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Max not working with a VPN? Here’s how to fix it

Max not working with VPN

MAX, formerly HBO Max, is home to some of the best TV shows like House of the Dragon and The Last of Us. And after the merger with Discovery, it now includes plenty of shows from Discovery+, from true crime and science documentaries to cooking and relationships.

Unfortunately, the streaming service frustrates fans with its numerous geographical restrictions. And while a VPN for Max can fix this, not every service is capable of it. Some are simply not suited for bypassing geo-blocks imposed by this platform.

Our extensive research has shown that not all VPNs unblock Max, and even reputable ones sometimes encounter a roadblock. If you’re constantly getting Max VPN errors as soon as you change the region, we understand your headache. But there’s no need to fret just yet, as there are several solutions to your problem, and alternative VPN services for unblocking your desired content.

Here’s a list of popular VPN services that work with MAX and a few that don’t. Check if your VPN is on it:

VPNs that work with MAXVPNs that do not work with MAX
NordVPN❌ Mullvad
Surfshark VPN❌ IPVanish
PrivateVPN❌ PIA

And if you’re still facing problems with a VPN that works with Max, don’t worry. We cover the potential problems and solutions below.

Why is the VPN not working with Max?

You’re likely familiar with the concept of geographical restrictions if you’re a Max and VPN subscriber. It’s a frustrating problem that causes many movies and TV shows to be exclusive to specific countries. Luckily, the best VPNs for Max can resolve these issues by rerouting your traffic through remote servers and granting you a foreign IP address.

Sadly, Max isn’t too happy with how VPNs can bypass geo-blocking and undermine its efforts to comply with distribution obligations. Therefore, the service employs various methods to curb VPN users. The most common “solution” is blocking VPN server IP addresses.

NordVPN unblocked Max

Besides that, the problem can also lie on your end. For starters, a low-quality VPN provider won’t unblock Max, no matter how hard you try. Additionally, a flawed connection leaking information won’t unearth the platform because your actual location is peeking through.

There are other likely causes behind your VPN not working with Max. Whatever it is, you’ll need to try every possible solution. Or, consider snagging a tried and tested streaming VPN and forget about ever encountering issues while watching Max (or any other platform).

Best VPNs that still work with Max

The most substantial movie library is included in Max’s USA library. That means you’ll have the best results with VPNs for the USA that have hundreds of servers in the United States. After all, more IP addresses mean fewer chances of encountering a blocklisted one.

We’ve tested numerous VPN services to find which work with Max and which don’t. Listed below are the finest VPNs for Max that reliably unblock this streaming platform. Try them out if they’re not on your radar.

  1. NordVPN. The ultimate VPN that reliably works with Max, now 74% off. It has thousands of servers in the US and facilitates industry-leading speeds with the NordLynx protocol for a seamless 4K UHD streaming experience. Besides that, the service will protect you against digital viruses and various privacy breaches.
  2. Surfshark VPN. An affordable and well-performing Max VPN for sharing with friends. The provider permits protecting an unlimited number of devices, supports WireGuard-powered connections, and grants hundreds of US servers.
  3. PrivateVPN. The most budget-friendly VPN for unblocking Max from anywhere. Even with a smaller server network, it covers all Max regions and easily avoids all anti-VPN shenanigans. PrivateVPN supports 10 simultaneous connections with one account and facilitates rock-solid connections with the trusty OpenVPN tunneling protocol.

Not sure how to combine your VPN service with Max and your home entertainment system? Have a look at our detailed guides on how to watch Max online.

Max VPN not working: quick fixes

If you’re using a reputable VPN that’s supposed to work with Max, but the platform still shows you errors, we have a few solutions for you. Best of all, these fixes are applicable when your VPN isn’t working with Max or any other streaming platform. Try all of them to find out what was the underlying issue.

1. Check for IP and DNS leaks

A faulty VPN connection that reveals your true location is unable to bypass geographical restrictions. In particular, we’re talking about IP address and DNS request leaks. It’s vital to keep them hidden as they contain information about your actual location.

IP leak test

Check whether everything is airtight by using third-party tools like dnsleaktest.com and ipleak.net. And if leaks are happening, make sure your VPN’s security features, such as the kill switch and leak protection, are turned on. Additionally, try using other tunneling protocols if available.

