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NordVPN vs PureVPN in 2024

NordVPN vs PureVPN comparison

When choosing between PureVPN and NordVPN, you may question which is worth your hard-earned cash. These two VPN services are tough competitors, each with its own unique features, making it an exciting showdown. But don’t worry, I’m here to settle the score of NordVPN vs PureVPN right here, right now!

Of course, no two VPNs are equal, so I’ll take a close look at important factors like price, speed, safety, and ease of use. And if you’re in a hurry, check out the side-by-side comparison table below for a quick overview of the differences between NordVPN and PureVPN.

Don’t settle for anything less than the best when protecting your online activities. Keep reading to find out which provider comes out on top in this thrilling VPN showdown!

NordVPN vs PureVPN: specification

While NordVPN may be priced slightly higher than PureVPN, it comes with a more comprehensive package of tools. NordVPN offers a broader array of security and privacy features, as well as unparalleled streaming speeds for accessing foreign content effortlessly. However, PureVPN also packs some distinctive features that set it apart from NordVPN and may attract potential users of its own.

⭐Our rating9.8 ⭐8.5 ⭐
💸Current offerGet NordVPN 72% OFF!Get PureVPN 82% OFF!
💰Price starts from$3.39/month$2.14/month
💳Money-back guarantee30 days31 day
📖No-logs policyIndependently-auditedIndependently audited, always-on audit
🎮Simultaneous connections1010
🌐Servers6400+ servers in 111+ countries6500+ servers in 71+ countries
🔒VPN protocolsNordLynx, OpenVPN, IKEv2WireGuard, OpenVPN, IKEv2, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, SSTP
🍿StreamingNetflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, HBO Max, BBC iPlayer, and moreNetflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, HBO Max, BBC iPlayer, and more
🖥️PlatformsAll major OS, Linux, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Kodi, routers, firewall, NAS, RokuAll major OS, Linux, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, routers, Kodi, browsers

Why choose NordVPN?

NordVPN is a consistently safe bet, no matter your needs. You might want to check it out because it’s:

  • Lightning-fast. Thanks to the exclusive NordLynx tunneling protocol, NordVPN stands out as the fastest VPN. Its unmatched speeds and unwavering stability set it apart from all other services. As a result, NordVPN is an ideal option for those who engage in network-intensive activities, such as streaming.
  • Great for streaming. With NordVPN’s SmartPlay feature and Smart DNS implementation, accessing geo-blocked libraries on your favorite streaming service has never been simpler. NordVPN can easily unlock popular platforms like Disney+, Netflix, HBO Max, and many others.
  • Safe and private. NordVPN prioritizes the security of both you and your digital data. It has an independently-audited no-log policy, a reliable kill switch, leak protection, robust traffic encryption, and RAM-only servers to ensure your online safety.

Why choose PureVPN?

PureVPN is nothing to scoff at, either. It might be a great choice if you value the following criteria:

  • Budget-friendly. Despite being one of the most affordable VPN providers, PureVPN still delivers exceptional value for money. Packed with all the essential features you’d expect from a top-tier VPN, it offers a powerful solution for a wide range of daily tasks.
  • More connections. PrivateVPN offers even more flexibility with 10 simultaneous connections instead of NordVPN’s limit of 6. If you have a larger household or need to connect multiple devices at once, PrivateVPN may be the better option for you.
  • Giant server fleet. Currently, PureVPN packs one of the largest VPN networks in the market, with over 6500+ servers across the globe.

NordVPN vs PureVPN: pricing

Plans and paymentsNordVPNPureVPN
Free trial7-day trial on the Google Play Store7-day trial ($0.99)
One month$12.99/month $10.95/month
One year$4.99/month $6.24/month
Two years$3.39/month$2.14/month
Money-back guarantee30 days31 days
Payment optionsCredit card, Google Pay, Apple Pay, ACH Transfer, AmazonPay, Direct Debit, cryptocurrencies, cashCredit card, PayPal, CoinGate, PaymentWall

Pricing is a significant factor for many when choosing subscriptions, including VPN services. Both NordVPN and PureVPN offer various pricing options, including short-term and longer-term plans, to cater to different needs and preferences.

