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How to watch Hulu outside the US in 2023

watch hulu outside the us

Hulu is amongst the most wanted streaming services in the world. Sadly, you can’t watch Hulu outside the US. For that, you can thank various copyright laws and broadcasting agreements. So is there a way to gain access to this streaming platform?

And the answer is yes! With a reliable Hulu VPN, you’ll be able to encrypt your data, hide your IP, and spoof your whereabouts. So, it doesn’t matter if you’re in the UK, Australia, or Germany, you’ll be able to watch Hulu with a VPN as if you were in America.

Thus, in this article, you’ll find the best VPNs that can help you bypass geo-blocks. Additionally, we’ll provide step-by-step guides on how to watch Hulu outside the US on various devices.

How to watch Hulu outside US with VPN

  1. Choose a VPN with loads of servers in the US. Our top choice is NordVPN, currently available for 69% off
  2. Download the app and register
  3. Choose a server located in the US
  4. Head to Hulu and sign in or register
  5. Enjoy endless entertainment with Hulu!

Watch Hulu outside US

Best VPNs for Hulu: shortlist

  1. The fastest VPN for watching Hulu outside US
  2. Hulu VPN with no device limit
  3. Cheap VPN for streaming Hulu

Why do you need a VPN to watch Hulu?

If you live outside the United States, it would be best if you had a VPN for Hulu, as it’s only available in the US. And if you’re not in America, you won’t be able to watch it no matter how much you pay. With a VPN, however, you can spoof your location and IP address. That way, you’ll trick Hulu and it will give you access to the service.

Additionally, with a top-tier streaming VPN, you’ll get more shows and movies on other platforms as well. For example, you’ll get to explore extensive content libraries on Netflix, Crunchyroll, and Amazon Prime Video. Plus, you’ll unlock other geo-restricted platforms like BBC iPlayer, 10Play, or HBO Max.

Lastly, the best VPN can prevent your ISP from throttling your bandwidth. Streaming (especially in 4K) requires quite a lot of data. Therefore, your ISP must limit your internet flow to avoid overall server congestion. This results in slow speeds and endless loading screens. But with a VPN, you can hide your traffic. And if they can’t see what you’re doing, they can’t limit your data.

Best VPNs to stream Hulu online: overview

There are plenty of VPNs that claim to work perfectly with Hulu outside the US. However, that’s often a lie. Below, you’ll find tried and tested virtual private networks that will let you stream Hulu anywhere.

The Top VPNs to stream Hulu offer loads of servers in the US and phenomenal speeds wherever you are. Additionally, they can bypass geo-blocks on other streaming services as well. Not to mention, they won’t burn a hole through your pocket.

1. NordVPN – the best VPN for Hulu outside USA

Top VPN provider
Number of countries covered
Number of countries covered:
Number of servers
Number of servers:
24/7 live chat, Email
  • SmartPlay to unlock streaming platforms
  • NordLynx for lightning-fast speeds
  • 1970+ servers in the US alone
  • No router applet

NordVPN is the best VPN to watch Hulu outside the US as it can easily bypass geo-blocks and give you access to the service worldwide. Plus, it offers 5800+ servers in 60+ countries, including the US.

On top of that, NordVPN is the fastest VPN on the market, thanks to the proprietary NordLynx tunneling protocol. Thus, you won’t have to deal with slow connectivity and endless loading screens on Hulu. And if you want to enjoy the platform on smart TVs and consoles, the SmartPlay feature will help you circumvent restrictions.

You can utilize ninja-like obfuscated servers if you need to avoid strict firewalls at school or your workplace. Lastly, for a small additional price, you can get a dedicated IP in the US, which will make it easier to bypass blocks and only you’ll have access to it. So, get the best Hulu VPN for as little as $2.99/month.

For a deeper investigation of NordVPN, read our NordVPN review.

2. Surfshark – Hulu VPN with exceptional privacy

Top VPN provider
Number of countries covered
Number of countries covered:
Number of servers
Number of servers:
24/7 live chat, FAQ
  • Smart DNS for smooth streaming
  • No device limit
  • WireGuard for wicked speeds
  • Some features cost extra

If you want to watch Hulu abroad, another excellent VPN option is Surfshark VPN. It will punch through Hulu’s senseless restrictions, so you’ll be able to enjoy loads of new movies and series. Apart from loads of servers in the US, Surfshark offers 3200+ pieces of hardware in 100+ countries.

Moreover, Surfshark won’t stop your fun with slow speeds, as it utilizes ultra-swift WireGuard tunneling protocol and in-house Nexus technology. And another reason to choose this provider is infinite connections, which makes it one of the best multi-device VPNs. Plus, it has apps for all major OS and some streaming devices.

