On this page, we have a list of VPN Brand Pages. The purpose of these pages is not to review the services, but rather to look at the VPN providers behind it. After all, the success of a VPN service largely depends on trust: some of the aspects of VPN quality are very difficult to gauge.

For example, while we can easily check whether the product of a VPN service provider can give the user access to a blocked online resource (Netflix, YouTube, etc.), it is much more difficult to tell how safe your data is with these VPN providers. Talk is cheap – including promises of complete privacy and anonymity. Ensuring that claims reflect reality? That can be quite a burden on VPN providers.

And this is why we have to look away from the list of features and evaluate the intangibles. How trustworthy is a VPN service provider? What is its history? What scandals has it had? Information such as this won’t tell you some specifics, but it can do something more valuable. It’ll let you check whether what a VPN provider says is more likely to be true or false.

Aside from that, our VPN service provider brand pages provide a hub for all the articles about them: “Best for” lists, comparisons, app reviews, news stories, and more.

One of the highest-rated VPN providers, based in privacy-friendly Panama. NordVPN has proven time and again that their attitude towards user privacy and anonymity is very serious. This is obvious from the features and external facts, such as the independent “no logs” claim audit, performed by PwC in 2018.

Often seen at the very top of “Best VPN services” lists, ExpressVPN is clearly one of the very best. Aside from the quality of the product, which we can learn about by simply trying the service, we have also had several chances to see what ExpressVPN is like behind the scenes. This VPN service provider is almost scandal-free, giving its users great comfort.

Avast SecureLine is a product of the renowned Czech cybersecurity company, Avast. While the company’s other products are generally well-regarded, the same can’t be said about its VPN service, which has mediocre features and engages in some questionable user privacy practices.

This is an atrocious product, made with no regard for user privacy and security. However, regardless of this fact, it has managed to gain a fair bit of attention – mostly bad, but bad advertising is still advertising.

A slightly secretive VPN service provider, known for Astrill VPN – one of the most fully-featured and respected services on the market. Astrill is based in Seychelles, which is a privacy-friendly location. This company has had no scandals to speak of, and Astrill VPN is known for its utility in restricted countries – particularly in the Asian continent.

One of the more popular yet controversial VPN providers. CyberGhost was developed by a Romanian company, which has demonstrated both good and bad tendencies over the years. While the service is known for forward-thinking features, the provider’s Privacy Policy has always left us wanting. In 2018, CyberGhost was acquired by a UK company with a chequered past – Kape Technologies.

More of an encrypted proxy than an actual VPN, Opera VPN is a free “privacy” tool integrated into the otherwise great Opera browser and only available for desktop users. With none of its features up to par compared to any self-respecting VPN service, it’s no wonder that this faux-VPN graces many a “Worst of…” list.

An old-school VPN service provider, TunnelBear has remained very relevant due in large part to a free version, a fun and colorful brand, and in spite of somewhat mediocre service. With that said, TunnelBear has done a lot to earn their users’ trust, such as their tradition to submit the service for an annual independent security audit.

One of the most popular VPN services in the world, run by the US-based company, AnchorFree. The success of Hotspot Shield is related to its fairly generous free version and smart marketing. However, AnchorFree has made quite a few compromises to make this free version available, such as using the app to track user activities and use the data to display targeted ads.

The pariah of top VPN providers. Little is certain when it comes to PureVPN, including who its developer is. While officially the developer seems to be a company in Hong Kong, there is a lot of evidence that suggests the real owners are a Pakistani company known as Gaditek. PureVPN has been involved in many scandals over the years, but at the same time, the service offers one of the better feature suites.

Based in a Five Eyes country – Canada, Windscribe is a solid VPN that has lots of strong features and a generous free version. It would likely be even more popular if it weren’t for its lack of live chat support. Another issue is the complicated refund policy that gives only 3-day money-back guarantee that also comes with some strings attached.

This German VPN service is very popular regardless of operating under an alarmingly vague Privacy Policy. ZenMate was recently purchased by UK tech giant Kape Technologies – something that doesn’t inspire confidence due to the shady nature of this company. ZenMate lives and dies by its free version.

The American based VPN provider Stackpath owns one of the best-known VPN services. While the service is certainly above average, one cannot deny that its success rests largely on significant marketing efforts. Despite this, IPVanish is also distrusted by the community due to a scandal where it was revealed that the company had shared user data with Homeland Security. Since that time, IPVanish has changed owners, and StackPath maintains that the VPN currently doesn’t store any personally identifiable data.

This up-and-comer from privacy-friendly Bulgaria offers excellent security features, as well as fast P2P servers and a no-logs policy to boot. In fact, due to its solid privacy package, VPNArea is our top choice for American VPN users.

A Switzerland-based VPN known as a great all-rounder. If not for its unsympathetic stance on torrenting and the lack of anonymous sign-up options, VyprVPN would be a Top 5 VPN in our book. However, Vypr’s recent strides towards greater privacy, especially their independent no-logs audit, make us hopeful that the aforementioned issues will be addressed in the near future.

Developed by London Trust Media – one of the more solid VPN service providers. However, despite operating a respectable product, London Trust Media has been criticized for poor management and lack of progress in comparison with other VPN tools on the market. Private Internet Access remains one of the most popular services.

Despite signs of slowing progress, TorGuard (torrent guard) quietly remains one of the most complete and versatile products in the VPN sphere. This is one of the rare VPN providers focused on the more tech-savvy user – their tool has remarkable customization opportunities.

Being relatively new to the VPN market, Surfshark has taken the VPN sphere by storm. Based in the privacy-friendly British Virgin Islands, this service is known for the high speed, great security, zero-logs policy, and no simultaneous connection limit.

A small Swedish network geared towards entertainment. PrivateVPN is the ultimate VPN for unblocking content streaming platforms, such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and others. It’s also awesome for torrenting and will work in restricted countries like China. PrivateVPN could do with a bit more transparency when it comes to the Privacy Policy and would benefit from a few more security features.

Although ProtonVPN is only about two years old, it delivers one of the best online security and privacy features on the market. While it has a relatively small VPN server fleet and only average speeds, Proton can satisfy you in several fields. Of course, its speed and versatility depend greatly on the plan you choose (Free, Basic, Plus, or Visionary). This VPN surely has a great future in the VPN arena if it keeps growing as it has done in the past.

The list of VPN providers will grow and become richer with time. Be sure to check back occasionally to find new information and for the time being click on one of the brand pages above to find all we wrote about that VPN service provider.