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Last updated: December 27, 2022

While Anonymous VPN surely has its pros, we recommend checking our top services first before buying.

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Anonymous VPN promises to keep you and your browsing data as anonymous as their mascot – Dude. But do they deliver?

Anonymous VPN is an affordable option for casual VPN users. The company behind it is registered in Seychelles, a gorgeous archipelago in the Indian Ocean. Seychelles is rapidly becoming a hotspot for VPN companies because it’s outside intelligence alliances such as the Five Eyes and has a privacy-friendly attitude in general. Although started in 2015, the service already seems to be in decline, with the last announcement on social media dating back to March 2018.

In terms of security, users can choose their preferred protocol between OpenVPN and IPSec (L2TP/IPSec in this case – the less secure option). The cipher used is AES-256, which is more or less the industry standard, though Anonymous VPN doesn’t mention if its AES-256-CBC or AES-256-GCM. In any case, all of this means that users can feel safe about their data.

This VPN is available for Windows and Mac users. Mobile users are a bit more restricted. Anonymous has yet to release an app for iOS, although there is one for Android. They offer two different membership plans and a three-day trial. Both long-term membership plans are refundable for up to 14 days.

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With this VPN, you will be able to use P2P software for all your torrenting needs. And – great news for movie lovers – Anonymous VPN, at least for now, seems to give users the ability to stream Netflix US content. Unfortunately, there’s no record of this VPN working for users in China, but it should work in other restricted countries, such as Russia (Anonymous VPN even has a server there).

We think Anonymous VPN is a good option for casual users because it’s super user-friendly and easy to set up. But if you do run into problems, Anonymous VPN has a helpful customer service team waiting to answer any of your questions.

Is it right for you? Read our Anonymous VPN review to help you decide.

Is Anonymous VPN safe to use?

We love seeing VPN companies based in places like Seychelles and not just because we dream of going snorkeling on those beaches! Offshore countries are the perfect place for VPN companies to register their business because they are far away from the prying eyes of data-hungry intelligence agencies and others who would violate your privacy.

As mentioned above, this VPN allows you to choose between OpenVPN (TCP and UDP) or L2TP/IPSec. OpenVPN is widely considered the industry standard and, thanks to being open source software, is constantly being improved. It also uses the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption with a 256-bit key.

Additionally, Anonymous VPN has a kill switch. This kills your internet when you get disconnected from the VPN server. Any online activity when not connected to the VPN network will reveal your real IP address.

Data logs

Based on the company’s name, we were surprised to learn that your connection through this VPN is not as anonymous as the name would lead you to believe.

An article in their Knowledgebase states, “We do not keep any traffic logs, we have a strict no-logs policy. Privacy is our first, middle and last name.”, but this is a misleading statement – they do keep connection logs. At least they don’t keep activity logs – important, especially for users engaged in sensitive activities, such as P2P.

Best Anonymous VPN alternatives

Speed & performance

Anonymous VPN has a network across twenty countries with a heavy emphasis on Europe. Users in Asia are also well covered. However, there are zero servers in South America and only one in Africa.

Tests for our Anonymous VPN review show average speeds, and that generally reflects what users are saying. While it’s common for VPNs to slow down your internet speed, the percentage of that decrease in speed varies. Generally, users find Anonymous VPN speeds fine if you have a good connection and potentially frustrating if your connection is slow.

Another feature of Anonymous VPN is that it provides users with a dynamic IP address when connected to the service.

How to download & install anonymous VPN

If you decide that Anonymous VPN is right for you, you might be confused about the lack of a download page. This is because you need to start by signing up for one of the memberships offered at the bottom of the Home page. If you already have an account, you can download the client from the links at the left of the footer.

Once you’ve selected your membership, you’ll be taken to a page to create a new account. Finally, after entering your credit card information, you will receive two emails from the company. One gives you the login details you entered originally, which you will need to enter the customer section of the website.

The second email includes a link to download the app, as well as your username and password. Note that your username and password for the app are different than the ones you used to sign up with. This is one of the rare points of confusion we encountered while researching for this Anonymous VPN review. Once you’ve downloaded the files, just follow your computer’s prompts to install the program.

How to use Anonymous VPN

Once you’ve installed the program, you’re ready to get started. Launch the program like you would any other and then enter your username and password (the ones you received in your second email).

Before you hit Connect, take a second to click on the slider icon in the bottom left-hand corner of the panel. This will open the settings tab where you can choose if you want the application to start or connect automatically and remember your username and password.

Anonymous VPN client for Windows main menu

For more technically-savvy users, you can also choose your preferred protocol. All users should make sure they tick the box to Enable kill switch to make sure your connection is always secure.

After a quite frustrating website, we were relieved that the client itself is quite user-friendly.

Anonymous VPN for Netflix

One of the primary reasons non-techie people debate purchasing a VPN is so that they can access American Netflix. Luckily, our tests for this Anonymous VPN review have found that the program delivers on this front. This is likely because Anonymous VPN is still a relatively new company that Netflix has yet to ban. The situation might change in 2020. Therefore we advise you to take the trial version for those two bucks and see if Anonymous VPN unlocks the content of your desired library.

With other streaming platforms, it seems to come down to luck. We weren’t able to access BBC iPlayer, but we got on some others, such as NBC and Channel 4.

