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Last updated: January 27, 2022
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Freedom-IP VPN is a rather obscure service. We did our best to figure out everything that’s important about this relatively unknown app. Find out more in our Freedom-IP VPN review below.

Freedom-IP VPN is a French attempt at a privacy tool. This service has been around for a while – the company was founded in 2010. Yet, there seems to be very little information about it on the web. If you’re a French speaker, you may be able to dig up more.

This VPN offers but two protocols: OpenVPN and L2TP. The logging policy isn’t the safest on the market, especially with France as its base of operations. Freedom-IP has a ridiculously small amount of VPN servers (38), but these are spread in 30+ countries, enough for average global coverage.

Freedom-IP speeds are pretty slow, good enough to just stream YouTube. The pricing is quite cheap, and all plans come with a 72-hour free trial. The payment options are underwhelming and limited to only major credit cards. But let’s see what else our Freedom-IP VPN review team dug up while investigating this obscure VPN.

Is Freedom-IP VPN safe to use?

Feels like we need to use “Orwellian,” “surveillance,” “citizens,” and “online activities” in the very same sentence here. France is probably the worst location now in Europe to base a VPN service. A new 2015 law forces ISPs to keep user data for 1 year even after the user unsubscribes. This includes your online activities and other personally identifiable data.

Your online privacy and freedom is questionable in France.

But that’s not all. Stringent anti-terror laws, increased online surveillance, hate speech laws, and digital copyright laws all contribute to less free internet in France. Therefore, we don’t believe that it’s safe to use Freedom-IP VPN for any serious online activity, including hacking, activism, sensitive journalism, whistle-blowing, and torrenting.

Oh, have we mentioned France is a member of the infamous 9 Eyes international surveillance group?

Freedom-IP VPN Privacy Policy

This VPN has a very concise and short Privacy Policy. It clearly states what is or is not logged.

But here comes the shocker. The following information is kept about every VPN session:

  • IP Address of connection
  • start time of session
  • end time of session
  • data received of session
  • data sent of session

In other words, Freedom-IP VPN keeps connection logs. These may not be enough to identify you personally and directly, but it’s also not what you want when you aim to be anonymous online.

Freedom-IP VPN does not keep usage logs.

On the other hand, the Freedom-IP VPN Privacy Policy also states that they don’t keep usage logs, i.e., the content of your online communications. Nevertheless, the VPN base in France and the connection logs don’t really make Freedom-IP VPN safe to use according to our privacy standards.

Security features

There’s very little disclosed about the Freedom-IP security and privacy features. In fact, all we know is that this VPN uses the OpenVPN and L2TP protocols, with OpenVPN considered one of the most secure and fastest protocols.

However, since Freedom-IP VPN doesn’t have a kill switch or not even its own app to configure security or privacy options, this VPN is surely not safe enough to use.


If you believe in miracles, you may think that with around 40 servers globally, Freedom-IP VPN can provide you with proper speeds. However, this 9-year-old French service doesn’t seem to have found the recipe for blazing fast speeds yet.

Our Freedom-IP VPN review team found that this VPN may be mostly used by online gamers, probably mostly in France. So, for them, speeds could be satisfying. However, compared to top-notch VPNs like Astrill, NordVPN, and TorGuard, Freedom-IP is but an ambitious snail.

Have a look at our fastest VPN in 2020 picks to see what “fast” really means.

How to download and install it

You can only download the Freedom-IP VPN app if you create an account first, which also means entering your payment details. Even if you only want to try this VPN for free by using the promoted 72-hour trial, you have to provide your credit card details first to get an account.

Once you confirm your email address after your purchase, you can log in through your website. From your Dashboard, you can download your app. However, Freedom-IP VPN has no native app for any of the primary platforms. What is has is a customized OpenVPN build. This means that you’ll install OpenVPN with the Freedom-IP settings and servers already in place for you to use.

From the Dashboard, you’re supposed to have access to the Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, iOS, and Android version. However, the instructions are only for Windows, Mac OS X, and Freebox OS.

