We don’t have to tell you that Minecraft is a worldwide phenomenon. With over 150 million copies sold, and with over 90 million active users, there’s plenty to explore, build, and defend in this virtual world. However, Minecraft doesn’t come without its problems, and we’re here to discuss how to solve them.

Throughout this article, we’ll be talking about the best Minecraft VPN. This type of software can be your best ally, as it can alleviate IP bans, protect you while playing the game, and even unblock access to Minecraft no matter where you are. So, let’s get started.

No time to read? Here are our best VPNs:

Best Minecraft VPN – top 7 recommendations

After having tested around 200 VPNs so far, we know which ones can provide the best possible experience. So, here are our 7 best picks.

1. NordVPN

NordVPN service logo

NordVPN is one of the most reputable VPN service vendors on the market. Although it’s debatable whether NordVPN is the absolute best VPN out there, there is no doubt that it is right up at the top and can definitely be recommended for online gaming, including Minecraft.

What makes it such a great service is their top of the line security package. This comes from military-grade encryption (AES-256-CBC), leak protection, and secure tunneling protocols. Simply put, you need never worry about getting DDoSed. And keep in mind that you get all this, along with access to over 5500+ servers in 58 countries, so there’s bound to be a server nearby.

NordVPN is also very decent when it comes to unblocking streaming websites and torrenting. However, the experience is sometimes hampered a little bit by NordVPN’s lack of speed, although recent updates provided much-needed improvements.

Priced at $3.49/month if you subscribe for 3 years, NordVPN is also one of the cheapest VPNs when you consider what you get for a price.

2. Surfshark VPN

Surfshark VPN service logo

Surfshark VPN is a great choice for gaming and you should definitely consider this service if you’re looking for a VPN to play Minecraft.

It scored 48 ms in our latency test, which is an impressive result and it means that you can enjoy your gaming sessions lag-free.

This VPN also receives extra points for its cost-effectiveness as it supports unlimited connections with a single subscription. Surfshark also supports all major platforms so you can play Minecraft without restriction no matter what OS or device you’re using, be it Windows, Linux, Android or iOS.

3. IPVanish

IPVanish service logo

As noted earlier, Minecraft is present on a wide range of devices and platforms. This means that you need a VPN that offers native apps for all those platforms. And that’s why we believe IPVanish to be a hugely powerful Minecraft VPN.

This is one of the oldest VPNs around that has proven numerous times that it cares about the privacy of its users. You can combine the OpenVPN protocol with AES-256-CBC to encrypt your web connection, keep malicious attempts at bay, and unblock any Minecraft server.

4. CyberGhost

CyberGhost service logo

CyberGhost has built a reputation of a user-friendly VPN. Being a few years on the market, it’s continuously evolving by adapting to their users’ feedback. With this said, we believe CyberGhost to be one of the ultimate gaming VPNs, especially when it comes to Minecraft.

Unlike most VPNs, CyberGhost brings highly specialized servers. Some of those are great for gaming, while others are used for downloading torrents or unblocking media streaming websites. Low latency, fast ping, flawless unblocking, and reliable protection against DDoS – all of those are things that CyberGhost offers.

5. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN service logo

Being a highly reputable brand, ExpressVPN will most certainly meet every gamer’s needs. We’ve placed this VPN on our list because we think you’re going to love its security features, the ability to unblock any service, and its speedy performance as well.

With more than 3000 servers, you can easily find a nearby one. This produces low latency and fast speeds, with minimal throttling. And when it comes to protecting you during your gaming sessions, ExpressVPN utilizes AES-256-CBC encryption as well as a variety of VPN protocols. And lastly, there’s a 30-day money-back period, so there’s nothing to lose.

6. Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield service logo

Few VPN services can claim to have better speeds than Hotspot Shield. Minecraft players will make use of the American VPN’s very own Catapult Hydra tunneling protocol, which increases performance – particularly on slow or unstable connections.

Hotspot Shield has a stellar 3200+ servers in more than 80 countries. This means the service will serve Minecraft users well regardless of location – there’s always bound to be a server near your location. In addition, Hotspot Shield is great for other types of entertainment, including unblocking Netflix and secure torrenting. The service has some great security features in general, such as solid encryption, easy to use apps, and a kill switch.

7. VyprVPN

VyprVPN service logo

When it comes to the best Minecraft VPN, we can’t miss mentioning VyprVPN. You can often find this Switzerland-based VPN on the lists of the fastest VPNs – and we can testify to that claim.

What’s interesting about VyprVPN is that it’s built on a protocol called Chameleon. You won’t find this protocol anywhere else, and this one can make your gaming dreams come true. It’s practically uncrackable, can easily overcome Minecraft IP bans, and you can unblock this game from any place on the planet.

