People can be forgiven for thinking NordVPN and Private Internet Access are in any way comparable. Both tools are extremely popular, both have lots of servers and good reviews. When it comes to quality though, NordVPN vs Private Internet Access has one clear winner.

Security & Anonymity

No one can mess with the security credentials of NordVPN. Aside from very strong encryption, it also has no leaks, keeps logging to a minimum, and is based in Panama – a country where the risks to privacy are few. But that’s not all: for impenetrable safety, NordVPN also offers things like double VPN and VPN over Tor. Private Internet Access isn’t bad either, but they have some leaking concerns and they’re based in the US (one of the worst locations for a VPN). Finally, PIA doesn’t have any of the fancy security features that make NordVPN a clear winner of

Speed & Performance

NordVPN has 5500+ servers, PIA has 3200+ servers, can’t be that different, right? Well, not exactly. Private Internet Access has barely any servers outside Europe and North America. Their server list has 30 countries – less than half the number of NordVPN.

Either way, even in Europe and the US, NordVPN is a lot faster.

Ease of Use

The apps are very different, but also quite easy to use. Although NordVPN does a better job of explaining their (significantly more numerous) features, the real game-changer is customer support. PIA’s support resources are a lot poorer – no live chat, bad responsiveness, a mediocre self-help section. NordVPN has none of these problems.

Torrenting and P2P

Neither is a bad shout for torrent users, but NordVPN wins out again because of their overall quality. It’s a faster service that even offers servers optimized specifically for P2P. And it’s more secure.

Netflix and China

Not much to talk about here: our NordVPN review have shown that Netflix US works with it and doesn’t work with PIA. Case closed.


The two are similar in terms of compatibility – both have apps for the most popular platforms (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS) and support a whole bunch of other devices. PIA wins out ever so slightly because they offer a custom Linux app.


This is difficult to score: NordVPN is certainly more expensive, but the gap in quality is enormous. The two VPNs are not comparable in any real sense: whereas NordVPN has bulletproof security, PIA has leaking concerns; one is fast, the other is slower even under ideal conditions; NordVPN offers 24/7 live-chat support, while PIA takes their time to answer your emails. The list of comparisons goes on, and it rarely goes in PIA’s favor. Without all this context, price means very little – you can get even worse for free. Either way, let’s see how NordVPN vs PIA stack up in terms of price.

You can get NordVPN for 1 month ($11.95), 12 months ($6.99/month billed every 12 months), or 24 months ($4.99 billed every 24 months). Meanwhile, Private Internet Access is: 1 month ($9.95), 12 months ($5.99/month billed every 12 months), 24 months ($3.33/month billed every 24 months). As you can see, with longer subscriptions the price difference diminishes.

We can’t argue with the raw numbers in the short-term – this one’s a draw.

NordVPN vs PIA – which is better?

NordVPN vs Private Internet Access battle comes to an end and we’re ready to declare a winner. There’s no question that NordVPN is the better, more cost-effective product. However, if you only want a short subscription and are on a budget – PIA is a valid choice. Read our Private Internet Access review.