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Last updated: August 23, 2021
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Thanks to the almighty internet, vast troves of the latest TV shows and movies are available at our fingertips. What’s more, you don’t even have to download any of it – you can pick whatever you want to watch and stream it immediately!

However, all this power comes with downsides as well. For starters, some of this content is geographically restricted because of licensing rights. Furthermore, streaming requires a lot of bandwidth. Thus, ISPs (Internet Service Providers) throttle your data if they notice that you are using up excessive amounts of bandwidth because of streaming.

Luckily, you can solve these issues by getting a VPN (Virtual Private Network) for streaming. Not only will it allow you to unlock more content from around the world, but it will also hide your activities from your ISP, preventing them from throttling you.

Top 5 VPN for streaming – shortlist

The best VPN for streaming
9.6 / 10
Streaming VPN with unlimited devices
9.4 / 10
Affordable streaming VPN
9.3 / 10
The cheapest streaming VPN available
9.1 / 10
Well-rounded VPN for streaming
8.7 / 10

How to use a VPN for streaming

Want to know how to make your VPN collaborate with your streaming service? Here’s how to use a VPN for streaming:

  1. Choose an excellent VPN that’s suitable for streaming. We recommend NordVPN, available for 72% off!
  2. Install the VPN software on your preferred device.
  3. Connect to any country from which you’d like to unblock new movies.
  4. Launch any streaming service and be amazed and the amount of new content available!

Start streaming with a VPN

Overview of the Top 5 VPNs for streaming

When picking the best VPN candidates for streaming, we considered many criteria, such as speed, server count, geo-unblocking capabilities, and customer support options. Based on these factors, here are our top 5 streaming VPNs.

1. NordVPN – the best VPN for streaming

Top VPN provider
Number of countries covered
Number of countries covered:
Number of servers
Number of servers:
24/7 live chat, Email
Avg. download speed
Avg. download speed:
1,488 Mbit/s
  • Very fast speeds
  • Unblocks Netflix and other platforms
  • Great server list (5,400+ servers in 59 countries)
  • Apps for Android TV, Amazon Fire TV & Fire Stick
  • Decent price
  • No router app

NordVPN is the best VPN for streaming in 2021. Its proprietary Nordlynx tunneling protocol ensures godlike speeds and supreme reign as the fastest VPN available. Furthermore, you can stream Netflix, Peacock, Hulu, Disney+, BBC iPlayer, and other platforms thanks to its SmartPlay feature. What’s more, it even has a dedicated add-on for Kodi.

With NordVPN, you’ll have no shortage of locations with its network of 5500+ servers across 59 countries. Moreover, the service allows six simultaneous connections and can be set up on routers. These features are great for families or anyone living in a larger household.

In terms of privacy, NordVPN is located in Panama and was independently audited to confirm its no-logs claims. Plus, it has plenty of features to ensure confidentiality while browsing the internet, such as a kill switch, IP and DNS leak protection, and CyberSec to block ads and trackers.

Finally, NordVPN has excellent 24/7 live chat support and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Additionally, you can even grab a 7-day free trial on the Google Play Store to try the service out. After that, subscriptions start at only $3.30/month.

For a deeper investigation of NordVPN, read our NordVPN review.

2. Surfshark – streaming VPN with unlimited devices

Top VPN provider
Number of countries covered
Number of countries covered:
Number of servers
Number of servers:
24/7 live chat, FAQ
Avg. download speed
Avg. download speed:
741 Mbit/s
  • Great performance
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections
  • Unblocks Netflix and other platforms
  • App for Amazon Fire TV & Fire Stick
  • Very cheap
  • Weak self-help support section

Surfshark VPN has excellent features for streaming. First off, it offers incredible speeds throughout its entire 3200 server network across 65 countries thanks to the WireGuard tunneling protocol. Secondly, streaming fans can rejoice as it unblocks Netflix, Peacock, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney+, BBC iPlayer, and other streaming platforms.

You also get military-grade encryption, a kill switch, and advanced anti-censorship features when opting for this provider. Plus, its NoBorders and Camouflage modes make this service great for streamers in China.

Additionally, Surfshark VPN has an app for Amazon Fire TV Stick and allows you to connect an unlimited number of devices. And with the help of SmartDNS, you can enjoy the benefits of a VPN on practically any streaming device that you own.

If that’s not enough, you don’t need to worry if you ever run into trouble when using Surfshark. The VPN service has reliable customer support, which is available 24/7 and is reachable via live chat.

And the cherry on the top is that these features don’t cost a fortune – this VPN has an excellent value for money and starts at $2.49/month. Moreover, you could take Surfshark for a spin with its 7-day free trial that you can grab on mobile devices. Luckily, you can keep using it risk-free after that, thanks to the 30-day money-back guarantee.

For a deeper investigation of Surfshark VPN, read our Surfshark VPN review.

