Best VPN for iPhone

More and more people seem to realize that they need a good and reliable VPN to protect their online privacy. Users of Apple products like iPhone and iPad may think that, thanks to their relatively secure hardware, they have nothing to fear; but that would be wrong.

In the age of advanced internet technology, you need to think twice before believing your online device to be all anonymous and secure. Internet traffic – when not encrypted and protected – can be snooped on by prying eyes, such as government agencies, your ISP (Internet Service Provider), and cybercriminals as well.

Do you ever use free public WiFi hotspots? Do you ever go to cafés, libraries, airports, or other public places with unsecured free WiFis? Your iOS device may be configured to connect to the internet automatically when detecting such a hotspot. Are you aware of the potential risks? Are you beginning to realize why you may need the best VPN for iPhone?

Using unsecured public WiFi to connect to the internet is like swimming across the Amazon river all naked while believing that piranhas won’t be able to find and harm you. Well, the truth is, they can and they will; you just won’t see them coming.

There are several dangers related to online predators, cybercriminals, hackers, and other snoopers. The best way to protect your iPhone or iPad is to use one of the best VPNs for iOS.

Join us along as we walk you through our 5 best VPN for iPhone and iPad picks, or, at least, what we consider the best choices based on our expertise, research, and experience.

5 Best VPN for iPhone and iPad

It is quite possible that you won’t find any decent top-notch VPN service provider that has no support for iOS devices. Though the global statistics show that way more than two-thirds (over 80%) of mobile devices are Android-based, which leaves less than 20% of the market share for iOS, there’s still a great demand for VPN support. Therefore, providers do their best to cover all major platforms to offer anonymity and security in the dangerous jungle of the web.

Let’s see now which VPN software we consider to be among the 5 best VPN for iOS devices:

one of the Best VPNs for iPhone - ExpressVPN

#1 ExpressVPN

We simply can’t help ranking ExpressVPN as number one, i.e., the best VPN for iPhone and iPad. This service is an all-round winner and leader on the VPN market the “only” weak points being its pricing and the few (3) simultaneous connections. So, when you approach this VPN from these two angles, you may actually rank it 2nd or even 3rd. Yet, what this service can put on the table regarding compatibility, versatility, and online anonymity, ensures its number one rank on most VPN rankings.

With this VPN software, you can browse privately with ultra-level security on your iPhone, iPad, and all other iOS devices. This client supports iOS 8, 9, 10, and 11.

After installation, simply choose one of the 148 server locations and enjoy a seamless VPN experience while remaining anonymous and protected online.

ExpressVPN offers lightning-fast speeds, the capability to access geo-blocked websites and services like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, etc. You can also use this service for P2P file-sharing like torrenting reliably.

However, all these amazing features and speeds come at a relatively high price. So, if your budget cannot afford such a high-end VPN solution, you may want to check out what other best VPN for iOS alternatives we have picked for you.

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2nd best vpn for ios - NordVPN

#2 NordVPN

Yet another market leader – in fact, these first two usually top most unbiased VPN rankings –, but this VPN actually has more tempting pricing options while offering great security and privacy features, strict no logs policy, no leaks, and world-class 24/7 live support.

With 4,900+ VPN servers in 60+ countries around the globe, you can experience great speeds in most parts of the world. The NordVPN specialty servers (P2P, Dedicated IP, Obfuscated, Double VPN, and Onion Over VPN) provide you with an extra layer of reliability as well as security. In fact, this VPN software could well be the best VPN for iPhone even though there used to be some issues with the iOS app like having less features than the other clients.

The NordVPN iOS client is very easy to use even for the novice user; you can either set it up with default settings or do it manually (which may be a bit difficult for beginners). We cannot claim that it has the best or most spectacular design, but, hey, ease of use is usually more important than looks, right?

With this VPN installed, you never need to fear that someone can snoop on your internet traffic or find out about your physical location. You can also use it in China and to access censored or geo-blocked content all over the world. It’s surely a versatile VPN solution that is worth its price.

