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Best VPN for South Africa in 2024

Best VPN for South Africa

South Africa’s digital landscape is relatively peaceful, unlike many other countries in the region. However, torrenting and watching overseas content might be a challenge. Moreover, the internet is full of malicious actors and snoopers. So, to protect yourself and unlock the internet’s full potential, you’ll need the best VPN for South Africa.

To help, we’ve compiled a list of the ultimate virtual private networks. They will certainly ensure your online safety by encrypting your data and hiding your actual IP address. Moreover, you’ll have access to previously restricted streaming platforms and content libraries. Not to mention, torrenting will be a lot safer and quicker.

So, keep reading and find the finest South African VPN.

Best VPNs for South Africa: shortlist

  1. The best South Africa VPN
  2. Finest multi-device VPN for South Africa
  3. Cheap South Africa VPN
  4. Safety-oriented VPN for South Africa

How to get the best VPN for South Africa

  1. Pick a reliable VPN with servers in South Africa. We suggest NordVPN, now 74% off!
  2. Finish up the registration and set up the VPN on your device
  3. Launch the app and select a server in South Africa
  4. Now you can browse securely and privately!

Get the best South Africa VPN

Why do you need a VPN for South Africa?

Firstly, a virtual private network will help you access more content. Geo-restrictions won’t be an issue with the best VPN. You’ll finally have access to the most popular streaming platforms like Netflix US or Hulu. Plus, you’ll always have the opportunity to watch South African content in other countries.

Secondly, you won’t have to worry about your security as much. Malicious actors will have a hard time accessing and tampering with your data. That’s because a reliable VPN encrypts your information and makes it almost undecipherable.

NordVPN for South Africa

Moreover, you’re not as private online as you might think. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP), snoopers, and even the government can see what you’re up to on the internet. Luckily, a no-logs VPN ensures that no one (apart from you) knows about your web adventures.

Also, downloading files will be a lot safer. While torrenting, your IP address and activities are on display for everyone to see. A virtual private network will hide your precious information to prevent online calamities.

Lastly, a virtual private network can actually save you some money in the long run! Some countries offer ridiculously cheap online subscriptions or services. So, with a VPN, you can connect to that region and get low-priced flight tickets, games, or streaming plans.

Best South Africa VPNs: detailed list

The primary mission of a VPN for South Africa is to keep you secure and private while you’re venturing through the web. Plus, a reliable provider will hide your IP address and help you access a plethora of websites and streaming platforms. So, if you’re wondering which VPN is the ultimate pick for South Africa, check out our Top 5 picks below.

1. NordVPN – all-round the top VPN for South Africa

Top VPN provider
Company location
Company location:
Number of servers
Number of servers:
Number of countries covered
Number of countries covered:
Avg. download speed
Avg. download speed:
501 Mbit/s
  • Unbeatable in terms of security & privacy
  • NordLynx protocol for the best speeds
  • Loads of servers in South Africa
  • Only 6 simultaneous connections

NordVPN is an industry-leading VPN for South Africa with 50+ servers in the area. Apart from that, the provider covers 111+ countries with 6300+ servers, which ensures stable and fast connectivity. It’s also the fastest VPN in 2024, thanks to the proprietary NordLynx tunneling protocol. Plus, an independently-audited no-logs policy ensures your confidentiality online.

In addition, NordVPN has apps for all major OS and browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Brave, and more. In addition, the service provider SmartPlay feature allows you to access geo-blocked content on smart TVs and streaming devices. Talking about entertainment, you’ll unblock Netflix US, Disney Plus, HBO Max, and many other services. And you can use NordVPN on 6 devices simultaneously.

For torrenting, you can use specialized P2P servers, ensuring better speeds. From a security POV, you’ll be totally safe with security essentials like AES-256 encryption, IP & DNS leak protection, and a kill switch. Moreover, Threat Protection will fend off malware, rootkits, and annoying trackers. And twofold your security and privacy with Double VPN.

So, grab a NordVPN coupon and get a subscription for $3.09/month. Plus, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 7-day free trial if you want to take NordVPN for a spin first.

For a deeper investigation of NordVPN, read our NordVPN review.

