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Developed by experts in online privacy, Pornhub’s VPNhub is a new player on the VPN scene. But does it measure up where it really counts? We try to find this out in our VPNhub review.

OK, joking aside, Pornhub has a mission. Seeing that legislators and ISPs across the world were moving towards enhanced surveillance and the creation of a two-tier internet, the adult entertainment giant has launched their very own VPN in conjunction with app developers AppAtomic.


In theory, it should allow browsers to access whatever they want to see, play or hear, without worrying about snoopers, and it comes with some impressive features. This VPNhub review will help you decide whether Pornhub’s VPN is as seductive as it seems, helping you make the right decision for your online security needs.

Boasting full data encryption and supposedly “guaranteed anonymity,” VPNhub also promises to improve the speed and performance of your web connection, not something we usually associate with VPNs. It’s completely free, which is a major contributor to the buzz surrounding this VPN, and it’s set up to operate across almost all internet-connected devices, with iOS, Android, Mac and VPNhub Windows clients available to download.

So where’s the catch? Well, as this VPNhub review will explain, there are some things to think about before clicking a VPNhub download. But to cut things short – this is a smart, very safe VPN service which is a welcome addition to the online security world.

Is VPNhub safe to use? The jury’s out

As far as we can tell, VPNhub uses industry-leading encryption protocols to provide an impressive degree of protection while you visit your favorite websites (adult or otherwise)

Tests have revealed no evidence of IP address leakage on the VPNhub network.

The creators have a thorough data protection policy, which is good to see, and should ensure that your private details remain completely your own. We’ve seen instances of VPN services harvesting IP addresses and browsing data, but Pornhub seems to be walking the walk as far as data security is concerned.

Another plus is that our tests for this VPNhub review have revealed no evidence of IP address leakage on the VPNhub network, which should minimize the ability of snoopers to keep track of your online activity.

Pornhub will be collecting some user details for log-in verification purposes and the much less clear “record keeping purposes.”

Regarding data security, there’s one thing that raises a slight alarm. A close reading of the T&Cs for privacy discloses that Pornhub will be collecting some user details for log-in verification purposes and the much less clear “record keeping purposes.” We’ll have to keep an eye on that, as it opens the door to some nasty practices.

Another reservation is the lack of information about precisely how VPNhub works. The developers haven’t been totally transparent about the encryption and protocols they use (possibly to make it harder to crack their protection systems), but this leaves our VPNhub review team and all the users in the dark.

The best we can say from using the app and other user experiences is that the answer to is VPNhub safe is yes – but always exercise caution and watch for updates. You can never tell whether hidden surprises will emerge further down the road, right?

Speed & Performance: A solid start, but work to do

VPNhub isn’t likely to be the fastest VPN service in the world straight out of the box. This is a new VPN network, and it takes time to create a global architecture of servers.

VPNhub speed

So far, 1000+ servers in 60+ have been announced, in locations as diverse as Singapore, the United Kingdom, South Africa, and Brazil. That’s a good start and compares well with more mature VPNs. But here’s the kicker: the free to download version of VPNhub can only log onto a single server. To access the full portfolio, you’ll have to upgrade to Premium, at a price. That’s not entirely unusual in the world of VPNs, but in performance terms, it’s a big step up from free to paid services.

Our tests for the VPNhub review have found that users can expect decent, but not stellar speeds, whether they are using VPNhub for torrenting or streaming videos. However, the slick user interface partially compensates for slightly slower speeds – at least in our experience.

One other thing to note regarding performance is that VPNhub has been honest about its unavailability in some parts of the world. So if you live in China, Burma, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Qatar, the UAE or Egypt, there’s little chance of using VPNhub for Netflix or adult browsing. And because they are based in the United States, access is restricted to users in places like North Korea, Cuba and Iran as well.

How to download it

Finding a VPNhub download should be simple. Just head to the VPNhub home page and choose smartphone downloads from Google Play, the Apple App Store, or VPNhub Mac or Windows downloads.

As we noted at the start of this VPNhub review, iOS and Android phones are covered, as well as Macs and Windows PCs. But the same can’t be said of consoles like XBox Ones or PlayStation 4s, which currently are not supported by the VPN. You can also add routers and all Smart TVs to the list of unsupported devices – which may turn off people with heavily-used home entertainment centers.

When you download the app, you’ll have the choice of sticking with the free version or upgrading to Premium. Premium is probably faster and comes with no ads – a major drawback of the free version. 

How to install it

If you’re worried about how to install VPNhub, relax. Installation for this VPNhub review is incredibly simple. All you really need to do is click the Google Play or App Store VPNhub download link and follow the online prompts until the client is installed and you’ve accessed the VPNhub network.

Windows users might run into a slight complication if your SmartScreen Filter registers VPNhub as “suspicious.” This isn’t a sign that the software is poorly written or vulnerable, and you can easily create an exception. But it’s something that the developers should have avoided.

Unfortunately, desktop users will not get the free version as an option. They will need to take Premium from the start, which costs $14.99/month. While it has a 7-day money-back guarantee, you will need to enter your billing information and remember to cancel it.

How to use VPNhub

AppAtomic has obviously worked hard to make VPNhub as usable as possible. After all, that’s one of the USPs of the service. It’s supposed to be an accessible form of VPN for everyday users, and on that level, it works really well.

