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Last updated: January 9, 2023

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Disclaimer: Affiliate links help us produce good content. Learn more.
Disclaimer: Affiliate links help us produce good content. Learn more.

Anonine VPN is a middle-of-the-road VPN service that has all of the standard, important stuff, and none of the wow factor. Read more in our in-depth Anonine VPN review.

While it claims to be a Swedish-founded VPN company, Anonine was bought by the Seychelles-based parent company Edelino Commerce Ltd. (which also owns FrootVPN, BoxPN, Easy Hide IP VPN, and VPNTunnel).

They offer 150+ servers in 32 countries, which is pretty good considering its global spread. It isn’t particularly expensive, allowing you up to 5 simultaneous connections. It’s a no-logs VPN, with the standard protocols and strong encryption. They have a kill switch only for Windows.

Overall, it’s an OK VPN provider that we would neither recommend outright, nor warn you against. However, if you want the security and privacy that a reliable VPN provides, as well as torrenting protection and unblocking streaming platforms, you should look at our best overall VPNs instead.

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Is Anonine VPN safe to use?

Anonine seems to be a pretty safe VPN to use. It has a strict no-logs policy, and they don’t store connection timestamps, connection duration, locations/servers used, IP addresses or DNS requests.

On the technical side, Anonine offers industry-leading AES-256-CBC encryption with 2048-bit RSA keys. They also use the following industry-standard protocols:

  • OpenVPN/Stunnel
  • IPSec IKEv2
  • L2TP/IPSec

For that reason, we can claim that Anonine is safe to use.

Speed and performance

On a base, non-VPN speed of nearly 300 Mbps, we saw some standard 80% drops in speed. There is one question we have: how many servers do they actually have? Their Network page lists 150 servers, including status, load, uptime and latency. We believe this is the accurate number. Yet, their pricing page lists 800 servers:

Anonie features - 150 or 800 servers

Support later confirmed that it is in fact 150 servers, not 800. But even getting that answer from them was a bit of a task, which we discuss further below in the Support section.

The speeds here are pretty decent with both OpenVPN and PPTP, although PPTP showed some better speeds. Nonetheless, with OpenVPN our speeds stayed between 50-60 Mbps, which will be good enough for high-quality streaming, gaming, and standard online services.

Anonine for Netflix

While we were successful on some days to access US Netflix, on other testing days none of the servers worked at all, for any version of Netflix.

This is perhaps due to the very difficult task of keeping VPN IP addresses off of Netflix’s anti-VPN radar. It’s only a matter of time for mediocre VPNs to have their servers identified and blocked. For that reason, we don’t feel comfortable recommending Anonine for Netflix. You can check out our Best VPN for Netflix list.

Anonine for torrenting

Torrenting and P2P activities are allowed on Anonine’s VPN servers. Torrenting is not supported on US servers though, which is a restriction that many VPN providers often place on their users.

However, that means that American torrenters would be better off going with another VPN that does support torrenting on their US servers. You can start by checking out our Best VPN for torrenting list.

Anonine for China

Anonine doesn’t seem to allow users to get around China’s Great Firewall. We therefore don’t recommend purchasing it if you’re traveling to China. Instead, you can check out our list of the best VPNs for China.

Anonine VPN pricing

Anonine offers its users three packages:

  • 1 month at $6.99/month
  • 12 months at $3.99/month
  • 24 months plan at $2.87/month

anonine vpn prices

There aren’t any limitations for any of the plans – the difference is solely in price. They don’t have any free or trial version, although they do have a 7-day money-back guarantee if you change your mind.

Their payment options are quite strong, in comparison to many other VPN providers. They allow you not just to pay by credit card and PayPal, but also:

  • cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc.)
  • globalpayments services (bank transfer, mint, uKash, etc.)
  • Payson and phone/SMS payments (for Swedish customers only)
  • Perfect Money

When you sign up, you’ll also need to enter your email address. In total, you are able to pay anonymously for Anonine VPN if you use a secure email (such as ProtonMail) and cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin.

Customer support

Anonine has mediocre customer support. Their FAQ is fine, with roughly 50+ articles for general queries and platform-specific ones. Their “live chat” customer support is moderately live.

Our first query – trying to figure out if they have 150 servers or 800 servers – took them 13 minutes to answer. Unfortunately, their answer didn’t really answer our question at all. When we asked for clarification, well, nothing happened. It took another 45 minutes for an answer….saying that they’ll need more time to answer:

Anonine customer support chat

But, finally, we got the answer we wanted – it’s 150 servers, not 800.

Anonine customer support chat

So there’s that.

Bottom line

It’s best to use a car metaphor here. Anonine is like a 2015 Kia Sportage or a Ford Focus. It’s…just a car. It will probably get you from point A to point B and will have the usual features that won’t impress anyone, nor turn anyone off. It’s definitely not flashy, and you won’t be beating a BMW in any races with it.

And if the brakes start slipping or the car just won’t start on very cold mornings – well, that’s pretty much your fault for buying it in the first place.

This isn’t the greatest VPN in the world, nor is it the worst. We like the standard protocols and the strong encryption, as well as torrenting support. We like the kill switch for Windows, but would like that for other clients as well.

We don’t like that it’s unreliable with Netflix, nor that it doesn’t work in China. Overall, it’s…just a VPN, and it’s OK for regular usage. Just don’t expect to be wowed by anything.


  • Good privacy and security
  • Easy to use
  • Supports torrenting (except for US)
  • Good prices
  • Has a kill switch (Windows only)
  • Good variety of payment options


  • Low number of servers
  • Not recommended for Netflix
  • No good for China
 6 / 10
Total score
$2.87 / month
Minimum Price
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  1. ponchoandredboots

    This thing seems to have some strong points, but there seems to be some real sketch happening with customer support. The thing that put the nail in the coffin for me was the fact that they list 800 servers but only have 150. Having an outright lie like that in their advertisement kills it for me.

  2. MadeInChina

    Seemed like a good VPN but the low number of servers is a no-no for me. And that reply you got from their support staff. I mean, they didn’t know that people would be asking these kinds of questions? And why do they lie about 800? Definitely a no for me.

  3. Shira Agnarr

    I was interested in using Anonine in my Macbook, but seeing as they only have a kill switch for Windows then I’ll be looking at other options. The bad customer support also made me reconsider it.

    1. Cristen Alfhard

      Yeah it’s not a good option for Apple products, but it seems to be quite decent for other users. Just like the review said, it’s a VPN. Simple enough, nothing amazing but also not bad.

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