While neither of the providers offers a free version, NordVPN does provide the option of trying out their services through a free trial. You can download the app from the Google Play Store and use it on any device after signing up. Plus, with NordVPN’s money-back guarantee, you can continue using their services risk-free for a whole month after the trial period is over.

On the other hand, PureVPN’s “trial” is not even free and will set you back $0.99 for 7 days. To be fair, it’s great the trial’s there at least, but it doesn’t look as compelling as the standard NordVPN’s offering. Fortunately, the 31-day money-back guarantee is in place to try out PureVPN risk-free, which stands as a better option to the former.

If cost is your primary consideration, PureVPN offers more affordability for longer subscriptions compared to NordVPN. However, the difference is pretty small, so choosing one service over the other should primarily fall under the expected features and overall package.

NordVPN pricing

This provider understands that customers have different needs, which is why it offers a variety of subscription models. Whether you’re seeking the essential features of the Standard plan or extended bundles, you have some room for leeway. NordVPN provides options for monthly, annual, or two-year terms, ensuring you can choose the plan that aligns with your requirements.

NordVPN goes beyond just VPN services and offers all-inclusive package deals that encompass other Nord Security products, creating a complete virtual protection suite. If you’re looking for an expansive solution, these bundle deals may be worth a look. You can get these extras individually, which include:

  • NordPass. A powerful password manager starting from $0.00. Going premium for $1.49/month adds a data breach scanner and a few bonuses.
  • NordLocker. Secure file storage and cloud vault starting from $0.00. The paid plans of $2.99 and $6.99 raise the storage space up to 500GB and 2TB respectively.

Those craving a hands-on NordVPN experience can easily test the service with a 7-day free trial. Once your week runs out, you can continue onward backed by a 30-day money-back warranty. To make it even more enticing, you can enjoy a discount of up to 72% by using a NordVPN coupon code.

NordVPN makes paying for the service a breeze, as it accepts a wide range of payment options. These include credit or debit cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay, ACH Transfer, AmazonPay, Direct Debit, cryptocurrencies, and even cash at select retail stores.

PureVPN pricing

Signing up for PureVPN is straightforward, with three main options to choose from:

Landing the best deal is as easy as hopping to the PureVPN coupon page which will give you a 82% discount with 3 extra months. Your subscriptions will be protected by a 31-day money-back guarantee, giving you a whole month to try out the software before sealing the deal.

Just like the competition, PureVPN doesn’t limit itself to just the VPN solutions and offers equivalent security bundles too. Of course, these can be bought separately and include:

  • PureKeep. A password manager for $0.99/month.
  • PurePrivacy. A tracker blocker and data breach scanner for $2.49/month.
  • PureEncrypt. An encrypted file vault and cloud storage for $1.29/month.
  • DDoS protection. An extra layer of security against distributed denial-of-service attacks for $3.99/month.

Now a peculiar thing I found is that if you dig deep enough, you can find some secret deals on PureVPN. For example, I came across a special “holiday deal” which doesn’t seem to be time-limited but drops the price to just $1.33/month. Unsurprisingly, there is a caveat in the form of a 5-year contract, so take it as you will.

Cheapest PureVPN subscription

Payment options are available through a credit card, PayPal, CoinGate, PaymentWall, and cryptocurrencies. However, the latter grants no refunds, so keep in mind the money-back warranty might be lost in the process.

Speed comparison

For those seeking the fastest VPN connections, NordVPN is the clear choice. Although PureVPN is a viable option, it cannot keep up with the lightning-fast speeds of its rival. Our VPN speed test data clearly indicated a substantial gap in average speeds between the two. As a matter of fact, NordVPN frequently delivered speeds even a couple times faster than PureVPN.

Compiling all the data gathered through 7 days, PureVPN’s 199 Mbps download speed average bleaks compared to 486 Mbps delivered by NordVPN. However, if you’re not looking to strain your network to the absolute limits, both numbers will feel relatively similar during simple daily browsing sessions.

