Shot in mockumentary style, ABC’s Modern Family is a Primetime Emmy-winning TV series that follows the quirky family ties of the Pritchett-Dunphy-Tucker clan located in Los Angeles. The producers of the show had a mind to re-create a TV series that told some of the real-life stories about their own families from an uncanny perspective. The first few seasons enjoyed much critical acclaim and, although this was less so the case as the series progressed, Modern Family is still one of the most famous American sitcoms, aside from being ABC’s longest-running comedy series.

If you want to know how to watch Modern Family online, things get a little tricky. You might be able to do so on ABC’s website if you have a subscription with one of their US TV providers or watch it on Hulu when the show airs. Although the show used to be available on Netflix US, this is not the case anymore. Several of the European Netflix services have all of the seasons, but you can’t readily access them due to Netflix’s geo-blocking. Still, we have a workaround so you can stream Modern Family any season, anytime, anywhere.

Regional restrictions on media content

If you don’t have an American TV subscription, you happen to be travelling abroad, or you just live in a different part of the world, it might be difficult to gain access to Modern Family online. Although the Internet was initially envisioned as a place where everyone can be interconnected and all users can view the same content, this is not so much the case in today’s world, where Hollywood studios and multinational companies enforce regional copyright and licensing restrictions.

Because it’s not always the same organization that distributes specific content in a specific area (for instance the movie Interstellar is domestically owned by Paramount, but globally distributed by Warner Bros), regional copyright exists to make sure that the people who provide the media are getting their share of the profits. While this may be fair for studios, it’s the opposite for customers, who are often the target of price discrimination strategies and who ultimately have to resort to workarounds if they want to know how to watch series like Modern Family online.

Similarly, services like Hulu, Netflix, and BBC iPlayer divide the online global market into regions through geo-blocking in order to be able to maximize their profits accordingly. Many people argue that this is discrimination based on geographic location. Luckily, there’s a way to bypass these restrictions.

How to watch Modern Family online outside of the US

Whether you’re based outside of the Americas or just travelling with business, you won’t be able to readily watch Modern Family wherever you go. This is because the rights to the sitcom belong to certain TV and cable providers, so you’d have to get a subscription in every country you go to. Despite this, several European Netflix services (German, Swedish, Danish, Dutch, French, and Spanish) have acquired the rights to broadcast the series in their respective countries and you can take advantage of this if you have a Netflix subscription.

The other way you can watch Modern Family online is through peer-to-peer streaming, which is available on certain popular media players such as Kodi. Due to licenses and copyright issues, however, this is seen as breaking the law in certain jurisdictions.

Whether you want to use your Netflix account to watch Modern Family from a country where they have the license to it or stream it through your player, a VPN service will ensure you can do this in a safe and private manner.

Here’s a list of top VPN providers that will enable you to by-pass geo-restrictions and encrypt your Internet activity:

1. ExpressVPN

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Regardless of where you are, you can use ExpressVPN to bypass any geo-blocking feature. This includes government imposed ones, such as the Chinese firewall, as well as Netflix geo-fences.

With great connection speeds, secure forms of payment, and premium encryption, Express is an overall excellent service that delivers on all fronts. Although their service does come with a higher-than-average price, ExpressVPN can easily be installed on your router so that even those devices that cannot run a VPN can benefit from some of the best encryption on the market.

2. TorGuard

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Aside from offering top-level security, TorGuard is known for its ability to deliver among the best P2P torrenting experiences on the VPN market.

Despite the fact that services like Netflix have been working around the clock to prevent TorGuard from being able to bypass their geo-fences, the app’s developers have responded to these blacklists through dedicated IP addresses. With one of these, you’ll have access to any geo-blocked content you wish to see.

3. Astrill VPN

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Astrill is a solid choice among VPNs, although a bit expensive when compared to other services that offer similar features. With Astrill VPN, you’ll be able to watch any version of Netflix from anywhere around the world, while also enjoying some of the best connections speeds that a VPN can offer.

As a bonus, their performance makes them a great choice for those looking for a secure way to do peer-to-peer transfers and torrenting.

What is Modern Family about?

The initial concept for Modern Family was that the camera crew would be run by a foreign exchange student in order to highlight the uncanny nature of what is going on in a typical US family. Despite the fact that this idea was subsequently discarded, the show kept much of its comedy. Aside from the craft and star power of actors such as Ed O’Neill, who gives life to the patriarch of the family, Jay Pritchett, or Sofia Vergara, who interprets Jay’s much younger wife Gloria, the success of Modern Family is also due to the fact that everyone who belongs to it could not be more different from one another.

Faced with a different problem in every episode, these widely-diverging characters belonging to three different families connected by Jay must find a way to bridge their differences in order to overcome what life throws at them. Critics claim that it’s not the contemporary setting, nor the mixed-age or same-sex couples that give the modern twist to the sitcom, but rather the fact that they are confronted with the same problems we encounter every day. With 9 seasons currently available, and the series making its way halfway through the 10th, Modern Family was also renewed for an 11th and final season.

Modern Family’s structure is relatively unchanged throughout the series. Mitchell and Cameron usually overreact and end up fighting over something unimportant, while Jay’s son-in-law Phil constantly elicits Claire’s disapproval over something stupid that he does. Finally, Gloria and Jay will undoubtedly have a disagreement over raising their children, but the conflicts find their way toward a resolution by the time the episode is over.

What makes Modern Family stand out from other sitcoms is the level of acting displayed by its ensemble cast, as well as the excellent script writing behind it. Although the characters and conflicts are verisimilar and evoke a feeling of progression, not much happens or changes in the clan’s life.

Sit back and relax with Jay Pritchett & Co.

With the price of a Netflix subscription and either of these affordable VPN services, you’ll have the entirety of the platform at your feet. Instead of having to succumb to regional licensing practices and conform to their geo-blocks, a VPN will make it so that no regional Netflix is out of reach.

Aside from learning how to watch Modern Family online while travelling, now you can also watch other series that might not appear in the US library, but are available elsewhere. In this manner, you won’t have to pay for yet another service if a movie or series is not available on the subscription of your current location.