Best VPN for Coinbase in 2023

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Last updated: February 6, 2023
Best VPN for Coinbase
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Coinbase is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchange services in the United States. Many crypto newcomers and veterans use the platform as their go-to trading hub.

However, though the service is insanely popular, it isn’t available worldwide and is subjected to geographical restrictions. Therefore, some cryptocurrency enthusiasts need to utilize a Coinbase VPN to access the platform.

Plus, a VPN (Virtual Private Network) has other advantages as well. With it, all of your online transactions remain private and untraceable. So don’t miss out on the leading cryptocurrency exchange service and pick the right provider to maintain your confidentiality.

Top VPNs for Coinbase – shortlist

  1. Overall best VPN for Coinbase
  2. VPN for Coinbase with unlimited connections
  3. Cheap Coinbase VPN
  4. VPN for Coinbase with a free version
  5. VPN for Coinbase with an enormous server fleet

Want to know how to get the best Coinbase VPN? Follow our guide below!

How to access Coinbase from anywhere

  1. Choose the most reliable VPN provider compatible with your device(s). We recommend NordVPN – now 68% off.
  2. Download and install the application of your choice.
  3. Choose a server in the US or pick any other location that allows unlimited Coinbase access.
  4. Start trading cryptocurrency on Coinbase!

Get the best VPN for Coinbase!

Why do you need a VPN for Coinbase?

Coinbase is a leading cryptocurrency exchange based in the US and available in more than 100 other countries worldwide. That being said, there are a lot of locations where the service is still unavailable.

Moreover, not every continent has access to the same capabilities while using the service. For example, you can only exchange one cryptocurrency for another in some countries, such as Serbia. Meanwhile, other countries have full trading capabilities.

Furthermore, applications like Coinbase require an internet connection. Since cryptocurrency exchange is dynamic, sometimes traders must perform transactions on the go, using public WiFi, which can create a wide range of privacy and security vulnerabilities. A trustworthy VPN will help you protect your sensitive data on public and private networks all the same.

A VPN works by rerouting your internet connection through an encrypted server in a remote country. That way, you can spoof your location and trick various online services into thinking that you’re located in a different place.

However, it’s important to remember that a constantly changing IP address could be interpreted as a red flag and that someone is trying to hack your account. Luckily, most solid VPNs have a solution for this problem. It’s a dedicated IP address feature, and we highly recommend choosing a provider with it. Then, you can always connect to Coinbase with the same IP from anywhere worldwide and not worry about getting locked out for security reasons.

Best VPNs for Coinbase: overview

All of our top-picked VPNs have a kill switch to prevent IP leaks and military-grade encryption for complete privacy. Moreover, all of these services support a wide range of different devices and operating systems to ensure that you can access Coinbase on any of your smart gadgets.

1. NordVPN – the best VPN for Coinbase

Top VPN provider
Number of countries covered
Number of countries covered:
Number of servers
Number of servers:
24/7 live chat, Email
  • Insanely fast
  • Great for streaming and torrenting
  • Large server fleet
  • No firmware for router

NordVPN is the ultimate VPN for Coinbase. Based in privacy-respecting Panama, this service is outside the jurisdiction of the Five, Nine, and Fourteen Eyes Alliances and offers incredible privacy and security features.

With a large server fleet of roughly 5400 RAM-only servers in 60+ countries, you’ll be able to access Coinbase from virtually anywhere in the world. Furthermore, its next-gen NordLynx protocol makes NordVPN the fastest virtual private network.

In addition to all of this, NordVPN’s Threat protection tool will protect you from online trackers, annoying ads, and other malicious domains. Alternatively, you can use the Obfuscated servers to conceal your use of NordVPN, which will be especially beneficial in heavily restricted areas like China and Russia. P2P servers will also allow you to keep top-notch speeds while torrenting.

NordVPN is also the best VPN for streaming. It can effortlessly get around geographical restrictions and unlock more content on services like Netflix, Hulu + Live TV, Amazon Prime Video, and more. Additionally, the fast connection speeds will allow you to watch TV shows and movies in UHD and 4K.

You’ll get all of these perks and more at a small starting price of just $3.49/month. Its 30-day money-back guarantee will allow you to try out all that the service has to offer without any long-term financial commitment. Additionally, you can try out the service with a 7-day free trial. Moreover, in case you run into an unforeseen issue, simply contact their round-the-clock customer support. For more alternative deals, check out these coupon codes.

For a deeper investigation of NordVPN, read our NordVPN review.