The reason why PureVPN falls behind in terms of speed is due to their tunneling protocols. NordVPN has gone the extra mile with their next-gen NordLynx protocol, which is blazing fast and super secure. On the other hand, PureVPN relies mostly on the WireGuard protocol, which is only available on Windows and Android at the time of writing. So, if you’re looking for the fastest VPN option, NordVPN is the clear winner here.

NordVPN vs PureVPN: which is more secure?

JurisdictionPanamaBritish Virgin Islands
LoggingNo-log policy, independently audited by PwC and DeloitteNo-log policy, independently audited by Altius IT, always-on audit by KPMG
Kill switch2 kill switchesYes
Leak protectionDNS, IPv6, WebRTCDNS, IPv6, WebRTC
RAM serversAllNo

NordVPN and PureVPN excel in providing solid security to a wide range of devices. With robust AES-256 encryption, kill switch, and leak protection, both services ensure your data is safe from any potential breaches or leaks. However, PureVPN is missing a killswitch for iOS devices, among other security features like Onion over VPN, Double VPN, and a malware blocker included in NordVPN’s basket.

In the realm of privacy policies, PureVPN and NordVPN currently share the same commitment to safeguarding customer information. Both providers enforce independently-audited no-logs policies and an option to pay anonymously in a form of cryptocurrencies. Though addressing the elephant in the room, PureVPN had some shady business in the past. More on that further down the line.

In general, NordVPN and PureVPN are reliable VPN services with robust security measures in place. However, NordVPN proves to be a better choice with a stronger suite of security features, making it the preferred choice for individuals seeking top-class protection.


The legal jurisdiction of the VPN provider also plays a crucial role in ensuring confidentiality. NordVPN is based in Panama, while PureVPN relocated from Hong Kong to the British Virgin Islands in 2021. These regions are renowned for being privacy-friendly and are beyond the reach of The Fourteen Eyes Alliance.

NordVPN takes the lead in safeguarding the client’s private data. Their servers utilize RAM-only technology, ensuring no data is stored long-term. Unlike traditional hard drive storage, RAM storage automatically clears any data anytime the server is restarted.

On the other hand, PureVPN employs regular hardware servers, albeit operating in the British Virgin Islands, with similar data retention laws as its competitor. Nevertheless, opting for servers that rely solely on RAM for data storage remains a safer choice in practical terms. It eliminates any potential prospects of long-term data collection, which is a benefit provided by NordVPN’s approach.


Nothing poses a greater threat to your online privacy than data logging. This term refers to the collection of user information or traffic data. Fortunately, PureVPN and NordVPN are services with no-logs policies, further validated by independent audits on multiple occasions. Yet, this is the point where similarities end.

PureVPN’s first independent audit was done by Altius IT in 2019. During 2020, it also started a quite uncommon “always-on” audit agreement with KPMG to initiate a non-scheduled audit at any time without warning.

However, in 2017, PureVPN faced scrutiny when it was revealed that they had provided logs, including email accounts and real IP addresses, to the FBI in a case involving an alleged cyberstalker. This incident may have led to subsequent audits, likely aimed at restoring users’ trust.

On the flip side, NordVPN has undergone three independent audits to date. That’s including the first two done by PwC in 2018 and 2020 respectively, and the most recent one conducted by Deloitte at the end of 2022. In this manner, the cleaner reputation speaks volumes about which provider is more trustworthy at the moment.

Server locations

Server specificationNordVPNPureVPN
All physical serversYesNo
Owns all serversSomeNo

To get the best out of a VPN, you need a big server fleet. Just like a highway, the more lanes you have, the less likely things will get crowded and slow. Plus, the VPN needs to have a lot of coverage across the world, so you can access all sorts of content from different countries. That way, you can enjoy a more flexible and convenient browsing experience.

