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Last updated: December 21, 2022

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Although WorldVPN is by no means the best VPN in the world, it has been on a constant upward trajectory with continuous improvements in both pricing and quality. While it still cannot compete with the big boys of the VPN world, it may very well be one of the cheapest VPNs in the market right now.

WorldVPN was once a service well-known for the limits (e.g bandwidth restrictions) that it placed on its users. However, it still had a sizeable customer base due to the extremely budget-friendly plans it provided. Nowadays, many of the limits are gone but the budget-friendly plans are still there, making WorldVPN a decent choice.

For the price that you can get WorldVPN, it is no surprise that you do not have access to many features that other VPNs offer such as Netflix support. However, if your main reason for purchasing a VPN is to reliably get around geo-blocks and access the uncensored version of the internet, WorldVPN could help you for as low as $1.58/month. However, you should take into account that there are far more feature-rich and privacy-friendly services, like NordVPN, on the market.

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But if you’re still keen to find out everything about WorldVPN, keep on reading to find out whether it’s worth your money.

The first thing to know about any VPN is how secure it is, so let’s go ahead and take a look.

Is WorldVPN safe to use?

First things first, AES-256 encryption is present. AES-256 is absolutely necessary for any modern VPN and is more of a hurdle that any VPN needs to pass through, which WorldVPN does with flying colors.

As for logging, it does seem like WorldVPN does not seem to log any user data apart from bandwidth consumption and timestamps of your connectivity. However, although their privacy policy does state they do not log user data, it is extremely vague and you should be very cautious with their no-logging policy. If you want to make entirely sure that none of your activity is logged, then WorldVPN is not the choice for you.

WorldVPN also offers you a total of 5 protocols, which is pretty standard for a VPN of their size. You can use the OpenVPN protocol, L2TP, IKEv2, SSL VPN, and PPTP. You do not have a lot of customizability, but they’re more than enough to have basic protection. Remember that PPTP and L2TP use the Blowfish-128 encryption which is not nearly as powerful as AES-256.

DNS and IP Leaks is the one department where WorldVPN shines. During our tests, we found zero leaks both in the DNS department as well as with IPv6.

WorldVPN is by no means short on features as it also has a kill switch to protect your data from being vulnerable in case you disconnect from the VPN. However, we cannot say that we are 100% satisfied with the way WorldVPN’s security is portrayed.

Speed and performance

WorldVPN may claim to be a VPN for the world, but it is only available in around 40 different countries. There are a total of 200 different servers, but most of them are found in the standard internet hubs such as the US, UK, Netherlands, and Germany. So if you are someone who thought that “World”VPN would have allowed you access to a lot of servers in Asia and Africa, you’re out of luck.

In terms of actual speed, the VPN was very inconsistent. Sometimes, it worked flawlessly and gave us about 60% the speed we had without any VPN. Other times, there would be as much as a 70% speed loss. On top of that, we also found that many servers were simply not working half of the time

The pings to their servers are also fairly good, which means that you can use this VPN for gaming if you manage to find a decent server.

How to download WorldVPN

WorldVPN’s website is fairly hard to understand. They have their pricing plans on the home page from where you can subscribe to one of the plans. Once you have your account, simply download their app by clicking on the Help tab (how annoying, right?) and then clicking Download.

Once you have downloaded and installed the application, simply load it up, enter your credentials, and begin using the service.

Apps and extensions

WorldVPN is available on a total of 4 different platforms. You can download the applications for Windows, MacOs, iOS, and Android.

All of the apps are fairly simple to use and do not require a great deal of time to get adjusted to. One major difference between the iOS app and the others is the fact that you connect to the VPN through Cisco AnyConnect as OpenVPN can only be used with the OpenVPN app on iOS.

The lack of a router application is quite apparent, as it is much easier for you to protect your entire network with a single device through the use of a router application but you cannot do so here.

WorldVPN for Netflix

There is not much to say here except for the fact that WorldVPN will not be able to access Netflix for you. This is a hugely important feature but is missing in a lot of VPNs.

