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Best VPN for Dota 2 in 2024

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Dota 2 is a sequel to the Warcraft 3 mod that kick-started the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) genre. It was released in 2013 by Valve and is one of the most popular free-to-play video games on Steam. It also has a thriving competitive scene with enormous prize pools.

Unfortunately, the game is not without flaws that require the assistance of a Dota 2 VPN. A virtual private network is vital for nullifying geographical restrictions and protection against DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks. Without it, your potential winnings are at stake.

Prevent foul play and secure your online activities with one of our top five recommended VPNs for Dota 2!

Best VPN for Dota 2: shortlist

  1. The best VPN for Dota 2
  2. Dota 2 VPN with top-notch privacy
  3. Affordable VPN for Dota 2
  4. Dota 2 VPN with malware protection

How to play Dota 2 with a VPN

  1. Purchase a well-performing gaming VPN. Our #1 pick is NordVPN, available for 72% off!
  2. Download the VPN on your Dota 2 gaming station
  3. Connect to a nearby server for optimal performance
  4. Play Dota 2 securely and without lags!

Enjoy secure gaming with NordVPN

Why do you need a VPN for Dota 2?

Whether you’re a casual or die-hard competitive Dota 2 gamer, your online gaming experience can be ruined by several things, such as:

  • Geographical restrictions. Global online games like Dota 2 have occasional region-exclusive events which yield unique rewards. Don’t miss your chance to earn one-of-a-kind skins for your favorite heroes by changing your location with a VPN to another country.
  • Internet service provider throttling. Some ISPs (Internet Service Providers) automatically slow down connection speeds if they notice excessive data usage. Customers usually experience such throttling while playing multiplayer games or streaming video content on platforms like Netflix.
  • Distributed Denial of Service attacks. A DDoS attack overloads your network with a constant stream of web requests. When gaming, this results in high ping, lagging, and, eventually, disconnection from the match. A VPN protects you by hiding your IP address, making it harder to target you. Additionally, the virtual private network servers will take the brunt of the attack, keeping your home network intact.
  • Swatting, doxxing, online abuse. Online trolls use your home IP address to track you down and harass you in various ways. A common tactic against Twitch streamers is called swatting – calling the police and saying there’s a hostage situation in your house. A SWAT team then breaks into your house and searches every corner. All this trouble just to make you lose a Dota 2 match.

Thankfully, you can prevent these potential issues by subscribing to a reliable gaming VPN. For your convenience, we’ve selected five Dota 2 VPNs that will ensure a secure and lag-free gaming experience.

Best VPNs for Dota 2: overview

  1. NordVPN – The Best VPN for Dota 2
  2. Surfshark VPN – Dota 2 VPN with top-notch privacy
  3. PrivateVPN – Affordable VPN for Dota 2
  4. IPVanish – Dota 2 VPN with malware protection

A VPN works by redirecting your online traffic through an intermediary server in another region. Unsurprisingly, this extra jump slows down your connection slightly. However, you gain AES-256 encryption in the process, masking your online habits from any potential onlookers such as your ISP. This obfuscation prevents throttling, data theft, and even censorship.

Meanwhile, minimal speed loss is guaranteed with the latest and most efficient tunneling protocols, such as WireGuard. Performance is further improved if you have the option to connect to servers near your actual location. Plus, a wider array unlocks more region-exclusive content options on Dota 2 and even other online services, for example, Netflix.

Dota 2 with NordVPN

In terms of security, every VPN should include a kill switch to prevent IP and DNS leaks. Otherwise, geographical restrictions won’t be lifted and your actual location will remain exposed. Naturally, a no-logs policy is crucial if you don’t want your data shared without your consent.

Besides these virtual private network essentials, each Dota 2 VPN has its own set of unique benefits. Read more about them below and choose one to keep your online activities secure. Best of all, you can try them out without commitment via free trials or by using the 30-day money-back guarantee during the first subscription month.

1. NordVPN – the best VPN for Dota 2

Top VPN provider
Number of countries covered
Number of countries covered:
Number of servers
Number of servers:
24/7 live chat, Email
  • One of the fastest available VPNs
  • Independently audited and secure
  • Excellent for PC gaming
  • No router app

NordVPN is the top VPN pick for Dota 2. It has exceptionally-fast connections, loads of servers worldwide, and a generous supply of reliable security features. Take it for a spin with the NordVPN free trial, available on the Google Play Store.

