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Last updated: December 29, 2022

LiquidVPN is no longer active. We recommend checking our best VPN services in 2023 instead.

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There is a growing need to improve security as we surf the net, even as individuals. One of these security providers is LiquidVPN — how well are they doing the job? Let’s find out in this LiquidVPN review.

LiquidVPN is a small but very innovative VPN provider.

Its servers are located in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Singapore, and Romania.

The great news about LiquidVPN is its ability to circumnavigate the geo-blocks on Netflix with ease. The service allows for peer to peer (P2P) connections and also torrenting activities.
Next, let’s take a look at LiquidVPN’s other major aspects and whether this VPN is worth your time and money.

LiquidVPN is no longer active. We recommend checking our best VPN services in 2023 or go with the best option: NordVPN instead.

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Is LiquidVPN Safe to Use?

LiquidVPN makes use of OpenVPN, SSTP, PPTP, and L2TP with Internet Protocol Security (IPSec) for encryption, which are all industry standard. As a subscriber, you are given the freedom to choose any of the protocols directly from the client’s interface.

LiquidVPN also offers a “Modulating IP” feature. This works by changing your IP address to a shared IP address each time you connect to a web server. So, before a web page loads completely, the user would have been given several IP addresses and this makes it hard to pinpoint a single IP address for the user. For now, LiquidVPN is the only provider that offers modulating IPs.

This VPN also passed the IP leak test after using,, and to test for leaks, so you can rest assured that this VPN is secure leak-wise.

How to download and install LiquidVPN

Unlike other VPN services, you do not need to register on the LiquidVPN website before using their client.

  • To install LiquidVPN, you need to first download the .exe file.
  • After downloading, run the setup and click “Next.”
  • You’ll be asked to select a destination folder. In the next window, choose the location of the shortcut and click “Next.”
  • Before installation is complete, you’ll be asked to install Terminal Access Point (TAP). The TAP is an additional tool to help the client work well. While installing the TAP, choose only the TAP virtual ethernet adapter.
  • When you’re done installing, click “Finish.”
  • Run the client and click “Connect” – your connection is secured.

Although there might be a little variation for clients on other platforms, the basic idea is the same.

Speed & performance

The first thing you should note about VPN is that it will reduce the speed of your connection. However, connecting to a server close to you will have much less impact on the performance.

In speed tests, LiquidVPN clocked reasonably fast speeds for both upload and download times. The numbers were around the same, whether we connected to US or Europe servers.

LiquidVPN for Netflix and torrenting

Currently, LiquidVPN works well with Netflix.

This is a rare victory, but let’s not get too excited. Netflix is always working tirelessly to block VPNs and have succeeded almost every time. But for now, at least you know that LiquidVPN is an option for streaming.

LiquidVPN also supports P2P connections for torrenting. The good news is that they allow this on any of their servers, not just specialized ones.

Can users in China use LiquidVPN?

China is one of the few countries that have completely taken control of internet usage inside the country. Most social media websites and streaming platforms are not accessible in China.

So if you are visiting China, be sure to have VPN installed before entering its territory. There have not been any reviews from users (at least none that we know of) about them being able to use LiquidVPN in China, which makes it difficult to recommend it as a VPN for “climbing over the Firewall.”

Apps & extensions

LiquidVPN has clients developed for all the usual platforms including desktop operating systems and mobile devices.

LiquidVPN can be manually set up with DD-WRT routers, and the service can also be used with OpenVPN clients. The config files are easily available to download and set up process are easy to follow. The help section on the website gives a detailed explanation on how to use both.


LiquidVPN offers three types of subscription plans:

  • Sidekick: this plan costs $7.00 per month. However, you can pay annually and it costs $57.00 ($4.75 per month). For this plan, only 2 simultaneous connections are allowed.
  • Road Warrior: it’s offered for $10.00 per month, which becomes $69.00 ($5.75 per month) when paid annually. With the Road Warrior plan, 4 simultaneous connections are allowed. It offers servers in 11 countries and access to a pool of 2,168 IP addresses.
  • Ultimate: this plan costs $18.00 per month, which is $106.00 ($8.83 per month) when paying annually. The Ultimate plan allows 8 simultaneous connections and just like Road Warrior, offers servers in 11 countries and a pool of 2,168 IP addresses.You can pay via credit or debit cards, PayPal, and Bitcoin.

Customer support

LiquidVPN has fairly good customer support.

The email response time is average, it takes around an hour to get a response and you definitely get your issues solved when they respond to your query.

They have no live chat section, but this can be overlooked since email response is under an hour. However, the self-help, FAQs and getting started section is top notch and very detailed.

Bottom line

The developers LiquidVPN have made the service live up to (admittedly not very high) expectations. No IP leaks, smooth torrenting, Netflix streaming, and a detailed self-help section.

However, the service has no in-built kill switch feature, though you can use a script to enable it.

They are based in the US, so they are part of the Five Eyes, so if your browsing details are requested by law, they are obligated to release them.

This VPN is only recommended for casual web browsing. Check our best VPN services page to find provider that will meet your needs.


  • Can unblock Netflix
  • Allows torrenting
  • Modulating IP feature


  • Based in privacy-unfriendly US
  • No in-built kill switch
  • Small server fleet
  • Not cheap
 4.5 / 10
Total score
$4.75 / month
Minimum Price
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  1. Swks

    No kill switch? Seriously? In 2019? They shouldn’t even be on the market without it. It’s sad so many people still don’t understand (or don’t know) the importance of such a thing.

  2. Jordan

    Having less locations available than other services I was unsure as to whether the speeds would match up also, but I have been really surprised. Liquid VPN has so-far given me some of the best speeds of any VPN I have tried. Next I’ll be trying out changing the IP modulation options.

  3. Dominik Wieczorek

    I’ve been reading a lot of VPN reviews and LiquidVPN doesn’t look bad if you’re using it for peer-to-peer (not so sure about Netflix). Once again though, its location in the U.S. makes it problematic for people who prioritize security. I don’t foresee people using this for general use but rather, specific uses (as I mentioned).

  4. Aimee Wood

    Thank you! This post has informed my decision concerning liquidvpn. This is about the only provider offering modulating IPs. I can conveniently change my IP address making it difficult to pinpoint a single IP address for the user

  5. Pete D

    LiquidVPN doesn’t seem like the worst VPN that exists but still far from the best. Considering it’s pricing it’s not the best deal you can get. Even just for casual web browsing you can find cheaper and better VPNs.

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