Many VPN services only allow one connection at a time. This means that if you’d like to use multiple simultaneous connections across each of your devices, you simply won’t be able to do so.

Luckily, there is a whole host of VPN services available on the market which allow multiple simultaneous connections. For those who have a family, a small office, or simply have a wealth of different gadgets, having a VPN which allows multiple device connections per license is the perfect way to save yourself a lot of money when compared to purchasing separate licenses for each device.

With each of these reasons in mind, it’s now time for you to discover our recommendations when it comes to choosing the best VPN for multiple devices.

No time to read? Here are our best VPNs:

1. Surfshark VPN - unlimited devices

Surfshark VPN - unlimited devices service logo

Right after its introduction, Surfshark quickly became one of the leaders among VPN services. It’s a solid product that delivers premium features with a very competitive price when you opt-in for a 2-year plan which costs $1.99/month.

This VPN service offers a full range of features, including a kill-switch, a no-logging policy, industry-leading encryption, and phishing protection. It also allows simultaneous connections, which means that you may safeguard all of your devices as well as those of your family members.

It has an app for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android and Fire OS platforms, plus can be configured for Smart TVs, gaming consoles and more.

2. NordVPN - 6 connections

NordVPN - 6 connections service logo

NordVPN is undoubtedly one of the most popular VPN providers in the world right now, and it’s easy to see why. Providing access to over 5500+ servers for $3.49/month, you can enjoy a fast and reliable service across each of the main platforms – with user-friendly apps available for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux.

What further enhances the appeal of NordVPN is the ability to use the service simultaneously across up to six devices per license – double what ExpressVPN provides. So, if you’re looking for the perfect balance between price and performance, you really can’t go wrong with NordVPN.

3. IPVanish

IPVanish service logo

IPVanish is a solid VPN choice for entertainment – torrenting, bypassing geo-restrictions, and more. It’s fast and offers a free SOCKS5 proxy, which is particularly useful for torrenters and those with a slower connection. Despite being based in the US, IPVanish is also a secure service with a good privacy policy. Military-grade encryption and a kill switch ensure the security of your data.

When it comes to multi-device usage this service is looking good. With one subscription, you can connect up to 10 devices to their servers simultaneously. Since the VPN speeds are fast you’ll barely notice any difference to your usual, non-VPN speeds so it’s a good idea to put your entire family under the protection of this provider.

4. CyberGhost

CyberGhost service logo

One of the greatest VPN’s for newbies is also pretty good when it comes to multiple devices. With prices as low as $2.75/month its ease of use and seven simultaneous connections per account you get a pretty good deal.

Service has 6200+ servers in 90+ countries. And unlike most VPNs, CyberGhost uses highly specialized servers for particular tasks. Some of them are great for gaming, while others are used for downloading torrents or unlocking media streaming websites. So you can adapt your VPN according to your needs.

What we did not like? Well, it lacks certain features that true VPN geeks would appreciate like TOR compatibility, StealthVPN, or split tunneling. But if you can do without them, CyberGhost will be a good enough option for you.

5. PrivateVPN - 6 connections

PrivateVPN - 6 connections service logo

PrivateVPN is a great option if you’re in search of the best VPN for multiple devices as it allows up to six devices with one license. With custom apps available for all the major platforms (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android) and the ability to set up the service on Kodi and other devices such as routers, you really are spoilt for choice.

What’s more, you’ll find that PrivateVPN won’t break the bank either – you can pick up PrivateVPN for as little as $1.89/month when you take out a 13-month subscription. But, if you’d like a little more flexibility, you can always opt for the 1-month or 3-month subscriptions. These work out at $7.12 and $4.20 a month respectively. A 7-day free trial is also available.

6. Windscribe - unlimited connections

Windscribe - unlimited connections service logo

Windscribe VPN has long been a popular VPN for more reasons than one. Offering excellent features such as Netflix unblocking, a no identifying logs policy, ad blocking, and so much more, Windscribe is a great all-rounder which is available from $4.08 when you opt for the yearly plan.

Available on all of the major platforms via dedicated applications, you are able to make use of Windscribe on limitless parallel devices with just one license. So, if you happen to have a large office or have access to a plethora of devices, this might well be the VPN for you.


Well, that concludes our guide to the best VPN for multiple devices. It’s safe to say that there are a whole host of options at your disposal. But, by now, you’ll hopefully have more of an idea of exactly why you should invest in a VPN for multiple devices, and which one is the most appropriate for your particular needs and budget.