Many VPN websites display your IP address and location on their homepage to prove how easy it is to gain access to that information. Ordinarily, it’s right on the money, which encourages the customer to invest in a VPN to ensure no one else can gather this information so easily. As is standard practice, we disabled our active VPN while researching our review.

The website told us we were located in New Haven, Connecticut. This wasn’t simply the wrong city; it was even the wrong continent.

Now, a VPN’s ability to locate your IP address doesn’t reflect its security measures — and to be honest,’s security features are top notch — but this little niggle is certainly reflective of how hard we found it to put our full faith in after giving it a full review.

If we’re being honest, there are faster, cheaper, and more accessible services you could subscribe to in 2019. But if we’re being realistic, we understand that some users may only need a VPN to fulfil certain requirements. As such, we’ve covered everything here to allow you to see for yourself whether is the right service for you.

Is safe to use?


Security uses AES-256-bit encryption with SHA-256 hash authentication, which is the gold standard for online security in this day and age. Quite simply, there is no computer on earth at the moment that could brute-force such encryption in any practical amount of time.

The VPN also supports StealthVPN, which is a modified version of OpenVPN dedicated to cracking the Great Firewall of China.

Although this is a perfect security package on paper, there is always the need to test these things out in practice. For our review, then, we ran this service through a DNS leak test — which it passed.



The first real issue with is its location in Belize. There is little credible information on this country’s data privacy standards, which makes it uncertain as to whether your information is actually safe with

If data requests are indeed made by any authorities, however, would have only your email address and payment details to disclose.

This is not ideal for some users, but it is mostly standard practice when establishing an account with a VPN service. Besides, the fact that you can pay in Bitcoin when signing up is a massive plus for your privacy.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that lacks an automatic kill switch. Without this, any connection losses can be a gateway for hackers to get a hold of your personal data.


Speed and performance is not among the quickest services available today, but it’s also far from the slowest. Most servers we tested averaged around a ten-percent dip in speed.

This is quite impressive to say that runs such a small fleet of servers (43 across thirty countries).

Normally, this would make for dreadful connections as the servers would be quite easily overwhelmed, but overcomes this apparent obstacle (albeit without explaining how).

Despite our being located in the UK, the US servers were actually the quickest. These would allow for high-definition video to be streamed without issue. As such, we can safely say that users should find to be an adequate service for download speeds.

How to download and install it

How to download and install it

For all its flaws, is mercifully easy to install.

As soon as you’ve signed up for a payment plan, the website links you to the downloads section. After that, it’s a simple one-click process no matter which operating system you’re running.

Some users have reported that this hasn’t worked before, though, and we’re semi-inclined to believe that given the website’s knack of glitching. If this occurs, try using a different browser or re-trying in incognito mode.

Apps and extensions is available on a wide variety of operating systems and applications. These are listed in the website screenshot below. multiple devices

As you can see, is available for VPN routers. While these are slightly more expensive than a regular router, it allows you to circumvent the one-device limit on all other devices.

Unfortunately, there are no browser extensions available for for Netflix for Netflix

While test-driving the service for our review, we made numerous failed attempts to connect to US Netflix. (After each failed attempt, Netflix blocks your IP address.)

Not all attempts were unsuccessful, to be fair, but there were enough unsuccessful servers to make it a really time-consuming process. This could be a severe detractor for a lot of users who may not wish to squander the convenience other VPNs provide.

Strangely, though, BBC iPlayer worked every time. Usually it’s the other way around; iPlayer is notoriously difficult to access through a VPN.

In the event that iPlayer is the only streaming service you care about, may well be the VPN for you.

Better yet, the server has a custom app for Amazon TV, and its ability to work with such a TV platforms means there’s a good chance works for Kodi, too. for torrenting for torrenting seems to support torrenting, which it indicates by specifically mentioning how safe it is for ‘P2P sharing like BitTorrent.’

A statement of support for torrenting is one thing, but actually being good at supporting torrenting is another — and isn’t fantastic at it.

The simple fact is that isn’t fast enough to be a viable candidate for all your torrenting needs. Secure as it may be with its support for P2P sharing, you’d be better off searching elsewhere.

s it good for users in China?

Is it good for users in China?

As we mentioned earlier, supports the StealthVPN protocol, which is great for circumventing the Great Firewall of China.

Users also have the option to pay in cryptocurrency, which provides safer access. Nevertheless, you are also required to provide an email address when creating an account with

This, of course, makes it slightly more difficult to keep your data private and secure. Moreover, has no added features such as a safeguard against Deep Packet Inspection that would give us more confidence in this VPN being a suitable choice for users in China.



24/7 live chat support is the best one can hope for in a VPN, and claims it offers this with speedy results.

In actuality, it doesn’t. As soon as you message the live chat support function, you’re required to submit your email address to

The auto-reply bot then tells you that it will respond to you in a matter of minutes, and that it will also email you a copy of the reply.

So far, neither have happened — and it’s been three days since we sent our original message. Safe to say,’s support system is as flawed as many other of its features.

Pricing is averagely priced, but the longer payment plans don’t really have great incentives. To illustrate: the single-month plan is $5.99, and the yearly plan is $4.15/month without any extra features. pricing options

Of course, any saving is a good saving, but compared to other VPN that offer great value for money on their longer payment plans, doesn’t seem as willing to reward the customer with good experiences.

The worst thing is that allows for just a single connection per device. As we mentioned earlier, using a VPN router would be able to bypass this connection limit, but those are expensive and may not be readily on hand for a lot of users.

Bottom line is registered in Central America, it couldn’t figure out where we were accessing the site from (without us using a VPN), and its lack of email support is made up for by a live chat function that actually turns out to be an email support channel.

Not much of this VPN makes sense, then, and not much of it inspires us with much confidence either. If it’s security you’re after, has it in spades; but so many other VPN services offer the same level of security and so much more for round about the same price.

Be aware, too, that very little information exists surrounding data laws in Belize

Be aware, too, that very little information exists surrounding data laws in Belize. Aside from that, it’s certainly able to bypass the Great Firewall of China, and if that’s all you need it for, it is certainly one of your options.