Gamers can choose from over 6400 servers across 111+ countries. Most servers are RAM-only for top-of-the-line data integrity, confidentiality, and performance. Additionally, flawless connections can be facilitated with either the proprietary NordLynx or the classic OpenVPN tunneling protocols.

In terms of security, NordVPN leaves no gaps. Firstly, Threat Protection prevents viruses from entering your system while blocking online trackers and malicious web domains. Meanwhile, obfuscated servers can be used to get around online censorship and VPN restrictions on various networks. Lastly, jurisdiction in Panama ensures complete privacy and zero compliance with government interference.

Enjoy secure Dota 2 gaming by using a NordVPN deal and subscribing for only $3.39/month. Sign up anonymously by paying with cryptocurrencies or buying a hard copy at retail stores.

For a deeper investigation of NordVPN, read our NordVPN review.

2. Surfshark VPN – Dota 2 VPN with top-notch privacy

Top VPN provider
Number of countries covered
Number of countries covered:
Number of servers
Number of servers:
24/7 live chat, FAQ
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections
  • Protects against trackers, viruses, and censorship
  • Fast and affordable
  • Unaudited no-logs policy

Choose Surfshark VPN if you need excellent security for an extensive Dota 2 LAN party. It has no limits on simultaneous connections with one account and provides excellent speed and digital protection. Take it for a spin with the Surfshark free trial on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

First off, Surfshark boasts a fleet of 3200+ RAM-only servers across 100+ countries. Static IP servers grant unchanging IP addresses, while MultiHop is used to reroute your connection multiple times through different countries for added security. In any case, you can use WireGuard, OpenVPN, or IKEv2 tunneling protocols to maintain the VPN connection.

Customers can enable a wide array of features for added benefits. For example, CleanWeb wipes the floor with ads, trackers, and malware. Meanwhile, Bypasser allows you to select which apps should go through the VPN connection and which shouldn’t. If that wasn’t enough, you can upgrade your subscription with Surfshark One for bonus antivirus protection, a secure search engine, and data breach monitoring.

Get unrivaled performance at a low price by snagging a Surfshark deal with $2.19/month pricing. Payment options include credit card, PayPal, Google Pay, WebMoney, and cryptocurrencies.

For a deeper investigation of Surfshark VPN, read our Surfshark VPN review.

3. PrivateVPN – affordable VPN for Dota 2

Number of countries covered
Number of countries covered:
Number of servers
Number of servers:
24/7 live chat
  • 7-day free trial
  • Low-priced and effective
  • Good for gaming and streaming
  • Lacks WireGuard

A cheap and multipurpose VPN for Dota 2 players comes in the shape of PrivateVPN. It’s frequently used for unblocking geo-restricted video content and keeping P2P activities private.

PrivateVPN operates an efficient network of 200+ servers across 63+ regions. It controls the software and hardware without assistance from third parties to ensure zero interference and top-notch performance. Plus, it purchases internet capacity directly from IP transit providers for improved connectivity.

Movie and TV show enthusiasts can use PrivateVPN to unblock geo-restricted content on streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. On the other hand, torrenting fans can enable port forwarding or a SOCKS5 proxy for improved downloading performance and anonymity. Plus, users won’t have issues sharing an account with friends and family, thanks to the generous 10 simultaneous connection limit.

You can get started with this service by grabbing the 7-day free trial. After that, pricing starts at only $2.00/month when taking advantage of a PrivateVPN discount code.

For a deeper investigation of PrivateVPN, read our PrivateVPN review.

4. IPVanish – Dota 2 VPN with malware protection

Number of countries covered
Number of countries covered:
Number of servers
Number of servers:
24/7 live chat, email, knowledge base
  • Infinite device connections
  • Independently-audited no-logs policy
  • Swift connection with WireGuard
  • No anonymous payment methods

IPVanish is a Dota 2 VPN with a hefty price tag, but it’s definitely worth it. One subscription grants unlimited simultaneous connections, fast connectivity with WireGuard, and VIPRE antivirus protection.

Customers can select from a wide-reaching network of 2200+ servers across 51+ countries. The entire fleet is bare-metal and doesn’t take advantage of virtualization to artificially expand the region selection. Plus, the servers are categorized by city, allowing you to fine-tune your connection for optimal performance.

