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Last updated: March 20, 2023
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PureVPN vs IPVanish, two market leader wannabes, have some serious claims about their product on their official websites. However, when choosing the VPN for you, looking at the specifics is the way to go. So, allow us to uncover some quick facts in this comparison between the two.

Both VPNs have excellent security features, enough servers, and they both do a good job when it comes to streaming and P2P sharing. They are similarly priced, so let’s find out which one gives you more bang for your buck!

PureVPN vs IPVanish highlights

IPVanish logo
Our rating8.5 ⭐8.4 ⭐
Current offerGet PureVPN 81% OFF!Get IPVanish 66% OFF!
Price starts from$2.08/month$3.99/month
Money-back guarantee31 day30 days
No-logs policyIndependently-auditedIndependently-audited
Servers6500+ servers in 71+ countries2000+ servers in 50+ countries
VPN protocolsWireGuard, OpenVPN, IKEv2, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, SSTPWireGuard, OpenVPN, IKEv2, L2TP/IPSec, SSTP
StreamingNetflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, HBO Max, BBC iPlayer, and moreNetflix

Speed and performance

In terms of speed and performance, we have quite an interesting case. While PureVPN has performed an insane VPN server fleet growth in 2019 by almost quadrupling its server list, it didn’t help to improve its speeds all that much. Moreover, many of the servers are actually virtual locations, which have their own risks when users are not aware of this.

IPVanish, despite having fewer servers in fewer countries, manages to deliver better speeds. This is mainly because the VPN is equipped with the WireGuard tunneling protocol, although PureVPN has also started implementing it in 2021.

PureVPN vs IPVanish: 14-Day Speed Average

More live data from our VPN Speed Test tool
PureVPN IPVanish
USA server
Download Speed102 Mbps Data currently unavailable
Upload Speed120 Mbps Data currently unavailable
UK server
Download Speed95 Mbps Data currently unavailable
Upload Speed173 Mbps Data currently unavailable
Germany server
Download Speed140 Mbps Data currently unavailable
Upload Speed136 Mbps Data currently unavailable


All physical serversNoYes
Owns all serversNoYes
RAM-only serversNoNo
P2P serversNot allYes

PureVPN is equipped with 6500+ servers in 71+ countries. While the numbers are quite impressive, the service doesn’t retain full ownership of the server network and it has some virtual locations. Furthermore, P2P activity is allowed on specific servers only.

On the other hand, IPVanish has 2000+ servers across 50+ countries. While not as vast as the PureVPN server fleet, it’s fully owned by IPVanish and doesn’t have any virtual locations. Plus, all servers can be used for P2P.


One month$10.95/month$10.99/month
One year$3.24/month$3.99/month
Two years$2.08/monthN/A
Money-back guarantee31 days30 days
Payment optionsCredit card, PayPalCredit card, PayPal

In terms of pricing, both VPNs have basic plans and offer extra features at an additional cost. However, PureVPN is cheaper overall if you pick the longest plan on offer.

PureVPN pricing

PureVPN offers a straightforward choice between three different subscription plans:

PureVPN 2022 BP pricing

Getting the lengthiest plans nets you an impressive 81% discount. Alternatively, you can try finding different deals by using a PureVPN coupon code.

It’s worth noting that some PureVPN features are hidden behind extra costs. For example, port forwarding will set you back $0.99/month. Unsurprisingly, a dedicated IP also costs extra, $2.99/month to be exact. Finally, DDoS protection costs a whopping $3.99/month, which is more than the actual VPN plan.

Whether you need these features is up to you, but it’s clear that PureVPN doesn’t offer a great deal if you’re looking for a well-rounded and secure VPN.

VPNpro rating: 8.5 / 10

IPVanish pricing

For just the VPN, IPVanish lets you choose between three plans:

IPVanish prices 2022 02

You can also snag a better deal by utilizing numerous IPVanish coupon codes. They come with up to 66% discounts on the long-term plans.

Choosing the annual plan grants you VIPRE Antivirus – an award-winning tool against malware and ransomware.