2. Clear the browser’s cache

Browser cookies from previous sessions can accidentally expose your actual location and prevent effective geo-block removal. Therefore, you should delete them to give yourself a better chance to unblock Max.

Different browsers let you clear the cache from different settings menus. With Chrome and Firefox, you can do it from Privacy & Security, for Edge it’s found in Clear Browsing Data, and for Safari, it’s under Manage Website Data.

Firefox web cache

Another method is to use Incognito or Private mode whenever you want to stream foreign TV. However, we always advise clearing the cookie cache just in case when trying this option too.

3. Switch servers

You can suspect a blocked IP address if the previous steps didn’t help. Max is known for blocking IP addresses associated with VPNs, so you likely connected to a blacklisted one. Simply pick another server or you can even connect to a different country where Max is available. After, refresh your streaming app or browser.

NordVPN connected to US

It’s important to note that blocked IP addresses also occur when many users connect from the same one. You can avoid this issue by using a VPN with dedicated IP addresses. In this case, you own a particular IP and only you can connect to it, raising less suspicion and significantly reducing the chances of detection.

4. Try another tunneling protocol

Some online services block all VPN traffic instead of IP addresses. While this is an unlikely scenario when streaming Max, switching to another tunneling protocol could do the trick.

Another caveat is that some VPN tunneling protocols are better at unblocking restricted content than others. Usually, we recommend going with WireGuard, but trying OpenVPN and even IKEv2 is sometimes a good idea, too. Each service implements them differently, so testing each one is always good practice.

Additionally, the top VPN providers offer technologies specifically for bypassing VPN blocks. Enable obfuscation if it’s available since it masks VPN traffic altogether.

5. Update your VPN software

Perhaps you’re not getting the desired results because your VPN app is outdated. Make sure it’s running the latest version in the settings menu. Consider reinstalling the software if it won’t update automatically. You should also ensure that the Max application is running on the latest version, too. Out-of-date software is notorious for being buggy and causing issues.

6. Change your Max account password

If you’ve been using a VPN with Max for quite a while, you might get blocked from logging in. People report getting a notification that their username and password are incorrect although they never edited their account.

It happens because Max and other websites interpret a constantly changing IP address as multiple people using your account. This can even be considered a sign that someone hacked your account and is using it from abroad. Whatever the cause, the website locks you out until you reset your password.

7. Contact your VPN provider’s customer support

Contacting your VPN provider’s customer service experts is your last resort. They’ll know which servers are best suited for unblocking Max from anywhere. Plus, the support agents will help troubleshoot any other issues with your connection or streaming setup.

And if the VPN unfortunately doesn’t work with Max, customer support will also let you know about it. If you get this dreaded answer, it’s time to look for better, tested Max VPNs.

8. Switch VPN providers

The situation is dire if  customer support couldn’t help. At this point you can be certain that your VPN provider doesn’t work with Max. Therefore, you should switch to a more reliable service, such as NordVPN, the #1 VPN for Max.

Watch Max anywhere with NordVPN

Geographical restrictions won’t hold you back when you have NordVPN on your side. It provides blazing-fast connection speeds and loads of servers worldwide for unblocking coveted movies and TV shows. Use it for Max, Netflix, and countless other streaming services.

9.8 /10
Thousands of US servers
4K-capable connection speeds
Excellent security features

How to fix Max error codes 905, 100, 321

Streaming services often frustrate customers with unhelpful coded error messages. Sadly, Max is no exception. The most common codes you’ll encounter are 905, 100, and 321. Here’s a comprehensive list:

Max error codeMeaningSolution
905Connectivity issueClear the cookies cache, check your internet connection, then reboot your device
HMax app device compatibility errorUpdate the Max app and check your internet connection. Try accessing Max from another device
100Unsupported device or outdated browserUpdate your browser or try using another device to access Max
321Account problemReconnect to another VPN server, then restart your device
420Video playback errorUpdate video drivers and reboot your device

And here are some additional tips for resolving these error-related obstacles.