2. Surfshark VPN – VPN with plenty of servers in South Africa

Top VPN provider
Company location
Company location:
Number of servers
Number of servers:
Number of countries covered
Number of countries covered:
Avg. download speed
Avg. download speed:
471 Mbit/s
  • Packed with solid security features
  • Smart DNS to help you bypass the geo-blocks
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections
  • Unaudited no-logs policy

Another excellent South Africa VPN choice is Surfshark. It’s fairly cheap and offers heaps of features. Moreover, it provides 3200+ pieces of hardware in 100+ countries, including South Africa. And with countless connections, you can use Surfshark on almost any smart device or browser.

Apart from security essentials, CleanWeb will protect you against malicious ads, trackers, and viruses. Furthermore, you can utilize the MultiHop feature to double the privacy and security. And for ultimate safety, you can grab the Surfshark One package that includes anti-malware software, an unbiased search tool, and a breach detector.

On a less serious note, Surfshark allows P2P file-sharing on all servers. Additionally, the service will easily bypass geo-blocks on various streaming services like Crunchyroll, Netflix, or Hulu. And the trusty WireGuard tunneling protocol and Nexus technology will guarantee supersonic speeds and 4K video quality. Lastly, you can use Smart DNS to stream freely on various smart devices.

Thus, test the waters with Surfshark’s 7-day free trial and a month-long money-back guarantee. Alternatively, instantly grab a subscription for as little as $2.19/month with a Surfshark VPN coupon code.

For a deeper investigation of Surfshark VPN, read our Surfshark VPN review.

3. PrivateVPN – cheap & effective VPN for South Africa

Company location
Company location:
Number of servers
Number of servers:
Number of countries covered
Number of countries covered:
Avg. download speed
Avg. download speed:
186 Mbit/s
  • Free dedicated IP servers
  • Excellent for torrenting
  • Can easily bypass geo-blocks
  • Lacks WireGuard

While less known than other contenders, PrivateVPN is a great South Africa VPN. It offers 200+ servers in 63+ countries. Moreover, you can simultaneously use it on 10 devices or protect your whole network by setting it up on your router.

Like other providers on the list, PrivateVPN ensures your safety with a robust kill switch, IP & DNS leak protection, and AES-256 encryption. Additionally, a strict no-logs policy guarantees that you stay anonymous while you surf the web. And if you travel to a highly-restricted country like China, you can use Stealth VPN technology to bypass various blocks.

With this provider, you’ll be able to swiftly bypass geo-restriction and access various streaming services, such as Disney Plus, Showmax, or Netflix. Plus, you’ll be able to watch everything in 4K, as High Quality Network (HQN) ensures top-tier speeds. And you can torrent as much as you want on all servers. Plus, features like port forwarding and SOCKS5 proxy will improve your P2P file-sharing experience.

Don’t hesitate and get a subscription for as little as $2.00/month with a PrivateVPN coupon. Moreover, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 7-day free trial if you want to test the waters first.

For a deeper investigation of PrivateVPN, read our PrivateVPN review.

4. Proton VPN – privacy-oriented VPN for South Africa

Company location
Company location:
Number of servers
Number of servers:
Number of countries covered
Number of countries covered:
Avg. download speed
Avg. download speed:
486 Mbit/s
  • Excellent security & privacy features
  • Great at geo-unblocking
  • Amazing free version
  • Average speeds

For those who value online safety, we suggest Proton VPN for South Africa. The provider guarantees anonymity with a strict zero-logs policy. Moreover, it’s based in privacy-friendly Switzerland, so you don’t have to worry about data retention laws.

In addition, you’ll get security essentials and Netshield. The latter will protect you against malware, trackers, rootkits, and other nasties. Plus, Secure Core VPN technology will route your traffic through multiple servers, adding an extra layer of safety. Alternatively, use Tor over VPN for a similar effect.

Apart from that, Proton VPN uses WireGuard tunneling protocol and VPN Accelerator to ensure stable and super-fast connectivity. You’ll also find 3000+ pieces of hardware in 69+ countries. Also, torrenting and streaming geo-blocked content shouldn’t be an issue either. Lastly, you can protect up to 10 devices at the same time.

You can get a plan for $4.49/month if you grab a Proton VPN coupon. You’ll also get a 30-day money-back guarantee if something goes wrong. And there’s also a commitment-free no-pay version.

