Last update: 12.02.2019

Perhaps you have heard the term VPN buzzing around in conversations with friends and colleagues. As you might know, the term refers to Virtual Private Networks – a tool to protect your privacy on the internet. They are particularly useful for transmitting sensitive information, for work, or for personal usage.

If you find the idea appealing but expensive, we have some good news – there are some great VPN deals around. In this article, we will mention the cheapest ones that are both decent and reliable (because cheap does not always mean reliable). Hopefully, the research that has been conducted will save you time and frustration. Based on the information presented here, you should be able to find cheap VPN service that is user-friendly and within your budget.

Things to consider when looking for the cheapest VPN

When you decide to get the best cheap VPN, you should consider how long the company has been in business. You should also be thinking about the country where the company is located in. Countries that love peace, privacy and abide by international laws are more likely to be trustworthy places for VPN companies. Meanwhile, countries that are volatile and unstable may not be good choices to register a VPN service.

Do take into consideration that there are many scams and, thus, it is wise to read reviews in order to prevent yourself from being scammed as well. Sometimes, scammers offer low cost VPNs to access sensitive private information or to steal your identity. Other times, they are just mining data. So protect yourself through research!

If you choose one of the best cheap VPN services that we present here, you can be reasonably sure that you’re investing in something cheap and yet trustworthy.

surfshark - cheap VPN in 2019

One of the best options for Privacy-seekers in search of a bargain is undoubtedly Surfshark VPN. A newcomer on the market, this VPN is currently experiencing a meteoric rise – the server list is exploding (800+ in 50 countries), new apps are added by the week, and the speed (which is already amazing) keeps on increasing. Surfshark VPN offers great encryption and solid security protocols, but their two calling cards are their zero logs policy and no simultaneous connections limit. This latter point should be all the more relevant if you‘d rather come out of the store with your wallet unscathed.

Currently, Surfshark VPN is $5.99 a month billed annually or $1.99 a month billed every 2 years – certainly worth it for a tool that gives you everything from Netflix to safe torrenting.

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Coming in at only $3.33 per month when you decide to sign up for the one year plan, Trust.Zone is definitely worth your consideration when seeking out the best VPN prices for 2019. It is indeed one of the most budget-friendly services among the VPN choices available on the market today. To save a few bucks, you may also consider the 2-year plan, which will come to $2.66 monthly (billed upfront).

This company is quite trustworthy and has as many as 160+ servers in 30+ countries – a decent number. Trust.Zone is quite good on the security front, will get you watching Netflix, torrenting, and will work in China. One con – there’s only a Windows app.

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PIA - one of the best cheap vpns

The monthly fee for Private Internet Access is normally $9.95, but you will be happy to note that it’s only $3.49/month per month if you order a 2-year package and pay upfront. Quite good if you’re searching for a cheap VPN service in 2019. But even for the annually billed plan you would only pay $5.99 monthly.

PIA has become a favorite for many people around the world and is currently one of the most popular VPN services out there.

With this fine quality VPN service, you are granted access to a real abundance of servers (more than 3,240) in 33 countries. They also have a nice, easy to use app for most popular platforms, as well as a track record for keeping users’ privacy safe. It will get you torrenting and  Netflix too!

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nordvpn - one of the best cheapest vpns

NordVPN is superior to most competitors in terms of security, function, and performance. And it’s not particularly expensive either – you can get the 3-year plan for just $2.99 a month billed every 3 years. The 2-year plan also has a competitive price on the market at $3.99 per month and billed upfront. Nord also offers various payment methods, including anonymous ones like crypto.

NordVPN has one of the strongest suites of features on the whole VPN market, as well as some of the most favorable privacy practices. But that’s not all there is to it. Nord will also give you access to geo-blocked resources, such as Netflix or BBC iPlayer, will let you torrent to your heart’s content, and open up an entire internet universe for those in restricted countries. Try it free for 7 days or get a month’s subscription and use the 30-day money-back guarantee. More than likely it will leave you content!

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Ivacy VPN - cheap vpn service

Many consumers like the service that Ivacy VPN provides and they enjoy saving a decent amount of money when they decide to sign up for the one year plan. This is due to the fact that the monthly charges then balance out to only $3.33 per month (paid upfront for the year).

Note that if you pay on a monthly basis, you will be charged $9.95. However, if you’re ready to commit yourself to the 5-year plan and pay upfront, you can get Ivacy for only $1.33 per month.

Ivacy VPN has many apps and great features, including those aimed at user security or privacy. The service also has awesome customer support, passes geo-blocking measures, and allows torrenting. Not a bad shout even for those willing to dish some cash out.

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VPN unlimited - low cost vpn

When you are performing a VPN price comparison, you will realize that VPN Unlimited is a bit more expensive than some of the other cheapest VPN services that we have mentioned previously. VPN Unlimited comes in at the price of $5.00/month paid annually. However, it is still among the cheapest prices and is a worthwhile service. And, let’s not forget about the 3-year plan for $2.78 a month when paid upfront. These prices can get even lower if you find a special VPN deal.

With this low cost VPN, you truly can take advantage of a supremely well-functioning product that is also quite decent in terms of function. VPN Unlimited has good security credentials (although it’s, sadly, registered in the not-so-privacy-friendly US), decent customer service and connection speeds, as well as a good degree of versatility.

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safervpn - really low cost vpn

SaferVPN keeps you safer when you engage with the online world for business or personal reasons. This leading-edge VPN company is based in the state of Israel and has demonstrated its ability to provide the great service you need and expect from a VPN provider. It has a real arsenal of superb features and incredible benefits for all users. There are a few negatives, namely the fact that it’s based in Israel and isn’t great for torrenting.

But, having said that, SaferVPN is available for $3.29 per month when you subscribe for the two-year plan. Otherwise, the monthly billing fee is $10.99. SaferVPN may also go crazy with special deals. So, you may get lucky to buy a 3-year plan and pay upfront to get it for $2.51 a month.

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cyberghost vpn provider - not cheapest vpn but one of cheapest

When you decide to sign up for the yearly plan with CyberGhost, you will be getting a top-notch product for only $5.25 a month, whereas if you get it for 3 years, it will just be $2.5 a month (billed upfront). The 2-year plan is also attractive enough for $3.69 a month, paid upfront.

This company allows you to connect to 3,550+ servers in 60 countries, access all kinds of geo-blocked content, protect you while torrenting – all while boasting quite decent speeds.

And, that money will even let you enjoy 7 simultaneous connections! Our only reservations have to do with the fact that CyberGhost is owned by a somewhat shady company and has not the best Privacy Policy.

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Cheapest VPN services in retrospect

When you’re looking for a good, cheap VPN, compare the features and think of them in the context of what you need the VPN for. Then, take advantage of the free trials offered by some of these companies to see which VPN service suits your needs best in practice. Once you’re ready, commit to the best pricing plan and rest assured that your information will always be secure when you’re online.