fun, after all?

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What is the best antivirus with VPN?

NordVPN Threat Protection is the best antivirus with VPN. It’s not labeled as an antivirus, but it’s not too far from one thanks to the real-time malware protection. It scans downloads, websites, and monitors dark web leaks among other things. Meanwhile, NordVPN is an extra treat for streamers.

Can you use VPN and antivirus at the same time?

Yes, you can use an antivirus with VPN simultaneously. They cause friction between each other. Instead, they complement each other in terms of services. For example, NordVPN Threat Protection poses no problems with other tools. However, some antivirus could block activities like torrenting.

Does having a VPN protect you from viruses?

No, a VPN alone doesn’t protect you from viruses. Except for NordVPN, which includes Threat Protection by default. The tool serves as a shield against malware, disabling potentially risky websites, scanning files for viruses, and identifying other vulnerabilities. And don’t forget ad blocking.

Do I need an antivirus if I have a VPN?

Yes, but it’s more of an advice rather than a need. VPN primarily bolsters your privacy and protects you only partially. An antivirus, on the other hand, is unmatched for online safety and falters when it comes to privacy. Together, the best antivirus with VPN combo creates a stronghold of protection.

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