Thanks to the popularity of the Chrome browser, getting free VPN Chrome extensions in 2020 will be an absolute breeze. So, if you’d like to discover more about which VPN extension for Chrome to opt for, simply continue reading – the following article will cover exactly that!

The introduction of the Chrome browser back in 2008 seemed like a breath of fresh air. Excellent speeds, extensions, and a much lighter piece of software when compared to Internet Explorer – Chrome delivered on all of these fronts and more. So, it’s easy to see why it eventually became the world’s most widely used web browser.

However, times have changed since the initial release date of Chrome over a decade ago. In that time, online privacy has increasingly become a hot topic. People from all across the globe are now wearier than ever about staying safe and anonymous online. This is hardly surprising considering the ever-increasing number of data breaches to occur throughout the world.

With that in mind, you might just be wondering how you can keep yourself safe while using Google Chrome. The answer? Well, you’ll find that the perfect solution comes in the form of a VPN. There are a whole host of options that won’t cost you a penny too – with several free options available on the market.

1. ZenMate

ZenMate service logo

Available as a browser extension on Chrome, ZenMate offers 4 locations via its free service. A 100% no-logging policy ensures that your personal information and internet activity will remain well away from any prying eyes, so it’s well worth trying out.

However, their free version is limited to just 2 Mbps speed when connected to the service. In order to get around this, you have no option but to upgrade to the ultimate version priced from $1.64 a month if you take out a 3-year subscription.

2. Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield service logo

Reliable and easy to install, Hotspot Shield is a perfect choice for Google Chrome thanks to its dedicated extension which is available via the Chrome Web Store. Instantly securing all of your personal information such as passwords and addresses, this particular service makes use of military-grade 256-bit encryption.

It also benefits from a faster and stronger connection all thanks to the proprietary protocol called Catapult Hydra. So, it’s clear to see that enhanced online security is possible with Hotspot Shield’s free version.

Of course, you could always upgrade to the premium version risk-free if you’d like to make the most out of this particular VPN. There is a 45-day money-back guarantee which offers great peace of mind.

3. TunnelBear

TunnelBear service logo

Well-established for many years, TunnelBear is often the first port of call for those who are in search of a reliable and free Chrome VPN. Having undergone two independent security audits by respectable security firm Cure53, you can rest assured that TunnelBear takes your privacy seriously.

Like the other VPNs we’ve mentioned in this list, you can easily download and install a dedicated Chrome extension. However, just bear in mind that you only get 1.5 GB of data each month, which you’ll probably find yourself using up in no time. This might well be sufficient enough for the occasional user, though.

4. Windscribe VPN

Windscribe VPN service logo

Windscribe Free is an excellent choice for a Chrome VPN due to its ease of use, generous 10 GB monthly allowance, and the fact it comes with a built-in malware and ad blocker. All of Windscribe’s features are available via the free service. This includes the ability to access the US or UK versions of Netflix from wherever you are in the world.

A strict no-logs policy is also in place, which means that your internet activity won’t be tracked by the service. The only information that is kept by Windscribe VPN is the total amount of bandwidth you have used in a 30-day period and when you last used the service. You can upgrade to Windscribe Pro for as little as $1.00/month.

5 reasons why you need a Google Chrome VPN

As we touched upon earlier in the article, keeping yourself protected online is of paramount importance. After all, the amount of data breaches occurring is ever-increasing, so you’ll need to do whatever it takes to keep the would-be thieves at bay. And one of the key things is securing your Google Chrome browser.

