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Last updated: January 6, 2021

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The fifth season of the Gotham series aired in January 2019, but because of geo-restrictions, fans outside the US will not be able to watch the show. The first episode will hit the screens on the 3rd of January and to watch the show as it begins airing or to catch up on previous seasons, you would need a VPN to get past the geo-blocks.

Gotham is a very entertaining show. It is a FOX production telling the story of Batman. According to show’s creator Bruno Heller, he decided to base the Gotham series around the time Bruce Wayne’s parents were murdered.

A major character in the show is James Gordon, a recruit to the Gotham City Police Department who, along with his partner, is tasked with investigating the murders of Bruce Wayne’s parents. In his quest to find the persons involved in the murders of Thomas and Jane Wayne, he becomes entangled with the major crime perpetrators in Gotham City, from gang members to crime families. The creators of Gotham have stated that the ability to introduce the world to more villains is one of the things they love about the series. Viewers can expect even more of them in the fifth season of the show.

How to watch Gotham online without restrictions

The video on demand rights to the Gotham TV series was given to Netflix. So users who miss out on the show when it airs on Monday of each week can catch up with the series on the Netflix streaming platform or on Fox’s streaming platforms. However, for persons outside the US, neither of those may be possible because platforms like Netflix deny certain countries the right to access certain content. This is often done as a way of controlling the market for their show.

When Netflix users access the platform, they are redirected to the version of Netflix available in their home country (as determined from the user’s IP address). Netflix offers different content depending on the country their site is being accessed from. The Gotham TV series is one show where geo-restriction is applied and to watch the show successfully, and one would need a VPN.

We have put together a guide on how to watch Gotham on Netflix irrespective of location and the primary tool to achieve this is a VPN. Here’s a list of some of the VPNs we are sure will unblock geo-restrictions.

1. NordVPN

NordVPN service logo

NordVPN is another great choice for watching Gotham on Netflix from any part of the world. Not only is this the most secure VPN on the market, but NordVPN is also great at dealing with geo-blocking.

NordVPN is compatible with multiple devices and allows for the connection of up to 6 devices.

This service has 5500 servers in 59 countries of the world and offers a money-back guarantee with a flexible payment plan, including a three-year plan which goes for $3.71 per month.

2. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN service logo

Top-notch security features, a variety of servers and features for unblocking geo-restrictions make ExpressVPN an excellent choice for watching Gotham online. This VPN is also compatible with different operating systems and allows for the connection of 3 different devices simultaneously. ExpressVPN also offers a high-speed connection with a customer support team that ensures that issues are resolved on time.

ExpressVPN has a presence in several countries of the world. It is based in the British Virgin Islands and has over 3000 servers on its network. The servers offered by ExpressVPN are spread across 94 countries. To ensure total privacy, ExpressVPN accepts Bitcoin as a payment method. A notable security feature of ExpressVPN is the kill switch (Network Lock), which ensures that interrupted connections won’t result in data leaks.

3. SaferVPN

SaferVPN service logo

This VPN offers security, privacy, a variety of servers and a user-friendly interface, especially for beginners. SaferVPN unblocks geo-restrictions without glitches and is a great option for persons looking for VPNs for watching US Netflix or streaming Gotham on Fox’s website.

SaferVPN supports several protocols including OpenVPN, SSTP, and IPSec. It is available as a browser extension and allows up to five simultaneous connections. SaferVPN offers a kill switch which ensures maximum protection and security with over 700 servers spread across more than 30 countries.

What else should users be aware of?

For consistent streaming on the Fox website, a TV subscription is necessary.

US Netflix accepts payments for subscriptions through Paypal and US credit cards. So if you do not have a US credit card, there’s still the Paypal payment option. So you would need to create a PayPal account and subscribe to Netflix by paying with funds from your PayPal account.

Here’s a quick summary on how to watch Gotham online without restrictions. Get a VPN, install and activate the VPN. Access Netflix or Fox’s website with the VPN using any of the VPN’s servers in the US. Make payments with Paypal, and you have access to all the episodes of Gotham you wish. A high-quality VPN provides you with a safe, easy and affordable access to the Gotham TV series.

Geo-restrictions are a common reason why people are not able to access the best content online, but in keeping with the ethos of the World Wide Web, viewers from every country of the world should have access to the same stuff. That’s why VPNs are your best friend!

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    Netflix is available on Netflix. It’s as simple as that. If Netflix is not available for your location, get a good VPN.

  2. Daffodil

    I didn’t know Gotham was still running! I really need to watch up but it’s a really good show. And this guide is awesome. VPNs can make our lives so much easier.

  3. Gideon K

    Depending on where you live, Gotham is accessible through Netflix. But then again depend on where you reside it can change and a VPN can really be useful to bypass geoblocks.

  4. jackthedarkknight31

    FINALLY! I’ve been so upset that Gotham has been unavailable to me. I have Netflix but I haven’t been able to get it in my country, and I’ve messaged Netflix several times to see if they will get it for us, but no luck! I’m really excited that there’s a way to do this now. I’m excited to get to finish it. Who’dve thought that Batman was such a weird little kid?

  5. Reck Yan

    I’ve been using ExpressVPN for months now, they’re quite expensive but the speeds are not best! Without using the VPN comes in between 900 to 950 Mbps speed. Using the VPN it comes in around 200 to 250 Mbps. Is there any technical issue? Please explain it.

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