How to use VPNhub

The login screen is simple and attractive, with a map of the world above a set of menu options. The first option allows you to choose between encryption methods, while the second is probably more important, allowing users to choose their server location from VPNhub’s global network. Just select a location, press “save” and then “connect.” It’s as simple as that.

Options at the top of the screen provide more functionality, such as the ability to auto-load VPNhub when Windows boots, set certain servers as favorites for automatic connections, turn on the internet kill switch, or choose which port you use. And there’s a log option which power users will return to again and again.

Don’t worry about how to use VPNhub, as it’s pretty basic.

Our VPNhub review guys have concluded that if you’re familiar with online gaming servers, you’ll be right at home with VPNhub, and its user-friendly interface is definitely a major plus point.

Apps and Extensions

Apps and extensions are one of VPNhub’s biggest weak points. Pornhub has been pretty open about making a no-frills VPN for their target market, and we shouldn’t expect too many additional features in the future. This isn’t a VPN aimed at tech veterans, and low-level users won’t need advanced features to any great degree.

As we already noted in this VPNhub review, there are neat features like easy interoperability with mobile devices, and the app is well designed. But there’s not much more to it than that, and AppAtomic hasn’t yet come up with a browser extension.

Using VPNhub for Netflix: Smooth streaming worldwide?

You might expect a VPN developed by one of the world’s leading streaming websites to be optimized for online video services. So is using VPNhub for Netflix a genuine option?

Well, you might be in for a nasty surprise, at least for free users. Our VPNhub review has found that the free version only uses a server based on the US, and you can’t switch elsewhere. On the bright side, we were able to beat Netflix’s geoblocking and stream our show in HD without any issues.  Our speed without a VPN was 30 Mbps as per, which is enough for streaming Ultra HD. With VPNhub turned on and connected to a West Coast server, we had 16 Mbps – easily passing the requirements for HD content.

We also had some success dealing with geo-blocked content from YouTube and Comedy Central.

VPNhub for Torrenting

If using VPNhub for Netflix isn’t such a great idea, what about using VPNhub for torrenting purposes?

It looks like using VPNhub for torrenting isn’t really viable.

The thing here is that Pornhub has gone out of their way to make VPNhub as legitimate as possible. So the T&Cs for VPNhub actually state that it can’t be used for “hacking, cracking or distribution of counterfeit software,” not to mention “copyright infringement.”

This would seem to rule out most torrenting. Moreover, while we’ve been able to get torrent running on VPNhub, the performance just isn’t as good as alternatives like ExpressVPN, which specializes in P2P downloading.

So when writing this VPNhub review, we’ve discovered that using it for torrenting isn’t really viable. Sure, it works, but with better options around, serious torrenters should look elsewhere.

Does VPNhub work in China?

VPNhub has been blocked by the Chinese government.

Sadly not. VPNhub has been blocked by the Chinese government, and won’t allow Chinese internet users to access forbidden websites. Instead, they would be better off looking at alternatives like NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and CyberGhost.

Support: Will it leave you hanging?

If you’re looking for a trustworthy, transparent VPN provider who will answer your email inquiries within a couple of hours, you might want to look elsewhere.

While we don’t doubt that VPNhub’s support team do great work, the developers and Pornhub themselves aren’t famous for being transparent and available, and the FAQ section on the VPNhub website is a little thin.

Still, at least they provide an email address ([email protected]), so users aren’t completely in the dark.


Pricing is an area where our VPNhub review team gives high and low scores at the same time. Unfortunately, the high ones turn out to be too low.

VPNhub mobile pricing plan oldVPNhub mobile pricing plan new
On the one hand, you can get hold of VPNhub free for your smartphone. The free option includes the basic client and single server option, but the client is covered with ads, and because it relies on one server, you can expect snail-like speeds. The funny thing is that the pricing plans page we got on our VPNhub app in mid-2018 was the same as in late-2018, only the discount increased from 30% to 50%. For anyone with an average math talent or some skill with a calculator — it didn’t make sense in the first place, and it hasn’t started making sense now.

VPNhub pricing plans for Premium version

The other side of the coin is the Premium option. Now, you can access the whole global community of VPNhub servers, boosting speeds dramatically. It also explains the pricing plan discounts seen on the mobile version. At $14.99 per month or $7.49 per month, if you pay $89.88 for the whole year, it’s among the most expensive VPNs and lacks features available from cheaper competitors. It also allows you to pay with credit card only, yet another disappointment considering that PornHub allows PayPal, cryptocurrencies, and direct payment.

Naturally, you can expect faster speeds, better security and “24/7 support” from the Premium package, but those are expected from all paid VPNs.

The conclusion of the VPNhub review: Hot hub or not hub?

Pornhub hopes that with VPNhub Android, Mac, Windows and iOS users will flock to their simplified, branded VPN but are they mistaken?

In our VPNhub review team’s opinion, the free option is a decent entry-level VPN and nothing more. It’s slow and limited, but easy to use. Don’t worry about how to use VPNhub, as it’s pretty basic. Go for it if you want to find out more about how VPNs work.

However, those thinking about the Premium VPNhub might want to move on. With average speeds, potential security problems, limited features and poor performance with torrents and Netflix, VPNhub is a mediocre option that’s just too expensive.

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