3. PrivateVPN – affordable streaming VPN

Number of countries covered
Number of countries covered:
Number of servers
Number of servers:
24/7 live chat
Avg. download speed
Avg. download speed:
129 Mbit/s
  • Fast speeds
  • Very cheap
  • Unblocks Netflix and other platforms
  • 7-day free trial
  • Support could be more responsive

PrivateVPN is yet another excellent VPN for streaming. Its speed tests prove that the product manages to perform at 4K-ready speeds, which will enhance your experience to the fullest. What’s more, it unblocks Netflix, Hulu + Live TV, Amazon Prime, Disney+, BBC iPlayer, and other streaming platforms.

Moreover, this provider offers six simultaneous connections on a single subscription. If you need more, you can set up your router with a VPN and enjoy potentially limitless connections on your home network. Additionally, PrivateVPN works with a wide range of streaming devices, including Android TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, and Kodi.

We love that PrivateVPN is not only fast but also secure. The service comes with bank-grade encryption, leak protection, and a strict no-logs policy. It’s pretty cheap for a top VPN service and starts at a mere $2.50/month. Best of all, it has a 7-day free trial as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee.

For a deeper investigation of PrivateVPN, read our PrivateVPN review.

4. VyprVPN – the cheapest streaming VPN available

Number of countries covered
Number of countries covered:
Number of servers
Number of servers:
24/7 live chat
Avg. download speed
Avg. download speed:
70 Mbit/s
  • Excellent security
  • Unblocks multiple Netflix libraries
  • Works in China
  • App for Android TV
  • No anonymous payments

VyprVPN is an excellent VPN for streaming, getting around geo-blocks, and experiencing blazing speeds across the globe with WireGuard. It unblocks Netflix US and libraries in other countries, as well as other streaming services, such as Disney+, Amazon Prime, and BBC iPlayer. What’s more, VyprVPN owns all of its 700+ servers in 70+ countries, which adds even more reliability to your connection.

This VPN comes with military-grade encryption, no leaks, and an audited no-logs policy. Thanks to its proprietary Chameleon protocol, you’ll be able to unblock Google, Facebook, and streaming websites even in China.

With fast speeds, you can expect high-quality video regardless of where you live. There’s also an Android TV app if you want to binge-watch on your home screen. Additionally, it’s one of the few VPNs that are compatible with Roku.

Typically, VyprVPN only allows five simultaneous connections. However, this can be alleviated by utilizing their easy-to-use router app to secure your entire home network and all connected devices.

By far, the best aspect of this VPN is the price – you can tame VyprVPN for only $1.67/month. Additionally, you can keep using the service without fear, thanks to the 30-day money-back guarantee.

For a deeper investigation of VyprVPN, read our VyprVPN review.

5. PureVPN – well-rounded VPN for streaming

Number of countries covered
Number of countries covered:
Number of servers
Number of servers:
24/7 live chat
Avg. download speed
Avg. download speed:
123 Mbit/s
  • Very cheap
  • Decent speeds
  • Unblocks multiple Netflix libraries
  • 10 simultaneous connections
  • Not good in China

PureVPN is the best VPN for streaming if you want access to the broadest selection of countries. The VPN has over 6500 servers across 140+ countries worldwide, more than any other provider on this list.

Based in Hong Kong, the VPN is great for privacy as it’s far away from the watchful Five Eyes alliance. Naturally, it’s also excellent for circumventing geographical restrictions by streaming services like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, Amazon Prime, and much more. Plus, it’s pretty fast even without the WireGuard tunneling protocol.

PureVPN will also work on practically any streaming device that you own. It has dedicated apps for Android TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, and even Kodi. Plus, it also has a DD-WRT applet for easy configuration on routers. That way, you can reap the benefits of a VPN on your entire network and secure all devices on it. Otherwise, a single subscription allows you to secure up to ten different devices simultaneously.

To get started with PureVPN, you can grab the ultra-cheap 7-day trial for $0.99. Once it’s over, subscriptions begin at $2.91/month and are secured with a 31-day money-back guarantee.

For a deeper investigation of PureVPN, read our PureVPN review.

The strongest aspect of each VPN

To refresh your memory, here are some of the most outstanding features of each VPN that makes them appealing in different ways.

NordVPNFastest VPN overall
SurfsharkUnlimited connections
PrivateVPNDedicated servers for streaming
VyprVPNAffordable and effective
PureVPNGreatest country selection

Best VPN for streaming: video review

If your eyes are tired of reading, you can visit our YouTube channel and get all the necessary information about the best VPNs for streaming in video form.

Best VPN for Streaming | TOP 5 fastest VPNs in 2020

How to choose the best VPN for streaming?

When selecting the best VPN for streaming, consider the following criteria:

  • Speed
  • Server and country count
  • Logging policy
  • Pricing
  • Geo-unblocking capabilities

Our Top 5 streaming VPNs cover most, if not all, aspects.

Naturally, if you’re looking for a VPN for a particular streaming service, for example, HBO Max or Popcorn Time, we have separate lists for those as well.


