Since more than 80% of the mobile market is covered by Android and more and more users tend to browse the web on such devices, it is only natural that there is a huge competition among VPN service providers to gain the largest possible slice from the VPN cake. Why would free services be any different? So, yes, you can use a free VPN for Android.

However, when it comes to Android VPN apps, you need to be extra careful. Unfortunately, a 2017 Australian study shows that out of 283 examined VPN apps around 38% were found tracking users and also containing malware. That’s a shocking percentage when you consider that such an app and service should be all about your online security and privacy, right?

Here are the worst 10 free VPNs to avoid according to this study:

Free VPN for Android

Some of these like OkVpn and EasyVpn have already been removed from the Google Play Store, but you still need to be very careful how you choose your free VPN for Android. Hopefully, our top 3 free VPNs ranking below will help you with your quest for the best possible VPN service.

Top 3 Free VPNs for Android

You can never be too careful when selecting a VPN for Android as you can see, let alone when your target is a free service. That’s why our top 3 free VPN app picks may come in handy for you. Although we are far from being fans of free VPNs in general – and we have good reasons –, we still dare to recommend the following 3 free Android VPN apps if you have basic needs like spoofing your IP address and unblocking geo-restricted web content.

1. ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN service logo

Swiss cheese, banks, anonymity, and security are definitely associated in our mind with Switzerland and now with ProtonVPN as well. This relatively new free VPN seems to gain a bigger and bigger share from the aforementioned VPN cake. What’s its secret?

Well, ProtonVPN has client-side DNS leak protection as well as a private DNS network for starters. It also offers great VPN protocols to secure your traffic along with an effective kill switch. All in all, we are surprisingly satisfied with the level of online security and privacy you get even with the free VPN version.

Although you can only use three servers for free, you are well compensated by the unlimited data that comes with your free plan. That’s right: Unlimited data. Can it get any better than this? Not really, Proton is the best free VPN for Android, but you may still learn something important by reading the rest of this page.

2. Windscribe VPN

Windscribe VPN service logo

This VPN service seems to be one of the best of the free VPNs as it keeps showing up in our top rankings. Windscribe VPN gives you a monthly bandwidth of 10GB, which is way more than what other competitors provide. Of course, the number of VPN servers you can use is also limited to 13, which, again, is quite generous considering the usual 3 servers.

This VPN also has a built-in ad blocker, which could help you with the constant flow of annoying third-party pop-up and banner ads while surfing the net with your Android device.

Windscribe VPN offers a wide range of privacy features packed in a nicely designed easy-to-use Android application. However, with the rather low speeds you may experience with the free version, you may not enjoy seamlessly streaming HD videos or do much else than simply browse geo-blocked content with ease. A decent free VPN for Android, but not the best.

3. TunnelBear

TunnelBear service logo

Although the unbearable 500MB monthly data limit could be off-putting, TunnelBear is still one of the most genuine and easy-to-use VPN apps on the market today. This service comes with a good variety of security protocols and features (kill switch and obfuscation) to keep your privacy intact.

You anonymity may be the most important factor for using a VPN to protect your online activity, but speed is also there at the top of the list. Unfortunately, TunnelBear may not impress you at the speed front. In other words, this free VPN can serve your basic needs to provide you with protection when on unsecured public WiFis, but you will not go crazy watching 4K videos or downloading large torrent files.

6 reasons to use a Free VPN for Android

While we do not generally support the idea of using free VPNs mainly due to security and speed concerns, you can still try out a free Android VPN app, providing that you carefully chose it, for the following 6 reasons:

  • To spoof your IP address
  • To stop prying eyes (your ISP, cybercriminals, and governments) from spying on you
  • To keep your sensitive data protected
  • To secure your online activity while connected to a public WiFi hotspot
  • To keep you anonymous while online
  • To unblock geo-restricted content

But don’t get your hopes high just yet; it’s not that easy to find a service for free, which can provide you with all these above features alongside good speeds. It pays to be thorough, so do your research right before making such a crucial decision.

Why better not use a Free service

Truth be told, and don’t stone us for coming clean, it is always best to use a paid VPN with premium features if you want good or “lightning” speeds, maximum possible anonymity, and decent security. It’s not like we don’t like free stuff in general; who doesn’t? Nonetheless, you always have to compromise when it comes to getting a free VPN for Android. And, the price you may have to pay a lot of times is, in fact, your privacy.

When your identity and safety is on the line, it is worth trying a paid VPN service instead and use the money-back guarantee as a way out if you are not satisfied or can’t afford the service. For a higher level of privacy and overall quality, please check out our page on the Best VPN for Android.