ProtocolsWireGuard, OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, SSTP, IKEv2WireGuard, OpenVPN, IKEv2, L2TP/IPSec, SSTP, PPTP
Kill switchYesYes
DNS and IP leaksNo leaksNo leaks
Security featuresSplit tunneling, dedicated IP, port forwardingSplit tunneling, SOCKS5 proxy, SugarSync, traffic obfuscation

In terms of security, both IPVanish and PureVPN have essentially the same level of security – military-grade encryption and reliable protocols. Naturally, they each also have an internet kill switch and aren’t suffering from IP or DNS leaks.

PureVPN security

PureVPN advanced settings

As mentioned earlier, not every feature is included in the basic PureVPN. Regardless, here are all the features that you can expect:

  • Split tunneling. It allows you to choose which apps should go through the VPN tunnel. Currently, it’s only available on Android and Windows devices.
  • Port forwarding. Improves torrenting and allows you to access your network remotely.
  • Dedicated IP. PureVPN lets you choose a dedicated IP from seven different countries – Singapore, Malta, Germany, Canada, the UK, Australia, and the US.
  • DDoS protection. This feature ensures that your network is protected from malicious traffic.

IPVanish security

With IPVanish, you only need to pay extra for SugarSync. Otherwise, all other features are included in the typical plans. Here are all the features that IPVanish brings to the table.

  • VIPRE Antivirus. For new users that choose the annual plan, IPVanish gives a simple yet powerful tool against malware and ransomware.
  • Split tunneling. This feature allows you to choose which apps should ignore the VPN tunnel and which should go through it.
  • SOCKS5 proxy. With it, you can hide your IP address without any encryption. This feature is usually combined with torrent clients.
  • Traffic obfuscation. To ensure security from internet censorship and blocking, traffic obfuscation allows you to hide the fact that you’re using a VPN.
VPNpro rating: 8.4 / 10


JurisdictionBritish Virgin IslandsUS
LoggingIndependently-audited no-logsNo-logs policy
Anonymous payment

Speaking of privacy, there are some not-so-good and some bad things we can say about both providers.

When it comes to logging policy, neither is completely saint. In the past, PureVPN, despite promoting no logs heavily, helped the FBI identify one person. That left a lot of people heavily disappointed. Later PureVPN has revised its Privacy Policy and removed the excessive no logs promotions. Plus, it even went through a third-party audit to prove that it doesn’t store any logs.

As for IPVanish, it is based in the US, the most eager Five Eyes country. However, so far there has been no instance for this provider to share identifiable information with any government agencies.  On the other hand, neither service has the option to pay anonymously. All things considered, both VPNs have their fair shares of inadequacies in terms of privacy, giving us a tie in this category.

PureVPN vs IPVanish device compatibility

Major dedicated appsWindows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOSWindows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS
Other dedicated appsFire TV & Fire Stick, Android TV, Kodi add-on, DD-WRT appletAmazon Fire TV & Fire Stick, Android TV, Chrome OS
Browser extensionsChrome, Edge, FirefoxN/A
Manual setupRouters, QNAP, Synology, OpenELEC, Raspberry Pi, ChromebookRouter, firewall, NAS
Simultaneous devices10Unlimited

When it comes to compatibility, both support basically the same platforms, including Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android, Amazon Firestick TV, and consoles. Both competitors offer plenty of security settings to play around with. Unsurprisingly, you can also use each service to set up a router manually with a VPN.

One advantage that PureVPN has is the addition of browser extensions for Chrome, Edge, and Firefox. However, that’s nothing when you remember that IPVanish allows you to connect an unlimited number of devices simultaneously.

Netflix and other streaming platforms

Netflix US
Yes (using selected servers)Yes
Other Netflix libraries
Other platforms
Smart DNSNoNo

This is time the victory cup goes to PureVPN. While it’s not on our list of best VPNs for streaming, it unblocks Netflix US and other Netflix libraries with no trouble. However, accessing other platforms, except for Kodi, would not be possible.

On the other hand, IPVanish would only allow you to stream Netflix US on three of its US servers (Las Vegas, Dallas, or Chicago). Forget about other Netflix libraries, and other streaming platforms – you won’t access them with this provider.

