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A rough look, high prices, and perfect privacy!

Perfect Privacy VPN is based out of Zug, Switzerland. Its parent company is called Vectura Datamanagement Limited Company. While not a huge company, it has undoubtedly left its mark on the VPN industry. Perfect Privacy has been around since 2008 and it seems that ever since then, this VPN software has been all you need for, well, perfect privacy.

With a wide variety of online security features, Perfect Privacy VPN deserves a place among the top ten.

They keep no personally-identifiable logs and were the first to introduce multi-hops, i.e., cascading VPN connections. Ever the innovators, in 2017 Perfect Privacy team came out with yet another novelty – NeuroRouting (more on that later).

But there is no perfect VPN solution. Our Perfect Privacy VPN review finds that the network only has around 50+ servers in 23 countries. This is far from ideal. We cannot even compare it to the thousands of servers some top-notch providers offer.

The client interface is also somewhat outdated and reminds us of apps from 20 years ago. We can say the same about the website as well. However, if you’re not one to judge a book by its cover, these facts may be irrelevant to you.

Perfect Privacy VPN manager


Perfect Privacy VPN offers unlimited simultaneous connections, which is almost unique. Most VPN solutions limit this to 3-6 connections.

So, if Perfect Privacy is safe to use and has all the important features, you may wonder what the catch is. And sadly there is one – the price.

This VPN service is one of the most expensive on the market today. Not a budget solution in any sense. At least they offer over 60 payment options, including anonymous ones like cryptocurrencies. Also, if you want to give it a shot first, you have a 7-day money-back guarantee without any usage limitations.

Now, let us detail what we found when running tests for this Perfect Privacy VPN review.

Is Perfect Privacy VPN safe to use?

If your chosen VPN software has no decent online security and privacy capabilities, you may end up paying a steep price. Your ISP (Internet Service Provider), your government, other authorities, and even hackers may be able to read your web communications. You don’t want that. At least not if you’re actually using a VPN to stay anonymous. Therefore, it is only logical to ask: “Is Perfect Privacy VPN safe to use?”

Although we could tell you a definitive answer to this question, it’s important to see the details.

Perfect Privacy has had a very strict no logs policy for a decade now.

You can’t even find the Android app in the Google Play Store due to privacy concerns. This provider simply won’t put up with the aggressive data gathering and surveillance policies of Google. You can download the Android app only from the official Perfect Privacy VPN site. And that’s just the beginning.

No logs policy

The Privacy Policy says that “no personal user data such as IP addresses are collected” when using the VPN. They reinforce this in the FAQ section, which claims that none of the servers have any logs whatsoever that could identify you.

From this angle, the no logs policy and the privacy-friendly company jurisdiction (Switzerland) combined should make PP a great choice. The only information they collect are your login credentials, payment information, and configuration settings.

Realizing that some users may find this concerning, Perfect Privacy advises users to visit their website using a VPN. The Privacy Policy also informs you how to opt out or request the removal of the collected data.

Most VPN services collect some data even when claiming to keep no logs. We believe that this particular Privacy Policy is decent and straightforward in terms of what’s collected and how it is used.


On the technological front, our Perfect Privacy VPN review finds that this service can provide all you need to feel secure and anonymous. Each dedicated bare-metal VPN server supports the following protocols: OpenVPN, IPSec, PPTP, SSH2, Squid, and Socks5. They are also all IPv6 ready and have no DNS or WebRTC leaks.

Perfect Privacy was the first VPN to introduce multi-hop VPN chains (cascading connections) to provide an extra layer of security. But let’s see what else it has to offer.

You can choose to obfuscate your VPN connection through the use of one of the three Stealth VPN protocols: Stunnel, SSH, and Obfsproxy3. This is to circumvent network censorship in restricted countries like China, but it can also increase your connection speed if you are a victim of ISP throttling.

Perfect Privacy VPN Stealth

The list of cool security features doesn’t stop here. As an extra layer, you can also set up a customizable kill switch (Firewall) to make sure none of your traffic goes unprotected even if your VPN connection drops, and the TrackStop Filter. This latter feature provides protection against ad-tracking, browser fingerprinting, malware infections, and phishing sites. It is indeed a collection of seven filters:

  • a Child protection filter
  • a Tracking & Advertisement filter
  • a Fraud filter
  • a Fake News filter
  • a Facebook filter
  • a Google filter
  • a Social Media filter

Each of these filters can be toggled individually (On/Off) in the Member area of the website.

