Last update: 11.14.2018


SlickVPN wishes to protect you online. Can they be trusted? Read our SlickVPN review to learn the verdict.

SlickVPN’s slogan “privacy is freedom” gives a good first impression, although the chameleon on their logo is a strange addition. If you would like to protect yourself using this VPN, you can get started with a monthly plan for $10 or a yearly plan for $48. Once you have chosen your preferred plan, it is easy to download and get started. Most information is easily accessible on the website, where you can see that they describe their speed as “blazing fast” – something you should take with a liberal grain of salt. SlickVPN also offers servers in 45 countries, 256-bit encryption, unlimited bandwidth and a zero logging policy. Should you encounter any questions, the website offers a large FAQ-bank plus a contact form. There is sadly no live chat available, and this VPN may not be the best in China – but you can use it for torrenting and Netflix.

We are now going to dive into our SlickVPN review so that you can come to a decision whether it is the perfect VPN choice for you or not. Some of the key factors in this review include the price, the level of security, the connection speed, how it unblocks some services, and its ability to bypass geographical restrictions.

Is SlickVPN safe to use?

A good VPN guarantees their customers total protection of their sensitive information. SlickVPN does exactly that by offering 256-bit encryption as the standard (using the very secure OpenVPN protocol with the AES-256 cipher). There are also the options of PPTP and 128-bit IPSec. However, the provider recommends sticking to the 256-bit standard for maximum security. Hash authentication is handled by SHA-1, while the handshake is 2048-bit RSA. As a result, the level of security is excellent.

Speed & Performance

We know you might have heard that some VPNs slow the internet speed down. Well, SlickVPN minimizes this performance drop. It might have started as a slow service when it first entered the market, but now it is a reputable provider. They have achieved this by upgrading some of their servers to 10G – a significant improvement.

SlickVPN has been tested for upload, download and latency speeds and showed some very encouraging (albeit average) results.

Most of SlickVPN’s servers are located in Europe or North America. As a result, speeds are likely to suffer outside these regions. Due to the quality servers, accessing SlickVPN should be relatively faster through the USA than other locales. However, they are planning to upgrade all their servers to 10G, which should improve the situation in other server locations as well.

The number of devices

The number of simultaneous connections allowed by a VPN provider is one of the main factors in every customer’s mind when choosing a VPN provider. This is to minimize the cost of acquiring more VPN services. With SlickVPN, you can connect five gadgets simultaneously, using up to two different IP addresses at a time. This means you can use your PC, tablet and mobile phone at the same time. SlickVPN is economical and recommended for small companies.

How to download & install it

Opening a SlickVPN account is very straightforward. After accessing the site, you will be required to choose your pricing plan and payment method. You will then provide an email address and password that you’ll use to log in. After that, you will get a welcome message in your email, bearing your log-in details. There are also multiple links to different tutorials, which you can use to get started and even send feedback on their services. It is important to note that your logging information will be kept safe.

How to use SlickVPN on Windows

SlickVPN on Windows

For Windows users, SlickVPN provides a powerful client based around OpenVPN. It simplifies connecting to the VPN and also provides a well-done web tutorial. You can easily manage servers by adding them to a group profile. You can also choose the fastest server available regardless of geographical location (although, of course, your location does matter). It is convenient that you can also select the least-loaded server. However, it can be more complicated when connecting to a specific location.

SlickVPN gives you the option to start the VPN client at startup. In the network preference tab you will find the DNS and IP leak protection features. In case your window set-up is likely to cause any DNS leak, the client displays a warning and also gives you instructions on how to fix the problem. You have the option to either connect through UDP, TCP and to choose the port. With this, you can operate using different network set-ups.

Apps & Extensions

available slick VPN

The best VPN services will run on a variety of platforms and devices. SlickVPN supports various operating systems but has a custom client only for two – Windows and Mac. Android, iOS, and Linux will have to connect to the SlickVPN network using standalone OpenVPN or other clients. The custom apps ensure that Windows and Mac users will have extra protection thanks to the IP and DNS leak protection features. This ensures that neither your DNS queries nor your IP address (IPv4 or IPv6) leaks to the wider web. The custom SlickVPN app also offers Load balancing, which automatically chooses the gateway with the lowest server load. You can also connect to random servers.

Users (and especially companies) will also be happy to learn that SlickVPN will run on some router types (read more on their site). This gives the added advantage of being able to secure more devices. Once SlickVPN is running on a router, the traffic from all the different gadgets connected through that router will flow through an encrypted tunnel. You can also connect devices which are not directly supported by the VPN, such as home media systems and the like.

SlickVPN for Netflix

SlickVPN is a good choice for those who want to stream Netflix. When using SlickVPN, you do not have to worry about loading times because your speed will remain quite decent – or at least it should in most cases. Another important aspect is that you will get all that you have paid for even if you relocate to another country. If nothing else, SlickVPN pledges to refund you if you can’t access Netflix. So there’s that!

SlickVPN for torrenting

Peer-to-Peer protocols such as BitTorrent have been developed to aid in sharing files. Needless to say, BitTorrent is often used to access copyrighted materials. As a result, many copyright owners are against its use. In some countries, copyright rules are strictly enforced. Internet Service Providers can detect torrenting traffic and may flag you – no need to risk it even if you are only accessing legal material. So as to avoid this, you need to mask your internet activities using a suitable VPN.

The speeds are decent, the encryption is sufficient, and there are no P2P traffic blocks.

Torrenters rely on VPN providers to hide their online activities (uploading and downloading). However, some VPN providers will still disappoint. SlickVPN is decent when it comes to torrenting.

Can you use SlickVPN in China?

As we all know, the government of China influences how users act online. Their main reason is state censorship. The combination of various measures China uses to police the web is collectively known as the Great Firewall of China. The other part of the equation is that bad things happen to enemies of the revolution.

As a result, there is a need to use a VPN while in China. It will mask your identity and bypass the firewall so that you can gain full access to online resources. SlickVPN doesn’t have many servers in Asia and none whatsoever in the Far East, meaning the speeds may be sub-par. But it’s not even clear that SlickVPN works in China – the VPN certainly lacks the tools good China VPNs offer.


With SlickVPN, you supposedly get 24/7 support.

In reality, you get to fill out a ticket any time and they will answer within 1 business day.

In other words, if you submit the ticket on Friday evening, you’ll get an answer by Tuesday. Remind us, what does the number “7” in “24/7” refer to? Right.



SlickVPN gives you different payment packages. You can select its monthly, six-month, or yearly packages. The monthly plan is $10, the six-month deal is $30 ($5 a month billed every six months), and their yearly package is $48 ($4 a month billed annually). All the packages have a 30 days 100% money back guarantee, but realistically this is still a robbery in broad daylight.

Bottom line of our SlickVPN review

To sum up, the strengths and weaknesses of SlickVPN:

It scores decently when it comes to unlocking Netflix or securing you while you torrent. However, it doesn’t have so many servers and the ones it does have are mainly based in Europe or the US (worse speeds in Asia and elsewhere). Furthermore, it only offers custom apps for Windows and Mac, it has slow customer support and costs a lot of money. In short, look elsewhere!