Torrenting and P2P

Allowed on
Select serversAll servers
Free SOCKS5 proxy
Split tunneling
Windows and AndroidAndroid and FireOS
Port forwardingYesNo

When it comes to P2P sharing, great speeds and foolproof security are not enough. To decide, you have to consider features such as SOCKS5 proxy and split tunneling. As well as the fact of how many servers work when torrenting. To make the best decision, have a look at our best VPNs for torrenting list.

Despite not having a split tunneling feature for all of its apps, IPVanish for torrenting is a clear leader of this round. With all the servers working for P2P, and a free SOCKS5 proxy it’s way ahead of PureVPN which allows P2P only with the selected servers, and does not have a free SOCKS5 feature.

China and other restricted countries

Works in ChinaYesYes
Stealth VPNNoYes (Traffic Obfuscation)
Tor over VPNNoNo

Unfortunately, neither service is among the best VPNs for China. PureVPN might get around the Great Firewall with the SSTP tunneling protocol. Meanwhile, IPVanish has Traffic Obfuscation for that purpose. However, none of these features really stand out as reliable against DPI (Deep Packet Inspection). As such, this face-off concludes in a draw.

PureVPN vs IPVanish customer support

Live chatYesYes
Phone LineNoYes
Email YesYes

Most well-known VPN providers do not skimp out on customer support options and provide customers with swift communication methods, such as 24/7 live chat. Thankfully, IPVanish vs PureVPN deliver in this regard.

However, IPVanish offers something that most VPN services lack – a phone line. Although it’s not something that I would personally take advantage of, it’s still an extra benefit that tips the scales in favor of IPVanish in this category.

Best VPN by category

Speed and servers
Customer supportLoses❌Wins✔️
Total wins2 out of 95 out of 9

PureVPN vs IPVanish – which is better?

All things considered, we would easily choose IPVanish as the winner of this comparison.

We do appreciate all the great effort PureVPN has been putting in its privacy tool to catch up with the leaders. However, today IPVanish is simply a few steps further.

Do you agree with this conclusion? Let me know by leaving a comment!

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Is IPVanish worth getting?

IPVanish is definitely worth getting if you’re opting for the annual plan. Plus, secure cloud storage is a fairly unique feature that most VPN providers do not offer.

Does PureVPN work with Netflix?

Yes, PureVPN works at unblocking Netflix US and a few other libraries.

Can a VPN be traced?

A well-secured and reliable VPN cannot be traced. However, a free VPN or one that’s prone to IP and DNS leaks could be traced back to you. Additionally, some VPNs even collect an excessive amount of personal data.

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  1. flowergirl

    I have to say that PureVPN is not all bad. I have been using it for the past 6 months now; although I agree that I do not use for torrenting, it has been a good choice so far. So, I think it depends on your usage.

  2. Brenda Parker

    The phrase “More or less” concerns me when it comes to a VPN. These are decent alternatives but I can’t envision any time I’d want to use them except if NordVPN and ExpressVPN were to go out of business. Just too many issues here to take either one seriously. Good review and nice point about misleading marketing techniques.

  3. tricky.tom

    Both of these VPNs offer some outstanding features. But, PureVPN is one step ahead of IPVanish in many aspects.

    PureVPN has better customer support, extensive server coverage and more payment methods. The only thing IPVanish has going for itself is speed. However, speed is a big aspect of a VPN’s overall performance.

    Both are equally matched when it comes to security features. But all things considered, PureVPN can be declared a winner in a contest of two top class VPNs.

  4. Christianhji000

    Both VPN are interesting and can meet our service expectations. While I would not prefer PureVPN over IPVanish is because they both share equal set of privacy features. This is what protects our identity when online. While it may be difficult to prefer one over the other, I may skew towards IPVanish

  5. 12345T

    Like Kelly said, I also read some bad reviews about PureVPN on Reddit. But after reading this it turns out that it’s really not that bad. I’ll keep reading more information online in order to make a decision.

    1. avatar
      Ethan Payne Author

      Hey, 12345T, thanks for your comment! You don’t have to scour the internet for more info on PureVPN! We have a comprehensive PureVPN review right here – take a look, it might help make your decision easier.

  6. Kelly P

    PureVPN has a somewhat confusing reputation on Reddit. What we mean by that is, many Redditors have praised the VPN service, but some have also experienced its downside. Overall, one of the reasons why PureVPN is popular among Redditors is because of the value for money it provides.

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