Last but not least, in October 2017, Perfect Privacy VPN launched the NeuroRouting AI. This is a unique server-side feature that increases online security and anonymity by introducing dynamic multi-hops.

Perfect Privacy NeuroRouting

In summary, the answer to whether Perfect Privacy VPN is safe to use is a simple “yes”. It certainly has proven to be one of the safest tools you can get.


Now, this is a grey area. Download and upload speeds can vary quite wildly due to factors such as the time of the day, the server load, your distance from the server, your hardware, and your baseline speed.

With 50+ servers in 23 countries, it may certainly be hard to provide lightning speeds. But let’s see what the speed tests for this Perfect Privacy VPN review show.

On our test laptop, we saw a 285.50 Mbps download and a 300.14 Mbps upload baseline speed with 3ms latency.

Perfect Privacy speed

Then we turned the VPN on and started our speed tests. Here are some of the results we got:


Perfect Privacy VPN speed in london

New York:

Perfect Privacy speed in New York


Perfect Privacy speed in Tokyo

It should be clear from these numbers that using Perfect Privacy may result in a significant speed drop. At the very least, this seems to be the case when using OpenVPN. The sheer numbers we got are good enough for most needs. But when we look at the percentages of the drops, the situation looks worse. So, if you have a 50 Mbps base download speed, you may experience quite a bit of lag.

Speed tests with StealthVPN ON

In the interest of thoroughness for this Perfect Privacy review, we also ran some tests with the Stealth VPN feature on. Unexpectedly, in some cases, download speeds increased substantially.

In general, all three options (Stunnel, SSH, and Obfsproxy3) proved to offer faster download speeds than with StealthVPN turned off. The SSH and the Obfsproxy3 stealth options also offered much better upload speeds.

The following numbers speak for themselves.

London server with Stunnel on:

perfect privacy speed - London server with Stunnel on

London server with SSH on:

perfect privacy speed - London server with SSH

London server with Obfsproxy3 on:

perfect privacy speed - London server with Obfsproxy3

We experienced similar tendencies in most of our tests for American and European servers. However, we also found that the Tokyo server was an exeption to this rule. Look at the following speeds.

Tokyo server with Stunnel on:

perfect privacy speed - Tokyo server with Stunnel

Tokyo server with SSH on:

perfect privacy speed - Tokyo server with SSH

Tokyo server with Obfsproxy3 on:

perfect privacy speed - Tokyo server with Obfsproxy3

We hope this gives you a general idea of what to expect. However, as we said earlier, these numbers may vary from location to location, device to device. So, if you want to test Perfect Privacy VPN, go for it and have in mind that 7-day money-back guarantee. It should give you plenty of time to run your own tests.

How to download and install it

There are several ways for you to download your desired Perfect Privacy VPN client on the official site.

First, on the main page (Home), click on the See our prices and details button. Now, you’ll be redirected to the Prices page where you can sign up for the service by pressing Sign Up Now.

The sign-up process can take a few minutes.

First, you need to select the duration (1, 3, 6, 12, or 24 months).


perfect privacy 3 months deal

Second, create an account by entering your username and a working email address.

new user

Third, choose your payment method and click the large Buy Now button when done.

payment methods

The second way is to choose the Prices menu at the top and repeat the above steps.

The third option is to select the Info menu and then click on the How to submenu. Now you can select your platform and click the Download button or follow the instructions. If you choose this option, you will need to have an account already created because otherwise, you will not be able to log in to use the Perfect Privacy VPN software.

Finally, select the Member menu and log into your account. Now you can access the Download menu and choose your platform.

While writing our Perfect Privacy VPN review, we found that the following platforms are supported: Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android, Linux, and routers. For some, you will find extensive setup instructions. Others you can download and install right away.

The installation process is straightforward. It consists of three steps:

  1. Launch your Perfect Privacy VPN software.
  2. Press the Install button.vpn manager - installation start
  3. Press the Finish button.vpn manager - installation finish

It’s not rocket science, right?