  1. Ensure that the Max service isn’t down due to traffic overload. You can do so with services like downdetector.com.
  2. If you’re using the dedicated Max app, make sure it’s up to date.
  3. Try disconnecting the VPN and then checking on Max. You’ll need to switch to a different server or provider if the streaming platform works without the VPN.
  4. Always clear your device’s or browser’s cache and cookies. Restart the device to drive the point home.

Finally, the best way to find out the real cause behind these errors is to contact Max customer support.

VPNs that don’t work with Max

Even top-tier VPN services are not always a one-stop-shop for literally all possible scenarios. Despite employing advanced encryption and solid IP masking, some VPNs encounter constant challenges posed by Max’s ever-evolving anti-VPN technology. If you want to avoid sporadic roadblocks (and we’re sure you do), then you need to know what works and what doesn’t.

Using a VPN for streaming Max is not just about connection speeds or server selection, but a whole mix of different features. While we gave you our experts’ top picks, they also outlined a few VPNs that are not quite up to par for optimal Max experience. Hence, you should probably have some second thoughts before using the following VPNs for Max:

  • Private Internet Access (PIA). Although managed to unblock Max initially, but repeated attempts led to regional blocks not long after. The streaming performance wasn’t quite what you’d expect for a fully enjoyable HD experience either.
  • TunnelBear. Has a lot of servers? Yes. Any of them helped watching Max? Not really. In fact, TunnelBear didn’t really cut through Max’s detections and got us blocked after a couple of minutes. Top that with sudden connection drops and you’ll see why we can’t really recommend it.
  • IPVanish. To be fair, we did manage to unblock it successfully, but only around 20% of the time, so the number already speaks for itself. Finally, we even caught a couple of IP and DNS leaks along the way.
  • Mullvad. While it’s widely known for its immense focus on online security and speed, it’s just simply a subpar pick for streaming. The main problem you’ll face is that most of Mulvad’s IPs are already banned by Max and without proper IP rotation, it’s not going to get better.
  • VyprVPN. VyprVPN struggles quite a lot with popular streaming platforms like Max due to the absence of well-maintained streaming servers. Despite the efforts, this VPN couldn’t slip past detections on the platform, with IP addresses getting blocked in a flash.


Max is a popular streaming service with a vast library of exceptional movies and TV shows. Unfortunately, its geographical restrictions force customers to use VPNs to unblock the platform. Naturally, this situation can cause various problems and culminate in your VPN not working with Max.

Our suggestions should help you troubleshoot issues and get back to your binge-watching streak. If they don’t, consider jumping ship for a top-notch Max VPN, such as NordVPN. It’s tested and found to work with Max, offers the best speeds in the industry for a sublime streaming experience, and includes additional features for easier geo-block bypassing.

How often do you encounter issues with VPNs and Max? Is it easy to remedy those problems? Share your streaming hacks with your fellow fans by leaving a comment!

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Why doesn’t Max work with my VPN?

Many variables can cause your VPN to not work with Max. Potential issues include a blocked IP address, a leaky connection, browser cookies exposing your location, outdated software, or problems with your Max account. You can try various quick fixes to resolve these obstacles.

What is the best VPN that works with Max?

NordVPN is the best option for unblocking Max anywhere. It has over 6300 servers across 111+ countries for accessing worldwide content. Furthermore, the lightning-fast NordLynx protocol ensures a lag-free streaming experience even when watching in UHD resolution. You can enjoy the many perks of this VPN on almost any device, thanks to SmartPlay.

Can I use a free VPN for Max?

Although there are many reliable free VPNs with US servers, they aren’t optimized for Max. To be precise, these freemium providers reserve content-unblocking capabilities for paying customers. Additionally, costless VPNs include other debilitating drawbacks like throttled connections, limited server variety, and subpar security features.

Is Max region locked?

Yes, Max is only available in the US and a handful of countries in Europe, Latin America, and the Caribbean. You can find the complete list of supported countries on the official Max website.

Is it legal to use a VPN with Max?

Yes, it’s perfectly legal to use VPNs to unblock geographically restricted content. On the flip side, streaming platforms like Max typically mention in their terms of service that location-altering software (e.g., virtual private networks) isn’t permitted. Luckily, they don’t impose serious restrictions on paying customers.

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