First of all, NordVPN controls an impressive fleet of over 5500 servers spread across 60+ countries. Even more impressive is that all these servers run on RAM-only technology and are physically located in their respective regions. Moreover, the server network is categorized into specialized sections for the extra convenience of customers. If that’s not enough, all of NordVPN’s servers are physical, which is a nice layer on top of an already impressive performance package.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have PureVPN with a server network of 6500+ servers across 78+ countries. Furthermore, less than 2% of the servers are virtual, and all those in the US, the UK, and Europe are 10 Gbps. But what sets PureVPN apart is its presence in countries like Kenya, the Bahamas, Aruba, and Monaco. Of course, most of these servers are virtual (servers spoof IP addresses to appear in labeled countries, despite being physically located elsewhere).

To prepare for the 5G standard, PureVPN has implemented 20 Gbps servers that can potentially double your speeds. Currently, they are available in the US, UK, France, Germany, and the Netherlands.

Even with both VPNs trading blows in this category, NordVPN comes out on top mainly due to safer and faster servers.

Features comparison

Smart DNS✅SmartPlay❌No
Ad & malware blocker✅Threat Protection❌No
Split tunneling
✅Yes✅Yes (Windows, Android)
Specialized servers✅Yes✅Yes

With a quick look at the feature table, it’s pretty easy to say NordVPN has this round in its hands. But is it that simple? Let’s examine a few of the most notable features implemented or lacking in this NordVPN versus PureVPN comparison.

Smart DNS

Smart DNS is a handy solution for maximizing the capabilities of devices that can’t directly support VPNs. By tweaking DNS requests, it can bypass content geo-blocks on various devices without even touching a VPN installer. Of course, you should take note that Smart DNS doesn’t encrypt your traffic as a VPN connection does.

In addition to the usual Smart DNS service, NordVPN takes things up a notch with its exclusive SmartPlay feature, which combines Smart DNS and VPN into a single package. With SmartPlay, you get automatic DNS server switching without any extra setup hassle. It’s ready to roll for PC, smartphone, and tablet users right out of the gate.

In the case of PureVPN, there isn’t much to talk about since the Smart DNS feature is missing altogether.

Ad & malware blocker

Advertisements and malicious software can be both annoying and dangerous. However, some of the most secure VPNs offer extra security features to keep you safe from these online hazards. Among the two, NordVPN stands out as the only one to offer an ad and malware blocker.

NordVPN’s Threat Protection feature blocks ads, disables user trackers, and scans for malware whenever you download a file. It even warns you before visiting sketchy websites. The best part is that Threat Protection works independently of the VPN, so you don’t need to be connected to a server for it to work.

To PureVPN’s credit, they cover the tracker blocking with its PurePrivacy add-on, but it’s a separate purchase and is not included in the VPN itself.

Split tunneling

When it comes to VPN features, split tunneling is a common tool that gives users more control over their secure connection. It allows for a two-way tunnel, letting you choose which traffic is encrypted and which isn’t for chosen applications. Here we finally see some sort of clash between NordVPN and PureVPN.

NordVPN offers the option to route or exclude specific apps from the VPN, but this feature is currently limited to Windows, Android, and Android TV users. PureVPN, on the other hand, provides its split tunneling option for only Windows and Android devices. While it’s noteworthy that both services offer split tunneling on these platforms, expanding support to other platforms would be a welcome addition.

Specialized servers

Many VPN providers, including the ones we’re comparing here, offer specialized servers for different purposes.

NordVPN stands out with a wide range of dedicated servers, such as:

  • Dedicated IP. For $3.89/month, you’re the sole holder of a specific IP address. Available for servers in the US, UK, Germany, Netherlands, France, Canada, Japan, Italy, Sweden, and Australia.
  • Obfuscated. These servers are highly concealed and stealthy, masking VPN traces in your internet traffic. Especially useful in countries plagued by heavy censorship.
  • Double VPN. It encrypts your traffic twice by passing through two VPN servers.
  • Peer-to-peer. Optimized for file-sharing and torrenting needs.
  • Onion over VPN. While these servers add an extra layer of anonymity through the Tor network, they may result in slower connection speeds.

