IbVPN – the all-rounded VPN service, offering unlimited enjoyment and online privacy?

With this VPN around, you need not worry about your online privacy. ibVPN stands for Invisible Browsing VPN, and according to its website, it is praised all over the world for its speed and support.

Regarding product support, perhaps the claim is true because as soon as we visited its site, a support window popped open. Throughout this ibVPN review, we’ll check out all its features. Though it has a large number of servers (100+ in more than 47 countries), the number of P2P servers is very small. P2P servers allow two or more computers to share files. Unfortunately, the speed we experienced for this ibVPN review is quite low.

However, through our tests, it seems that ibVPN lets you stream popular sites like Netflix and Hulu without any significant performance issues. For this ibVPN review, we decided to check this claim by directly posing this question to the customer support representative and his answer was that ibVPN can indeed stream Netflix.

IbVPN is safe to use because there is no activity tracking. This service works with most of the protocols like L2TP, PPTP, and OpenVPN. For PPTP, the encryption level is 128-bit while for the other two protocols, it is 256-bit. It offers a kill switch that stops the internet connection in case the VPN connection is disrupted.

This service works in China. It has set up dedicated double VPN servers in that country so that users can now access Facebook, Google, and Netflix. ibVPN also supports torrents through its servers located in Luxembourg, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Canada, and Hong Kong.

This service has four different pricing plans including one that is purely for torrenting. You can use ibVPN for free for 24 hours. The setup and interface of this service are quite user-friendly. It has an iOS and desktop versions; the former has much more functionality than the desktop one.

Continue reading this ibVPN review to find out more details.

Is ibVPN safe to use?

ibVPN features the industry standard 256-AES encryption, with various security tunnel protocols to choose from. In a 256 encryption, a hacker would have to try all the 2 raised to the power of 256 combinations, in order to hack into the VPN server, which is next to impossible.

For all connections, its tunneling default is OpenVPN, which is universally accepted as the best in the current market. If for some reason you prefer the other protocols, like SSTP, L2TP (Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol)/IpSec (Internet Protocol Security) or PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol), those are available too.

In researching for this ibVPN review, we found several advanced features, which puts this service provider on a much higher level than competitors. One of them includes the double VPN, or double hop feature that creates an extra layer of security for users. Not to mention, there is a kill switch.

And, since ibVPN is based in Romania, this service does not collect the browsing data of its users. The Romanian Parliament ruled the EU Data Retention Directive to be unconstitutional, hence you have a little less to worry about, in terms of your information being shared with government authorities.

Speed and Performance

We installed the free version of the app on our desktop, and here is where ibVPN falters. Once it was installed, the ping value increased by 6 times after the installation of the ibVPN app.

The download and upload speeds also dropped considerably after connecting to an ibVPN server.

When we checked out the speed, we found that speeds from US-based servers were higher than those from the UK-based ones.

Please note that speed depends upon several factors. The most important factor is your server choice. It also depends upon how many cookies are stored in your computer’s memory.

How to download ibVPN

The good news is that you can try ibVPN for 24 hours before making a commitment:

  • Go to the ibVPN website. Click ‘See Plans and Pricing’.
  • Doing so directs you to the proxy download with 5 different options.
  • Choose any one, e.g. ‘24 hours free trial’.
  • You’re then taken to the billing page. Fill out the details, which is basic, as it only asks for your email ID and name.
  • Fill in your password and accept the terms and conditions.
  • After doing this, save the download file anywhere on your computer and then install the app.

Apps and Extensions

Apps and extensions IbVPN

ibVPN can be used on Android, MacOS, iOS, Linux and Windows platforms.

The ibVPN app for Windows comes with 256 encryption and requires Android 4.0 or later. The iOS app is also 256-bit encrypted and works with PTPP and L2TP protocols. It works on iOS9+ devices.

The MacOS app works with PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN, and SSTP protocols and comes with 256-bit encryption. There is support for gaming consoles like XBox, as well as Sabai routers and DD-WRT routers.

IbVPN for Netflix and Torrenting

For torrenting, you need to subscribe to the Torrent VPN plan. Torrenting is not available on random servers of ibVPN, but it can be done via P2P servers located in Romania, Bulgaria, Luxembourg, China, Hungary, Lithuania, New Zealand, and Canada.

Please note that while torrenting is legal, it is unlawful to download copyrighted content. Torrenting is risky, too, as you might download malware onto your computer.

We tried accessing Netflix through the Manassas server in the US. Through that server, we were able to connect to Netflix and watch some of the content, too. This is a huge win for ibVPN. You can unlock Netflix and BBC iPlayer using the Smart DNS of the ibVPN app. The Smart DNS service comes with the Ultimate pricing plan of this app.

Though this service does not improve your security levels, it does help in unblocking certain websites. There are a couple of other benefits of Smart DNS; one, it does not buffer, and two, it can be configured on any internet capable device.

Can you use ibVPN in China?

  • You can use this service in China.
  • A double VPN server hides your identity behind a VPN tunnel.
  • ibVPN has double VPN servers in China that connect users to servers in the United States and Europe.
  • If you want to access a US-based server, then use the Double VPN China2US.
  • For connecting to Europe, use the Double VPNChina2EU option.
  • The European server is located in the Netherlands.

Customer Service

We found that ibVPN has very responsive customer service. While writing this ibVPN review, we posed several questions to the service representative, and all of those were responded to promptly.

The website also has a Help Center, an FAQ section, Guides on how to set up a connection, options to contact support, and assistance for setting up a remote connection. You can interact with this service provider on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube, also.


There are four plans available.

Pricing Ib VPN

  • Ultimate VPN- It offers VPN, DNS and Proxy services. Price is $4.83 month (if you pay upfront for the whole year).
  • Standard VPN- offered for just $3.08/month
  • Torrent VPN- $3.08/month
  • IBDNS- $3.08/month

All these plans work on high-speed connections. The IBDNS plan can unblock 300 websites and works on turbo-speed. Ultimate VPN offers you 180+ servers in 57 countries and supports 5 simultaneous connections. All these plans offer unlimited bandwidth.


One of the more impressive things about ibVPN is its customer service. We have reviewed several other VPN services but have found the customer service of ibVPN to be exceptionally responsive and professional.

Another great thing about ibVPN is its Netflix and Torrent compatibility, and usability in China.
Their website is clean, clear and has a lot of useful information, and not just about their services.

Apps are easy to use, and it is compatible with an impressive range of platforms and devices. For all the advanced features, their pricing is a steal and ultimately a big deciding factor in buying the service.

However, the speeds can be improved, and they could increase the number of P2P servers.