Welcome to the internet era, where the use of VPN is more essential than ever before. Before you make your final decision on the choice of VPN, we’re going to take you through our Hide ALL IP VPN review.

Cybersecurity affects everyone. The reason is that many online activities are left to the mercy of hackers. Rather than avoid going online at all, you can use a VPN to protect your privacy.
Different companies have invested a lot on technical personnel to man their systems. However, most cyber attacks are too smart to be detected by the technical team. As a result, there is a need to have a software tool that keeps off privacy intrusions.

Before we go further, let us understand how Hide ALL IP works. First, you should understand that all your internet activities are linked to you by the IP address of your device. Any security vulnerability can use the IP address to access your online activities. Using Hide ALL IP allows you online identity protection by changing your IP address to the IP address of the private server.

It then channels all your internet traffic through an encrypted tunnel. All remote servers will see only the IP address of the VPN server. In which case you’re relatively safe. Unlike the case of your ISP, Hide ALL IP does not keep track or record your movements.

We’re going to discuss more in this Hide ALL IP review, to help determine is it is the best software for hiding your IP address in the market today. For this Hide ALL IP review, we have researched and tested many elements and will give a verdict on each. How we achieve the verdict is by weighing its strengths against any drawbacks.

Speed & performance

When streaming geo-blocked content, the customers expect the VPN of choice to provide the best internet speed.

Here, Hide ALL IP VPN falters. At the time of our tests, Its download speed was around 5.3 Mbps and upload speed of about 3.2 Mbps on the EU servers. Those speeds are lower than those of this Hong Kong-based VPN’s competitors.

However, the speed rates may vary depending on the distance from the server, type of encryption, ISP internet speed and the overall server workload.

Is it safe to use?

Hide ALL IP prevents all forms of DNS leaks by ensuring any query send through the tunnel are encrypted using RSA 2048 and AES/DES encryption. As a result, your ISP will not detect any of your activities. The VPN also bypasses the real-time WebRTC-to-browser communications to ensure nothing will leak out. As a result, we can conclude that Hide ALL IP is a no leak VPN.

Interestingly, this VPN doesn’t use OpenVPN but uses, arguably, the more secure HTTP tunneling instead. The VPN itself is located in Hong Kong and has a decent 150 servers spread around the world. Whilst not under any of the Five or 14 Eyes alliances, this VPN however, is strongly under the influence of China, which brings its own issues.


Hide ALL IP comes with only one payment plan. With $2.42/month, you are covered for the whole year.

This sounds like a great deal, but the main drawback is that it allows only one connection per account. If you have more than one device, you must purchase different plans. In this case, it can get to be quite expensive.

Does it work in China?

As we all know, China is always monitoring the online activities of its citizens.
They prohibit access to some services such as social media and Google, also banning VPNs that don’t have a partner in China. Hide ALL IP, at least in this case, has not partnered with any company in the area.

To make it worse, they don’t have a single server in China. Their nearest servers are in Hong Kong and South Korea, which are a bit far.

For Netflix and torrenting

Thanks to copyright restrictions Netflix now actively bans IP addresses from restricted countries trying to access its content.

However, three of the five servers tested did actually allow access to US Netflix, which is great.
Notably, the Hide ALL IP website doesn’t mention Netflix by name but does mention the ability to connect to Hulu, BBC iPlayer and others.

In terms of torrenting, this act is not illegal per se, but it does expose users to illegally obtained materials when online. Using a VPN for torrenting is the best bet if you’re looking for some safety features.

Our Hide ALL IP review shows that they offer unlimited torrenting across all servers, with the company recommending both uTorrent and BitTorrent.

Customer support

If every customer had seamless and multiple ways to access the support team, be it live chat, email and support ticket system, it would be a customer service dream.

Unfortunately, Hide ALL IP has one of the most underwhelming customer support systems we’ve been through.

They only have a basic contact form. The responses, although fast, were disappointingly brief.

Apps & extensions

With Hide ALL IP, you can add mobile hotspot to support both Android and iPhone OS. Mobile hotspot enables users to share Hide ALL IP tunnel with mobile gadgets. Download it and enjoy the three-day free trial. The portable version works from a USB drive.

Hide ALL IP’s desktop app is easy to install, but has a slightly old-fashioned interface, just as their website. The default language is English, but it’s poorly worded and may be a turnoff for some.

Hide ALL IP supports multiple browsers. However, it does not work on routers and Linux. When you try to connect using Chrome browser, it closes the current tabs and opens Chrome in the software itself.

That’s rather poor customer experience. The apps also need to be updated every time. This is inconvenient, especially to those using limited internet connections.

Bottom line

After analyzing various elements in this Hide ALL IP review, we can now give it our verdict.
While it has no impressive customer support, there’s a comprehensive FAQ section which answers almost every question which may arise.

The price (one year plan) is reasonably fair. However, it is somewhat expensive if you want to cover multiple devices.

Another issue is the speed. It has some of the slowest connection speeds compared to other competitors. Even though you can access Netflix, it defeats the advantage with such terrible speeds.

To sum up, we cannot recommend Hide ALL IP since it doesn’t do well on the most crucial aspects.