You can find instructions on the website in French as well as translated versions like English. This also means that you need to do all the installation steps by yourself, manually. While this isn’t rocket science, it could be off-putting for novice users.

How to use Freedom-IP VPN

After running your OpenVPN GUI, sorry, your Freedom-IP-customized VPN app, you’ll find it in the system tray. Click on its icon to bring up the list of servers to choose from. After you select a location, you need to enter your credentials to be able to connect.

That’s all. However, if you simply want to unblock geo-restricted web content, Freedom-IP VPN may be just enough for you. But, if you’re more serious and want proper protection with a customizable app, you need to check out our best VPN list.

Freedom-IP VPN for Netflix

No way, Jose. It’s one thing that its speed could be too slow for any enjoyable seamless streaming experience. But accessing Netflix with Freedom-IP VPN? Dream on.

As a matter of fact, you may end up only steaming YouTube with this low-quality VPN. However, for some that may just be fine too. So, if you want a cheap VPN to stream YouTube from your censorship-friendly location, by all means, try it.

Nonetheless, if you’re a serious streamer, we have a list of the best VPN for Netflix picks for you.

Freedom-IP VPN for torrenting

Bluntly put, it would be plain suicide to use Freedom-IP VPN for torrenting. If you read the Terms of Services carefully, it should be clear why. This provider seems to be against anything that many users want a VPN for.

This includes sharing copyrighted, illegal, and offensive content: “[Freedom-IP] takes copyright and other intellectual property rights very seriously.” Not that we promote such illegal uses, but torrenting is kind of a grey area. And, you don’t want to get a hefty fine from your ISP for sharing the “wrong” content.

Find our best VPN for torrenting choices here if you need a decent solution.

Live chat support

Freedom-IP VPN has no live chat support; it’s as simple as that. All the support you can get is through the French language forum via the website, or you can send an email through the Dashboard. If you’re lucky, you may get a reply within hours.


Freedom-IP’s pricing is possibly the only positive thing about this VPN.

Freedom-IP prices

At $1.99 a month for the annual plan, Freedom-IP VPN is undoubtedly one of the cheapest on the market today.

Also, there’s no refund, i.e., no money-back guarantee whatsoever. This VPN only accepts credit cards for payment, including Visa and MasterCard. That means no anonymous payment options.

Conclusion of our Freedom-IP VPN review

Freedom-IP VPN is indeed a customized OpenVPN app. It may only stream YouTube, but you can certainly unblock geo-restricted websites to access censored content.

Speeds are rather slow, so don’t expect 4K streaming or seamless online gaming experience either. All in all, Freedom-IP VPN is a cheap choice, but you can always cancel your subscription within 3 days from your purchase. This gives you the opportunity to try it for free.

If you seek a reliable, anonymous, fast, and versatile service, our best VPN list should help you make the right choice to protect yourself online.


  • Cheap plans
  • No usage logs


  • No native apps
  • Few servers
  • Slow speeds
  • Not good for Netflix
  • Keeps connection logs
  • Based in France (Nine Eyes)
  • No kill switch
 4.4 / 10
Total score
$1.99 / month
Minimum Price
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  1. Lukaz

    In my country we say that cheap things come at a much higher cost. And this seems to be true for this VPN: it may be cheap, but it clearly does not enhance your security or give you any kind of benefits.

  2. sammystevens

    Phew, this one looks like trouble. I mainly only use VPNs for avoiding getting a copyright notice from my ISP, so this would be murder on my computer. I guess it must be good for…I don’t know, general protection? The no usage logs thing is nice. But still. It seems like it’s mostly just not worth it.

  3. Roberto

    I didn’t know that VPN services based in France (and other countries from the nine eyes) should be avoided. It’s sad to hear that not all VPNs offer the same level of privacy and there’s always the question of whether or not you’ll be discovered. If I’m paying for such a service I want to be absolutely sure I’m getting total protection.

  4. Eve

    This VPN is a great example that cheap things are in the end very expensive. Investing in a good VPN is key, and Freedom-IP does not meet any basic standards for a VPN.

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