How to install Kodi on LG Smart TV

Last updated: January 6, 2021
How to install Kodi on LG Smart TV

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If you have a Smart TV then you’ll already be up to speed with the fantastic features and apps that they offer to provide a richer entertainment experience. Unlike older TVs, you can web stream or cast, download content streaming apps, browse online and carry out other functions. The user experience really is next-level and the rich array of content types and genres available means you might never actually switch it off!

LG is slightly different

All major TV manufacturers are now switching towards Smart TVs, but the LG version is quite different from other mainstream competitor offerings. Why? Because the LG smart TV doesn’t use Android for its operating system and instead uses WebOS. Not to worry – although the different OS makes it slightly more complicated to install applications such as Kodi, the steps to follow are quite simple and there are different potential routes that you can take.

About Kodi

You’ve probably also heard of Kodi, which is an open-source and free media-playing application. Created by a tech consortium operating in the non-profit space, XBMC Foundation, the software system can be used across a range of hardware and various operating systems – including WebOS. With a user interface that can extend up to 10 feet on compatible TVs, it’s a popular choice for LG smart TV owners.
Kodi can be used across Windows, Android, Web, Roku, and Linux and installed across several devices and platforms simultaneously. It also works on nearly all smart TV manufacturer brands.

Benefits of installing Kodi on LG Smart TV models

You can get even more from your LG Smart TV when you install Kodi on to it, with benefits that include:

  • An interactive, user-friendly interface
  • The ability to switch quickly and seamlessly between your applications
  • Seamless streaming, all in HD quality
  • Exclusive, fresh content across all entertainment genres.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to install Kodi on LG Smart TVs to begin streaming the content you want in a flash.

Kodi News

You can get Kodi on LG Smart TV models, and most other brands, including Sony, Panasonic, and Samsung. However, you should be aware that a lot of the power of Kodi comes from unofficial add-ons, allowing to stream pirated content. For this reason, it is wise to use Kodi in conjunction with a VPN to protect your anonymity.
The VPN helps to secure your identity by applying an IP mask and other technologies for anonymity. By doing this you can help to prevent issues with copyright and DMA notices, and also unblock key add-ons such as GAIA, Covenant or Neptune Rising.
If you’re looking for a VPN service for Kodi, you should primarily consider speed and security. As such, NordVPN is a great choice.

VPNpro rating: 9.6 / 10

When looking to install Kodi on LG Smart TV models, you can also use the Kodi VPN system itself. The Kodi VPN offering is directly compatible with Android OS but it can still be used with LG Smart TVs and cope with the WebOS alternative.

Option 1 – Download Kodi via Google Play

Now, with most Smart TV models that use the Android operating system, the TV is ready to install Kodi directly, and then the TV options can simply be customized for use according to your preferences. However, as LG uses WebOS to run its software, you can’t get Kodi on LG Smart TV models with a direct download.

So, to get around it, simply connect either an Android box or Android stick to your LG Smart TV, go to Google Play Store and then carry out your Kodi download onto the TV. Alternatively, use Roku Player or Chromecast. Let’s look at these options now in more detail.

Option 2: Download Kodi on LG Smart TV models with Chromecast

You’ll need an Android phone to take this option. If you’ve got one, follow these simple steps to get started:

1. Have your smart TV and smartphone both connected to the same network
2. Download Kodi and install it onto your Android-enabled smartphone, so that you can play it on your TV.
3. Once you’ve installed Kodi, install Chromecast onto the same phone, again using the Google Play Store.
4. Install it by going to Google Play, searching for the Google Home App and selecting install. Wait a few minutes until it has finished.
5. Then, pair Google Chromecast with your LG smart TV. Do this by going to the Google Home App and selecting Cast Screen / Audio. This will allow the casting to begin so that you can start to use Kodi on your LG Smart TV.

Option 3: Download Kodi on LG Smart TV models with Roku Player

There is also an option to choose the Roku Player in order to access Kodi on your LG smart TV. Again, it’s quick and easy to do and the steps are detailed below.

1. Grab your smartphone or your PC and install Kodi onto it.
2. Then, connect your device of choice to Roku using your internet connection. You do this by going into Roku and opening the player settings, selecting System, looking for Screen Mirroring and then selecting this option.
3. Finally, install the mirroring option to connect the Roku app to your smartphone or PC. You can then watch your Kodi content on your LG Smart TV.