PureVPN is not sitting this out either, as it has quite a few specialty server offerings of its own. These include:

  • Quantum-resistant. A safer encryption option incorporating quantum-resistant encryption keys. As PureVPN claims, it’s more of a “futureproofing” concept.
  • Dedicated IP. A solution for a static IP address for an affordable price of $0.99/month.
  • Streaming-optimized. The enhanced option for bypassing geo-blocks and enjoying seamless video streaming.
  • Obfuscated. A new addition to get around VPN blocks by removing all of the VPN information from your data packets.
  • P2P. Designed to provide fast and efficient P2P file-sharing.

Other features

PureVPN and NordVPN are both feature-rich VPNs, each with its own strengths. NordVPN offers extra features such as Invisibility on LAN and the newly introduced Meshnet. Nonetheless, PureVPN kicks in with an option for port forwarding, which is surprisingly missing from NordVPN’s toolkit. Yet, that’s not quite enough to compensate for missing a lot of features that NordVPN supplies completely free of charge.

Netflix and other streaming platforms

Streaming platformsNordVPNPureVPN
Netflix US
Other Netflix libraries
Amazon Prime Video✅Yes✅Yes
HBO Max✅Yes✅Yes
BBC iPlayer✅Yes✅Yes
YouTube TV✅Yes✅Yes

Here we get a pretty interesting matchup. However, NordVPN remains a top choice for a streaming VPN on platforms like Netflix due to its exceptional performance. With its impressive speed, NordVPN allows for streaming in 4K from a broader range of locations, providing a superior streaming experience.

NordVPN goes beyond just American Netflix, offering access to libraries worldwide without restrictions. In addition, NordVPN unlocks more popular streaming platforms like BBC iPlayer, Hulu, HBO Max, and more, providing a versatile and trusty solution for accessing geo-restricted content.

Naruto content on Netlix with NordVPN

Moving on to Pure VPN, it’s capable and fairly dependable but far from the best option to unlock Netflix. PureVPN has dedicated streaming servers that are placed close to content delivery networks for speedy connectivity and lag-free HD streaming. This service also unblocks multiple Netflix libraries and other streaming platforms like Disney+, Youtube, or Prime Video.

However, some public reports show PureVPN users not going past the main Netflix screen after enabling the VPN connection. This shouldn’t be the case with major regions as PureVPN claims the VPN works flawlessly with US, UK, Australian, Canadian, Japan, France, and German libraries.

Netflix USA unlocked with PureVPN

Both VPNs have apps for Android TV, Amazon Fire TV & Fire Stick. On the other hand, since PureVPN doesn’t offer Smart DNS, you lose the support for other devices like Apple TV or gaming consoles. Regardless, this is avoidable by just installing the VPN on your local router, with which both contenders are mostly compatible.

Ultimately, both VPNs provide great connection quality and seamless streaming experiences, courtesy of their cutting-edge tunneling protocols, such as NordLynx and WireGuard. However, in terms of sheer performance, NordVPN undoubtedly takes the lead, solidifying its position as the undisputed choice between the two.

Device compatibility

Device supportNordVPNPureVPN
Major dedicated appsWindows, macOS, Linux, iOS, AndroidWindows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android
Other dedicated appsAmazon Fire TV & Fire Stick, Android TV, Kodi add-onAndroid TV, Amazon Fire, Kodi add-on, DD-WRT applet, Harmony OS (Huawei)
Browser extensionsChrome, Brave, Edge, Firefox, OperaChrome, Firefox, Edge, Brave, Opera
Manual setupRouters, firewalls, NAS, Roku, Chromebook, gaming consolesRouter, NAS, OpenELEC (Kodi-based), Raspberry Pi, Chromebook
Simultaneous devices1010

You can quickly tell each provider does an excellent job when it comes to device and platform compatibility. Both NordVPN and PureVPN have apps for major platforms, applications for Android TV and Fire TV, as well as browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox. Here NordVPN takes extra advantage through its use of Smart DNS to extend its compatibility even further.