How to use Perfect Privacy VPN

In general, we can say that it’s fairly easy to use Perfect Privacy VPN. However, the client interface needs a face-lift ASAP. It’s as if the design had come straight from the previous century. Seriously, all of the software, as well as the website, have the touch of ancient IT times – like time travel to the ‘90s.

While this may not be a severe drawback, you would certainly expect a bit more effort for the price.

After launching your client, you will see the following notification:

How to use Perfect Privacy VPN

This pop-up comes up if your Windows Firewall is disabled or not available.

Then, the login screen appears as the default tab of the Settings window.

perfect privacy vpn settings

Enter your credentials and click the Login button to start your Perfect Privacy VPN session. On this screen, you can also choose between the two main VPN protocols: IPsec or OpenVPN. But it’s possible to change this setting any time after login.

Once you press Close to hide the Settings window, the Perfect Privacy VPN Manager appears.

perfect privacy NY server

At the top, you will find some basic data, such as whether you’re connected, your current IP address, and the domain name of your server. The two letters, F and D, stand for Firewall (kill switch) and DNS leak protection.

Then comes the server list. There are five columns: Country, Server, Ping, Available Bandwidth, and Action (Connect/Disconnect and Show).

On the Program Settings tab of the Settings window, you can set a default sorting method for the server list. However, clicking the column labels will also reorder the list (for the time being).

If you want to connect or disconnect, click the Plug icon (Connect/Disconnect) next to the location. It’s worth checking the Ping and Available Bandwidth columns before doing so. If you want to check out the details of your connection, click the Details link below the current server location. There is also a Magnifying glass icon that displays the summary of your connection logs in a separate window.

There are four buttons at the bottom of the VPN Manager:

  • Ping Servers: to display the latency for all servers on the list so that you can order your list accordingly;
  • Settings: to present the Settings window;
  • Quit: to disconnect the VPN and exit the program;
  • Minimize: to hide the VPN from view.

While this is a relatively easy-to-use app, we do have some issues with it.

First of all, it is rather annoying that you can’t connect to another server just like that. First, you have to terminate your current connection. Now, this may take 10 to 15 seconds depending on your hardware and internet speeds. Connection times can also take around 10 seconds, so changing servers may end up being a long endeavor. This is less than ideal.

During testing for this Perfect Privacy VPN review, we also experienced some unwanted freezing. Once, we left the connection on and went away from the test laptop for a while. When we got back, we noticed that we couldn’t disconnect from the server or turn the VPN software off anymore. Another annoying bug is that when you keep turning the StealhVPN feature on and off, the client may simply quit at one point.

Speaking of the Stealth VPN feature, we noticed that sometimes you just cannot connect to a server with SSH or Obfsproxy3 turned on. You need to be persistent and go on trying or choose another server.

If we turn a blind eye to the old-fashioned design and the occasional freezes, this VPN client is pretty impressive. It comes with lots of features and customization opportunities.

Perfect Privacy VPN configuration

Apart from the basic Perfect Privacy Settings, there are five other tabs on the Settings window:

  • Program Settings
  • Firewall and DNS
  • IP and Ports
  • Cascading and Stealth
  • Other

In this sense, this VPN is better for experienced users. For example, there are three ways how you can set up your kill switch/firewall and DNS leak protection. Fortunately, there are descriptions to assist novice users.

vpn settings - firewall and dns

Not all possible settings are available through the client. But don’t panic because the Member area of the official website has a dashboard just for that. Here, you can configure the TrackStop Filter, NeuroRouting, Using a random exit IP address, and Port forwarding.

In summary, we believe that using the Perfect Privacy VPN client is pretty straightforward. It may not be the most trendy app on the market, but you can play around with a great variety of security settings and more. In fact, this is one of the best-equipped VPN apps we have reviewed so far.

Perfect Privacy VPN for Netflix

The ability of VPN services to bypass Netflix blocks seems to be a game-changer nowadays. More and more VPN services are laying down their guns in this fight. The truth is, you can’t consistently use Perfect Privacy VPN for Netflix US anymore. We tried all of the servers and failed.

Our Perfect Privacy VPN review concludes that it’s possible to consistently watch Netflix UK. You need to connect to the London2 server after you turn on the Stealth VPN feature and select either Stunnel or Obfsproxy3. Disclaimer: the stealth protocol should have no influence on your ability bypass Netflix IP blocks, but we can’t argue with reality.