Furthermore, for devices that don’t support VPNs natively, you can use the Smart DNS feature to bypass geo-blocks. Of course, apart from Hulu, you’ll get to explore extensive content libraries on Netflix, Disney+, or Crunchyroll. And for safer browsing, CleanWeb will fend off digital threats. And the cherry on top is that Surfshark subscription costs $2.21/month only.

For a deeper investigation of Surfshark VPN, read our Surfshark VPN review.

3. PrivateVPN – VPN for Hulu with great device compatibility

Number of countries covered
Number of countries covered:
Number of servers
Number of servers:
24/7 live chat
  • User-friendly apps
  • Great price/feature ratio
  • Excellent geo-unblocking capabilities
  • Support could be more responsive

If you can’t spend too much on a VPN, PrivateVPN should be your top pick. Although small scale-wise, PrivateVPN is a superb VPN for streaming Hulu outside the US. It covers 63+ countries with 200+ servers, with many of them being in the US.

Of course, the ability to bypass pesky streaming platform restrictions is one of the highlights of this VPN. Besides Hulu, you get Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, etc. And if the 10 simultaneous connections are not enough, you can set it up on your router for full device coverage.

Additionally, PrivateVPN offers free dedicated IP servers, which will make it easier to access IP-restricted networks and avoid annoying CAPCHAs. And if you want to enjoy Hulu at school or workplace, Stealth VPN servers will help you bypass strict firewalls. Thus, get one of the cheapest VPNs for $2.00/month only.

For a deeper investigation of PrivateVPN, read our PrivateVPN review.

How to watch Hulu on your devices

Signing up for Hulu is relatively straightforward, and making it work on the device of your choice is as well. Keep in mind that the steps can vary with each case. Of course, we recommend subscribing to a VPN compatible with your tech. Therefore, picking one of the top virtual private networks from our list is a wise choice.

Watch Hulu on Windows & Mac

The easiest way to watch Hulu internationally is by streaming it on your PC. Of course, you’ll still need a Windows or Mac VPN to avoid annoying restrictions. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Subscribe to a trusted Hulu VPN. Our top choice is NordVPN for its great device compatibility
  2. Download the app and finish up the registration
  3. Join a server in the US
  4. Head to Hulu and create an account or register
  5. Now you can explore new content horizons!

Watch Hulu abroad with VPN

Watch Hulu on iPhone & Android

Bypassing geo-blocks is a bit trickier on mobile phones. That’s because most apps also track your GPS location. Thankfully, some VPNs offer GPS-spoofing features that will help you change your location on Android or iPhone. So, what you need to do is:

  1. Get a VPN that can change your GPS location. We highly recommend Surfshark, now 80% off
  2. Install the app and log in
  3. Find a suitable server in the USA
  4. Download Hulu app and register
  5. Now you can watch new shows and movies on the go!

Watch Hulu on a smart TV

Sadly, most smart TVs don’t support VPNs natively, so changing your IP address and location might be a bit complicated. Nevertheless, there’s still a way around it. You can set up a VPN on your router or use the Smart DNS feature. In this tutorial, we’ll tell you about the former:

  1. Grab a VPN that offers router configuration. Our top choice is NordVPN, currently with a massive discount
  2. Configure a router with a VPN and connect your smart TV to it
  3. Get the Hulu app and launch it
  4. Create an account and log in
  5. Now you can watch Hulu on the big screen!

How to watch Hulu outside USA on streaming devices

Hulu services work surprisingly well with several streaming devices you can connect to your TV. Keep in mind that the setup process, while simple, varies with each case accordingly. It’s also worth subscribing to a VPN that works best with each device.

Stream Hulu on Roku

  1. Reset your Roku device
  2. Install a VPN on your router. We recommend NordVPN
  3. Connect to a US server
  4. Connect Roku to your TV and go to the Channel Store
  5. Find the Hulu channel – connect to it
  6. Sit back and let the movies play!

Watch Hulu abroad on Roku

Stream Hulu on Firestick

  1. Download a VPN that has US servers. NordVPN offers several US city-level locations
  2. Pick a suitable location in the US
  3. Open the Firestick dashboard and install the Hulu app
  4. Log in or create a new account
  5. Find the movies you want to watch!

Stream Hulu on Apple TV

  1. Find an excellent Hulu VPN. You can never go wrong with NordVPN
  2. Connect to a server located in the US
  3. Turn on your Apple TV, go to the App Store, and download the Hulu app
  4. Log into your account or create a new one if needed
  5. Enjoy the plethora of entertainment!