8. PrivateVPN

PrivateVPN service logo

PrivateVPN brings a thoughtful combination of security, privacy, and performance. This is a relatively new VPN that’s already known for its stellar customer support. And since you can use it on up to 6 devices at the same time, you can play Minecraft from any device.

Just like the rest of our Minecraft VPN recommendations, PrivateVPN is highly suitable for gaming. It’s doesn’t have the biggest server network, but we’re sure it’ll meet your needs nonetheless. This VPN’s servers are strategically placed, they aren’t overcrowded with users, and typically provide fast speeds. What’s not to love here, right?


So, with these 7 options, we know that you can get back to playing Minecraft with no problems at all.


Why do you need a VPN for Minecraft?

You’re reading this article because you’re a passionate fan of Minecraft. And more precisely, you’re probably facing a problem that prevents you from playing the game. Therefore, let’s see what kinds of issues can be solved using a VPN application suitable for gaming.

  • Unblock Minecraft from anywhere: We understand why schools, colleges, and companies block access to Minecraft servers. Being such an addictive game, it can quickly consume plenty of time. However, what if you want to check your virtual world during a break? What if your campus’ wifi blocks Minecraft? Well, these problems can be easily resolved by using a VPN.
  • Overcome Minecraft IP bans: As you know, every Minecraft server has certain rules. And by breaking those rules, your IP can end on the list of banned IPs. This effectively prevents you from playing the game. Luckily for you, a VPN will give you a new IP that fights Minecraft bans in the most effective way.
  • Get Protection against DDoS attacks: Just like any hugely popular online game, Minecraft attracts the attention of hackers and malicious individuals. There have been plenty of instances of DDoS attacks whose mission was to disable a Minecraft server. Once again, a VPN will encrypt your data, minimizing the chances of you becoming a DDoS target.

How can a Minecraft VPN help you?

You already know a bit about the possible roles of VPNs. However, we’ll take this opportunity to teach you more about this type of software and its role in the Minecraft universe. So, here’s what you need to know about using a Minecraft VPN.

The primary role of any VPN is to create a secure tunnel for your data. In other words, these applications allow you to connect to a secure server easily. Once that connection is achieved, you automatically get a new IP address (a virtual one). This means that a Minecraft server will see your virtual IP, while your real IP is always hidden.

As you can see, this is precisely how you can resolve Minecraft IP bans. However, since you have a new IP, this is how you can also unblock Minecraft in your school or office. And most importantly, your tunnel-traveling data will be encrypted, which keeps DDoS attacks at bay.

How to play Minecraft with a VPN?

We completely understand if everything said so far sounds a bit confusing. Also, you must be thinking that VPNs are made for tech enthusiasts, right? Well, not exactly.

Here’s how to play Minecraft once you have an active VPN subscription.

  • Step 1: First, you need to download your chosen VPN on your computer. Install the application and log in using your credentials;
  • Step 2: You’ll see a list of servers at this point. Just double-click on any of these and your VPN will take a few seconds to connect.
  • Step 3: From this moment onward, you’ll browse the Web with a new virtual IP and all your incoming and outgoing data will be encrypted. This also means that you can minimize your VPN, launch Minecraft and play the game like you usually would. It’s that easy!

How to choose the best VPN for Minecraft?

We won’t hide the fact that you’ll find hundreds of VPN services on the web. So, the real question is – how to know which one to pick? What should a VPN for Minecraft have? With this said, here’s what you must keep in mind:

  • Low latency: Minecraft is an online game, so it’s imperative not to harm your gaming experience. You should pay attention to what kind of ping and latency you can expect. Ideally, you want a VPN that will perform similar to your ‘naked’ connection.
  • Fast performance: In general, VPNs tend to throttle the speed of your web connection. However, the best ones out there minimize this downside. To help you with this, pay attention to our list of recommendations that you can find below.
  • Broad platform support: Minecraft is present on a wide range of platforms. This makes it essential to pick a VPN that you can install on your platform of choice.

Should you use a free VPN for Minecraft?

Before we get to our recommendations, let’s stop for a moment. We need to highlight the fact that you should never use a free VPN, and here’s why:

  • Free VPNs come with severe bandwidth and performance limitations. None of those support Minecraft, and they can’t provide a smooth gameplay experience
  • Free VPNs earn money by serving ads. Instead of getting rid of ads, you’ll be overwhelmed by them, which also negatively impacts the speed of your connection
  • Free VPNs have a hard time preventing data leaks. If your true IP address leaks during gameplay, you’ll face severe problems in the long run. Needless to say, this won’t help you with Minecraft IP blocking.