Anonymous VPN for torrenting

This is another area where Anonymous VPN excels. Not only do they allow access to P2P and torrenting, but they also allow it across all 25 servers. That’s really nice to have!

Is it good for users in China?

While Anonymous VPN doesn’t cater specifically to China, there’s a possibility that the VPN can get through the so-called Great Firewall of China. Many users of OpenVPN have reported that there are specific ports that work from China. This will, of course, require you to have the technical know-how to configure the settings.

Apps & extensions

As a relative newcomer to the scene, it’s no surprise that they have limited coverage across platforms at the moment. Desktop users on both Mac and Windows operating systems can download a dedicated client. Additionally, so can Android users.

They also offer support for iOS and Linux devices although there’s no dedicated client. However, there are detailed tutorials on how to get Anonymous VPN working on these devices in the Knowledgebase.


In some senses, we were pleasantly surprised by what we saw in terms of customer support, but in others, we were disappointed. To begin with, there is a Knowledge base. It offers some helpful tutorials for people looking to set up the VPN. Unfortunately, these tutorials aren’t as comprehensive as we’d like and only offer guidance on some issues.

One thing that we were disappointed by is the lack of a live chat option. It is becoming the industry standard to offer support over live chat and with good reason – it’s extremely convenient. On the other hand, they claim their customer service representatives are available 24/7. Interactions we had for this Anonymous VPN review have been pleasant and efficient, so perhaps there’s hope there, although it’s easy to find antithetical testimonies.

To reach Anonymous VPN client support, simply navigate to the FAQ section of the website using the link in the header or the footer. Once there, in the navigation bar on the left, you’ll see the option named Open Ticket to which they’ll reply via email. From our experience, the support is quick to respond and the answers are comprehensive and easy to understand.

While the service itself looks quite dead at first sight, with the last posts in Facebook and Twitter dating back to March 2018, Anonymous VPN is still active – the comment by a user posted on Facebook six weeks ago has been replied to.


The tool doesn’t offer a free trial. However, a three day trial for $2 (which is what we paid for this Anonymous VPN review) is certainly the next best thing, so users can give the service a test drive before they commit to the long-term plan.

Concerning membership plans, they have two plans, and both have the same benefits, including unlimited bandwidth and a dynamic IP address. Each membership is limited up to three simultaneous connections.

anonymous vpn prices

  • Monthly – $5.75
  • Yearly – $69 ($12.00/month)

The monthly price is extremely high having in mind that top VPNs, such as our #1-ranked ExpressVPN or our #2-ranked NordVPN ask about the same. The yearly price is average at best and is worth paying only if you find a specific reason why Anonymous VPN suits you better than any of the best overall VPN services.

Payment options are very limited – the company only accepts credit cards. This is disappointing when many VPN providers offer a range of payment types from Paypal to Bitcoin.

A very limiting money-back guarantee

Both long-term membership plans are backed by a 14-day money-back guarantee. According to their website, refunds can be requested after that time period, but they will be assessed on a case by case basis.

Unfortunately, there are some restrictions to be eligible for the money-back, which had us choosing the three day trial for this Anonymous VPN review instead.

First, it has to be the first time you’re ordering these services. This means that if you decide to go for a yearly plan after one month, you can no longer reconsider within two weeks.

Second, connecting more than a hundred times and using over 500 MB of bandwidth also neglects your rights to the money-back.

Conclusion of our Anonymous VPN review

The bottom line is that Anonymous VPN isn’t perfect, but it’s a good option for casual VPN users. If you’re looking for something that is easy to use and will give you access to geo-locked content, then it’s worth giving this VPN a try.

That said, there’s the concern behind their data logging policies. While the front page of Anonymous VPN website shouts one thing, another thing seems to be happening in the background. Between the data logs and variable speeds, heavy VPN users will want to look elsewhere for something that matches their needs better.

Ultimately, our Anonymous VPN review finds that it gives privacy to its users but is far from making them completely anonymous.


  • Access to Netflix
  • Based in Seychelles
  • 14-day money-back guarantee
  • P2P and torrenting allowed
  • Kill switch


  • No dedicated iOS client
  • Traffic and data usage logged
  • Up to 3 connections per account
  • No live chat support
  • No free trial
  • Accepts credit cards only
 6 / 10
Total score
$1.00 / month
Minimum Price
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  1. Anonymous

    Another review for Anonymous VPN I came across on a different website mentioned that Netflix does not work with this VPN provider, but your review says above that it gives access to Netflix. Can you please confirm what is correct?

  2. Publio Iadanza

    When I see “it’s a good option for casual VPN users” and see a price comparable to blue-chip vpn’s like NordVPN and ExpressVPN, I have to ask why you’d go with a lesser-known vpn when you can enjoy a strong VPN regardless of casual or serious VPN use. I’m not real big on using credit cards for vpns either. I like a variety of payment choices because it makes me think the company is solid.

  3. Shanks R

    I’ve heard a lot about this VPN, it doesn’t seem that bad all things considered, plus it’s affordable. I’m not sure about the paying three day trial though, it’s a bit expensive just for three day, they should have a free trial instead.

  4. Guvner

    No logs are collected. They also use a tough encryption standard and OpenVPN. It works with torrents and has a kill switch.

    But some of the cons neutralize the pros. The minimal number of platforms it supports, snail-like servers, and no Tor compatibility aren’t good.

  5. Adhira

    Thanks for this free service, I was able to access the site which was blocked by my ISP in India

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