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Surfshark introduces free Trust DNS app

Surfshark has just launched a new tool, Trust DNS, that hides your browsing from tracking and surveillance. As a tribute to an inherent human right to privacy, the app is available free of charge for Android users, granting everyone a basic level of protection and freedom to access their desired web content.

What is Trust DNS?

Trust DNS is an app for Android that bypasses censorship and hides the websites you visit. Therefore it’s neither a VPN nor a proxy, but a DNS resolver that changes your DNS with the help of an open VPN tunnel. Being a lightweight tool, it also offers great speeds and perfectly suits your streaming, gaming, and browsing needs.

DNS is a service that translates website names to IP addresses that servers can understand. Often, internet restrictions are based on governments tampering with DNS addresses and making certain websites unavailable, which is the most common form of e-censorship.

What’s more, ISPs hold the power to collect your browsing information and even profit from it. Actually, even other people can do that with special hardware and no hacking experience.

What can you do with Trust DNS?

Trust DNS for Android will allow you to:

  • Hide your browsing activities from your ISP, your government, and other third-parties
  • Browse otherwise blocked content, such as YouTube, Telegram, or Wikipedia
  • Use torrents, streaming and gaming services
  • Avoid buffering and lagging with the help of Anycast network

Is Trust DNS safe to use?

Standing out in the competition that mostly offers premium services, Trust DNS for Android also has no ads and doesn’t require a registration. But contrary to the vast majority of free tools that often pose a risk, it ensures your privacy with the help of industry-leading DNS over HTTPS and DNS over TLS protocols. What’s more, Trust DNS stays within Surfshark’s no-logs policy.

Should I use DNS over HTTPS or DNS over TLS?

Surfshark recommends DNS over HTTPS protocol when using Trust DNS app. That’s because DNS requests cannot be distinguished from other traffic when sent over HTTPS.

In case of DNS over TLS, the requests are sent in packets over a specific port. While ISPs cannot see what’s inside the packet exactly, they can see that’s a DNS request and block the port. That means you’re no longer able to access that specific website.

The importance of Surfshark Trust DNS app

Trust DNS is an app for everyone who wants to hide their browsing activities from their ISPs and other third-parties. While it doesn’t change your IP address as a VPN would, nobody would be able to identify the websites you visit and what you do online anyway.

This free tool allows Android users in countries with restricted internet access to visit blocked websites, such as YouTube, and use banned services, such as torrent trackers.

When it comes to other devices and platforms, Surfshark has expressed a hope to offer Trust DNS for Windows and Mac in the future. And to our mind, such a future would indeed be a brighter one.

Surfshark’s Trust DNS became the fourth major addition to its evergrowing list of privacy solutions that include Surfshark VPN, data breach alert system HackLock, and private search tool BlindSearch.

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