2. Surfshark – a VPN for Coinbase with an unlimited number of connections

Top VPN provider
Number of countries covered
Number of countries covered:
Number of servers
Number of servers:
24/7 live chat, FAQ
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections
  • 24/7 live chat customer support
  • Phenomenal global coverage
  • No-logs policy not independently audited

Starting with its launch in 2018, Surfhshark has earned customers’ trust and is now regarded as one of the best VPN providers. Based in the Netherlands, this virtual private network offers 3200+ servers in 100+ countries.

With its large server fleet, wide country selection, and superb security and privacy features, Surfhsark is one of the top choices for Coinbase. Furthermore, all of Surfshark’s servers are physical and RAM-only, adding an extra layer of security and even allowing better performance.

Regarding privacy and security, Surfshark offers military-grade encryption, privacy-friendly jurisdiction, IP and DNS leak protection, and a strict no-logs policy. Moreover, since Surfshark uses WireGuard tunneling protocol, your speeds with this provider will be good enough for 4K and HD streaming.

Surfshark’s Camouflage mode will disguise your VPN usage, making it appear as a normal connection, which benefits those connecting in restricted areas. Meanwhile, this service also has a NoBorders mode that will bypass governmental restrictions – a vital feature at your disposal for such services as Coinbase.

At a small starting price of $2.30/month, you will gain all that the service has to offer. Furthermore, you can test it out for free with a 7-day free trial available at Google Play Store or Apple App Store. If you experience an issue, their round-the-clock customer support will help you resolve it in no time. For even more great deals, check out these coupon codes.

For a deeper investigation of Surfshark VPN, read our Surfshark VPN review.

3. PrivateVPN – well-rounded VPN for Coinbase

Number of countries covered
Number of countries covered:
Number of servers
Number of servers:
24/7 live chat
  • Incredible for streaming
  • Budget-friendly option
  • Great for torrenting
  • Lacks WireGuard

Based in Sweden, PrivateVPN offers 200+ servers in 63+ countries. Even though it is significantly smaller than our previous top picks, within the VPN industry, it is considered to be one of the best. Its security and privacy features, as well as the ability to bypass geo-blocks, make it one of the top options for Coinbase.

On the technical side, PrivateVPN utilizes the OpenVPN tunneling protocol and has protection against IP and DNS leaks. Furthermore, torrenting fans will be glad to hear that the provider doesn’t limit P2P traffic. Plus, it even has port forwarding and SOCKS5 proxy features.

Moreover, the service is famous for its great capabilities in bypassing geo-blocks on streaming services. With PrivateVPN, you can enjoy Amazon Prime, HBO Max, Netflix, Disney+, and Hulu, amongst others.

At a small starting price of $2.00/month, it is one of the cheapest, high-quality VPNs on the grid. Moreover, with a 7-day free trial and 30-day money-back guarantee, you can test out all that the service has to offer with no long-term financial commitment. If interested, check out these coupon codes for more alternative options.

For a deeper investigation of PrivateVPN, read our PrivateVPN review.

4. Atlas VPN – VPN for Coinbase with the best freemium version

Number of countries covered
Number of countries covered:
Number of servers
Number of servers:
Email, tickets, FAQ
  • Great free version
  • Unlimited number of connections
  • WireGuard tunneling protocol
  • No router configuration

If you’re looking for an affordable yet reliable VPN service for Coinbase, Atlas VPN may be the best way to go. Based in the US, the service offers 750+ servers in roughly 37 countries. Since the service provides quite a few locations to connect to in the US and North America, you can be sure that it will be great for Coinbase.

AtlasVPN is a safe choice for those of us who put our online privacy and security at the top of our priority list. The service offers such essentials as solid leak protection, military-grade encryption, and a reliable kill switch. Moreover, Atlas VPN endorses a strict no-logs policy that negates its US jurisdiction impact.

Since AtlasVPN offers the WireGuard tunneling protocol, you can be sure that your browsing and streaming speeds will be fast. For those who love to stream content in their free time, AtlasVPN’s geo-blocks bypassing capacity is more than enough. With Atlas VPN, you can access content on Hulu, Disney+, Netflix, and Amazon Prime.

We highly recommend AtlasVPN’s premium version to receive all that the service has to offer, such as streaming unlocking capabilities and WireGuard. Currently, the prices for Atlas VPN start at as little as $2.05/month. However, in case you are searching for a reliable free VPN – Atlas offers the best free VPN version available. For more alternative deals – check out these coupon codes.

For a deeper investigation of Atlas VPN, read our Atlas VPN review.

