How to watch NCAA March Madness online

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Last updated: October 8, 2021
NCAA March Madness
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Important update: this year, the NCAA tournament will be suspended due to the COVID-19 public health threat.

The culmination of the NCAA season is upon us. If you’re a US resident with cable TV – you’ll have no problems enjoying the show. The rest of us can watch online using a VPN.

Previously tournament was scheduled to continue in empty arenas, however, more radical solutions were chosen. We’ll keep you posted if there any updates regarding the upcoming games.

How to stream the NCAA March Madness 2020 live:

  1. Purchase a reliable VPN service. We recommend to get NordVPN.
  2. Launch NordVPN and connect to one of the servers in the US.
  3. Get Sling TV Blue plan and combine this with a CBS All Access subscription.
  4. Stream all NCAA March Madness games as well as a wide selection of other great content.

Connect to the US with NordVPN

Use NordVPN to unblock the NCAA March Madness 2020

We recommend to get NordVPN to stream all NCAA and NBA games. This is one of the fastest VPN services that currently sits at the #1 place among more than 200 providers we’ve tested. It works with Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Android TV, allowing up to 6 devices to connect at the same time. You can set it up on router as well, so you can easily share the same perks with the whole family.

With 2150+ servers in the US alone, NordVPN will unblock NCAA March Madness 2020 from anywhere. Should you run into any problems you have customer support via live chat and a generous 30-day money-back guarantee.

Watch sports with NordVPN >

How to stream the NCAA March Madness 2020 without cable

Sling streaming solution

NCAA March Madness will air on CBS, TBS, TNT, and truTV.

  • CBS will broadcast 24 games including Sweet 16, Elite 8, Final Four, and National Championship
  • TBS will broadcast 18 games through the Elite 8
  • TNT will broadcast 12 games in the 1st/2nd leg
  • truTV will broadcast 13 games in the 1st/2nd leg

No single channel is going to stream all NCAA March Madness games.

You don’t need to miss out on games, CBS All Access ($5.99/month) gives you all March Madness games save for the first four. For those, TBS or TNT are required as they have exclusive broadcasting rights (both are included in the Sling Blue channel package, so you shouldn’t be too worried.

Sling Blue has a vast number of supported devices, adding Chromecast, AirTV Player, Xiaomi Mi TV, LG WebOS, Amazon Fire Tablets, Xfinity X1, and Azulle. The second advantage is the number of devices per account – Sling Blue allows three.

CBS All Access also allows multiple devices on one account.

Those allergic to commercial breaks and keen on downloading the shows or playing them offline can choose the $9.99/month Commercial Free plan, but we must warn you that Live TV, including March Madness, will still have commecrcials. In any case, there’s a 7-day free trial period that should be enough for you to see if you need to upgrade your plan. Payment options include credit cards, gift cards, and PayPal.

Be aware that access to CBS All Access is limited to the US. If you want to buy or use it outside the country, you will need a VPN to avoid geo-restrictions by spoofing your IP address.

How to stream the NCAA March Madness 2020 in Canada

As a resident of Canada, you have an option to stream TSN games directly from their website for $4.99/ day or $19.99/month, however, this channel will broadcast only the final four games of the 2020 March Madness tournament. This isn’t a viable option at all.

You’re much better off getting the Sling TV Blue package with CBS All Access. Not only is it cheaper when you stack it against the competition, but you also get more of everything and for the cheapest price in the market. The imposed geo-blocks that limit Sling TV and CBS All Access to US-residents are easily avoided by using NordVPN.

How to stream the NCAA March Madness 2020 in the UK

Possibly due to the lack of popularity of the sport in the UK, there aren’t that many local cord-cutter options for British viewers when it comes to NCAA March Madness 2020 online streams, free or paid.

The cheapest method to watch 2020 March Madness live in the UK is again, Sling TV + CBS All Access subscriptions that are possible with the NordVPN client. Sling TV is our recommended streaming service to watch all the NCAA March Madness games in 2020 and you get a multitude of TV series, movies, and live programming.

