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Last updated: December 29, 2022

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Are you looking around for the right VPN service? You may have come across VPN Master and are wondering if this is a viable option. Some popular VPN review sites have rated VPN Master way below other products such as ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and CyberGhost, some of the more well-known VPN providers out there. We decided to conduct a VPN Master review ourselves to find out whether this VPN is worth a shot.

Through our tests for this VPN Master review, we’ve established that the speed is just average. It is not one of the fastest VPNs we’ve tested, but it’s also not in our bottom 10. VPN Master only has servers in 14 countries, and they don’t have much of a presence in Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

There is no trial version available, so it would be a bit risky to pay upfront for the service without testing it. However, the company promises to return your money in case you are dissatisfied. Pricewise, it’s about $8 a month, but goes down to as low as $4 a month if you take an annual subscription.

VPN Master says that it offers high security because it works on 128-bit encryption, but most other VPNs use “military-grade” 256-bits these days. Users can access content on Hulu and BBC iPlayer but cannot stream movies on Netflix. However, users of this VPN are able to torrent with VPN Master through limited servers. In testing for our VPN Master review, we found that the service can work on Android and Windows devices.

The download process is not easy and took more than 5 minutes, which is incredibly slow compared to other VPN services. Set-up instructions are complicated and long, which is one of the negative features about VPN Master. The website does offer a 24/7 live customer support that includes a toll-free telephone number.

Read more about the service provider in this VPN Master review and let us help you make an informed decision.

Is VPN Master safe to use?

VPN Master collects information about you. Protection and privacy-wise, you’ll be better off with these secure VPNs. According to our research, the most trustworthy VPN is NordVPN, currently 68% off!

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VPN Master uses 128-bit encryption. This version of encryption is still kind of safe, but only from your garden variety, basement hackers.

Although the encryption is said to take several hundred years to break – due to the kind of security that rests on millions of permutations and combinations (2 raised to the power of 128) – many VPN service providers now use 256-bit encryption.

Combined with OpenVPN, the security tunnel protocol that’s considered the safest in current standards, those VPNs with this combination of security (256-bit + OpenVPN) will have an edge over those, like VPN Master, that are behind in technology and still operating on 128-bits + PPTP (that’s the main tunneling choice they offer. They offer OpenVPN, but only on one server). As a consumer, not matter what good things we say in this VPN Master review, you are more likely to choose another VPN with better security.

Two other key security benchmarks we use to determine the safety of a VPN service provider is its personal data policy, and the availability of a kill-switch. Unfortunately, this VPN Master review determined that the company doesn’t reveal enough, if anything useful at all regarding its logging policy.

Normally, a no-logs policy is highlighted as one of a VPN service provider’s critical features to draw the attention of reclusive internet users wishing to stay anonymous, even as a subscriber to a privacy solutions company, but VPN Master makes no promise of keeping your information safe and instead, makes very clear that they collect your personal information for internal marketing purposes.

It also lacks a kill-switch and is based in the USA. All of these things put VPN Master’s security in serious question.

Speed and performance

Since there is no trial version, one will have to depend on the speed tests recorded by other users. In those trials, testers were unable to connect to servers located in Canada and the United States.

The users did note that the internet speed went up at a later stage so maybe it’s better to test and ask for your money back (within 24 hours), if you are dissatisfied. However, VPN Master claims that it offers gigabit fast connections and that they are the fastest VPN service around.

The speed of a VPN depends on several factors:

  • Location of server
  • Number of users connected to the VPN
  • Firewall settings
  • Limitations imposed by the internet service provider.

Bear in mind that the speed of a VPN is also affected by the degree of encryption.

How to download and install VPN Master

Before you can download and install VPN Master, you have to take out a subscription. There is no trial period, but you can request your money back but only within 24 hours.

  • To subscribe, choose your plan, and click “Order Now”.
  • If you have a coupon code, enter it and click the “Check Out” button.
  • On the next page, complete a form and then pay with your preferred method.
  • You will get a link in your mailbox within a few minutes. Click this link, and then follow the instructions to download and install VPN Master.

Apps and extensions

VPN Master is compatible with major operating systems like Linux, iOS, Android, and Windows. The FAQ section offers installation instructions for each operating system. They also offer additional support to Windows. There is a custom VPN Master app for PPTP, which, when installed, creates a shortcut on your desktop. They also offer a custom OpenVPN app. It is easy to install as well, but you can only connect to the server in the Netherlands.