5. PureVPN – a VPN with many different security features

Number of countries covered
Number of countries covered:
Number of servers
Number of servers:
24/7 live chat
  • Enormous server fleet
  • Dedicated IP option
  • Great for streaming
  • iOS and MacOS applications provide fewer features

PureVPN is for those who are looking for a jack-of-all-trades Coinbase VPN. Based in Hong Kong, this provider is one of the cheapest on our list. Furthermore, the service has an expansive server network and offers a dedicated IP as an optional extra.

PureVPN has the largest server network on this list, with over 6500 servers across 70+ countries. As for tunneling protocols, you can choose between WireGuard, OpenVPN, and IKEv2. Furthermore, it has split tunneling, geo-unblocking capabilities, P2P servers, and other optional features.

With a single PureVPN subscription, you can secure up to ten different devices simultaneously. However, that becomes irrelevant once you set up your home router with a VPN. Then you could take advantage of the DD-WRT applet that the service offers. Furthermore, you can also install the VPN directly on Android TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Roku, or Kodi.

Subscriptions for PureVPN start at $1.33/month and are secured with a 31-day money-back guarantee. Thankfully, you can also grab a 7-day trial for only $0.99. To access more alternative deals, check out these coupon codes.

For a deeper investigation of PureVPN, read our PureVPN review.

How to choose the best VPN for Coinbase

When deciding between different VPN providers for Coinbase, it’s important to remember that not just any service will do. Here are some essential aspects that you should consider:

  • Privacy. Since cryptocurrencies are not 100% safe by themselves, you need to further bolster your privacy via a VPN. Therefore, your VPN should have such privacy essentials as a kill switch, obfuscated servers, and IP and DNS leak protection. Plus, it should be located in a privacy-respecting jurisdiction and have a solid no-logs policy. It’s even better if the no-logs policy that the provider offers has been audited independently by a third party.
  • Security. Cryptocurrency users are frequently the victims of hacks and other online threats. A VPN should protect adequately against various dangers, such as malware, phishing scams, trackers, etc.
  • Servers. Coinbase is subjected to geographical restrictions in some regions. According to its official website, Coinbase is subject to sanctions administered by the US governing body. Moreover, US Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) limits the available Coinbase features globally. Therefore, you need a service with a vast server network so you can change your location with a VPN to an area where Coinbase doesn’t have any limitations.
  • Speed. A good connection is vital to a pleasant browsing experience. Thus, it’s crucial to choose a fast VPN provider.
  • Dedicated IP. As mentioned earlier, Coinbase could restrict your account if you keep connecting from a different IP. That’s why you should choose a VPN provider with a dedicated IP feature.
  • Price. A well-rounded VPN with good security features and privacy practices will have a substantial price tag. Therefore, you should get familiar with the best cheapest VPNs to make the most informed decision that won’t significantly penalize your bank account.

Countries where Coinbase is restricted

As you can tell from the map presented, there are quite a few locations that still prohibit the use of Coinbase. With a reliable Coinbase VPN, this cryptocurrency exchange platform will become available anywhere in the world.

The availability of Coinbase differs depending on the location you are in. We will therefore present you with a list of countries that allows limited access to this cryptocurrency exchange.

EuropeAlbania, Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, British Virgin Islands, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Guernsey, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Isle of Man, Italy, Jersey, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom
AsiaBahrain, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Hong Kong, India, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Mongolia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Turkey
The AmericasArgentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Cayman Islands, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Jamaica, Mexico, Panama, Peru, the United States (except for Alaska), Venezuela
AfricaAngola, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Chad, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Guinea, Kenya, Kuwait, Madagascar, Malawi, Mali, Mozambique, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa, Tunisia, Uganda, Zambia
OceaniaAustralia, Indonesia, New Zealand

According to our research, the cryptocurrency exchange services provided by Coinbase are, in part, limited by the regulations of USDC and other local financial regulations. All of the countries displayed have limited trading capabilities that differ from the full-service Coinbase offers. We, therefore, strongly advise connecting to a location that allows full trading capacity (such as Alaska) via a virtual private network.

Access Coinbase from anywhere!

Countries where Coinbase is available

Since Coinbase is not available around the globe, we will present locations you can connect to via a VPN that will unlock all that the platform has to offer.

North AmericaAruba, Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda, Canada, Costa Rica, Curacao, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Jamaica, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Trinidad and Tobago, United States, British Virgin Islands
South AmericaArgentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay
EuropeAndorra, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Gibraltar, Greece, Guernsey, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Isle of Man, Italy, Jersey, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Montenegro, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom
AsiaArmenia, Bahrain, Brunei Darussalam, Hong Kong, India, Jordan, Kazakhstan, South Korea, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Macao, Maldives, Mongolia, Nepal, Oman, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Uzbekistan
OceaniaNew Zealand
AfricaAngola, Benin, Botswana, Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, Mauritius, Namibia, Rwanda, South Africa, Tunisia, Uganda, Zambia

Try the best Coinbase VPN!

