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Perfect Privacy VPN

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No. of servers: 50+

Price from: $8.95

#18 out of 215 VPN providers

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Unlimited simultaneous connections

Great for China

Supports multi-hops

Automatic kill switch

Great variety of payment options

What others say about Perfect Privacy VPN:

Perfect Privacy is a good service based on performance. It has great speeds, good encryption, and is very respectful of users’ needs.

Switching between servers is allowed and is free, so you can switch as often as you like. Perfect Privacy stands out among VPN providers because they allow an unlimited number of simultaneous connections.

Perfect Privacy is fast, powerful, and a good choice for demanding and experienced users. But if you don't need its power, there are much cheaper VPNs around.

If you want a trustworthy VPN service with advanced privacy features, then it is probably worth the money. If you want something simple and user-friendly for streaming Netflix, then you may want to consider alternatives.

What is Perfect Privacy?

Perfect Privacy is certainly one of the oldest VPN providers out there, having gotten their start in 2008. It is operated by the parent company named Vectura Datamanagement Limited Company, which is based in Zug, Switzerland. However, Perfect Privacy customers may be surprised to find out that their payments are processed out of Vectura’s US-registered offices.

However, the company claims that this only impacts their payment processing, not their personal data and overall privacy. And this is important, since Perfect Privacy’s headquarters are in privacy-friendly Switzerland. They have a no-logs policy, as related to personal user data such as IP addresses. However, they do log your login credentials, payment information, and configuration settings.

Great service, but low servers

Beyond that, the service has 50+ servers in 23 countries, which certainly isn’t the largest selection for most VPNs today. We’d love to say that these low server numbers don’t impact speeds, but that’s simply not the case. In our tests, we saw drops of around 90% with OpenVPN.

With their StealVPN on, we got better speeds, with only around an 83% speed drop. The speeds we got were still good enough for most or all streaming needs, but our base, non-VPN speed was also pretty good (about 300 Mbps). If you have base speeds below 100 Mbps, those speed drops could mean lower-quality streaming for you.

But there’s good news as well: each of their VPN servers are IPv6-ready and showed no DNS or WebRTC leaks. They support the important protocols: OpenVPN, IPSec, PPTP, SSH2, Squid and Socks5.

They were also early adopters of the multi-hop VPN chains (also known as cascading connections) for extra security. Further, Perfect Privacy allows you to obfuscate your connection with one of its 3 Stealth VPN products – Stunnel, SSH, and Obfsproxy3. That means it works in getting around China’s Great Firewall. It’s kill switch is pretty great, but it also has other features, such as the TrackStop Filter – which protects from ad-tracking, malware, phishing sites, etc. – and the NeuroRouting AI, a server-side feature that improves security and anonymity by using dynamic multi-hops.

Perfect Privacy VPN Facts

Company name Vectura Datamanagement Limited Company
Company name Vectura Datamanagement Limited Company
Global presence 23
Global presence 23
Money back policy 7-day money-back guarantee
Money back policy 7-day money-back guarantee
Business Location Zug, Switzerland
Business Location Zug, Switzerland
Privacy Minimal connection logs
Privacy Minimal connection logs
Number of servers 50+
Number of servers 50+
Free / Trial version No
Free / Trial version No
Other Names Perfect Privacy
Other Names Perfect Privacy

Where Perfect Privacy VPN is based and why this is important

Location, location, location. As important as it is for realty, a VPN company’s location will determine just how safe your data truly is. If it’s in one of the 5/9/14 Eyes countries, which also tend to have tough data laws, that could spell trouble for any anonymity assurances. Similarly, if it’s in China or Russia, governments can have access to that data.

Perfect Privacy VPN Location: Zug, Switzerland

Perfect Privacy’s parent company Vectura Datamanagement Limited Company has its headquarters in Switzerland. This is a privacy-friendly country, meaning you can feel relatively safe with the data. It hasn’t been shown to cooperate with any 5/9/14 Eyes members, so it has the green check mark so far for data privacy.

However, it does have its payment processing and app listing in the US (plus its principal office in Panama). This doesn’t seem to affect user data in any ways, since its legal headquarters are still in Switzerland. However, some users may not want to have any connection with the founding 5 Eyes member at all.

What does a Perfect Privacy VPN location say?