The VPN master apps are quite simple, with only a few settings, namely choice of server and language. On the OpenVPN app, you can select whether you prefer to use TCP or UDP.

VPN Master for Netflix and torrenting

The website claims that VPN Master will “unblock any site for you.” It also specifies that on its servers, you will be able to access Hulu and BBC iPlayer. These are the two other highly sought after entertainment streaming sites other than Netflix.

With so many servers located in the USA, users can try their luck with switching from one server to another, and VPN Master enables server switching quite easily. Many who stream using a VPN service often report some measure of success with switching servers.

But as VPN Master is based in the US, do you really want to be caught using a VPN service that doesn’t really promise they aren’t monitoring and logging your browsing history? It is the same question to ask yourself before torrenting on VPN Master. Although there is no explicit restriction on that, it can be a risky business.

Does it work in China?

When it comes to using a VPN service in China, you need to answer a few key questions.  Is the service based in the USA, or in any network of countries that engage in online data information sharing? With the ongoing trade war between US and China, not to mention an ongoing, friendly on the surface, frosty underneath types of relationship that China has with many Anglo-Western countries, you might want to rethink using a VPN service that may give up your browsing activities while you in China.

Does the VPN service provider have servers near China, and how many servers are nearby? There more there are, the higher the chance of better speed. Most importantly, is this VPN service successful in circumventing the Great Firewall? It would be useless to subscribe to a VPN for this purpose if it does not work!

The best thing to do when shopping for a VPN in China is to follow the users who are there, in person, and able to give you the real deal on whether a VPN works in China.  Reach out to your social networks and tap into the power of crowdsourced information. You’ll be amazed at how effective they are in giving you the solutions you need. Given how unclear VPN Master is about how they use your data, we say skip it.

Customer support

In this aspect, VPN Master provides a decent number of options to get help for their service.

Support includes:

  • A 24/7 customer service chat
  • Support ticket help, under the “Support” section
  • FAQ section with troubleshooting and installation guides
  • Toll-free hotline support. Charges may apply


VPN Master has three plans and each of these offers unlimited bandwidth and access to 14 servers worldwide:

  • Monthly Plan: $7.95 per month
  • 3-Month Plan: $5.95 per month
  • Yearly Plan – $3.95 per month.

For the annual plan, you will have to pay the fee upfront and not in instalments. Payment can be made via PayPal, Bitcoin and major debit and credit cards.

Bottom line of VPN Master review

To sum it up, the VPN Master doesn’t really offer value for money.  Its security is outdated, compared to other VPN service providers who have upped their game in this area, in an attempt to keep their customers’ peace of mind. There is no kill switch, nor is there a concrete promise that one’s personal data is not being misused.

In other words, VPN Master is also expensive for its lack of features, again when comparing to similarly priced VPN providers with far more bundled within the same price range. There is no trial version, but you have a money-back guarantee, though it is limited to 24 hours.

Customer support has a good range of options, from live chat to self-help guides, with professional response times. Installation was quite easy, with a native app for Windows, supporting PPTP and OpenVPN protocols.

We don’t recommend VPN Master for torrenting, Netflix or for use in China, so if this is the biggest reason why you want a VPN, look elsewhere.


  • Weak encryption
  • Somewhat expensive
  • No torrenting
  • No kill switch
  • Doesn't work with Netflix
 4 / 10
Total score
$3.95 / month
Minimum Price
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  1. Tedeweese

    Anyone concerned enough abut their privacy that they use a VPN to be sure they aren’t being monitored wouldn’t be very impressed with VPN Master. I don’t understand why they wouldn’t take advantage of the new 256-bit encryption and OpenVPN protocol if they are serious about security.

  2. Bronson

    It looks like the only good thing about this VPN is their logo (and even that’s pretty mediocre). Thanks for the detailed review!

  3. Gabriel T

    Why not go for a fast speed VPN. No way, I would not settle for an average speed VPN. It’s dangerous and could leave the user frustrated. VPN Master isn’t in my too list.

  4. James McKenzie

    VPNMaster is not so bad because it delivers. The fact that it unblocks several sites is a plus. This vpn service is easy to download and install. Security is great and the price is reasonable.

  5. 1992Wolfgang

    Monthly Plan: $7.95 per month can be considerd. Getting information off the Internet is like taking a drink from a fire hydrant. 🙂

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