Can’t access Coinbase with a VPN?

Online services with geographical restrictions limit traffic from countries where the service is unavailable. Sometimes, it also involves blocking VPN traffic. Thus, there is a chance that you may run into problems of accessing Coinbase even with a VPN.

Therefore, we will discuss some possible problems and solutions to Coinbase not working with a VPN.

  • Problem with a VPN server. In case you witness your connection slowing down, and you’re unable to access Coinbase amongst other websites, it could possibly mean that you ran into an overcrowded server. Additionally, servers are getting continuously updated, and you may unexpectedly pick a server that is under maintenance. In such cases, simply choose a different server, and the problem should be resolved.
  • Coinbase is down. Although fairly unlikely, it may be that the entire platform is under maintenance or down. In that case, it may be beneficial to check Quora and Reddit for some answers. These platforms are very active when it comes to cryptocurrency exchange services, and the answers to your query should appear in no time. Also, it may be beneficial to check Coinbase’s social media accounts for some official updates.
  • Firewall or antivirus. If you use an antivirus or firewall service, try disabling it and then check if Coinbase is available.

You can contact Coinbase customer support service if none of these suggestions work. Alternatively, you can contact your virtual private network’s customer support since most assist around the clock.

Should you use a free VPN for Coinbase?

Usually, the available free VPNs will not get you very far. Free VPNs are highly unreliable since they can contain malware. Furthermore, most of them keep logs and use trackers to gather your personal information and sell it to third parties. We would, thus, highly recommend opting for a reliable VPN service instead of a free one.

However, if you are particularly tied to your financial situation, we recommend going for Proton VPN or Atlas VPN. These providers offer the best freemium services out there and are highly reliable. Even though you will not receive the majority of additional great perks that come with the paid versions of these services, you will still be able to access Coinbase and will remain secure while doing so.

That being said, we highly recommend trying out a premium VPN for ultimate security and privacy. For example, our top choice – NordVPN, even offers a 7-day free trial. During the free trial, you will gain access to incredible speed and military-grade protection and will be able to access thousands of servers worldwide. If you decide to go with NordVPN after your free trial, the long-term subscriptions start at as little as $3.49/month and even come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Try free trial VPN

It is entirely legal to use a VPN for Coinbase. Using a VPN to access this cryptocurrency exchange does not go against the Terms of Service of the platform. Furthermore, by using one of our VPNs, you will get full access to the service and remain fully anonymous since all of our VPNs have great security and privacy features in place.

That being said, if Coinbase detects your use of a VPN to access the platform, your account may be frozen or closed.

In order for this not to happen to you, we highly advise opting for VPN providers that offer Stealth VPN, Obfuscated servers, or Camouflage mode. Furthermore, a dedicated IP address that a top VPN can offer is another solution we advise you to pay close attention to. By opting to go with a dedicated IP, you will gain access to Coinbase using the same IP address and will not flag your VPN connection as a security vulnerability.

Bottom line

With the increasing popularity of cryptocurrency trading, services like Coinbase are becoming increasingly popular. That being said; unfortunately, the service is still geo-blocked in a wide range of countries and locations, such as Serbia, Latvia, and even the US, with the exception of the state of Alaska. However, a reliable virtual private network can help you access Coinbase hassle-free.

We recommend NordVPN – now 68% off!

If you’re using a VPN for Coinbase, which of these VPNs have you tried? Did we miss any great VPNs for Coinbase? Let us know in the comments below.

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What is the best VPN for Coinbase?

NordVPN is the best VPN service provider available for Coinbase. The service offers a wide array of features, such as incredible speeds, an independently audited no-logs policy as well as excellent content unlocking abilities.

Which country should you connect to for Coinbase?

We have included a list of countries that support this service. Therefore, by connecting to any of the green-lit locations, you can easily access Coinbase.

Can I buy crypto on Coinbase with a VPN?

Yes, you can buy cryptocurrencies with a VPN. It’s even recommended as crypto without a VPN exposes your real IP address to the publicly available blockchain.

Is accessing Coinbase with a VPN illegal?

No, using a VPN to protect your identity while making online transactions is perfectly legal in most parts of the world. However, your VPN usage may be flagged by the service as a security vulnerability resulting in your account getting frozen or closed. For this not to happen to you, we recommend choosing NordVPN since it offers dedicated IP and Obfuscated servers.

Does Coinbase work outside the US?

Yes, Coinbase works in over 100 countries around the world. However, not every country has the same capabilities on the platform. A VPN from our list will allow you to access all that Coinbase offers.

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