When considering security online, using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service is usually looked to as the best option. A VPN helps to cloak IP addresses and mimic the IP address of another location. In this article, we are conducting an Ace VPN review to determine if it is worth using.

Ace VPN offers secure internet encryption and Smart DNS with servers in around 50+ different locations in 26+ countries. In researching for this Ace VPN review, we found that their services include a kill switch to automatically stop insecure connections. Ace VPN is compatible with security protocols including OpenVPN, Internet Protocol Security (IPSec), Internet Key Exchange version 2 (IKEv2), Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP), Point to Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) and Stealth VPN.

In our Ace VPN review, we found that users can only connect one device at a time when using the service. However, it is compatible with many operating systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux. Ace VPN can also be used on different mobile devices like iPad and iPhone. The service allows the manual configuration of routers, so users can connect any device to the router and stay protected.

Technical support was efficient and quick to respond to queries for this Ace VPN review, although they do not have a live support. The download guide is clearly stated in the knowledge base. There, you will find all the supported platforms. Each platform has subsections specific to different protocols.

A common occurrence with all platforms is that you will have to download extra files to help install the client properly. So, be prepared to get your hands dirty with some technical stuff.
Ace VPN offers three different subscription plans depending on which one the user is comfortable with. Each subscription gives a specific feature and is easily distinguished from the other. The free subscription is a good way for you to test and conduct your own Ace VPN review, and see for yourself how good their service is.

Read on and find out more details in this Ace VPN review on the service provider’s features, usability, pricing and a whole lot more.

Is Ace VPN safe to use?

They use different complex security protocols to carry out their services. Their service supports both 128 and 256-bit encryption, making it up-to-date and in accordance with current industry standards.

They also use IKEv2 IPSEC VPN Servers with a 384-bit Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm. The Elliptic Curve is basically the same type of cryptography used by the US government for top clearance communication. Essentially, your privacy and anonymity to the public web is safe.

But Ace VPN is an American-based VPN service. Surprisingly, it might interest you to note that Ace VPN keeps activity logs of their users. While their fine print says they don’t spy on users, they could technically report you if you use their service for illegal activities, if asked.

A logging policy almost defeats the purpose of using a VPN service, if you ask us. What is the point of having top-secret level encryption and security if the service provider’s records on its users can still be summoned by a court of law? If you want complete privacy, you will want to consider an alternative.

How to download and install Ace VPN


  • After successfully registering for an account on the Ace VPN website, the next step is to check out the installation guide, under Support>Knowledge Base. This might get a bit tricky, because there are so many levels of information for each and every operating system.
  • Under that section, you will see the installation guides organized into different operating systems and devices. For Windows, you are required to download a client on your device. You will need to also download the OpenVPN configuration files.
  • The next step is to download the password file. This is required to save your password and for subsequent auto login when using the Ace VPN service.
  • To install the downloaded OpenVPN client, right click on the file and run OpenVPN as administrator.
  • Then click “Connect to VPN.” This installation procedure is almost the same across other platforms.

The one problem with Ace VPN is the lack of a native client. Those who aren’t familiar with VPNs on the whole, or are used to an easy setup and installation process, will find Ace VPN harder to install, on average.

Apps & extensions

Ace VPN is compatible with platforms and devices that would fill a long list. In addition to desktop and mobile platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux and Android, it is compatible with gaming systems, Chromecast, Roku, Kindle Fire TV, Blu-ray players, and routers.

One of the interesting things about Ace VPfN is that it supports the TOR browser, which is something that not many VPNs do. The Onion Router, more commonly referred to as TOR, is described on its website as a software that “protects you by bouncing your communications around a distributed network of relays run by volunteers all around the world.” The browser is, in itself a private and secure network, so adding a VPN when using TOR gives you a double shield.

Speed & performance

As we all know, using any VPN service will affect the speed of your connection. We tested Ace VPN with speedtest.net, first without VPN, and then with VPN. Latency time increased quite dramatically, (almost 90 percent!) after connecting to Ace VPN but you can try different servers to see which will be the fastest.

Upload and download times also reduced a bit. Apart from this, it is noted that some Mac OS users have issues with using the client.

Can Ace VPN be Used in China?

With its up-to-date security protocols, Ace VPN should be workable in China to unblock and gain access to restricted websites.

With servers in Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and South Korea, you should be able to get stable connection, though based on the tests, speed is another matter.

But since this VPN is based in the US and logs some activity, you may not want to use this VPN in China, given it is subject to NSA jurisdiction.

Ace VPN for Netflix and Torrenting

Some of Ace VPN’s US servers can stream Netflix successfully. But if the servers are not close to your location, it might really affect the speed of streaming.

This is why the Smart DNS feature was introduced. The Smart DNS feature provided by this service helps to stream Netflix with faster speed, but unfortunately there is no encryption whatsoever in this process to maintain your anonymity.

Torrenting is not illegal, it is the infringing of copyright laws that is illegal. This is one of the best ways to share files. You can download large files from the net without being bothered about reduced quality.

Ace VPN allows Peer 2 Peer (P2P) and torrenting activities, except on US and UK servers, where they claim that “too much abuse” occurred, and this drastic step had to be taken to “avoid inconvenience to other users and prevent further damage.”


Ace VPN has two plans, which are the Premium and Ultimate plan. The prices per month varies depending on your subscription length. Both plans offer a 7-day money back guarantee.
The Premium plan costs:

  • $3.89 monthly on a 3-year plan
    It offers access to servers in the US, UK, France, and twenty other locations. This plan also offers unlimited bandwidth and switching. But you will not be able to torrent on this plan.
  • The Ultimate plan costs:
    $11.67 a month on a 3-year plan.
    It offers servers in 25 countries. It also offers unlimited bandwidth and torrenting/P2P is allowed on this plan.
  • Ace VPN also has, in addition to these two plans, another a completely free plan. As a journalist/blogger/influencer, you can request an invitation to try out Ace VPN for free. There are terms and conditions to abide by to get this free service.

Customer support

Ace VPN has a limited number of ways users can reach the support team.  There is a forum on the website where issues are discussed, where you might be able to find the solution to your issue. You can also contact support through email.

Luckily, response is very swift, and the FAQ section is very detailed, because there is no live chat available.

Conclusion of Ace VPN review

Ace VPN offers encryption that is good enough for top level US government officials to trust. However, being based in the US means that your browsing information could still end up in the wrong hands.

Although you can torrent (on the more expensive plan, and not on US or UK servers), and Netflix access is possible, speeds are quite average.

Installation is more difficult than the average VPN, and this will be a big disadvantage to less techie users. On the flip side, it supports many different devices, and a kill switch is available.
Customer support, while limited is speedy and professional. But their pricing tends to be a bit higher for short runs.

If you’d like to take a chance with Ace VPN for streaming and torrenting, go for it. If not, it’s best to keep looking.