Last update: 11.16.2018


An Aussie contender with an eye on movie and TV fans, Getflix delivers everything streaming obsessives could require, and a little bit more on the side. Read more in our Getflix review below.

As the name suggests, Getflix is a Smart DNS and VPN provider that’s built around giving quality streaming access to more than 350 global channels.  But is it any more than a neat add-on for Netflix or YouTube fans, and does it deliver what general VPN users require? This Getflix review will address every aspect of what the VPN and Smart DNS provider has to offer, making it easy to choose whether to install it or not.

It claims to be able to work around geoblockers – not just in New Zealand and Australia, but around the world.

Getflix hails from Australia, where it has cornered the market for users who want to mix privacy and entertainment. Using Smart DNS technology, it claims to be able to work around geoblockers – not just in New Zealand and Australia, but around the world. So don’t worry if you’re in the USA, because Getflix is a truly global VPN.

What makes the Getflix VPN different is how everything is tailored to streaming from the History Channel and NBC Golf to Vudu and Syfy.

Getflix VPN platforms

But of course, as the name suggests, Getflix’s most popular focus is on helping users access Netflix from all around the world—but, more specifically, American Netflix.

Another key selling point is the huge variety of platforms available on the Getflix VPN. From Nintendo Wiis and PS4s to Roku, Windows and Android phones, smart TVs and media players, few VPNs offer such a choice of downloads.

In theory, this offers a mouth-watering range of options for movie, TV, sports and documentary lovers. As we’ll see in this Getflix review, it delivers much of what it promises, with a few reservations that we’ll come to in a moment. But first, let’s have a look at whether Getflix is safe to use because, without security, it doesn’t matter how many channels you have to offer.

Is Getflix safe to use?

On the surface, Getflix offers a reasonably solid range of security features. For example, protocols include PPTP, SSTP and L2TP, while OpenVPN is supported as well. They also have a commitment to keeping zero logs, which is a key aspect of a dependable VPN.

However, their encryption sometimes leaves room for improvement, with older standards used on some protocols. While they claim to use SHA-256 for their VPN encryption, there’s no real proof or description of this on their site or in their apps.

Further, while you won’t be logged while you use the Getflix VPN, they do share some information with third parties. You’ll be asked for consent if sharing is on the table, but the fact that data is sold on isn’t reassuring, at least for our Getflix review team. There’s also no clear confirmation or denial about whether they keep logs of your activity.

The Getflix DNS routing system adds another layer of anonymity while using streaming sites, and we couldn’t find any evidence that users would be at risk of DNS leakage while using the Getflix VPN, either.

It’s obvious that Getflix is geared up to provide the maximum range of streaming options, and not to provide military grade security.

Then again, it’s obvious that Getflix is geared up to provide the maximum range of streaming options, and not to provide military grade security. So if you need a VPN to keep your emails shielded or your financial data secure, it’s almost certainly not for you.

Speed & Performance

Speed is an interesting area when using Getflix. The thing to remember here is that Getflix comes in two parts: the Smart DNS router and the VPN. You can use one or other of these parts (or both), and the speeds you experience are related to which elements are active.

When writing this Getflix review, we have found that the streaming speeds when using only the Smart DNS service are impressive. Netflix proved to be accessible via a huge range of servers, and the geoblockers didn’t pose much of a problem, while videos were delivered smoothly and reliably. That’s not something you can say about all VPNs.

But the flip side is that speeds dip significantly when you use the VPN as well. So if you want to stream privately, with the full suite of IP address protection, you might encounter slower speeds. Of course, as with all VPNs, the closer the server is to your true location, the better your speed will be. Getflix also has the SmartVPN network, which will allow you to have faster streaming—if you choose a network closer to your location.

That’s not a crippling issue though, and even if the speeds dip a little, they aren’t much lower than most VPNs. Overall, our Getflix review team was pretty impressed by what it had to offer on the speed and performance front.

How to download Getflix

How to download Getflix

Finding a Getflix download shouldn’t pose any problem, but the service has a slightly quirky signup process. To access the 14-day free trial, you’ll need to visit the Getflix website and enter an email address into the text field.

After that, you’ll receive a confirmation email and a link which takes you to a registration form. When that’s done, you’ll be able to access the Getflix dashboard.

Head to the “subscription” section, where you’ll see a selection or Getflix price options. After you enter your payment details, you can access the Getflix download page and add the VPN client to whatever device you are using.

It’s a fiddly process but doesn’t take all that long from start to finish. However, the various steps involved can put off some users, and we don’t blame them.

How to install it

If finding a Getflix download is a little complex, the same can be applied to installation. Downloading and installing the VPN client is quick and easy, but our Getflix review guys have found configuring your DNS to take advantage of the anti-geoblocking function to be more tricky.

Again, you’ll have to signup for a Getflix subscription before the DNS settings can be configured. There’s a step by step guide on the Getflix website, which we found easy to follow, although the process was more time consuming than it needed to be.

And be aware that changing the DNS settings on your router can lead to conflicts and errors, so take care here.