For a deeper investigation of Proton VPN, read our Proton VPN review.

Top South Africa VPNs: comparison

If you skipped the detailed list and simply want to see which VPN is the best for South Africa, here’s a side-by-side comparison of the Top 5 VPNs:

Server/countriesHas South Africa serversStreamingDevice limitFree versionMinimal premium price
NordVPN6300+ servers in 111+ countriesYesNetflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and more6Yes, 7 days$3.09/month
Surfshark VPN3200+ servers in 100+ countriesYesNetflix, Disney+, Hulu, and moreNo limitYes, 7 days$2.19/month
PrivateVPN200+ servers in 63+ countriesYesNetflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and more10Yes, 7 days$2.00/month
Proton VPN3000+ servers in 69+ countriesYesDisney+, Netflix, Hulu, and more10Yes, unlimited$4.49/month

What should I look for in VPN for South Africa?

Choosing a reliable VPN service might be a bit of a hassle. And picking a service blindly might result in dangerous situations. So, before grabbing a VPN for South Africa, consider these things:

  • Number of servers and locations. If you want access to loads of content, you’ll need a VPN that has great coverage globally. Plus, a good VPN should have loads of servers in South Africa, so you can enjoy local sites and top-tier connectivity.
  • Speeds. Tortoise-like internet speeds won’t be an issue if you grab a VPN with WireGuard or NordLynx tunneling protocols.
  • Compatibility. A good VPN should offer multiple connections so you can use the service on various smart devices. Plus, you should be able to set up a VPN on your router for maximum convenience.
  • Security. AES-256 encryption, a kill switch, and IP & DNS leak protection are must-haves for a VPN. Even better if a provider includes ad/malware blockers.
  • Privacy. If confidentiality is your priority (it should be), you need a VPN that offers a strict zero-logs policy. Moreover, the service should be based outside Fourteen Eyes jurisdiction.
  • Additional features. A top-tier South Africa VPN should offer useful things like obfuscated servers, Smart DNS, MultiHop, etc.
  • Price. A VPN price shouldn’t be through the roof. You can find a reliable cheap virtual private network for as little as $4.00/month.

How to install a South Africa VPN

Setting up and using a VPN might seem difficult at first, but it’s actually easy-peasy lemon-squeezy. Plus, what’s great about these Top 5 VPNs for South Africa is that you can use them on multiple devices. So, you can stream, browse, or torrent safely on various gadgets simultaneously.

NordVPN South Africa Servers

So, are you ready to install a VPN on your device and get a South Africa IP address? Then follow easy-to-follow guides below!

Set up South Africa VPN on Windows & Mac

If you want to access Showmax, Vodacom’s Video Play, or any other South African streaming service, you’ll need a top-notch Windows or Mac VPN. So, here’s how you get one:

  1. Pick an industry-leading VPN. We recommend NordVPN, currently with a humongous discount
  2. Install the application on your Windows or Mac device
  3. Launch it and join a server in South Africa
  4. Congrats! Now you can freely browse the internet with a South Africa IP!

Scoop NordVPN for computers

Set up South Africa VPN on Android & iPhone

With the best VPN for Android or iPhone, you’ll be able to explore the world wide web freely and watch South African content overseas. Here’s how you get a reliable service:

  1. Get a VPN that works perfectly with mobile devices. Our top choice is Surfshark VPN, now with a massive discount
  2. Install the application on your Android or iOS phone
  3. Choose a server in South Africa for excellent connectivity
  4. Now explore the internet securely and privately!

Set up South Africa VPN on your browser

If you don’t want additional apps, you can get virtual private network add-ons for some browsers. For example, you can find VPN extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Brave. In this example, we’ll show you how to set up a VPN on Chrome:

  1. Choose a VPN that offers browser extensions. Our favorite is NordVPN, now 74% off
  2. Go to the Chrome Store and find the VPN add-on
  3. After setup connect to a server in South Africa
  4. Now you can surf the web freely on your Chrome browser!

Get NordVPN for Chrome

Streaming in South Africa

One of the biggest benefits of a VPN is that you can hop through regions, change your IP, and access geo-blocked streaming services. For example, you’ll finally be able to enjoy Netflix US in South Africa. Plus, you’ll unblock extensive libraries on Disney+, Crunchyroll, or Prime Video. Additionally, with the best streaming VPN, you can finally get Hulu, HBO Max, or Peacock.