Another difference comes in the shape of connection limits, where NordVPN allows for 10 simultaneous connections, while PureVPN overtakes with a limit of 10. If the experience of other users is anything to go by, 6 connections are usually more than enough to cover your whole household. Regardless, the extra headroom is a nice cherry on top.

Desktop applications

Over the years, NordVPN’s desktop application has undergone significant improvements, and one standout feature is its world map. This user-friendly map makes navigating incredibly easy, especially for countries with multiple connection points like the USA, UK, or Canada. However, if geography isn’t your forte, you can always use the search bar on the left to quickly find specific regions.

NordVPN desktop app

Upon further inspection of the settings and customizations, you’ll find everything categorized on the left sidebar. Tabs for Meshnet, Threat Protection, Dark Web Monitor, and general settings are readily accessible with just a few clicks. The overall interface rocks a sleek and user-friendly design, making it easy to navigate, even for those new to the platform.

PureVPN desktop application

PureVPN’s desktop applications are almost a carbon copy of NordVPN’s design. I’m not saying somebody copied someone, but if it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it. The only thing lacking is the aforementioned map view, which is more than excusable for keeping the app as minimal as possible. To PureVPN’s credit, the application is super easy to navigate and the settings are organized in a simple and intuitive manner.

The user interface of NordVPN and PureVPN stays pretty much the same on both macOS and Windows regardless. On Linux, however, only PureVPN offers its service with either a CLI or a GUI, while NordVPN includes just a command prompt window.

Mobile applications

NordVPN extends its consistent design approach from desktops to smartphones, presenting the world map feature on smaller screens as well. However, if a map is a no-no in your book, you also have the option to use a traditional menu that lists countries alphabetically. Whether you prefer a visual map or a straightforward list, NordVPN offers excellent flexibility to suit your preferences on your mobile device.

NordVPN Android and iOS versions

The menu also provides access to specialty servers or allows you to search for specific locations. Furthermore, tabs for Meshnet, split tunneling, and Threat Protection Lite are conveniently organized below for quick and easy access to these features.

PureVPN mobile application

At the moment, PureVPN’s Android app is packed way better than its iOS counterpart. Here you can find different server modes like Stream, Internet Freedom, Security/Privacy, and File Sharing, along with split tunneling feature. And not to mention a missing iOS internet kill switch. Furthermore, PureVPN’s Android app supports multiple tunneling protocols, including WireGuard, IPSec, and IKEv2, providing a robust VPN solution for Android users.


P2P specificationsNordVPNPureVPN
Allowed on✅All servers✅Selected servers
Free SOCKS5 proxy✅Yes❌No
Split tunneling✅Yes (Windows, Android, Android TV)✅Yes (Windows, Android)
Port forwarding❌No✅Yes

Torrenting is a widely used method for sharing files among wide groups of internet users. However, due to the varying restrictions on peer-to-peer (P2P) sharing in different regions, accessing torrenting content can be challenging. Luckily, the VPNs we’re investigating offer specialized servers for P2P connections, providing an easy solution to these restrictions.

NordVPN allows you to torrent without limits. You can freely engage in torrenting on any available server within the VPN network, but it also provides dedicated P2P servers for an enhanced experience. Bundle it up with a free SOCKS5 proxy and split tunneling function and boost your upload and download speeds.

PureVPN doesn’t mess around either. On top of P2P-optimized servers with split tunneling within arm’s reach, PureVPN drops a nice piece of candy called port forwarding. It’s an essential feature for the best torrenting VPNs, but you’ll still have to open up your wallet a little wider to take this advantage.

Unfortunately, it’s not enough to crown a winner here, so this face-off ends in a stalemate.


Works in China✅Yes✅Yes
Stealth VPN✅Obfuscated servers✅Obfuscated servers
Tor over VPN✅Onion over VPN❌No

China’s Great Firewall is renowned worldwide for its strict censorship measures. Overcoming the virtual barriers imposed on specific websites or social networks in China requires robust digital tools. Fortunately, PureVPN and NordVPN are both armed enough to operate under these harsh conditions.