How to stream the NCAA March Madness 2020 in Australia

Australia is really in a rough spot when it comes to streaming the NCAA March Madness. Their local providers like Foxtel and Fetch charge around 50 Australian dollars a month for their services.

In such a scenario using NordVPN to unblock Sling TV and CBS All Access is not only cheaper, but you also get more out of your money: more content, more options and more flexibility by not being tied to one provider.

Summary: How to stream the NCAA March Madness live

  • When: March 17th
  • Live Stream: Sling TV Blue +CBS All Access
  • Where: Globally
  • TV Channel: CBS, TBS, TNT, and truTV.

Use NordVPN to unlock US

Other live streaming services

While we recommend getting Sling TV + CBS All Access to stream NCAA March Madness, some other services also offer channels that you need to watch the tournament. Sadly, most of them are also geo-blocked outside the US, so you’ll still need to get NordVPN (or another quality VPN), to use them.

Streaming services with all four networks

Most sports fans know that there are services that combine all four channels. But because you need only two this year, there’s no point in spending more on DirecTV Now, YouTube TV, Hulu with live TV, fuboTV, or PlayStation VUE, which all cost $40-45/month. And it’s not only about the price – CBS All Access supports a plethora of devices, including gaming consoles and smart home devices.

When is NCAA March Madness Selection Sunday?

Selection Sunday is the time when brackets and seeds are released to the public. This year it’s going to be on March 15. The selection event will begin at 6 p.m. Eastern and will be broadcast by CBS.

FAQ for March Madness

What is March Madness?

March Madness refers to the March-April months when the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) basketball tournaments are held.

How much does March Madness live cost?

As a rule of thumb, streaming NCAA March Madness costs more the further from the US you’re living. For everyone with a VPN, it just costs $20 for Sling Blue plan with CBS All Access for $5.99

How many teams are there in March Madness?

In the past NCAA tournament consisted of 64 teams but they added 4 more slots so that more teams could earn a right to compete for the prize.

When does March Madness start?

The 82nd annual tournament is scheduled to begin on March 17, 2020.

When does March Madness end?

NCAA March Madness will conclude with the championship game on April 6th at Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

Who won March Madness 2019?

Last year, the champions were Virginia Cavaliers who won 85-77 against Texas Tech Red Raiders in Minnesota’s Bank Stadium.

Can you watch March Madness for Free?

There are some shady sites that re-stream CBS, TBS, and TNT streams. However, they have ad overlays with clickable links that may infect your device with malware. The streams themselves are of inferior quality and can go down at any time. Don’t compromise your picture quality and safety – better use Sling TV with CBS All Access.

How to watch March Madness on Hulu?

To watch NCAA March Madness on Hulu, you’ll need to connect to a VPN, select a US server location. Go to pay for your subscription and it works as intended. Keep in mind that Hulu subscription costs $55/month.

Will March Madness be suspended?

In light of current events, NCAA announced that all remaining winter and spring basketball games had been canceled. NBA made the same decision after a Utah Jazz player tested positive for coronavirus.

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  1. jimsterlingson10

    This is how I watched March Madness games! It’s a really good way to do it if you’re travelling around the country for business. I always end up having to travel for work in the spring, and I missed March Madness for years until I figured out I could watch it using a VPN!

  2. oldcave45

    NordVPN is the best! I think it works great, at least for me, so far, for all my internet browsing needs. It is not surprising that it works for those who wants to watch NCAA too

  3. Zofiza

    Is there any way to watch March Madness Live online and stream the tournament games from the First Four to the NCAA Final Four?

    1. avatar
      Karol Wojcik Author

      Hello, Zofiza. Thanks for asking. You can watch all but the First Four games on CBS All Access for free if you’re OK watching it on your computer. truTV is needed for the Final Four. Alternatively, you can use ESPN Player and a VPN of your choice (if you’re in the US). If you’re outside the US, just use ESPN Player. Good luck and may your team win it all this year!

  4. Amin T

    Thank you so much for that guide ! I knew about VPNs but I didn’t know you could do all those things with them. I’m definitely going to use one from now on. NordVPN sounds quite interesting !

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