How to use Popcorn Time on Apple TV

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Last updated: January 12, 2022
How to watch Popcorn Time on Apple TV
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Popcorn Time is a multi-platform, BitTorrent client that was released in February of 2014 and experienced a boom in users and functionality in 2016. The world of video-on-demand has exploded over the last few years. There are dozens of streaming platforms to choose from and it seems most popular companies want to jump into the game. Companies like Amazon and YouTube have entered the ring and managed to hold their own. Popcorn Time is an alternative to these paid-subscription streaming services.

With all of these different options, it is easy to see why users would be interested in a product like Popcorn Time, which allows users to skip buying subscriptions to multiple streaming services and find their favorites shows and movies all in one place.

One of the greatest features of Popcorn Time is its many available platforms. Here, we will discuss how you can use Popcorn Time on your Apple TV.

About Popcorn Time on Apple TV

Using Popcorn Time on an Apple TV is a great option for users who are tired of dealing with multiple subscription services. There is no specific piece of hardware or software required to install Popcorn Time on the Apple TV, which makes it a convenient choice.

However, the Popcorn time application cannot be found in the official iTunes app store. This means there is a specific method for downloading and installing Popcorn time on Apple TV, and we will show you how it’s done.

How to download Popcorn Time on Apple TV

As we mentioned, you cannot download Popcorn Time through iTunes, which means you will have to sideload the file. Sideloading is the installation of third-party apps through backdoor methods.

To sideload Popcorn Time to your Apple TV you will need:

  • A Mac computer
  • A USB cable
  • A working Apple ID
  • An Apple TV

Now that you have all of your materials, let’s see the downloading steps:

  1. Connect your Mac to your Apple TV via USB cable.
  2. Install a sideloading GUI tool, such as Cydia Impactor, to your Mac.
  3. Download the Popcorn Time IPA file to your Mac via a reputable website.

How to download Popcorn Time on Apple TV

How to Install

Now that you have both a GUI tool and Popcorn Time’s IPA file downloaded to your Mac, we can begin installing. If you don’t already have your computer and tv hooked up via USB cable, connect it now. We will be using Cydia Impactor in our example.

How to install Popcorn Time on Apple TV

In the GUI tool, find and select your Apple TV in the devices list.

GUI tool

Move the Popcorn Time IPA file to the GUI tool by dragging the file to its screen.

Move the Popcorn Time IPA file to the GUI tool

When prompted, enter your Apple ID and password and the app will download.

enter your Apple ID and password

The application should now be on your Apple TV and ready to use!

Setup Popcorn Time

Once you open up Popcorn Time you will want to head on over to the settings menu!

Popcorn Time media library

In this menu, you will find all the basic setup options for your Popcorn Time app.

Popcorn Time settings

First, under interface, we have the default language setting. With 15 options to choose from, it is likely that there will be a language option that fits your needs.

Still under interface – you can also change the theme but know that the older versions of the app only offer the classic theme.

Next, we have the subtitle settings, which allows you to adjust the font size. You can change your subtitles from normal, to extra-large, or even extra-small. You can tinker around with all the in-between sizes as well until you find a size that is the most comfortable while viewing.

The last few options in the settings menu may be the two most important. The first two involve your cache. Though a default area will propagate, you can choose which folder to designate for your cache. You can also ask the app to clear your cache each time you exit the Popcorn Time Apple TV app.

The last option, “Alert me before downloading if my VPN is turned off” is auto selected. This is because of the importance of using a VPN while using Popcorn Time. You can deselect this if you choose, but we will discuss later on why it is so important to always use a VPN when downloading files on the app.


Now that you have Popcorn Time downloaded to your Apple TV and you have your settings all worked out, let’s discuss streaming.

Streaming on Popcorn Time for Apple TV is extremely easy. The UI is very similar to popular streaming apps like Netflix. You can choose from a landing page of popular items. You can also search by movies, TV shows, or genre. Or, just use the search bar to type in what want to watch!

Once you decide on an option you will find that program or movies landing page. If it is a TV show, you will be given a list of available seasons and episodes on the left. Both TV shows and movies will give you a thorough plot synopsis, a link to reviews, time and posting stats, as well as a genre.

Popcorn Time movie intro

After you have selected the exact movie or episode you’d like to see, you can find the language and quality drop-down options on the bottom right of the landing page. Make your selections and select “Watch it now.”

Importance of VPN for Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time, like any BitTorrent extension, should be used with the proper protection. There are those who use these torrenting applications to download illegal copies of works. Because of this, these applications, and those who use them, are heavily monitored. If you are worried you might accidentally download an illegal file, or if you don’t like the idea of your data, location, personal information, and online activity being monitored by a stranger, then you will need to use a VPN.

You can start by checking out our Best VPN for Popcorn Time list to find a reliable VPN provider

With the proper protection and a little bit of work, you can easily be watching your favorite shows with Popcorn Time for Apple TV!

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  1. Ana Carolina

    What if I don’t have a MAC??

    1. avatar
      Mikaela Bray Author

      Dear Ana. Thanks for your comment. Well, if you don’t have a Mac, you can always buy one 🙂 On a more serious note, here’s a link to our article on watching Popcorn Time on Windows. Have a good one!

  2. DFG

    I can’t believe I used to use all sorts of things without a VPN. Kodi, Popcorn Time, Netflix. How stupid I was. Now that I know better, I don’t see myself ever going online (on any site) without using a great VPN

  3. Ramirez

    Waooh, one can easily navigate the app by flipping through thumbnails of movie posters, or you can run a search and once you find a movie you want to see, just tap watch and the stream starts almost instantaneously. Am so happy I could find a Netflix alternative hahaha

  4. Vincent Moralez

    I’ve been warning my friends that streaming services continue to lose content to other sites and that people will be stuck buying multiple streaming services to access the material they used to have on a few services. That’s why Popcorn Time seems like a smart way to go. It doesn’t sound difficult to get started and I’m glad I came across this.

  5. Ned T

    Great guide ! I wasn’t sure how to install it on the AppleTV but it seems quite easy ! Now I just need to install a VPN and it’ll be all good to go ! Thanks for the article, great content !

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