During our tests, WorldVPN was simply unable to connect to Netflix and we saw the forlorn message that many VPN users face at one point or the other: “Unable to connect. Please check if you are using a proxy…”

WorldVPN for torrenting

Although WorldVPN does allow you to torrent, it can only be done on a total of 3 servers. These servers are the Netherlands, Romania, and Russia.

This means that unless you live in Europe, you will probably not be able to enjoy good speeds while torrenting. Also, there is a fair chance that these servers will be overloaded due to every WorldVPN torrenting user being connected to them.

If you want a VPN that you can use for Netflix as well as torrents, take a look at CyberGhost. It is slightly more expensive but performs much better than WorldVPN in every aspect.

Does WorldVPN work in China?

Although their website does state something to the effect of WorldVPN working in China (although it is extremely vague), our tests did not run well. As you may know, OpenVPN is banned in China so you need to use less secure protocols to connect, but we found the servers simply didn’t work even when using other protocols.

If you are living in China, then we recommend trying out ExpressVPN, which is expensive but perfect in almost every aspect.


Our experience with the support was hit or miss. The ticketing system is alright, but the live chat is often not available. On top of that, even when chat is working, the responses are very slow and can easily get you frustrated.

On top of this, their knowledge base is not comprehensive, although it gets the job done. Lastly, they do have an email address where you can contact support, but that is only used when all else fails.


This is the main way through which WorldVPN differentiates itself. WorldVPN prices are as follows:

  • One user: $1.99/month (1 connection only)
  • Budget: $3.45/month (3 simultaneous connections)
  • Unlimited: $6.95/month (5 simultaneous connections)
  • Dedicated: $10.00/month (10 simultaneous connections)

If you are a sole user, you can use their cheapest “One user” plan which costs $1.99 a month, but $1.58/month if you pay yearly. This plan gives you unlimited data but restricts you to a single simultaneous connection.

Apart from that, you have a total of 3 plans which only really grant you more simultaneous connections. If you pay yearly, you get some discounts: “Budget” will cost you only $1.70/month and “Unlimited” becomes $3.50/month. “Dedicated” is the same, but it comes along with a dedicated IP address.

Bottom line

WorldVPN is definitely a service that has improved by offering more servers and unlimited data caps among other things. However, it still has a long way to go if it wants to be taken seriously.

For one, we are still unsure about its logging policy. On top of that, WorldVPN does not work in China and neither can it handle Netflix or torrenting.

All of this, coupled with the mediocre support, means that the only reason for you to buy WorldVPN is if you are extremely low on cash and cannot afford to buy anything else.


  • Extremely cheap
  • Applications are fairly easy to use
  • Has a kill switch


  • Logging policy unclear
  • No Netflix
  • No torrenting
  • Does not work in China
  • Website is quite vague and fairly hard to use
  • No router support
 6.4 / 10
Total score
$1.58 / month
Minimum Price
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  1. SunnySloth July 20, 2019 at 6:22 am

    I’ve been looking for a cheap VPN option to get around geoblocks in Google Play, and this seems like it’s a pretty decent option for the cost!

  2. musicofthespheres May 20, 2019 at 3:41 am

    As far as I can tell, this VPN doesn’t deserve as high of a score as it got. The price is pretty good, but…that’s it? It doesn’t seem to work on anything else. Although it does have a kill switch and it’s inexpensive, and that’s important to me, it doesn’t work for basically anything people usually need VPNs for.

  3. yemeni120 April 2, 2019 at 9:17 am

    A big no! But I agree with Elijah. How do you rate them 6.4 ?

  4. Elijah March 31, 2019 at 1:23 am

    I am surprised they got a decent rating of 6.4 given the relatively long list of cons. Many users use VPN for Netflix and torrenting so the whole purpose of the VPN is lost if they are not providing these services.

  5. Jaime T March 26, 2019 at 10:40 am

    Well it is really cheap but the logging policy being unclear I’m not sure I’ll try this one out ! The security and privacy should be made clear otherwise you don’t really know where you’re going with a VPN.

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