Here’s why you should use a VPN Chrome extension in 2020:

  1. Traffic encryption. Without a Chrome VPN, your data is visible to your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and sometimes even the government. If that wasn’t enough, hackers could attack unencrypted traffic much more easily.
  2. Hiding your IP and location. A VPN for Chrome will hide your IP address and location, meaning that third parties will only see the VPN server that you’re using. This way, you can visit websites like you were in a VPN server’s country.
  3. IP, DNS, and WebRTC leak protection. Protection from all three types of leaks is essential. While you can turn off WebRTC on most browsers, it’s much more convenient to have a Chrome VPN extension do that for you.
  4. Kill switch. Ideally, your free VPN Chrome extension should have a kill switch. This feature turns off your internet connection in case your VPN goes down. This way, you avoid leaking your IP and location.
  5. Anti-malware. Only some free VPN Chrome extensions have this feature. Anti-malware prevents you from accidentally installing harmful apps, limits tracking and browser fingerprinting, and might even remove ads.

What to look for in a good free VPN extension for Chrome

A good free VPN extension for Chrome browser should have most, if not all features listed below:

  • Business model. If a Chrome VPN is free and has no ads, you can be almost sure it collects and sells your data. If it has ads, then your browsing will become even more irritating. Therefore the best bet is to choose a free VPN for Chrome that comes from a reputable provider.
  • No-logs. Any company behind a free VPN Chrome extension should have a strict no-logs policy. In the best-case scenario, the policy will be audited independently or proven in court.
  • Security and privacy. Military-grade encryption is a must, just like modern tunneling protocols. Anything that’s not WireGuard, OpenVPN, or IKEv2 is inferior. Finally, a free VPN extension for Chrome should have leak protection and, hopefully, a kill switch.
  • Speed. The encryption itself hampers down the speed significantly. So it would be best to find a free Chrome VPN that doesn’t put a cap on top of that.
  • Server locations. The more, the better. However, most free VPN Chrome extensions will limit you to several servers in a few countries.
  • Malware blocking. A rare feature among free VPNs for Chrome, malware blocking keeps Trojans and malign scripts at bay. Furthermore, it reduces tracking and browser fingerprinting. And if you’re lucky, this feature will block ads as well.

Free Chrome VPN extension FAQ

What is the best free VPN for Chrome?

The best free VPN for Chrome is ZenMate. It comes with 70+ locations and a true no-logs policy. The downside is that it’s for seven days only.

Does Chrome have a free VPN?

Yes, it does. Simply go to Chrome Web Store and enter “free VPN” into the search bar.

How do I add a free VPN to Chrome?

After you find a free VPN on Chrome Web Store, click the “Add to Chrome” button. When a pop-up appears, press “Add extension” and start using your free VPN for Chrome.

Is free VPN safe?

Free VPN can be safe if it’s developed by a reputable company that has a strict no-logs policy. Another vital feature is the kill switch. Also, a robust IP, DNS, and WebRTC leak protection is needed. Finally, modern tunneling protocols like OpenVPN and IKEv2 should be available.

Are Chrome extensions secure?

Not all Chrome extensions are secure. There are simply too many of then for Google to check every new add-on or its updated version. While sometimes you can find information about vulnerabilities in the comments section, that’s not always the case. Therefore, you should run a research on your own, especially if the ratings of that particular Chrome extension are few and low.

Can Chrome extensions steal passwords?

Yes, they can and do steal passwords. Even if you’ve been using some Chrome extension for years, its creators may sell it to some company, which turns it into malware after the next update. And since extensions update automatically, which is convenient, you have to be aware of the add-ons that you use and audit them regularly.

Should you get a free VPN Chrome extension?

As you can see, you’re most definitely not short of options when it comes to choosing a free VPN to use with Google Chrome in 2020. By setting up and using one of the VPNs above on the Chrome browser, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying safe and anonymous browsing.

However, remember that each free Chrome VPN has its drawbacks. The main one is that you will get a limited amount of data to use each month. This is understandable given each company will be pushing its free users towards purchasing a subscription to their respective premium service.

But, if you’re just getting started with a Chrome VPN or rarely use one, each of the previously mentioned four VPNs will most definitely fit the bill. Seeing as they’re free, it might be worth experimenting with each of them to discover which one suits your needs best. Either way, you can’t go wrong if you’re serious about protecting your online privacy.

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