How to use it

Using Getflix is extremely easy, so there’s no need to be concerned about how to use Getflix if you’re new to VPNs. When you’ve downloaded the client, you can access the servers with a few clicks and configure the DNS spoofing option from the client’s front end. There aren’t any bells and whistles, here, just a no-frills VPN client which gets the job done.

If you want to customize Getflix, adding OpenVPN is a possibility. We managed to get it up and running for this Getflx review in a few minutes, although it takes a little more work.

Another thing to point out about using Getflix is that you can instantly switch the VPN off and on when desired. There’s a toggle box on the front page of GUI which lets you “send all traffic over the VPN connection”, adding the maximum level of security in an instant.

The Smart DNS system can also be used in a DNS-over-VPN setup, which is handy for situations where you want to stream over public wi-fi networks. The developers have helpfully included a how-to guide about setting this up, which is a welcome touch.

Apps & Extension

Getflix apps are available for a wide variety of platforms, including: Apple TV, Roku, Android, iOS, Windows, PS3, PS4, Nintendo Wii, Wii U, XBox 360, Macs and WD TV Live. This makes it one of the most adaptable options for home entertainment centers, and we found that adding it to consoles and TVs was a breeze.

Apps and Extension

But that’s not all. Getflix have also developed an Android app which lets you configure your IP settings when you’re out and about. Again, that’s a neat addition to the VPN, which puts it above the competition.

Using Getflix for Netflix

With a name like that, surely using Getflix for Netflix is a no-brainer? Well, that seems to be the case, and the VPN’s streaming functionality goes well beyond the popular movie and TV platform.

One of the annoying things about Netflix is its unavailability in many major countries, but Getflix provides an effective solution to this problem. We found that accessing the platform from countries outside its coverage zone was simple and reliable.

We still had to set up a Netflix account with an American zip code – a small point but one that’s easy to overlook.

However, a little bit of tweaking was required. We still had to set up a Netflix account with an American zip code – a small point but one that’s easy to overlook. Aside from that, the streaming performance was fine and servers around the world allowed access to Netflix without any issues.

As we noted earlier in this Getflix review, the choice of streaming services is huge – and the Getflix website provides useful guidance about accessing these sites. So wherever you go, geoblockers shouldn’t compromise your entertainment watching habits.

Can Getflix be used for torrenting?

While Getflix is an excellent option for accessing mainstream entertainment platforms, torrenting is a different matter. In this case, Smart DNS doesn’t make much difference, and the quality of the VPN has much more effect.

Luckily for our Getflix review team, this service does have some dedicated servers just for torrenting. It is important, of course, that if you’ll be using a VPN for your torrenting needs, that you make sure to connect to these servers as there are different encryption and security measures.

Allowing torrenting is a plus, and having a sizable amount of servers dedicated to torrenting is a big plus in our books.

Does Getflix work in China?

According to our contacts in China, Getflix is one of the most effective VPNs for bypassing government censorship in the People’s Republic. So whether you live in China or need to travel there but want to stream Netflix content, it could be the perfect VPN to use.


getflix support

If you have any problems setting up the Getflix DNS system or its VPN, finding a solution shouldn’t be difficult. We found that the huge Knowledge Base included pretty much everything we could think of, with endless how-to guides offering step by step instructions.

And when we subscribed, our Getflix review has found that the support provided to regular and free users is excellent. The only issue was speed. Support tickets have to be filled out, and staff took a few hours to respond (which might be something to do with their location). But it’s a minor criticism, and you can generally look forward to strong support if you choose Getflix.


As we mentioned earlier, the Getflix price includes both a 14-day trial and paid subscriptions. The free trial is a good way to get to know the client, although the VPN is not included, so you’ll only be able to use the Smart DNS tools. These are the core parts of the Getflix package, so they still offer plenty of functionality.

Payments for subscriptions can be made via Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and JCB cards, while PayPal is another option. Contract terms vary from a single month through to 3 months, 6 months, 12 months and 24 months, with prices decreasing as you choose longer schedules.

Getflix VPN pricing

In fact, the price falls dramatically, from $4.95 per month for a single month, to just over $2 for the longer term packages. So if you like the service provided, we’d recommend a longer contract.

Another thing we must mention in this Getflix review is that you can get a reduced Getflix price when you add extra connections, with a 25% reduction when you add extra accounts (if you already have two). So families wanting separate VPNs for different members or small businesses might find this cost-effective.

Overall, we found that the price was fine for what Getflix offers – especially if you are into streaming. In that case it’s tough to beat.

Is Getflix legal?

All of this sounds great for streamers, but is Getflix legal? The answer is – probably. International regulations on how geoblockers operate are notoriously fuzzy and few people are prosecuted for bypassing blocks on sites like Netflix. It’s definitely a safer area than torrenting or illegal streams, and we wouldn’t worry too much.

Bottom line of the Getflix review

Australia’s Getflix provides a fix of fast streaming and slick DNS spoofing, allowing entertainment lovers to work around those annoying nation-specific blockades. Our Getflix review crew loved the range of channels available and its reliability, and would have no problem recommending it to streamers.

The standalone VPN is another story, and won’t outperform industry leaders like ExpressVPN or NordVPN. It’s solid enough, if a little slow, and there are a few reservations about security. So don’t buy Getflix for all-round performance. Get it to enjoy TV and movies instead.