Last update: 10.04.2018

We test VPNArea’s claims that they’re the fastest VPN on the market — with some surprising results.


VPNArea is an excellent all-around VPN. It has an incredibly comprehensive server park, gives users access to Netflix, and has a high level of security. It checks off all the boxes for most users.

VPNArea keeps their users secure by using the protocol OpenVPN combined with a 256-bit AES algorithm. The company is registered in Bulgaria, where it’s illegal to log customer data. Further, their day-to-day servers are in Switzerland, which has stronger privacy laws than other countries. So, customers can feel secure about the privacy of their data.

VPNArea has dedicated clients for Mac, Windows, and Linux. With a server park consisting of nearly 200 servers, they claim to have the fastest speeds of any VPN. Users will appreciate these fast speeds when they’re streaming HD videos from Netflix or downloading torrents from P2P servers.

We like the detailed interface of the client, but new users may find it somewhat difficult to navigate. However, if they can climb the learning curve, they’ll be rewarded with more functionality than comparable VPNs. Luckily, VPNArea has a live chat feature, so you can contact customer support at any time.

All of this is available for as low as $4.92 per month. Is it worth the higher price tag than other comparable VPNs? Read our VPNArea review to decide if it is the right choice for you.

Is VPNArea safe to use?

VPNArea is a well-secured VPN. Users have a choice between the IKEv2 and OpenVPN protocols. OpenVPN, an open source software, is considered the gold standard for security when it comes to web protocols. The protocol is combined with a 256-bit AES cipher. This makes your connection impenetrable to attacks.

Additionally, VPNArea has a kill switch. This is the standard operating procedure for any VPN worth their salt. If your VPN stops working, it will immediately shut down your internet connection. This ensures your data is protected.

Along with these standard security setups, VPNArea has some unique security systems that are built right into its software. The Anti-WebRTC system prevents your browser from revealing your real location. They also offer an Auto IP Changer. This, as the name implies, causes your IP to change at an interval of your choosing. Having a dynamic IP address gives you an extra layer of security.

No Logging Policy

Almost every VPN brags about their no logging policy, but with VPNArea, users can trust that they’re following this rule. The company is registered in Bulgaria, where there is a strict law that prohibits companies from logging customer data.

Speed & Performance

VPNArea allows up to six devices to be connected simultaneously. Those devices can connect to a server park that consists of over 200 servers spread across 54 countries. VPNArea doesn’t have the biggest server park out of all the VPNs available, but it has more comprehensive coverage than many of its competitors.

When it comes to speed, all VPNs suffer from some lag. This is impossible to avoid due to how the technology is designed. Additionally, if there are more users on an individual server, this further slows down the speed of the connections.

One great feature of the VPNArea interface is that you can see the number of users currently connected to a server and test the ping speed.

One great feature of the VPNArea interface is that you can see the number of users currently connected to a server and test the ping speed. This will help you find less popular and faster servers. While their claim that they are the fastest VPN on the market is far from the truth, they’re certainly not bad!

How to download and install it

Downloading and installing the client for this VPNArea review is a straightforward process. You sign up for an account, select the type of membership that you want, and enter your payment details. After you’ve done that, you’ll be able to enter the members’ area. This is where you’ll find the download page as well as instructions for how to use the VPN across a variety of devices.

Download the file for your device and follow the instructions for how to install the software. Once you’ve done that, you can log into the VPN client and you’re all set.

We really like the layout of the VPNArea website. All the information about the VPN and their memberships are available on the landing page. Downloading the software and creating an account, finding more information, and accessing step-by-step tutorials, are all user-friendly and intuitive operations.

How to use it

If you’re a complete newbie to using VPNs, you may struggle with the VPNArea client. Unlike other clients that just have a big “connect” button, VPNArea gives you more configuration settings right on the first panel of the client.

However, learning and understanding how these settings work is not overly complicated. The result is a VPN with more functionality than its competitors.

The options themselves are quite clear in their purpose. “Ad Block & Malware Prevent” and “Auto connect to last server used” do exactly as they say. We wouldn’t recommend selecting that second option, however, since you’ll want to always connect to the fastest server available.

Apps & Extensions

VPNArea’s main application, Chameleon, offers a comprehensive range of apps and extensions. They have a dedicated client for all the major devices and offer support for a host of others. On their website, customers can find step-by-step tutorials for how to connect their devices.

VPNArea includes clients for Windows, Android, Mac OS X and Linux.

VPNArea includes clients for Windows, Android, Mac OS X and Linux. Additionally, they offer support for iOS devices, certain routers, and some streaming services.

After previously being mocked for their rather unappealing interface, they’ve recently released a new version of their client. It is significantly more user-friendly and aesthetically appealing, yet still packed full of features.

VPNArea for Netflix

Good news for movie fans: VPNArea allows users to stream videos in HD from Netflix. Remember that the catalog changes per country, so look online to see which country has the films that you want to see. Then connect to the VPN server accordingly.

Recently, they’ve also resolved an issue with BBC iPlayer, so users will be able to access that streaming platform when connected to a server in the United Kingdom.

VPNArea for Torrenting

Torrenting is allowed with VPNArea as their day-to-day servers are located in Switzerland, where privacy laws are strong. And with VPNArea’s strict no logging policy, users don’t have to worry about their identities being exposed, even if they’re concerned about downloading copyrighted content.

VPNArea does specify, however, that users should connect to their dedicated P2P servers for better performance. Those can be found in a separate section in the client or identified with server names that end in “P2P.”

Can users in China use VPNArea?

Users in China will be thrilled to hear that VPNArea announced in August 2018 that the VPN can now be used in China. According to their announcement, using “stealth mode” will work in other restricted countries as well.

In August 2018, VPNArea announced that the VPN can now be used in China.

Users can find a step-by-step tutorial on the VPNArea website for how to configure the VPN to be used from these restricted locations.


There are three membership options and they all come with the same features. This includes the ability to connect six devices simultaneously, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited server switching, access to P2P servers, and more.

  • $9.90 per month for 1 month
  • $8.33 per month for 6 months, billed semi-annually
  • $4.92 per month for 12 months, billed annually

All plans are backed by a seven-day, money-back guarantee.

With the annual and six-month plans, you have the option to purchase a dedicated IP and private VPN. This ranges from $20 to $40 depending on the location of the IP address.


Customer support is another area where VPNArea excels. The FAQ section on their website answers the most basic and commonly asked questions. Additionally — and this is what sets them apart from their competitors — there is a forum where users can ask questions not found in the FAQ. We’ve seen that the company posts responses quickly.

In addition to the onsite support, there is a 24/7 live chat option for customers on any membership plan. Users can also submit a ticket to get an email response from the VPNArea customer service team.

Conclusion of our VPNArea review

Everything with a beginning also has an end – including our VPNArea review. So what have we found?

VPNArea is a terrific VPN. With strong security, a fast connection, and access to Netflix and torrents, it’s hard to find fault with this VPN. The monthly price is certainly higher than their competitors. However, if you purchase the annual plan, the price is comparable to others in the market. With their seven-day, money-back guarantee, you’ve really got nothing to lose!