Not part of 5/9/14 Eyes agreement


Privacy-friendly jurisdiction (Switzerland)


Parent company operates payments through US-registered company

Available plans and pricing

This is one of the weakest parts of Perfect Privacy VPN – it’s just far too expensive for what it offers. While it has a great service (OK, they could use some more servers or locations) with industry-leading features, there are other VPN offerings that have similar features and much better pricing.

Their best price (based on its average monthly price) is the 2-year deal, which comes in at about $9/month. Their highest-priced offering is the 1-month subscription, which will put you back almost $14/month.

1 month

$ 12.99

per month


$12.99 billed every month

3 months

$ 11.98

per month

Save 7%

$35.94 billed every year

12 months

$ 9.99

per month

Save 23%

$119.88 billed every year

24 months

$ 8.95

per month

Save 31%

$214.80 billed every year

If you’re willing to pay this premium price, you’ll find that Perfect Privacy VPN has more than 60 payment options available to you via Paymentwall. Fortunately, this means you can use anonymous payment alternatives like Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

They have a 7-day money-back guarantee, so that’s something good. However, it’s important to pay close attention here: the money-back guarantee has limitations. If you pay with cryptocurrencies, coupons, cash or gift cards, you won’t be able to get a refund.

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Platforms Perfect Privacy VPN supports

Perfect Privacy VPN has custom apps for all the most popular platforms – Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, routers, and even Blackberry.

Perfect Privacy VPN Android
Perfect Privacy VPN Windows
Perfect Privacy VPN macOS
Perfect Privacy VPN iOS
Perfect Privacy VPN Linux
Perfect Privacy VPN Routers

This list of supported platforms and devices means that almost all users will be satisfied. It’s even better when you consider that they don’t have any limitations on how many simultaneous devices you can use it on.

The apps are straightforward and easy enough to use, even with the vast feature list in mind. Perhaps the only negative thing to say is that the app looks like it was designed in 2008 and never updated. It’s pretty ugly – but if you aren’t the type to judge a VPN by its cover, then you’ll still find it’s intuitive for everyday usage.

The various uses of Perfect Privacy VPN

Of course, an essential part of a VPN is understanding what it’s good for – and what you should avoid it for. Top-notch VPNs will allow you to streaming HD or 4K video content (from Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, BBC iPlayer, etc.), as well as allow for torrenting , gaming, and access around China’s Great Firewall. And all of that with fast, reliable connections, industry-leading secure protocols, and strong privacy protections. Is Perfect Privacy VPN a top-notch VPN? Let’s see how it stacks up in the following areas.

Perfect Privacy VPN for streaming

When it comes to streaming, we understand that for the most part this comes down to whether the VPN allows for access to geo-blocked content. That includes Netflix, Hulu, the BBC iPlayer, and others. This is normally where most VPNs fall flat on their face, since Netflix decided a few years ago to block VPN users from accessing their content.

Perfect Privacy VPN has an imperfect record here. Our tests showed that we simply couldn’t user Perfect Privacy consistently for Netflix US – the best Netflix version there is. In fact, we couldn’t access it with any servers at all. The only Netflix we could access was Netflix UK – and only with the Stunnel or Obfxproxy3 stealth protocols turned on. While Netflix UK worked, BBC’s iPlayer didn’t, which is disappointing, to say the least.

Perfect Privacy VPN for torrenting

Perfect Privacy is pretty good for torrenting. We saw “pretty good” and not “excellent” because there are some limitations to how much you can use it for torrenting your favorite content. Basically, P2P file-sharing isn’t supported on Perfect Privacy’s US and French servers, seemingly because of the difficult copyright laws there.

For other locations, though, it looks pretty good, allowing you great privacy features with pretty good speeds. Some reviewers have called this VPN service the ultimate VPN for torrenting, and that’s true as far as safety is concerned. But “ultimate” it definitely is not.

Perfect Privacy VPN for China and other restricted countries

Perfect Privacy works in China. This is because its stealth protocols (StealthVPN, NeuroRouting and Multi-hops) are effective against China’s Great Firewall. What’s great is that if it works for China, high chances are that you’ll be able to beat the other restrictive governments as well.

Perfect Privacy thus works when you need it to get access to important information. And with its great security features, it will be safe to use for especially sensitive information. We feel pretty confident in stating that this is one of the best VPNs for preserving your online anonymity, no matter where you are.

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