UK kitchens heat up every fall when amateur bakers compete in the Great British Bake Off. Since its release in 2010, this British baking competition has received contestants from all over the UK and beyond. The contestants showcase their baking skills to a panel of judges with weekly eliminations until a winner emerges.

Winners of the Great British Bake Off have established successful baking careers, and the fans eagerly wait for the cooking competition every year. The Great British Bake Off is currently aired on Channel 4. One can also stream the one-hour long episodes on Channel 4’s free streaming service, All 4.

However, the steaming of episodes of the baking competition on All 4 is restricted to users within the UK. The Great British Bake Off is limited to UK viewers because of the terms of the distribution rights. The distribution rights bought by networks are usually accompanied by terms and conditions of which geo-restriction is a popular one, limiting the content to persons living in a specific area. For The Great British Bake Off, that area is the UK.

Expats, fans of the show who live outside the UK and anyone who may travel out of the UK during fall will miss episodes of the competition if they are not able to bypass the restriction. In this article, we will be taking a look at ways in which users can maintain access to The Great British Bake Off and stream it for free online on All 4 from any part of the world.

There are algorithms in place to detect when a user is trying to access All 4 from outside the UK and consequently, block them. To bypass this hurdle, you will need a VPN to mask your location (by changing your original IP address to UK IP address) while enjoying numerous security and privacy benefits.

VPNs change the IP addresses of users allowing them access geo-restricted content as with a VPN; users can choose from some servers and connect to the site of their choice. More specifically, using a VPN, a user can access as though they were in the UK using servers on the VPN which mask their actual location.

To ensure that you do not go through all the hassle of having to find a VPN suitable for your needs, we decided to put together a list of VPNs that serve this purpose excellently. The VPN market is quite flooded, so this guide would come handy.

VPNs that help you to watch the Breat British Bake Off online free

Here are the VPNs we are sure will allow you to stream episodes of The Great British Bake Off from outside the UK.


ExpressVPNExpressVPN allows you to stream episodes of The Great British Bake Off and also keeps your online activities secured. Third parties are becoming more interested in the online activities of individuals especially since it gives them access to personal details that can be used however they desire. With ExpressVPN, you can stay above these intrusions and stream shows like The Great British Bake Off without restrictions.

Some of the features that make ExpressVPN an excellent choice include the number of servers it has, protocols which have been put in place to provide security to users and excellent customer service available which allows for timely resolution of issues that may arise. Users of ExpressVPN enjoy full anonymity while online as the VPN has a “no-log policy” which it follows strictly.

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CyberGhostCyberGhost is another VPN which is great for streaming episodes of The Great British Bake Off from outside the UK while enjoying some of the best security and privacy on the web today. CyberGhost is based in Romania, and this allows them to operate optimally as the government of Romania promotes total privacy of online activities.

Other notable features of CyberGhost include allowing for up to 7 simultaneous connections and access to features like the kill switch. Over 2,900 servers are owned by CyberGhost with some of these servers reserved for torrenting. CyberGhost servers are available in over 69 countries and there’s a 7-day free trial it offers so you can get a feel of the services they render.

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Apart from being one of the most cost-effective VPNs in the market, NordVPN is known for the high-end features it offers. We are sure that NordVPN will help you unblock British content because of its features such as its military-grade encryption and advanced security features such as PPTP and IPSec.

NordVPN also offers DNS leak protection and follows a very strict no-log policy. Users of NordVPN can connect up to 6 devices on one license. The fastest speed of connection is also guaranteed for users of NordVPN. If you’re wondering why NordVPN is known as the one of the most cost-effective VPN, it is because, with the three-yearly subscription plan, one pays about $2.99 per month.

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Summary: watch The Great British bake Off online free

Any of the above VPNs should get you into the UK and allow you stream episodes of The Great British Bake Off for free. After choosing your preferred VPN, pass through the filter which has been put in place and begin streaming The Great British Bake Off.

In summary, because TV networks have to adhere to the terms and conditions of their distribution rights, The Great British Bake Off cannot be streamed outside the UK, but with a VPN you can do that for free.