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Last updated: October 15, 2021

Cloud VPN PRO is no longer active. We recommend checking our best VPN services in 2023 instead.

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One of the first VPN services designed specifically for Android phones, in theory, Cloud VPN PRO should be music to the ears of smartphone users. But does this actually ring true, or does the promise of a slickly-designed Android VPN amount to little more than hot air?

Before we get into the details, it’s important to note a few things. Firstly, Cloud VPN PRO is a smartphone-only tool – no tablets here. And we can’t recommend Cloud VPN PRO for PC users for exactly that reason.

Secondly, the VPN offers servers in France, the Netherlands, Germany, Canada, the USA, and the UK – so there’s a good geographical spread, but the actual number of servers is pretty tiny.

Finally, you can’t use Cloud VPN PRO free of charge. It’s a subscription-only service, which may disqualify it for entry-level users, who just want a lightweight VPN to use now and then.

But that’s just scratching the surface. Let’s get into this Cloud VPN PRO review to find out whether this is the privacy tool Android owners have been waiting for.

Is Cloud VPN PRO safe to use?

Security is a top priority when assessing VPNs. The same is true in this case, regardless of whether we’re talking about Cloud VPN for PC or Android. Sadly, this is where the VPN really falls down. If you ask ‘is Cloud VPN Pro safe?’, the answer is we simply don’t know.

The VPN has no website, just a Google Play download site. The site offers zero information about the protocols available, whether additional layers of protection are present, or the encryption used. Users are left in the dark about these things – which is something we find unacceptable.

So don’t use this VPN for anything sensitive. We know nothing about how well it protects data, or whether it gathers your information and sells it to third parties.

Speed & Performance

Cloud VPN offers a very limited range of servers – just 7, located across 6 nations. While that’s much lower than your standard VPN, this doesn’t necessarily mean the VPN is too slow to use.

We found very little drop-off in speed for everyday web browsing, including streaming YouTube videos and other bandwidth-intensive online activities. And even when we used relatively distant servers in France and the UK, the results were entirely acceptable.

Obviously, users should expect variable speeds and some slowdowns, but compared with other Android VPNs, Cloud VPN PRO performs pretty well.

How to download Cloud VPN PRO

Cloud VPN is very easy to get a hold of. All you need to do is Google “Cloud VPN PRO,” and you’ll find a link to the Google Play store.

When you get there, all you need to do is click the “Install” button, and the app will be downloaded to your phone.

The app is only compatible with Android 4.1 and above and requires 4.1MB of space, which is handy to bear in mind.

How to install it

When you click the link, your Cloud VPN PRO download will start automatically, and the app will be added to your Android library. At this stage, the process is only half-finished, however. Before you can actually run the VPN and protect your smartphone browsing, you’ll need to purchase a Cloud VPN PRO subscription.

That’s right, Cloud VPN PRO has no free trial – you can only access it if you pay. We weren’t crazy about this aspect of the package, giving users no chance to try before they buy.

It doesn’t matter how strong a VPN’s reputation is (and Cloud VPN is a relatively unknown quantity), a short free trial is always a bonus, and the absence of a taster period is a big thumbs down as far as our Cloud VPN PRO review goes.

How to use it

As soon as you have created an account and paid for the service, you’ll be able to log on. Just enter your details and press the “Tap to Connect” button. This takes you to a master list of available servers, where you can easily choose the one you’d like to use. It’s all very simple, and there’s little opportunity to customize your VPN experience. However, such simplicity is well-suited for entry-level users.

Once you’ve fired up the Cloud VPN PRO app, there’s another step you can take before you’re properly online. Unlike other VPNs, this client has links for different Android apps. So you can click on links for Chrome, LinkedIn, Skype, and YouTube. This doesn’t provide any more protection but does make navigating the internet a tiny bit more convenient.

Aside from that, the client doesn’t have much to offer.

Apps and Extensions

As you’d expect from such a simple VPN service, if you Google Cloud VPN PRO apps and extensions, not much will come up. What you see is what you get with this package: just an Android VPN that slips neatly into smartphone setups, and nothing more. So don’t expect special apps for Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. That’s not what Cloud VPN PRO is about.

