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Last updated: December 24, 2020
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Disclaimer: Affiliate links help us produce good content. Learn more.

Disclaimer: Affiliate links help us produce good content. Learn more.


DroidVPN is a Philippines-based VPN tool that promises to secure your internet connection by encrypting all of your network traffic. Their website claims to provide anonymous browsing, fast connections, and a host of awesome features to boot. Can they deliver? Find out in our full DroidVPN review.

In terms of security, there have been mentions of DroidVPN allegedly logging user data, which is, unfortunately, becoming more common among lower-tier VPN providers these days. Another thing to note here is that there doesn’t seem to be any easily accessible information on DroidVPN’s actual encryption methods.

This is a bit of a red flag, especially considering the fact that DroidVPN is upfront about logging your data and handing it over to authorities if necessary. They also have a bad habit of describing their VPN by using overly market-y language, which isn’t really helpful for us if we’re looking for accurate info on what the VPN can do for us.

In terms of speed, DroidVPN promises good speeds, and online speed tests show that they slow down your connection by the usual “VPN tax” amount. This can be considered more-or-less a disadvantage, as standard speeds are really nothing to brag about.

For the price, DroidVPN offers good options for all the security features that they provide. They also offer unlimited server switches along with any of their premium plans, allowing you to switch servers and locations as needed while you’re browsing. The prices on their VPN services are available with discounts for longer commitment periods, allowing you to save some money if you’re okay with being locked down for up to a year.

DroidVPN supports both Windows and Android platforms. While these are the main platforms used by people nowadays, this is still severely limited compared to a lot of other leading VPN services which offer apps on every platform.

Unfortunately, DroidVPN is apparently ineffective at unblocking Netflix. This functionality is becoming rarer as Netflix gets all the wiser to the various methods VPNs use to bypass their geo-blocking. Another drawback here is that torrent activity is strictly prohibited by DroidVPN’s ToS.

One nice thing about DroidVPN is that they maintain a list of usable ISPs and VPN configurations for use in China. It’s always cool when a VPN is able to provide Chinese functionality, and its great that DroidVPN maintains a list of working configurations.

Their support network is a little lacking compared to some bigger companies, and they only offer support through Email. They have a network of passive support on their website in the form of a blog and FAQ, but these hardly make up for the lack of direct support options.

Overall, the platform itself is easy-to-use, with a straightforward and tasteful UI, along with a bunch of settings allowing you to control how the VPN handles your connection.

Is DroidVPN safe to use?

This is a tough one to call off-the-hop. For some reason, DroidVPN is not very upfront about the type of encryption and protocols that they use. This is a definite red flag, as decent encryption is obviously a good selling point. The fact that this statistic isn’t front-and-center raises some concerns in terms of privacy and security.

Another thing to consider is their distinct warning on their website that they do in fact store some “usage data”, for an unspecified amount of time. This includes all the typical logs such as connection time, IP addresses, duration, and consumed bandwidth. Although these are all the typical things which VPNs tend to keep track of in order to function properly, the fact that they log this information for an unspecified period of time is a bit concerning.

They also distinctly mention in their privacy policy that they comply with requests from LEA or government officials for user data. We can be thankful that they’re upfront about this stuff, but we definitely shouldn’t rely too heavily on the privacy features of this VPN.

The company itself is based in the Philippines, and they offer servers in locations across the globe. The Philippines isn’t part of any special security jurisdiction, so there are no extra legal repercussions to worry about (as if the ones already mentioned were not enough). Just make sure you’re using the VPN for normal activity, and not something that might land you in hot water.

When we performed a leak test with the encryption running, the test revealed DNS leaks, as well as WebRTC and IPv6 leaks. All in all, the security features of this VPN seem to be lacking. It’s not particularly effective for hiding your activity or protecting your privacy unless you’re simply using it for simple tasks over a temporary period.

One last thing to note about DroidVPN’s security is that they don’t have a kill switch for their client. This means that if the VPN stops working while you’re still connected, your actual information will be revealed.

Speed & performance

In terms of speed, DroidVPN actually gave us pretty good results. The reviews online are in keeping with this idea, as well, saying that they give particularly good results when connecting through the Android app.

How to download and install DroidVPN

When you visit DroidVPN’s website, you’re met with a nicely designed and industry-standard web page.

DroidVPN homepage screenshot

The website itself is fairly straightforward. It’s actually funny how similar some of the different VPN websites are to each other.

The layout should look familiar if you’re used to dealing with VPN clients. Navigating to their download page will give you a few stats about the app, as well as a download link for the Windows/Android version.

One of the main things that stands out about the downloads is that they don’t have clients for macOS or iOS. This is pretty limiting compared to a lot of other VPNs which support every major platform.

The download is nice and straightforward. You’ll get a .zip folder with all the files necessary to run the VPN. Once you’ve extracted all the files, you can run DroidVPN.exe in order to start the service.

How to use DroidVPN

Once you’ve got the software unpackaged and the .exe running, you’ll need to register a user account on the website in order to start the service. This is also pretty straightforward, and there are links in the client allowing you to access the registration page.

droidvpn settings


The tabs on the side allow you to change your VPN protocol. The ones they offer aren’t particularly comprehensive, and there’s a possibility that all of their available servers on a certain protocol may be full.