Besides PC and mobile devices, IPVanish is available on Android TV, Amazon Fire Stick, and even Chrome OS. Alternatively, you can protect any device and your entire household by configuring a VPN connection on a router. During this process, you can get help from customer support agents 24/7 via live chat or phone.

Make your IP address disappear by claiming an IPVanish coupon and using it to grab a $2.19/month subscription. And don’t forget that you can always back out using the 30-day money-back guarantee.

For a deeper investigation of IPVanish, read our IPVanish review.

How we picked the best VPN for Dota 2

We had to break these VPN services down into their fundamental components to accurately judge their suitability for Dota 2. Here are the most crucial aspects that we paid attention to when compiling this VPN provider list.

  • Speed. The most noticeable networking-related issue when playing online games is latency and high ping. When connected to a VPN, this could be a result of slow tunneling protocols. Thes fastest available VPNs utilize swift and efficient technologies, such as WireGuard. You can double-check the performance of various providers via our VPN speed test.
  • Servers. The next piece of the performance puzzle is server quality and availability. In short, the more the merrier as it ensures less overall congestion on the server network. Meanwhile, country diversity unlocks more geo-restricted content.
  • Security. Besides the usual VPN package, protection against various online threats is provided via extra features. The top Dota 2 VPNs have plenty of those to prevent DDoS attacks, phishing attempts, online trackers, and malware.
  • Price. Gamers are used to getting things for free (case in point – Dota 2 is free to play). However, free virtual private networks underperform in speed and security, leaving your gaming sessions laggy and exposed to hackers. That’s why we selected affordable and reliable VPN services to combine with Valve’s MOBA masterpiece.
  • Privacy. Keeping your online gaming habits private is only necessary if you need to circumvent ISP throttling. However, any worthwhile VPN should adhere to a strict no-logs policy and keep your data out of sight.
  • Compatibility. Dota 2 is played on Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. Most VPNs have apps for these operating systems but greater device compatibility makes the virtual private network more versatile and valuable.
  • Customer support. Getting a VPN up and running can be challenging for newbies. Luckily, getting a setup tutorial is quick and painless when customer support is available 24/7 via live chat.

How to reduce lag on Dota 2

  1. Subscribe to a secure and privacy-ensuring VPN. We recommend NordVPN for Dota 2 players
  2. Download the VPN on your gaming machine
  3. Connect to a nearby server for optimal connectivity
  4. Enjoy Dota 2 without any lagging!

Fix Dota 2 lag with NordVPN

Stuttering and lagging in Dota 2 can be caused by many factors. First off, you’ll experience low framerate if your PC doesn’t meet the game’s minimum system requirements. Alternatively, you could try updating your graphics or networking drivers.

Besides that, high latency and ping while playing could be caused by your ISP throttling your connection. The main excuse for this behavior is keeping network load low for all users. Internet service providers usually slow down users automatically if they’re playing online games or streaming video content.

Thankfully, you can obfuscate your online activities and prevent this by using a VPN, such as NordVPN. Then ISPs won’t subject you to automatic bandwidth throttling because they won’t know what you’re up to.

Dota 2 minimum requirements

The minimum requirements for Dota 2 depend on the operating system, but the hardware is pretty much the same across all platforms. If you’re lacking in any of these and experience issues while gaming, consider upgrading your computer.

Operating SystemWindows 7 or newer
ProcessorDual core Intel or AMD, 2.8 Ghz
Memory4 GB RAM
GraphicsNVIDIA GeForce 8600/9600GT, ATI/AMD Radeon HD2600/3600
DirectXVersion 9.0c
Storage15 GB

VPN not working with Dota 2

Players trying to get around geographical or network restrictions on Dota 2 could run into some trouble. If the VPN isn’t working at first, try some of these solutions.

  • Connect to a different server. The most common method of blocking users is via their IP addresses. VPN servers can end up flagged as well, which is why you may need to switch between a few until you find a suitable one.
  • Check for IP leaks. Geo-block circumvention won’t work if your true location is exposed. Use a website like ipleak.net to see if your IP address matches the one of the VPN server.
  • Try Stealth VPN features. If a service detects VPN traffic, you’ll need to enable features that mask it. Keep in mind that this could result in slower than average connectivity.
  • Update the VPN software. Perhaps your VPN client is simply out-of-date and needs to be updated or reinstalled to work properly.
  • Contact customer support. Tired of troubleshooting? Reach out to your VPN’s customer support representatives and see if they have any ideas.