Using Cloud VPN PRO for Netflix

The major strength of Cloud VPN is its Android functionality and ease of use – not its ability to work around the web’s most sophisticated geo-blocking systems. So don’t expect this VPN to let you watch Netflix.

Accessing services in your area is fine, and streaming speeds compared reasonably well with other smartphone VPNs, but when we tried to access Netflix US and some other foreign Netflix libraries, we had absolutely no luck. So this isn’t really the VPN for movie and TV show buffs.

On the other hand, it will get you around some geo-restrictions, so don’t give up entirely.

Is Cloud VPN PRO suitable for Torrenting?

The same applies to torrenting. Unfortunately, Cloud VPN PRO’s creators make it very clear on their download page, that “Use of peer-to-peer file-sharing softwares, downloading illegal or copyrighted material such as music and movies are not permitted.” We didn’t have any luck torrenting with the VPN installed.

Does it work in China?

Will Cloud VPN PRO free you from government censorship under the world’s most repressive regimes? Possibly. The download page says that Cloud VPN PRO is “Ideal for people facing Internet censorship” and our contacts in China agreed. It seems to work around China’s firewall, so it should work elsewhere in the world as well.


Cloud VPN PRO’s support can be accessed via the client or the developers’ email address, but it isn’t the best in the world. While we did receive an acknowledgment of our support query, it took a while for actual help to arrive, and support staff was hard to get a hold of by other means.

There’s also no general discussion forum dedicated to Cloud VPN PRO, and no knowledge database. In fact, there’s very little material about the app, which this Cloud VPN PRO review considers a red flag. We’d like more information about who is behind the app and how to reach them – especially now that they are demanding money for their services.


Pricing is one area where Cloud VPN PRO customers can feel justly annoyed. The comments on the app download page tell a familiar story: in the past, users loved the simplicity, reliability, and all-around quality of the Android app and, more than anything else, they loved that it was free of charge.

However, in 2017, the app went from being free to a monthly, paid-for subscription service, prompting a barrage of one-star reviews from angry customers. We can understand why the subscriptions were introduced, and this Cloud VPN PRO review won’t fault it too much for that. On the other hand, customers have a point when they rage about free options that offer more value.

As far as we can see, Cloud VPN offers very little that free Android VPNs don’t. However, if you like the service and the app, a month will cost you $9.99. That’s actually pretty expensive for a one-platform VPN, so think twice before subscribing.

Bottom line of our Cloud VPN Review

The list of top Android VPNs is short, so kudos to Cloud VPN PRO for offering smartphone users a product tailored to their needs. That being said, when you take a deeper look at this VPN, some glaring flaws emerge. While the connections seem reliable and reasonably quick, there’s little information about security and support is hard to access. Netflix viewing isn’t on the cards, and don’t even think about torrenting.

There may be cheaper alternatives around, and they’re probably worth checking out first.


  • Easy to download and install
  • Evades censorship well
  • Easy to use client
  • Decent speeds


  • Very little information about security
  • Expensive
  • No free trial
  • Poor support
  • No torrenting
  • Doesn't work with Netflix
 4.4 / 10
Total score
$4.16 / month
Minimum Price
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  1. Claire Walker

    I don’t browse much on my phone so I wouldn’t want to pay for a VPN (although I know people who use their phone for everything so a VPN is a smart idea). I’m not impressed by VPN Pro based on your review. A review is a starting point for me as I like reading user reviews too. Nevertheless, VPN Pro is getting off on the wrong foot with me.

  2. paintballjack

    Hmmmm. Don’t know how I feel about this one. On the one hand, I like that it’s just for my phone. I feel like if something is designed specfically for a device, it’ll work better on it, instead of just being remade to work on different devices. But I’m also really not a fan of how much they offer versus the price. I think I’ll try something else.

  3. beautyqueen11

    I’ve had a pretty good experience Cloud VPN PRO. The connection seems to drop out. But it works well enough for me. I have found the service to be more than adequate for my modern internet use.

  4. Sheemyima

    Well! I wouldn’t rate this very highly, firstly because it is not Free. However, I would give it points because it unblocks popular applications and websites, particularly YouTube, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Skype, and Viber.

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