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Last updated: April 7, 2023

To put it simply, Snap VPN is not a good service. Actually, it’s one of the worst. We can’t recommend it to anyone and would invite checking our best VPNs instead.

Minimum Price:
$3.64 / month
Apps available:
windows macos ios android
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Every once in a while a VPN comes along that really makes you wonder why anybody gets involved in the online privacy industry. While there are many responsible and trustworthy VPN solutions out there to help protect people’s privacy around the world, some companies still just can’t get it right. Perhaps they are not trying, or they simply do not care.

Snap VPN is a thoroughly lackluster service. Read our review to learn more

Snap VPN is one such offender. This Android-only VPN solution falls short on almost every single metric under the sun when it comes to VPNs. Despite being focused on a single platform, it doesn’t seem to be able to fulfill any of the major roles that a VPN usually tries to fill. They also have a lack of secondary features, and some troubling red flags to boot.

Here’s what SnapVPN has to offer. However, we must first warn you that the majority of what follows will be negative. To save your time, choose from the best VPNs in 2023 or go with the best option: NordVPN instead.

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Security features

When looking at the security features of a VPN, the most important thing is encryption. Although the Play Store page for this app claims that the program uses OpenVPN to protect its users, there is no information as to the level of encryption. Although users are given some control over which country they connect from, there is a distinct lack of configuration settings in the app itself.

  • The encryption standard is unknown, and could possibly be unsafe
  • The app has no kill switch feature
  • The tunneling protocol is OpenVPN (UDP/TCP)

The lack of a kill switch means that this VPN will not kill your connection when the VPN fails. This can cause your identity to be revealed and associated with your traffic, which is a big deal for those users who need a little bit more in terms of security.

Does Snap VPN keep logs?

Snap VPN claims that they do not log data. However, there is some user data, collected anonymously through various channels related to the usage of the app. This is typical of most VPNs who claim to not log anything, but it is a definite red flag for users who really need a solid no-logging policy.

The company itself is based in Singapore, which is a terrible location for a VPN company. There are strict laws governing the internet, and the government has a bad track record of complying with requests from foreign agencies.

Apps and extensions

The biggest drawback for this VPN is that it only works on Android. Even if the service could support multiple proprietary connections from different devices, the app only runs on Android devices. This is a bit of a bummer, but sometimes VPNs that specialize in a single platform can bring us pleasant surprises.

Snap VPN is not one of those. The VPN claims to support protection for the following apps:

  • Facebook
  • Chrome
  • YouTube

The user also has the option to add more apps to this list, but the nature of the actual “protection” that the VPN extends to these apps is unclear. Although multiplatform support is essentially nonexistent, the app itself has a very straightforward UI. More settings would be appreciated, but at least this VPN is very easy-to-use.

Unblocking Netflix and other streaming platforms

Unblocking Netflix and other streaming services with Snap VPN is a bit of a pipe dream. It is notable that connecting through the UK servers doesn’t seem to work for unblocking the BBC iPlayer. Netflix is also a no-go.

In short, Snap VPN is not the best choice for bypassing geo-blocking. The vast majority of user reports that mention streaming platforms are essentially complaining about the fact that this VPN isn’t good at unblocking them.

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P2P and torrenting

Although this is an Android-only solution, there is still a possibility that some users may want to use the VPN to protect their P2P traffic. Unfortunately, the company specifically requests that users do not engage in P2P activity. In fact, they state that user P2P traffic is blocked.

This is a huge bummer, but it comes as no surprise given all the other shortcomings of this VPN solution.

Check out our list of Best VPNs for torrenting.

Customer support

Not surprisingly, customer support for Snap VPN is almost nonexistent.

  • No support through live chat
  • No FAQ or documentation available
  • No live support whatsoever
  • All support inquiries need to go through email or Facebook

It is widely reported that their team is not very responsive or helpful, either, which is a shame. If there were more varied avenues of customer support, it might be more agreeable.


One of the big marketing points for this VPN is that it is unlimited and free. While it is true that there are no limitations on data, there are limits on speeds and server access for free users. Another thing that stands out about the pricing for this one is how expensive the paid plans are.

Although users can get discounts by subscribing for longer periods, all of its subscriptions are significantly more expensive than the competition:

  • The free version is unlimited and gives you access to the limited free server list
  • A monthly subscription of the paid version will cost you $14.16
  • The subscription fee goes down to around $4.91/month if you subscribe for 6 months
  • The 12-month plan costs about $3.64/month

As you can see, these prices are obnoxiously high, considering that we can get industry-leading VPN services, such as NordVPN, that are cheaper than Snap VPN. The company accepts payment through Google Pay, and there doesn’t seem to be any refund policy or money-back guarantee.

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Bottom line

Snap VPN is simply not good. There isn’t a single feature that makes us believe it is worth the money, or even the time it takes to download. You have no reason at all to have confidence in this VPN or to find satisfaction in their services. There is nothing this VPN is good for, and nothing it does well.


  • Fast


  • No information about encryption standard
  • Not useful for unblocking streaming services
  • Expensive subscription price
  • Almost nonexistent customer service
  • Mediocre server coverage
  • Distinct lack of security features
 3.4 / 10
Total score
$3.64 / month
Minimum Price
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