Apps & extensions

DroidVPN only has app support for Windows and Android. This means that Apple users, or users on a less popular platform like Amazon Firestick, are out of luck when it comes to this VPN. The fact that the platform is so lacking in this respect is fairly concerning, but it is possible that being able to focus on a smaller amount of platforms actually makes the service more usable on those platforms.

The service doesn’t have any support for routers or Linux, but there are some solutions available for Linux Droid if you’re using that. This mitigates some of the negative impact of such a narrow platform base, but it doesn’t completely rectify it.

If you’re an Apple user, you’ll simply have to find another VPN.

DroidVPN and Netflix

DroidVPN is not effective for unblocking Netflix content. As we’ve said before, this is becoming more and more of a rare feature; and it’s really only offered by the top-notch competitors in the field.

Considering that DroidVPN has issues with its protocols and security already, it’s not surprising that it isn’t really capable of unblocking Netflix content.

DroidVPN for torrenting

DroidVPN’s ToS strictly prohibits torrenting activity through their service. Their privacy policy also notes that they comply with LEA and government requests for user data, which we know they keep indefinitely. This means that if you want to download torrents over this service, you need to be very careful and make sure you aren’t doing any illicit downloading.

To save yourself the trouble, just look elsewhere if torrenting is what you have in mind.

Using DroidVPN in China

As we mentioned before, DroidVPN provides a comprehensive list of different ISPs and configurations for use in China. While the actual results will vary, and it’s important to always make sure you’re using a comprehensive connection configuration in order to retain your privacy in China, having this functionality (and the list itself) is a nice little feature.

The different configurations list connection protocols and other settings that should be used when connecting through different ISPs in China. We were unable to find any actual user reviews of the performance of these configurations in China, but it’s still nice to see that the company cares enough to provide configuration resources and functionality.

Their full list of country configurations contains over 100 countries with close to 80,000 configurations designed for using the VPN in different parts of the world. Not all of the areas covered are restricted in terms of VPN usage, but it’s still nice to have this resource at our disposal.


Again, the support network is one area where we found DroidVPN to be almost criminally lacking. Not even having a phone or live chat support is quite damning in an industry where technical knowledge is pretty much a requirement.

That being said, it can be hard to judge exactly how good customer support actually is without needing to use it.

In the end, it really depends on how much you think you will need support. If you know what you’re doing with VPN technology, and you’re confident that you can configure and use the client properly on your own, even horrendous customer support might not be an issue for you.


droidvpn pricing

DroidVPN’s price structure is fairly standard, although their actual prices are quite low. As you can see, the 1-year subscription is their best offer, at $2.99 per month.

DroidVPN limits your connected devices to 1, no matter which plan you go with. This means that, if you want to connect with multiple devices simultaneously, you’re out of luck. This is unfortunate, as most VPNs these days offer at least 2 or 3 connections.

For payment options, they accept payments via PayPal, PerfectMoney, and Google Play in-app billing. This is another area where this VPN is severely limited compared to some competitors. They have a free account available, which gives you access to their 8 free servers based in the US, for 100mb a day (resetting at midnight, GMT).

Bottom line

There isn’t a whole lot of positive things that stand out about DroidVPN. Other than their price, they underperform compared to the competition in almost every metric. Their speeds are alright, but their actual privacy settings are very lacking, especially considering the red flags in their PP and ToS.

Not being able to use the client effectively for torrenting or unblocking Netflix is also a big drawback. This client only really seems useful for casually safeguarding yourself for extremely temporary periods of time. If you’re going to need tighter security or effective security and privacy over a long-term period, this isn’t the VPN for you.

That being said, the speeds and prices are reasonable, making this a decent option for casual VPN usage on your phone, to protect against attacks while out and about.


  • Good speeds
  • Relatively low prices
  • Should work in China


  • Lack of security features
  • Outdated protocols
  • Lack of transparency
  • Red flags in ToS
  • Bad for torrenting
 4.5 / 10
Total score
$2.99 / month
Minimum Price
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  1. Robert Soza

    I’m looking for a VPN that will unblock Netflix so I guess DroidVpn won’t work for me so I’ll keep reading your reviews to find a good fit. I’m hoping that I can find one that is reasonably priced and offers a free trial. Any suggestions?

  2. Jason F

    Everything in this VPN sounds bad. I mean it has outdated protocols (which is pretty bad), it’s not transparent enough and it has no security features. I mean come one, don’t go to this one.

  3. jasontz

    Offering just email support is not something I like at all, especially with this kind of service. A live chat option would have been much better. And why do they not specify the exact amount of time they keep our usage data for?

  4. David Lloyds

    I use DroidVpn on my phone and it does the job for me. This vpn is easy to set up and use. It especially block phone hackers. The price is reasonable and protection is good too. I hope droidvpn is able to unblock Netflix sometime soon. Overall droid is a simple vpn that suits regular folks like myself.

    1. Winona

      That’s great David! Though I would still look for other options with similar price and features, since their outdated protocols means that you aren’t getting the best protection. Best wishes!

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