Perfect Privacy VPN for Netflix

In the end, this was the only Netflix library we managed to access many times without a hitch. We failed, however, to connect to any of the other regions we tried, like Netflix Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Australia, France, and Japan.

We also found that BBC iPlayer doesn’t work no matter how stealthily we tried to access the videos.

On a more positive note, Perfect Privacy will let you stream your favorite NBC and Comedy Central shows.

If Netflix is your main reason for wanting a VPN, let us show you our best picks.

Perfect Privacy VPN for torrenting

If you want to have decent privacy and security, we definitely recommend Perfect Privacy VPN for torrenting but with one caveat. P2P file-sharing is not supported on the US and French servers. Copyright law is just too big a deal in these countries.

Nevertheless, you can use most of the other Perfect Privacy locations for torrenting. The bare-metal servers along with the great privacy features should give you all the protection. And believe us – even if you use BitTorrent to download or upload public domain files, you’re better off being anonymous.

This is what the provider has to say:

Perfect Privacy VPN for torrenting

Some reviews also go as far as calling Perfect Privacy VPN the best VPN for torrenting. While we cannot argue with that it’s one of the safest VPNs on the market, best for torrenting it is not.

Perfect Privacy in China

Yes, you can use Perfect Privacy in China. It’s is equipped with all the necessary features (StealthVPN, NeuroRouting, and Multi-hops) to make sure that the Great Firewall with all its vicious tools (such as Deep Packet Inspection) can’t get to you.

Of course, these amazing features don’t only come in handy in China. There are more countries where VPN use is restricted, the censorship – heavy, and the punishments – severe. Perfect Privacy VPN seems like a good choice if you want to practice your right to online anonymity.

For your information, there is only one server in China — well, sort of. This is the Hong Kong server, which used to be (misleadingly) labeled “China”. Unfortunately, at the time of writing this Perfect Privacy VPN review, we found the server unavailable.

Perfect Privacy in China


Long story short, there’s no live chat support available. While this is usually a painful drawback, Perfect Privacy seems to make up for it through its effective, fast, and helpful email support. A lot can go wrong when using a VPN service. This is why you need to make sure that your chosen VPN service has decent support, preferably including a live chat option.

This provider offers the following platforms for customer support:

  • the forum
  • an email address
  • support tickets
  • TeamViewer

In general, the Perfect Privacy support team seems responsive and up to the task.


Well, this is where our Perfect Privacy VPN review loses its momentum. Unfortunately, after all the good features and promises of versatility, we have to break it to you that this VPN might just be too expensive for general users.

The truth is, Perfect Privacy is one of the most expensive tools on the market. This is what you’ll find on the website:

perfect privacy price

Of course, the high level of online security and privacy that comes with this VPN justifies the prices. Yet, there are similar VPN services (like NordVPN and TorGuard, for example) with more affordable pricing plans.

If you do end up deciding on Perfect Privacy, you’ll appreciate the diversity of payment options. Perfect Privacy VPN offers more than 60 payment options available via Paymentwall. This also means anonymous alternatives like cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin.

Perfect Privacy comes with a 7-day money-back guarantee, but make sure you read the refund policy carefully. If you use a gift-card, coupon, crypto (Bitcoin) or cash to buy your subscription, it is not possible to get a refund.

Conclusions of our Perfect Privacy VPN review

Let’s summarize what we learned while writing our Perfect Privacy VPN review. This service is undoubtedly one with all the best security and privacy options. Stealth VPN, a kill switch, multi-hop (cascading) connections, and NeuroRouting take user security to another level. It also has extra privacy features, like the TrackStop Filter.

Although we failed to get through to Netflix US and all other Netflix regions except Netflix UK, it’s still possible to use Perfect Privacy VPN to access other media platforms. We would also be inclined to recommend it for torrenting and other P2P file-sharing. If you live in or tend to travel to China, this VPN could be a good choice due to its obfuscation capabilities.

However, if you’re a regular VPN user who merely wants to spoof his IP address and access geo-restricted websites, you may want to look elsewhere. All in all, we believe that this high-end VPN solution is a bit overpriced.

Are you an investigative journalist, political activist, or hacker? Then this one may be for you!