Does TunnelBear work with Fire Stick?

Last updated: April 8, 2021
Does TunnelBear work with Fire Stick?

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The Amazon Firestick is a fantastic tool for entertainment lovers – allowing you to turn ordinary TVs into fully-fledged online streaming centers. This opens up a huge range of content, from streaming platforms like Netflix to YouTube or Hulu.

However, using Fire Sticks can be frustrating, especially when geo-blockers prevent you from accessing the full range of TV and movie content. Moreover, it can also lead to security issues if you stream the wrong sort of material. Both of those reasons make it a good idea to combine your Amazon Fire Stick with a high-quality VPN – and that’s where TunnelBear steps into the frame.

TunnelBear is a leading VPN (Virtual Private Network), offering solid encryption and anonymization for Fire Stick users. But can you install it on Amazon’s streaming accessory? This blog will explain everything you need to know.

Why would you need to use a VPN with your Amazon Fire Stick?

Why would you need to use a VPN with your Amazon Fire Stick?

Before we go any further, it’s helpful to run through some of the reasons for installing a VPN on your Firestick. Surprisingly few users take the effort to do so, leaving them exposed on multiple levels.

Most importantly, if you intend to stream content that isn’t deemed “legitimate” by mainstream platforms, you’ll need to keep your identity hidden. Fire Sticks can be used with software like Kodi, which provides access to a massive trove of films, live sport, TV shows, documentaries – the list is endless. Not all of this content is strictly legal, so keeping your identity confidential is vital whenever you log on.

Secondly, as we touched upon earlier, some paid streaming platforms restrict what viewers can access for commercial reasons. So, if you fly to France and try to access American Netflix, you might find your choices limited (and vice versa). With a VPN, you can work around the blocking systems which divide the world into regions. But is TunnelBear a good option for Firestick users?

Why using TunnelBear with your Amazon Firestick isn’t a good option

Using TunnelBear with your Amazon Firestick isn't a good option

Sadly, we can’t recommend TunnelBear as a good VPN for Firestick streaming.

On the plus side, TunnelBear generally has a strong reputation among streamers and tends to be able to unblock Netflix at will. It’s fast, easy to use, and relatively affordable – all potentially big pluses for Firestick users.

The VPN is fully optimized to work with Kodi (but not Android Smart TVs), and you can either install it on laptops or smartphones that have Kodi installed. That way, you can provide watertight security, whatever you stream.

But, and this is a major qualification: There is no specific TunnelBear Firestick app, and you can’t download TunnelBear from the Amazon App store. So installing the VPN onto an actual Fire Stick isn’t going to be an option.

Given TunnelBear’s speed and security features, it remains a good fit for Kodi, so don’t write the VPN off as a streaming security tool. Just don’t pay for a subscription expecting to be able to add it to your Firestick. That just isn’t going to happen.

How to find a suitable TunnelBear alternative for Fire Stick?

So, how can you stream safely with an Amazon Firestick? Simple. Just download a VPN that is compatible with the streaming device.

Both ExpressVPN and IPVanish offer Firestick-ready clients that are much easier to install than TunnelBear. In both cases, you can simply download an APK file onto the Fire Stick, and there’s no need to mess around with Kodi’s VPN Manager or anything like that.

If you’re a TunnelBear fan and want to use your laptop or smartphone coverage to secure your Firestick streaming, that’s fine. But be aware that other providers are available, and may be a better fit for your personal needs.

Best VPN for Fire Stick

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Disclaimer: Affiliate links help us produce good content. Learn more.

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  1. William Metcalfe

    One of the best free VPN tools out there. I also highly recommend it for premium content nerds and travellers. It works very well with Amazon firestick a few times when I tried it. I give Kudos to the developers and writers of this blog for the expository contents all over

  2. 678Kenndy

    I have discovered that most often we deny ourselves the relevant information. If I had not read through this content, it would have been impossible to pick the salient points like kodi VPN being better for Amazon fire stick instead of Tunnelbear.

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