If nothing works, you may need a different gaming VPN altogether. Luckily, there’s no shortage of viable options and you can take either one for a spin via a free trial or by utilizing the 30-day money-back guarantee.

What else can I do with a VPN for Dota 2?

The best thing about virtual private networks is that they’re usable in many different scenarios. For example, you can use your newly-acquired Dota 2 VPN to:

  • Access geographically restricted games or video content
  • Secure your connections on public networks
  • Unblock websites at school or work
  • Get lower prices while shopping online

Naturally, the same VPN can be used with other games, for example, to fix League of Legends lag.

When leaving your house to buy gamer fuel, you’ll sometimes need to connect to public Wi-Fi. Unfortunately, public networks are a breeding ground for hackers and other nefarious data thieves. With a VPN, you’ll be immune to their shenanigans.

Changing your location with a VPN also alters prices on online stores. This is great when hunting for deals, but keep in mind that not every storefront tolerates this. Don’t try this on Steam if you’re afraid of losing your entire game library. Of course, using a VPN with Steam is only problematic if you’re buying goods at lower prices. Otherwise, everything is fair game.

Best free VPN for Dota 2

As mentioned earlier, a Dota 2 match without lag and frustration can only be guaranteed with a premium VPN. You can try your luck with a free gaming VPN; just keep in mind that you’re bound to run into some of these issues:

  • Monthly data caps
  • Slowed down and unreliable connections
  • Poor security features
  • Small selection of servers
  • Potential of data logging and selling

Frugal gamers can opt for a free trial VPN and see if everything is up to their liking without committing. After that, VPN coupons grant ridiculous discounts on long-term subscriptions. But if you’re really strapped for cash, check out the free version of  Proton VPN.

What is Dota 2

Dota started as a custom map on Warcraft 3 where 10 players split into two teams, picked heroes, and fought against each other alongside automatically-spawning minions. Each hero had unique abilities and gamers could further customize their experience via items. The end goal was to destroy the opposing team’s base. The mod was an absolute hit on Battle.net and evolved tremendously over the years.

Eventually, Valve bought the rights to the game and developed a standalone sequel – Dota 2. It’s similar to the original version but features many quality of life improvements and customization options. Unsurprisingly, the game is constantly evolving and receives updates.

Dota 2 gameplay

Dota 2 is one of the most popular free-to-play games on Steam and has a thriving esports scene. You can learn more about the game on the official Dota 2 website and stay up-to-date with the latest changes on Twitter. Test your mettle by downloading it today! And if the game is unavailable in your region, use a reliable Dota 2 VPN.


A VPN for Dota 2 grants numerous benefits to players by protecting against DDoS attacks, geographical restrictions, and ISP throttling. Additionally, it unlocks access to foreign servers if you’d like to face off against gamers from other countries. However, just like item choices in Dota, you need to pick your VPN provider strategically with the correct stats for your playstyle.

The top tool for securing Dota 2 is NordVPN. Get it today and enjoy unrestricted gaming anywhere!

Which VPN do you use while gaming? Share your Dota 2 and VPN build by leaving a comment!

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Can I use a free VPN for Dota 2?

Yes, you can use a free VPN for Dota 2, but your gaming experience won’t improve and might even get worse. For starters, no-cost VPNs have small server networks that are overcrowded with unpaying users. Additionally, their security features are subpar, thus preventing geo-block circumvention and proper IP masking. Plus, data caps and slowed connections will result in even laggier gaming sessions. Therefore, you’re better off with a premium VPN for Dota 2.

Is it legal to use a VPN with Dota 2?

Yes, there are no laws against using a VPN for Dota 2. However, keep in mind that the Steam Terms of Service prohibit using a VPN to buy games for cheaper. That’s why you should only use the VPN to hide your IP address and prevent DDoS attacks.

What is the best VPN for Dota 2?

The best VPN for Dota 2 is NordVPN. It’s one of the fastest VPNs on the market, has been audited numerous times by third parties, and works great on PC. You can try it out with Dota 2 by claiming the 7-day free trial on the Google Play Store or refund the subscription later, thanks to the 30-day money-back guarantee.

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