Stream Hulu on Kodi

  1. Select a reliable VPN. NordVPN is well-known for working well with Kodi
  2. Pick a server located in the US
  3. Install the Hulu application on Kodi
  4. Log into your account or create a new one
  5. Search for your favorite content and enjoy!

Enjoy Hulu outside the US on Kodi

How to stream Hulu in any country

Anything is possible with a reliable Hulu VPN, even streaming outside the US. All you have to do is follow this quick step-by-step guide to unblock geo-restrictions and finally get to browse Hulu’s library.

  1. Subscribe to a VPN with US servers. Our top choice is NordVPN, currently available for 69% off
  2. Install the VPN client on the device of your choice
  3. Connect to a server located in the US
  4. Open the Hulu app or go to if you’re using a browser
  5. Enjoy!

Depending on your device, the process might differ. For specific advice, refer to the earlier sections of the article.

Can’t access Hulu outside the US, even though you have a VPN?

Turning on the TV and being greeted with the “Video not available in this location” error can surely sour the mood after a long day. This slight hitch in the road is fixable, so there’s no need to despair just yet. The most common causes of this problem are shabby VPNs, browser cookies & cache, and IP leaks.

Here are a few methods how you can avoid these issues:

  • Connect to another US server and restart Hulu
  • Clear your browser’s cache or try another browser altogether
  • Enable leak protection settings
  • Contact customer support for professional troubleshooting

If you’re still having problems, be sure to check out Hulu not working with a VPN article.

Can I use a free VPN to watch Hulu outside the US?

You might be tempted to use a no-pay VPN to watch Hulu outside the US. However, that’s not a wise decision. While there are a few reliable free VPNs, the majority of other services are not capable of bypassing geo blocks. Therefore, watching Hulu abroad will be impossible.

Additionally, free providers offer abysmal speeds, very few servers to choose from, and laughable data caps. On top of that, some costless virtual private networks even collect your data and riddle your devices with malware.

So, is it worth it to use a free Hulu VPN? Not really. While there are a few reliable free Hulu VPNs like Atlas VPN or Proton, in most cases various limitations like geo-blocks and data caps will prevent you from having fun. Thus, it’s a wiser decision to try a free trial VPN.

Test the best Hulu VPN

According to extensive tests and research, NordVPN is the finest VPN for watching Hulu outside the US. It offers the fastest speeds, an amazing server fleet, and loads of other nifty features. Plus, it provides a generous 7-day free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

9.6 /10
Packed with fantastic features
Long free trial period
24/7 live chat option

What can you watch on Hulu?

Now that you have everything set up, it’s time to watch some shows and movies! You’ll be surprised by the amount of content housed on this platform. From Hulu originals to past and present seasons of shows from ABC, Comedy Central, The CW, FOX, NBC, MTV, and Univision, these are a few options. The entertainment value of this streaming service is immense and continues to grow with each year.

What We Do in the ShadowsComedy
SurvivorReality TV
Totally Under ControlDocumentary
Rick and MortyComedy
VikingsHistorical drama
RuPaul’s Drag RaceReality TV
Fear the Walking DeadAction drama

And there are loads more to enjoy. If you want to see an extensive list of shows and movies that Hulu has to offer, visit their official website.

Our final thoughts

With so many different networks gathered in one convenient platform, having a Hulu subscription is more than worth it. The already vast library is getting bigger each month, catering even to people with very distinctive tastes. The single hurdle here is that this service is only available in the US.

With the right tools, namely VPNs, you too can watch everything Hulu has to offer outside the US. Providers like NordVPN ensure excellent speeds for smooth streaming, encryption for remaining anonymous, and features for bypassing such pesky location restrictions.

Have you tried watching Hulu with a VPN before? How did it go? Let us know by leaving a comment!

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Why can’t I watch Hulu outside the US?

You can’t watch Hulu internationally because it’s only available in the USA. It’s inaccessible to the rest of the world due to copyright laws and distribution rights. You need a reliable VPN and a US IP address to register on and watch Hulu.

Does Hulu detect VPN?

Yes, Hulu might detect some VPNs. That will happen if you use a shoddy service that leaks your IP address and actual whereabouts. However, that shouldn’t be a problem with a top-tier provider such as NordVPN.

Will Hulu be available in Europe?

Unfortunately, there is no news about Hulu being available in Europe. Therefore, the only way to stream Hulu outside the US is by using the right VPN.

How do I subscribe to Hulu outside USA?

If you want to use Hulu abroad, you’ll need a VPN to avoid geo-restrictions. After that just follow the steps on the webpage. Remember, you’ll need a local payment card, PayPal, or a prepaid card to pay for the service.

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