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Torguard - maybe the best vpn for ipad

#3 TorGuard

This VPN is far from perfect, to be frank; yet, it provides one of the fastest VPN connection speeds in 2018, great server coverage globally, strict no logs policy, a Stealth VPN feature that comes in handy in China and other VPN-banning or restricting countries, and great support for torrenting (P2P file-sharing).

TorGuard is quite safe and reliable if your online anonymity is one of your reasons for using a VPN for iPhone and iPad protection. This provider has a global coverage of 3,000+ servers in 50+ countries, which ensures great overall speeds. If you are an eager BitTorrent or uTorrent user, TorGuard is one of the best choices for seamless, fast, and anonymous large file-sharing.

Although this VPN is operated by VPNetworks LLC under US jurisdiction, its parent company is based in Nevis in the Caribbean. Yet, we believe that TorGuard is reliable enough regarding your anonymity and no logs if you want to use your iPhone or iPad to gain access to geo-restricted websites, stream censored videos in HD quality, access the internet via unsecured free WiFi hotspots, download torrents, or simply hide your true location.

The TorGuard pricing is neither too high, nor low; it is somewhere in the middle, though it may appear a bit complex. The same is true for the iOS client, which may not be the easiest and most intuitive to use. Still, we believe that this VPN is worth a try if the other VPN for iOS alternatives haven’t convinced you.

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CyberGhost ios

#4 CyberGhost

Although CyberGhost claims to be “the best VPN for your iPhone and iPad,” it landed 4th on our VPN rank list. This service is based out of Romania, which is a VPN-friendly and surveillance-opposing country. This is surely a plus when it comes to online security and privacy.

While CyberGhost may not be the best VPN for iPhone and iPad, it certainly has some great privacy features, good speeds, geo-unblocking capabilities, and a free app for iOS devices.

This service has 2,700+ servers in 60+ countries, which is an impressive global coverage, and it also allows for 7 simultaneous connections. The CyberGhost iOS client is optimized for iOS 9 and higher, and can be used for iPhone, iWatch, iPad, iPad Pro, and iPod touch.

You don’t need to worry about possible DNS or IP leaks either as this VPN has proper leak protection as well as a good automatic kill switch. If you have any technical issues, the 24/7 live chat support is at your service in 4 languages. This iOS app is quite easy to use, which is good news for novices. Its pricing is more or less similar to NordVPN. So, if you’re not convinced by its features, you may want to go for a better premium VPN solution.

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ios vpn - privatevpn

#5 PrivateVPN

This VPN provider is based in Sweden, which is definitely not the best place due to its views on surveillance and its data retention laws. With that said, we must add right away that we are convinced that PrivateVPN takes your privacy very seriously.

Interestingly, PrivateVPN has one of the fewest servers with a fleet of 100+ servers; yet, it is capable of relatively fast speeds, enough for streaming HD videos and flawless online gaming. Despite the low number of servers, this VPN has good coverage globally by distributing them in 56 countries.

Similarly to the previous VPN services on our best VPN for iPad or iPhone ranking, PrivateVPN has a good variety of protocols and privacy features. It is also quite versatile; however, you may want to use a different service if you are in China as this one may not be the easiest and most secure either. But you can still enjoy general geo-unblocking, streaming, P2P file-sharing, and IP spoofing while using 6 devices simultaneously.

Since its pricing is quite fair, you may actually choose PrivateVPN over the more secure market leaders.

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While you may consider your Apple a top-notch tech device, there’s no denying there are hidden risks out there on the web. Privacy is your basic right. We are not a fear mongering lot, but rather, wary of potential cybersecurity risks that could have serious consequences for you.

There are several reasons why you may decide to use a VPN solution: IP spoofing, unblocking geo-restrictions, accessing censored websites, securing unsafe public WiFi connections, or staying anonymous from prying eyes.

Hopefully, our best VPN for iPhone ranking will help you choose your tool based on your preferences so that you can protect your privacy and internet traffic at all times.