With traveling and freedom of movement becoming such a prevalent way of life, My Expat Network aims squarely for this demographic. As such, the aim of our My Expat Network review is to determine whether it lives up to that promise.

What struck us about the service is that it focusses on streaming region-blocked content. As such, My Expat Network should ideally excel at speed.

Although it’s definitely a VPN, My Expat Network doesn’t present itself as such, but rather as a tool for watching (mostly) English-language TV abroad. Yet the service has some issues in this area. Read on to find out more.

Is My Expat Network safe to use?

We’re pleased to report that the service uses AES-256-bit encryption to secure user connections. This is a great cipher in use against much of the VPN industry. My Expat Network supports the OpenVPN and IKEv2 protocols, which are two of the most secure protocols in the industry today.

Unfortunately, the good news ends there; My Expat Network does not have a kill switch in its arsenal. This means that losing your VPN connection could render your data insecure, which a kill switch would ordinarily take care of.

There are also plenty of reports that My Expat Network is susceptible to IP and DNS leaks.


My Expat Network is based in Hong Kong, which is better than countries like the US, China, or Russia. Nevertheless, we find this slightly worrying. In 1997, the UK surrendered control of Hong Kong to China, meaning that the Chinese government is gradually gaining control in the territory.

This includes implementing Chinese laws in Hong Kong over time, and if you know anything about Chinese net freedom, you’ll know that “freedom” is hardly the word you should be using to describe it. This means that, like in China, VPNs based in Hong Kong will eventually be heavily monitored by the authorities.

With that said, My Expat Network stores very little information about your activity, so this wouldn’t ordinarily be of worry.

Speed & Performance

The first thing you should know about My Expat Network is that it was designed for expats to stream TV while abroad. That makes the VPN’s unimpressive speeds disappointing, especially when there are plenty of rival services allowing users to do the same.

Put simply, while testing connection speeds for our My Expat Network review, we were faced with almost painfully slow connections that could only just manage YouTube videos in 480p.

To make matters worse, My Expat Network only has servers in twelve countries, all of which are in Europe, North America, and Australia.

Not only does My Expat Network only unblock video content in standard definition, then, it only unblocks twelve countries. With Indian, Japanese, and Korean television having such huge fanbases, My Expat Network is really missing a lot.

Ease of Use & Support

There’s little need for support in the early stages of using My Expat Network. It’s among the quickest services of its kind to install and configure.

If you did need support, though, there is an email system available. The service doesn’t have a live chat support option, which is unfortunate.

The impression we formed while researching for our My Expat Network review is that it is not geared for experts, but rather for non-specialists.


The pricing for the various My Expat Network packages is fairly complicated. Choosing your subscription involves selecting a country to unblock—we’ll use the UK for an example–and then the device you want to use (PC/Mac/Router or Tablet/Mobile).

Whichever device you pick, a UK unblocker costs £5.00/mo for a single month package, £4.50/mo for six months, and £4.00/mo for twelve months.

These packages are roughly the same for each currency; €4,80/mo for a twelve-month subscription to European servers, US$5.60/mo for US servers, and so on.

However, if you want to use multiple connections (up to 5), multiple devices, or unblock multiple countries, you are required to subscribe to the entire package. This costs £8.00/mo for a single month, £7.20/mo for six, and £6.40/mo for twelve.

In short, My Expat Network is unreasonably expensive. You can get a much better VPN for less.

My Expat Network for Netflix

As we mentioned earlier, My Expat Network is designed for expats to stream TV. While My Expat Network does unblock Netflix and other streaming platforms, the speeds are not great and neither is the location list.

My Expat Network for torrenting

My Expat Network makes no mention of torrenting anywhere in its terms of service, but it does briefly declare that copyright infringement is against the rules entirely.

Is it good for users in China?

Considering the concerns we stated above regarding Hong Kong’s gradual assimilation to Chinese jurisdiction, probably not.

Nevertheless, there is a chance that it will actually work for users trying to bypass the Great Firewall of China. Even if it does, however, users in the country could use a lot more security and privacy than My Expat Network can offer.

Apps & Extensions

My Expat Network is available on a relatively average range of operating systems: Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android. It is also available to use on routers, which is great for covering your entire home network in one stroke.