Established by US-based VPN Technologies back in 2006, VIP72 VPN is an online security and privacy service which offers multiple protocols to keep your personal information well away from any prying eyes. Focusing on OpenVPN, you can expect solid 1024-bit encryption with this particular service.

However, there are some downsides to using VIP72 VPN – first and foremost there is the high price of the service. Costing as much as $25 for just one month’s access, VIP72 VPN is ridiculously expensive, and will be way beyond many people’s budgets. As well as this, VIP72 has been no stranger to controversy, as it has been linked with Bunitu Trojan botnet attacks in the past.

VIP72 VPN can also only be installed on Windows, as this is the only VPN client which the service has to offer. Thankfully, you can also make use of the service on Android devices using the OpenVPN client. This takes a little more configuration but should be fine once you have it up and running.

The speed and performance of VIP72 VPN is arguably one of the biggest plus points. There are multiple servers spread across 10 countries including the US, Panama, the UK, and more – with each of them offering decent speeds.

You can also make use of DoubleVPN servers including UK-Belgium, although this often has a negative impact on speed. Continue reading to find out more as we tell you everything you need to know in our full VIP72 VPN review.

Is VIP72 VPN safe to use?

VIP72 VPN makes use of decent security protocols based on OpenVPN. This features 1024-bit encryption which ensures that any prying eyes cannot access your data. VIP72 VPN also has a no-logging policy which is great.

However, there are two causes for concern with VIP72 VPN. The first is that it was linked to the Bunitu Trojan botnet attacks a while back. This led to an investigation being undertaken as the provider was said to have used infected hosts as proxies for the service.

In addition to this, you’ll find that the VPN is US-based, meaning it is within the jurisdiction of the 5 Eyes spying alliance. This means that your internet activity could potentially be viewed by the authorities.

Speed and performance

When it comes to VIP72 VPN’s speed and performance, you can’t really fault it. With access to a whole host of servers in over 10 countries such as Luxembourg, Latvia, and Germany, you are able to stream content, take part in online gaming, and more while you enjoy decent speeds.

However, when you make use of a DoubleVPN server, you are likely to experience a slowdown in your connection speed. So, it would probably be a case of trial and error to discover the best performing servers.

How to install VIP72 VPN

Once you have created an account and subscribed to a VIP72 VPN plan, all that is left for you to do is to download and install the dedicated Windows client. The whole process is plain and simple thanks to the small file size. Once installed, manual configuration is needed in order to get the service up and running.

Apps and extensions

The VIP72 VPN website is in need of a serious overhaul. It looks very dated and is far from user-friendly, and in turn, this makes the overall user experience very poor from the moment you enter the website.

In terms of apps and extensions, you’ll find that you are only able to install VIP72 VPN on the Windows platform. This is disappointing as it means that those who have MacOS and Linux devices won’t be able to make use of the service.

The same goes for those who are running mobile operating systems such as iOS. However, it is possible to set up the service on Android using the popular and easy-to-use OpenVPN client. Unfortunately, you are not able to install the service on other platforms such as an Amazon Fire TV device, smart TV, or a router.

VIP72 VPN for Netflix

Back in 2016, Netflix began to clamp down on the use of VPN services for accessing geo-restricted content. This forced many people around the world to search for a VPN service which was still able to work for bypassing the restrictions Netflix have in place.

Luckily, there are still many VPN services which work for this particular purpose, and many people have reported that VIP72 VPN is one of them!

VIP72 VPN for torrenting

With VIP72 VPN, your data is secured with 1024-bit encryption and your data won’t be logged or recorded. This is hugely reassuring and offers peace of mind when it comes to keeping your personal information well away from any prying eyes.

However, you’ll find that P2P torrenting is forbidden on US servers. As well as this, VIP72 VPN is based in the US, which means it forms part of the 5 Eyes alliance as previously mentioned. Therefore, this allows the authorities to snoop in on and request any user data/internet activity which is likely to be of concern to those who value their privacy.

Is VIP72 VPN good for users in China?

China’s stance on internet censorship is incredibly strict. So, choosing the right VPN service to use within this particular country is of paramount importance. If the VPN you are using hasn’t been approved by the government, or if you are found to be using the web for unlawful purposes, you could easily find yourself on the wrong side of the law.

VIP72 VPN offers excellent encryption of your personal information, and also has the added benefit of keeping no logs. But, given the fact VIP72 VPN has had its controversies in the past, it is probably worthwhile taking caution if you are a user in China.

However, you should be fine if you are only using the VPN to keep your personal information out of the hands of hackers.


One of the biggest downfalls of VIP72 VPN is that their support is pretty much non-existent. While they do offer assistance via email, this is a very inefficient form of customer support. Many other VPNs offer ticket-based systems, a live chat service, and various other methods of contacting customer support. But, with VIP72 VPN, this simply isn’t the case.

The VIP72 website also features a very outdated design which makes it difficult to find the information you are looking for. Aside from basic information such as an About Us page and Terms of Service, there are no setup guides available, FAQs, or a dedicated area for support.

This is very poor indeed for a modern VPN service, and this places VIP72 VPN miles behind its competitors in terms of website navigation and customer support. Essentially, you would expect so much more from a VPN which sets you back a considerable monthly fee.


Those who are looking to get value for money are highly likely to be very disappointed when it comes to VIP72 VPN. After all, to use the service for just one week costs a whopping $9.00, which would get you at least one whole month’s subscription elsewhere.

A 1-month VIP72 VPN subscription, on the other hand, will set you back as much as $25.01. This is ridiculously expensive when compared with many other VPNs which offer a far superior number of servers, higher security, and better customer support for less money. With that being said, you can reduce the cost of the service to $265 for a one-year subscription. Even then, this is still a very premium cost.

There’s no need for you to provide any personal details when signing up for the service. This is something that anyone with privacy concerns will greatly appreciate. You can then pay for your subscription with WebMoney, Perfect Money, or Bitcoin.

It is possible to test out the service before you purchase a subscription. But, just be aware that there is no money-back guarantee, unlike what you would get with many other VPNs. As well as this, you are only allowed one device per license. So, if you happen to be unhappy with the service, you are forced to see out the rest of your subscription.

Bottom line of our VIP72 VPN review

Despite the fact VIP72 VPN allows you to get around geo-restriction practices, offers decent privacy protocols, and provides you with enhanced online privacy, any positives of the service are far outweighed by negatives.

For us, VIP72 VPN simply isn’t worth investing in. A poor website which only offers basic information is just the start – with the ridiculously expensive subscription costs making it clear that better value for money is obtainable elsewhere.

As well as this, the customer support which is provided is disappointing to say the very least. You are often left waiting a considerable amount of time to get the answers you are looking for, and VIP72’s controversial links with botnet attacks are likely to be a huge turn-off for many users. For all these reasons, it would be pretty hard for us to recommend that you invest in VIP72 VPN.