The faster, the better – this rule certainly applies when choosing a VPN for streaming. You want to be able to enjoy all your favorite shows, sports events, and more in the best possible video quality and with minimal buffering. Plus, a well-performing VPN can be left on all the time, and you won’t even notice it.

Therefore, you should opt for a service that’s fast enough for watching in 4K, which is at least 25 Mbps. With such speeds, your streaming options are practically unlimited.

Measuring performance is tricky because it depends on the VPN, your ISP, location, hardware, and other factors. However, you can check our VPN speed test to see the up-to-date performance of many popular VPN services (including each VPN from this list).

Server and country count

The rule of thumb is that the more servers a specific VPN has in more countries, the better. While choosing your product, lean towards those with more servers, especially if they cover a wider range of countries. This way, you’ll be able to change your location with a VPN to the most optimal servers for your situation.

Logging policy

One good way to decide whether a VPN provider is reliable or not is its logging policy. Ideally, you should be looking for a service with a zero-logs policy. Doing so would increase your chances of staying private and anonymous online.

The best part is that all VPNs listed above have a strict no-logs policy. In fact, NordVPN, VyprVPN, and PureVPN had their policies independently audited.

A big server fleet is also handy when streaming Netflix, whose libraries differ from place to place, or trying to unlock national streaming services, such as the BBC.


Last but not least, you have to evaluate the cost of a VPN. Pricier VPN providers could be packed with features that you don’t need. Meanwhile, a cheap VPN service might be enough if your desires aren’t very extravagant.

Whatever your needs are, remember that you’ll receive the best deals and biggest discounts when signing up for lengthier subscriptions. Plus, you can go the extra mile and search for special coupon codes to get an exclusive bargain.

Why do you need a VPN for streaming?

Netflix error

If you’re not satisfied with what your current streaming platform has to offer, you need a VPN. By using a reliable service, you would considerably expand your options by tearing down geographical restrictions.

What is more, new streaming platforms are created constantly. It may take a while for them to reach your country, but you don’t need to wait. What you have to do is connect to a server in your chosen country and enjoy the freshly-baked content.

Additionally, ISPs can throttle your bandwidth if they see that you’re using ridiculous amounts of data on streaming. However, with the help of a VPN, you can hide your binge-watching habits from all those nosy providers that would ruin your good time.

It is important to remember, though, that you should be picky about what VPN service you choose. Only a reliable and acknowledged provider could ensure that you don’t get caught by Netflix or other streaming platforms. Of course, there’s no need to fear, as streaming services won’t ban you for using a VPN.

Unfortunately, not every country is as tolerant of VPNs as you would expect. For example, authoritarian countries tend to regulate or even outlaw VPN services as they make it difficult to monitor online communications. If you’re not certain, read up on whether VPNs are legal in your country.

Is there a good free VPN for streaming?

The answer is, unfortunately, no. Netflix, Hulu, and other content providers are actively trying to block access via VPNs and proxies.

Even paid VPNs are having trouble providing a good streaming experience. So, if a free service manages to unblock Netflix and other platforms, it often runs into connectivity issues. As free servers are often overloaded, getting enough downloading speed is tricky. And we’re not talking about 4K video – even an HD stream might prove to be more than a free VPN can handle. Not to mention that most free VPN services have monthly bandwidth and data limits.

However, if you’re still looking for the best free VPN for streaming, you might find luck with Atlas VPN – a free service that should unblock Netflix. There are no other options save for using the money-back guarantee or a free trial of a premium VPN.

Best streaming VPN deals for today

In the VPN land, prices and discounts change constantly. New plans are introduced, old ones are ditched, and the cost can go up or down, depending on the marketing strategies. To help you out, we’ve rounded up the best streaming VPN deals for today:

  1. VyprVPN – $1.67/month for 87% off
  2. Surfshark VPN – $2.49/month for 81% off
  3. Private VPN – $2.50/month for 82% off
  4. PureVPN – $2.91/month for 73% off
  5. NordVPN – $3.30/month for 72% off

Bottom line

Choosing the best VPN for streaming enables you to ignore geo-blocks and reach movies and TV shows all around the globe. Plus, it will also prevent your ISP from throttling your traffic. Furthermore, high-quality VPN services can provide many security benefits that are essential when so much of our lives are spent online. Just remember to choose a trustworthy VPN provider for maximum effectiveness.

Which VPN do you use when streaming? Don’t hesitate to share your experience by leaving a comment!

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Is a VPN for streaming worth it?

A good VPN for streaming is worth it if you want to get the most out of your streaming service. It will unlock more content from around the world with negligible connection speed reductions.

What VPN do streamers use?

When streamers share their gameplay with the world, they’re likely using a premium VPN for Twitch. That way, they can effectively maintain their privacy and stay secure from DDoS attacks.

Is VPN safe for streaming?

A premium VPN is perfectly safe for streaming. However, some free VPNs aren’t secure as they may be tracking you and selling your data.

What is the fastest VPN for streaming?

The fastest VPN for streaming is NordVPN. With its proprietary Nordlynx tunneling protocol, it consistently tops VPN speed tests.


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