Option 4 – Use Raspberry Pi to get Kodi on LG Smart TV models

There is an extra option in your quest: to use Kodi on your LG Smart TV with Rasberry Pi. This is compatible with every LG Smart TV model on the market. To take this route, follow these steps.

1. Access your Raspberry Pi card and format it. It has an inbuilt SD card which has a FAT32 format. Insert it into your computer.
2. Once you’ve formatted it, simply transfer your downloaded Kodi app to the card.
3. Use it to download Kodi to your operating system.
4. Choose an appropriate tool to write OPENLEC, which is an OS, to your card.
5. Then, plug in your Raspberry Pi card to the LG Smart TV.
6. You’ll now need to make a switch to Kodi. Do this by taking the input picker route that is provided on the TV and selecting the appropriate option.

Thanks to the Raspberry Pi card, you’ll then be able to start using Kodi instantly on your LG TV.

Using Kodi on your LG Smart TV

You can begin to add various add-ons once you’ve installed Kodi. To do this:

1. Go to the Kodi Home screen
2. Head to settings and click on system
3. Then choose the add-ons tab
4. Look for the Unknown Sources option and turn on apps.

You can now choose your favorite add-ons to install, depending on what takes your fancy. Simply install these and begin enjoying your content whenever you like. There is a huge range of add-ons that you can select from and each one has its own features and specialty focuses.

Can I install Kodi on LG 4K smart TV models?

Yes, absolutely. You can do this via your Android TV box and it’s simple to do. Simply:

1. Connect your LG 4K Smart TV to your Android TV box
2. Open Google Play in the Android TV box and look for the Kodi app. Install it.
3. The app will then automatically install to the Android TV box.
4. Simply open it and then use it to start checking out your chosen content on your LG 4K.

What do I need to know about the LG TV Upgrader when using Kodi?

The LG Smart TV upgrader will make sure you are always getting the most from your entertainment experience. You can upgrade Kodi easily. If you use Kodi via your paired Android device, then simply upgrade your installed version on the Android smartphone or PC. If you are choosing to watch Kodi on your LG TV by mirroring/casting it via Roku, then just update to the latest version of Kodi across both versions and they’ll show you the latest features.

In conclusion

If you choose to use Kodi on your LG Smart TV, you’ll be able to experience a superb entertainment experience with a mind-boggling array of content at your disposal – all streamed in HD quality. Some users are initially a bit concerned about the ease of installing Kodi onto to their LG Smart TV, but it’s actually easy – especially with the different options described above to choose from. By taking the time to do so, your multimedia viewing experience will elevate to the next level, with a fantastic user interface and a vast array of content possibilities to enjoy.

Yes, it is marginally more difficult to use Kodi on your LG Smart TV when comparing the TV model to an alternative Smart TV model which uses Android. However, it’s well worth taking the steps to do so, and we hope you’ll love the viewing experience you can enjoy as a result!

Just remember to keep using your VPN so that your anonymity is preserved and you can continue to access the full range of content that you want without giving away your identity and compromising your privacy. Read our guides to VPN systems to find out more and to safeguard your online activities.

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Disclaimer: Affiliate links help us produce good content. Learn more.

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  1. Johnny Fritz

    That’s one thing that I think is lacking in smart TV’s-a user-friendly interface for all your entertainment needs. KODI sounds right up my alley. I’ll check it out and hopefully it does all the things you mention in this informative article. It’d be a great addition to my home theatre system.

  2. Bluejay

    I guess just about any smart TV will work with Kodi if you can use screen-mirroring or screen-casting. It’s kind of frustrating that you can’t download Kodi directly to the TV but have to use a workaround with an Android device, but at least there’s a way!

  3. Jenny H

    Great article, thank you so much for the guide, I wasn’t sure how to install Kodi on my TV, I knew it was doable but I didn’t know if it was easy or not, the guide made it quite easy in the end so thanks again !

  4. Mazur_1978

    Thanks for the article! It’s good news for Kodi fans. We had Kodi on Windows, Mac, Linux. Now we can enjoy it on WebOS too. LG makes fantastic TVs, Addition of Kodi makes them even more awesome!

  5. Ana Grenville

    I’m so glad I could finally install Kodi after reading your guide! I was really worried because my nephew told me I couldn’t do it, since LG doesn’t use Android or something. But it worked! Thank youuuu!

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