If you find yourself in a censorship-heavy country or trying to access its websites, NordVPN is your best bet. For example, it’s one of the best VPNs for China, and I’m pretty sure that says a lot. Thanks to NordVPN’s obfuscated servers, you should be able to surf the net freely, even within Chinese borders. And if that’s not enough, the Onion over VPN option should break any leftover obstacles at the cost of some connection speed.

PureVPN is more than capable of unchaining your internet activities under the Chinese roof. Since the introduction of obfuscated servers on PureVPN’s network, it’s almost as compelling as the competitor’s offering. However, the lack of Tor over VPN feature means it loses a tiny bit of consistency which might be crucial during your trip to restrictive countries or browsing their virtual content.

Although with a minor advantage, NordVPN still takes the lead as a more consistent and dependable option for unrestricted internet browsing.

Customer support

Support optionsNordVPNPureVPN
24/7 live chat✅Yes✅Yes
Phone Line❌No❌No
Email ✅Yes✅Yes

Finally, let’s talk about customer support. NordVPN offers outstanding customer service, with 24/7 live chat and an expansive knowledgebase. Every time I reached out to their customer support representatives, I’d get connected momentarily and they were polite and helpful.

PureVPN’s support page is really easy to navigate and the knowledgebase is organized in a super intuitive structure. Live chat, however, is awfully inconsistent and may take from 15 minutes to multiple hours just to get connected to a human representative.

Although phone support is not available for either service, I personally don’t see it as a notable drawback. The conclusion of this round ends in a tiny NordVPN victory due to more consistent timings and quicker responses, even if PureVPN’s support is not that far behind.

NordVPN vs PureVPN – which is better?

Device compatibilityTie🤝Tie🤝
Customer support
Total wins
7 out of 101 out of 10

As we reach the final verdict, it’s safe to say NordVPN proves once more why it’s our top-ranked provider. On the other hand, PureVPN still holds up as a really solid VPN package that’s improving and growing by the day.

NordVPN outshines PureVPN in almost every aspect. It offers top-notch security and privacy, blazing-fast connections, and exceptional streaming capabilities. Moreover, it is torrent-friendly and performs well even in China.

On the other hand, PureVPN comes close to NordVPN in several categories. It is particularly ideal for budget-conscious users who seek a reliable security suite and a comprehensive feature set without breaking the bank.

For more information on today’s winner, check out our detailed NordVPN review. If you’re interested in learning more about its competitor, head over to our in-depth PureVPN review.

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Is NordVPN better than PureVPN?

Yes, NordVPN comes as a better choice compared to PureVPN. Our tests reveal that PureVPN comes close in certain aspects but falls short in terms of features. NordVPN offers faster speeds, a feature-rich package, and an excellent streaming experience, making it the best option overall.

Is PureVPN safe?

Yes, PureVPN uses the latest security technology and keeps no logs. Due to a stain in its history, PureVPN has already undergone an independent audit and still is under an always-on audit to cleanse its reputation. As of now, this provider seems to be on the right track to become one of the safest VPNs.

Is PureVPN faster than NordVPN?

No, NordVPN is much faster than PureVPN. Thanks to the proprietary NordLynx tunneling protocol NordVPN is one of the fastest VPNs on the market. PureVPN is a great choice too as it’s equipped with WireGuard, which also offers high-quality security and outstanding connectivity.

Does PureVPN unblock Netflix?

Yes, PureVPN unlocks multiple Netflix libraries. According to PureVPN, it works flawlessly for the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Japan, France, and German regions. Accessing other libraries might be challenging if you’re not using the best VPNs for Netflix.

Is PureVPN fast?

Yes, PureVPN delivers impressive VPN connection speeds. This service utilizes the cutting-edge WireGuard tunneling protocol, a feature commonly found in the fastest VPNs. We encourage you to check out our VPN speed test tool for more information and head-to-head VPN speed comparisons.

Does NordVPN keep logs?

No, NordVPN enforces a strict no-logs policy. Its practices have already been independently audited thrice, confirming NordVPN’s unwavering promise of maximum customer privacy. As of now, NordVPN still stands as one of the most trustworthy and reliable VPN service providers.

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