Whoer VPN is a VPN provider that offers decent security and privacy when you’re browsing the web, streaming content, and more. This particular service can be installed on all the main desktop operating systems including Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

Allowing you to keep your information away from any prying eyes, download torrents anonymously, and unblock streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu, Whoer VPN promises to enhance your online security with solid encryption protocols. However, it’s worth mentioning that the exact encryption protocols used by Whoer aren’t listed on their website, which is a huge downside. You can find out more about this later in our Whoer VPN review.

In terms of pricing, Whoer VPN comes in at a rather expensive $9.90 a month if you opt for a 1-month subscription. You can save yourself money by switching to either a 6-month or a 1-year subscription which is available for $39.00 or $49.00 respectively.

However, for basic users, there is also the free version which provides access to one server with the promise of unlimited bandwidth. Continue reading and we’ll delve deeper into exactly what you can expect with Whoer VPN.

Is Whoer VPN safe to use?

A must-have feature when it comes to a VPN is solid encryption and a no-logging policy. It just so happens that Whoer VPN delivers in that regard. Whoer VPN is located and registered in Cyprus. Therefore, it is highly likely that your personal information will be kept safe as this isn’t a 5-eyes or 14-eyes country.

However, the exact encryption protocols which are used aren’t listed on the website. This might be quite problematic for those who truly value their privacy. If you’re in search of a solid VPN which is proven in the privacy department, you’d be better off opting for a service such as ExpressVPN or NordVPN.

Speed & performance

In terms of speed and performance, it’s safe to say that Whoer VPN has much room for improvement. Our speed tests indicated that the performance of the VPN is nothing to write home about. Although, the slowdown isn’t as bad as some other VPNs that we have tested.

However, as there are only a limited number of servers available via Whoer VPN, slowdowns are likely to happen often. NordVPN, IPVanish, and other services provide access to a far greater number of servers. So, the chances of a slowdown are far less likely.

How to install Whoer VPN

Whoer VPN can be easily downloaded and installed from the main website. There are dedicated applications available for all desktop operating systems, as well as browser add-ons. To install Whoer VPN, simply head to the download page, click the download button, and follow the step by step instructions which are displayed below the download link. It’s as simple as that!

Apps and extensions

Considering Whoer VPN was established relatively recently, you’d have thought that the GUI of their Windows application would be fresh and modern. However, it is safe to say that isn’t the case. The design of the application while functional looks rather dated. So, it would be nice to see this updated in the near future to make it simpler to navigate and easier on the eye.

It is possible to install Whoer VPN on MacOS too with a dedicated app. Additionally, you can set up the service on Linux, and there are also browser add-ons available for Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

At the time of writing, a huge downside of Whoer VPN is that you cannot use the service via a mobile device. In spite of this, an Android app is said to be in development.

Whoer VPN for Netflix

The Whoer VPN website specifically states that the VPN can be used to unblock streaming services which have geo-restriction practices in place. Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and other services are known to adopt such policies, and so Whoer VPN will allow you to bypass these effectively.

However, the aforementioned streaming services constantly change their policies in order to prevent people from bypassing restrictions. So it remains to be seen whether Whoer VPN will stop working for this purpose in the future.

Whoer VPN for torrenting

When it comes to torrenting, it’s an absolute necessity to make use of a VPN. Without using one, you are leaving yourself in a severely vulnerable position. Eventually, this can lead to a warning letter from your ISP, a fine, or even legal prosecution.

It specifically states on the Whoer VPN website that their service can be safely used for torrenting purposes. But, this is only allowed while connected to the servers which are based in the Netherlands, Russia, and Ukraine.

However, just remember that even though your web traffic will be fully encrypted, it would be far better knowing exactly which protocols are used – which isn’t the case with Whoer VPN.

Is Whoer VPN good for users in China?

It has now become more important than ever to invest in a solid and reliable VPN service – especially in countries such as China. This particular country is one which takes its internet censorship very seriously. Anyone found bypassing the so-called “Great Firewall of China” can find themselves in deep trouble with the authorities.

Whoer VPN claims to keep your internet activity hidden from your ISP, and the sites which you browse won’t know who has visited either. But, to reiterate, the exact encryption protocols used by Whoer VPN aren’t listed on the website. This means that you might be running the risk of your internet activity being viewed by the government if there happened to be any leaks.

However, you could be fine using Whoer VPN in China as long as you aren’t making use of the service for unlawful purposes and do not use the OpenVPN protocol. Although, those who have any privacy concerns would perhaps be better opting for a service such as CyberGhost, ExpressVPN, or NordVPN – all proven to provide access to all sites regardless of the restrictions which are in place within a particular country.


When it comes to obtaining support, you have multiple options at your disposal. Firstly, there is the live-chat service which can be easily found at the bottom of the website. You could also choose to send an email via the contact form on the website, or simply send an email directly to the email address which is listed on the contact page.

The website navigation and user experience could be improved slightly by having a dedicated support section. This would be hugely beneficial for Whoer VPN users and would supplement the FAQs and setup guides in the downloads section nicely.


There are four plans to choose from with Whoer VPN. The most basic plan which is available is Whoer VPN Free. This comes complete with unlimited usage which is rarely seen with free to use VPNs. More often than not, these have strict data limits in order to entice you to upgrade to the paid for version.

In the case of Whoer VPN, the catch is that you only have access to one of their servers with the free version – the one based in the Netherlands. Given the huge number of people who are likely to be using this particular server at any one time, you’d probably struggle when it comes to streaming and downloading content.

If you’d like to take full advantage of Whoer VPN, you’ll need to invest in one of the three paid plans. The first of which provides one month of access for $9.90. This is very expensive considering you can pick up VPNs at a much lower cost which each providing access to a far greater number of servers.

You’ll also find that you can reduce the monthly cost of Whoer VPN with either a 6-month plan at $3.25/month and a 1-year plan at $4.08/month. Given that you can pick up a VPN with a far greater number of servers for around the same cost, you can get far better value for money elsewhere.

Whichever plan you decide to opt for, you are allowed three simultaneous connections at any one time. This is perfect for those who need to use multiple devices at once per subscription. However, it is worth bearing in mind that WhoerVPN doesn’t come with the added peace of mind of a money-back guarantee. So, if you were to opt for a 6-month or 1-year subscription, your only option would be to see out the rest of the subscription.

Bottom line of our Whoer VPN review

Given the high cost of Whoer VPN and its low number of servers when compared to VPNs in a similar price range, it is safe to say that you don’t get much value for money.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that you opt for a proven VPN service such as ExpressVPN or NordVPN. These are far more cost-effective options compared with Whoer VPN, and provide a superior service for an affordable monthly fee.