Watch Netflix US in South Africa

Apart from getting overseas content, you’ll be able to access South Africa streaming services. For example, you’ll be able to watch local shows like Blood and Water, 7 De Laan, or Meet Melusi. Or, if you’re a sports fan, you can easily stream South Africa live rugby games and root for your team. Here are just a few streaming that you can access with a VPN for South Africa:

  • Netflix South Africa
  • Disney+
  • Showmax
  • Vodacom’s Video Play
  • DSTV Now
  • Britbox
  • VIU
  • eVOD
  • rlaxx TV
  • Now TV Sky Sports

Torrenting in South Africa

Using P2P file-sharing in itself is not illegal. However, downloading copyrighted content like video games, movies, or music in South Africa is illegal. Local government takes these matters seriously, so if you get caught torrenting, you will get fined. Moreover, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have to take down any illegal content and websites. However, sites like The Pirate Bay are not blocked yet.

And while we don’t condone piracy, we want to keep our readers safe. Therefore, if you’re thinking of torrenting, get a reliable P2P-friendly VPN. Apart from keeping you out of harm’s way, it will prevent your ISP from slowing down your speeds, so you’ll get your files quicker.

Should you use a free VPN for South Africa?

If you’re not paying for the product, then you’re the product. And sadly, that’s the case with free VPNs for South Africa. The majority of no-pay services make a profit by collecting your data and selling it to the highest bidder. Some free VPNs go even further and riddle your devices with malware. Not to mention, there are data caps, limited servers, terrible speeds, and abysmal safety features.

Luckily, if you can’t spare any cash at the moment, there are 2 reliable alternatives to free VPNs for South Africa:

  1. Freemium VPNs. Basically, it’s a no-pay version of well-established premium providers. They offer security and privacy essentials, so you won’t have to worry about your safety as much. However, they do have limitations. For example, most freemium services can’t bypass geo-restrictions.
  2. Free trial VPNs. These services offer all premium features for a limited time. You’ll get loads of features, amazing connectivity, and heaps of servers in South Africa and elsewhere. Plus, you’ll easily bypass geo-blocks and access previously restricted content.

Try NordVPN for free

Bottom line

While there are no crazy internet restrictions, getting a VPN in South Africa is highly recommended. A virtual private network will shield you from digital threats and privacy breaches. Moreover, it’s an excellent solution if you want to unblock various geo-blocked web pages.

And settle for nothing but the best. Snatch NordVPN as it’s the ultimate South Africa VPN. It offers heaps of servers in the country, mind-blowing speeds, and loads of nifty features. And NordVPN is excellent for entertainment purposes, as you’ll be able to watch heaps of new content on various streaming platforms.

So, grab yourself a trusty VPN for South Africa and experience the internet anew.

Do you use a VPN in South Africa? Which one do you prefer? Share in the comments!

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Are VPNs legal in South Africa?

Yes, using a VPN in South Africa is absolutely legal. This country has no laws against virtual private network utilization. Therefore, you can use a service, such as NordVPN, trouble-free.

Are there VPN providers with servers in South Africa?

Yes, NordVPN, Surfshark VPN, PrivateVPN, and Proton VPN have servers in South Africa. You’ll stay secure and private while online by picking and using one of them. Plus, you’ll be able to torrent and stream globally.

What is the best VPN to use in South Africa?

The best VPN for South Africa is NordVPN. It offers plenty of servers in the country and fantastic speeds. Moreover, it effectively unblocks streaming platforms like Netflix, Showmax, Vodacom’s Video Play, and many others. Not to mention, you’ll get loads of online security and privacy features.

How can I watch Netflix US in South Africa?

Yes, you can stream Netflix US in South Africa. You’ll need a US IP address that you can get with a VPN. Luckily, all services from this list have pieces of hardware in America. Therefore, you can easily bypass blocks and watch Netflix US.

Can I use a free VPN in South Africa?

Yes, you can use a free VPN in South Africa, but we don’t recommend it. Most free virtual private networks can’t bypass geo-blocks and offer terrible speeds, few servers, and safety features. Therefore, a freemium VPN like Proton VPN is a better option.

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